[PDF] Mortalis | by Ñ R.A. Salvatore

  • Title: Mortalis
  • Author: R.A. Salvatore
  • ISBN: 9780345430427
  • Page: 390
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Mortalis | by Ñ R.A. Salvatore - Mortalis, Mortalis The long struggle is over at last The demon Dactyl is no its dark sorceries shattered by the gemstone magic wielded by the woman known as Pony But victory did not come easily Many lives were lost i
    R.A. Salvatore
    As one of the fantasy genre s most successful authors, R.A Salvatore enjoys an ever expanding and tremendously loyal following His books regularly appear on The New York Times best seller lists and have sold than 10,000,000 copies Salvatore s original hardcover, The Two Swords, Book III of The Hunter s Blade Trilogy October 2004 debuted at 1 on The Wall Street Journal best seller list and at 4 on The New York Times best seller list His books have been translated into numerous foreign languages including German, Italian, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Turkish, Croatian, Bulgarian, Yiddish, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Czech, and French.Salvatore s first published novel, The Crystal Shard from TSR in 1988, became the first volume of the acclaimed Icewind Dale Trilogy and introduced an enormously popular character, the dark elf Drizzt Do Urden Since that time, Salvatore has published numerous novels for each of his signature multi volume series including The Dