[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Lie Down with the Devil : by Linda Barnes

  • Title: Lie Down with the Devil
  • Author: Linda Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780312332891
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Lie Down with the Devil : by Linda Barnes - Lie Down with the Devil, Lie Down with the Devil Bestseller and multiple award winning author Linda Barnes returns with the most personal case to date for her popular Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle Carlotta in unfamiliar territory working on her own b
    Linda Barnes
    Linda Barnes is an American mystery writer, born and raised in Detroit, and graduated from Boston University s School of Theater She is best known for her series featuring Carlotta Carlyle, a 6 1 redheaded detective from Boston Carlotta Carlyle is often compared to the hard boiled female detectives created by Sue Grafton and Sara Paretsky Her new novel, The Perfect Ghost, which will be published in April, 2013, is her first stand alone mystery.


    LIE DOWN WITH THE DEVIL PI Carlotta Carlyle Boston Cont VGBarnes, Linda 12th in seriesSt Martin s Minotaur, 2009, US Hardcover ISBN 9780312332891First Sentence When my fare hauled himself out of the cab near Uphams Corner, I took it as a sign, but face it, even if the fat man s destination had been fifty miles from my goal, I d have found another convenient omen.Carlotta s little sister is in a psychiatric hospital, and her fianc e, Sam, is in an unknown location and can t return to the US witho [...]

    Jerry B
    Latest, but short, Carlotta Carlyle sequel entertains her fansHaving read every work of Linda Barnes, we re both fans and knowledgeable of the fun loving, taxi driving, PI Carlotta Carlyle series This short novel 212 pages taking out all the blanks picks up where the prior entry Heart of the World left off, with fianc mobster Sam Gianelli out of the country on a suspected murder charge, and Little Sister Paolina recovering from the prior book s horror in a sanitarium Incidentally, we thought for [...]

    I m not sure if Linda Barnes is ending this series, but the ending of the book a very satisfying ending, by the way feels a little like it Though it could be that she s just moving in a new direction with the series In a way, this reminded me a little bit of some of later books in Rick Riordan s Tres Nevarre series he also took the character in a dramatically different direction as his life changed It s not a good place to start in this series, since so much of it continues and concludes long st [...]

    I haven t read Barnes for a while, and her series with Carlotta Carlyle was one that I liked This book keeps referring back to a previous one, and I can t remember if I read it or not which is why comes in so handy Lie Down is a quick read, with a plot that did surprise me in the end, though I had guessed one of the elements of it Carlotta is in fine form, and Barnes is a fine writer, moving the plot along at a good pace A fine mystery if you like women detectives but I do recommend reading the [...]

    I have read other Linda Barnes books about the female private investigator, Carlotta Carlyle, and have enjoyed them but this is the best one so far The author finally takes a serious look at the question of whether the intrepid Carlyle can have a romantic relationship with a member of an organized crime family and still retain her independence and ethics Coming from the Boston area, I also enjoyed the fact that I could picture the action perfectly since I am familiar with the locations described [...]

    I believe this is the last book in this series featuring Boston PI Carlotta Carlyle, at least I assume so since it was published in 2008 and there ve only been a couple of novellas since Which is really too bad, because the author finally got back on track with a really great book I loved the first few, but the last couple had not been as enjoyable for some reason I listened to the audio version, which is narrated by one of my very favorite female narrators, CJ Critt The story itself takes Carlo [...]

    Well, this was it End of the line All the important elements were here, chasing cars only a rental for Carlotta , concealed identities, Sam lurking in the background, and Mooney Paolina is recuperating with mental health doctors and privacy no Carlotta, but yes Mooney And, it ended This romantic liked the ending even if it was anti climatic after twelve installments The ending wasn t wrong just not as thrilling as I had hoped.

    Two or three books back, Margaret Maron s series featuring Judge Deborah Knott saw the protagonist abruptly enter a relationship with a guy she d known since childhood, but had never considered as a mate Carlotta, enagaged sans ring to Sam Gianelli, sleeps with Mooney Until Maron paired off Knott, the stories voice was entirely first person, evolving into alternating first person Knott, and omniscient This book switches about halfway through from Carlotta to Mooney, and later back to Carlotta, w [...]

    Having just read The Heart of the World the 11th book a few weeks ago after a 5 year hiatus from Linda Barnes wonderful writing , I really wanted to read the next installment Lie Down With The Devil , and I m not disappointed I think Linda Barnes s storytelling is as crisp, smart and engaging as ever The plot really intrigued me, and for the life of me I couldn t figure out who was framing Carlotta and why this was happening So that kept me mesmerized and reading into the early hours of the morn [...]

    It s been way too long since I ve read or listened to a book from the Carlotta Carlyle series and I don t know why it s taken me so long to get back The last one I read was THE BIG DIG and I wasn t overly enamoured of it, so that might be the reason for hesitancy No matter, I read great reviews for this one and it went on my RecordedBooks wishlist I am glad that I did, I was not disappointed A little startled halfway through when Carlotta stopped telling the story and Mooney picks up when Carlot [...]

    Ryan Mishap
    I m bumping the rating on this because I m impressed that Barnes was able to get back to the mystery basics after her last action style novel descended into New Age y woo woo stuff Some authors might have gone further into that direction, thinking they were heading toward literary pursuits, but apparently last novel s spiritual mumbo jumbo was only a plot device and not the beginning of a new path.Carlotta Carlysle has had eleven other mysteries, and, as this one begins, she s talking to Sam her [...]

    This is only the second book I have read out of Linda Barnes series A 6 1 Redhead cabbie who lives in Cambridge A very interesting character When I finally got around to reading Parker s Spenser and looked back at Carlotta Carlyle, i felt like i was reading about a female Spenser But Carlotta is still a very unique character As for this story, I guess I should have read books before getting to this just to be filled in with details But I do know enough to understand what s going She s engaged t [...]

    P.I and cabdriver, Carlotta Carlyle, is engaged to Sam Gianelli, who has questionable ties to organized crime While Sam is out of the country to avoid arrest on suspicion of murder, Carlotta takes on a client that puts her in the middle of her fiance s case and also makes her suspect in another murder Carlotta sets out to solve her mysterious case before she s arrested and finds herself questioning if everything she thought she knew about her boyfriend was a lie.During her investigation, Carlyle [...]

    PopCulture Nerd
    The early books in this series, especially Coyote, used to haunt me and break my heart This latest, however, bored me and I found myself skipping huge chunks of descriptive prose just to finish it I wanted to give up at times but did want to know who the killer was so that was the only reason I managed to drag myself to the end Once I got there, I realized I had stopped caring I know these are unkind words, but it s only because my disappointment is deep Carlotta used to be a tough chick who liv [...]

    Lisa (Harmonybites)
    I couldn t find the first book in the series recommended to me, A Trouble of Fools, so this book, the twelfth in the series, was my introduction to the Carlotta Carlyle series Lots has obviously happened in previous books, and Carlyle is working as a private investigator and is no longer with the Boston Police Department, although she s still friends with her old partner Mooney who heads Homicide The story is mostly told by Carlyle first person, and I did find it jarring when in the Fourth Part [...]

    One looks forward to reading a Caroltta Carlyle mystery not only because a good mystery is usally in the offing, but Carlotta and Sam, her on again off again, mobbed up boyfriend, are good chemistry Their relationship tensions are nicely handled and fun to read, usually Here, Sam is relegated to a cameo appearance The mystery about murders involving members of a native american tribe is talky than clever And after so many books with Carlotta and Mooney dancing around each other, with never befo [...]

    Catherine Woodman
    I think I have read this entire series, and while the quality has remained good, this is not one of the better ones, and I am not sure why, It just isn t as well written as the usual the story of her little sister is kind of peripheral to the main story and kind of disturbing Also not at all psychologically on target it could be, but we would need alot information for that to ring true, and the cutting behavior is not something that comes from PTSDd lots The story about her relationship with S [...]

    2009 87 Linda Barnes Lie Down with the Devil Finished 6 23 2009Carlotta Carlyle, ex Boston Cop and now a self employed PI and some time Cab driver has a client who requested she follow her fianc e because she got an unsigned note suggesting he was not being faithful The tail goes ok till they end up out on the Cape Cod and Carlyle gets a flat Tacks on the road Then the Client turns up in the morgue, a hit and run victim it would appear Mean while Carlyle is having problems with her boy friend, w [...]

    Lynn Lerch
    Carlotta Carlisle is missing her boyfriend,Sam Gianelli who is out of the country While out he is indicted in a secret indictment Carlotta is looking to find Sam and decides to take on a client who says she wants her fianc followed Carlotta finds out that her client is killed in a hit and run along with her friend who is Nausett MA In this part of MA there is going to be an election for Prop 6 to get the land for the newly formed Indian tribe Meanwhile the Boston PD wants her blame her for her c [...]

    It s been a long time since I ve read a Carlotta Carlyle book, so I looked forward to reading this one Linda Barnes uses her Boston setting to good advantage as a backdrop for the story This is especially true when she brings the gang connections of one of the major characters into the plot This book kept me involved, even though some of the plot elements didn t hook up as well as they could have For example, it is never clear why Sam Gianelli is out of the country, even when his absence is sort [...]

    In the 12th Carlotta Carlyle book, everyone is still dealing with issues following the episode in Colombia Carlotta is not doing much PI work Paolina is hurting herself Sam is out of the country, unable to return Mooney won t return Carlotta s calls.At Roz s urging, Carlotta finally takes on a new client This leads the storyline that pulls in most of the series main characters and seems to close it in what would be the right way to do it The happily ever part is not there for me Everyone seems s [...]

    12 in the Carlotta Carlyle series Carlotta is the Boston dwelling, red headed, 6 tall, ex cop, volleyball playing, cab driving, private detective with a Colombian Little Sister After the first 4 entries appeared in 4 years, it took 17 years for the next 8 to be produced and now it s been 7 years since the latest of those I enjoyed the series but have long since looking to see if a new volume has appeared.Carlotta Carlyle agrees to tail a possibly cheating groom to be for his intended He disappea [...]

    I m a fan of Carlotta Carlyle so of course I liked it This book took Carlotta far out of her comfort zone to Miami, Bogota and Cartagena Her usual support system was mostly missing as a result I m getting a little tired of everybody writing novels featuring the evil government contractors i.e Halliburton, Blackwater, etc but she worked it in well and it s not the primary focus of the novel I m interested to see how Carlotta s relationship with Paolina develops from here out I remember Paolina be [...]

    Another enjoyable read in Barnes Carlotta Carlyle series Continuing the saga from Carlotta s resuce of her Big Sister Little Sister program sister Paolina from being kidnapped in Columbia, this story deals with Carlotta s dealing with Palonia s post tramatic syndrome from the experience, trying to discover why her mob boyfriend who she has agreed to marry has been secretly indicted and fled the country, as well as a couple of murders and why she has been set up Plot line is a bit involved with C [...]

    Boston P.I Carlotta Carlyle, still dealing with the aftermath of retrieving her kidnapped little sister, Paolina, from Colombia, reluctantly takes on the case of a young woman, Jessica Franklin, who is afraid her fianc is cheating on her When Jessica is found dead, Carlotta learns her client lied to her Jessica was actually a close friend of the young woman Carlotta s fianc , mob boss Sam Gianelli, is accused of murdering Framed for Jessica s murder, Carlotta, along with her former boss Mooney, [...]

    The Carlotta Carlyle series weakened over time, but this was just awful It s like the author gave up on the franchise and threw everything including the kitchen sink in this plot I ve read most of the other books in the series, and I don t recall boyfriend girlfriend angst in any of the other books, certainly not enough to warrant the details in this book There were other major character inconsistencies between this and previous books, but I don t want to spoil it for anyone else I m not saying [...]

    Really like the Carlotta series Well written and good entertaining mysteries with characters you really like and a few not to like I bought this book years ago and realized I d missed the one before it and put it away until I d read the previous one Both are good I keep looking for the 13th installment of this series but Linda Barnes hasn t written a book with this protagonist since this one in 2008 She did write a stand alone since but I can t get interested in getting it So hoping the 12 books [...]

    OK, I confess I rejoined the Mystery Guild book club and I got a whole bunch of books for a penny apiece and I got some old favorites I d lost touch with and this is one of them The female privite eye genre I got started with when I started reading Nancy Drew in elementary school Carlotta Carlyle is a PI and part time cabbie who has a little sister via the Big Brother Big Sister program and who plays volleyball to stay in shape and burn off frustrations Anyhoo, this book continues with all the f [...]

    I ve read all of Barnes Carlotta Carlyle mysteries and this is one of the better novels in the series She strikes a good balance between Carlotta s personal life and a page turning detective story, and we get to spend some extra time with supporting cast members who were missing or barely visible in the last book A few of the plot points stretch suspension of disbelief, but this personal story will please fans and isn t a bad introduction to the character, if you are new to Barnes.

    Algot Runeman
    Cape Cod and the Nausett Indians feature in this Carlotta Carlisle mystery book.Investigating a fianc for a bride to be turns into a search for murderers and connections to the mob, especially Sam Gianelli, Carlotta s on off lover.Connections get stronger and others get broken Sister Paoulina needs help from the psychiatric staff at McLean Hospital This might be a intense book than some others from the series.Recommended

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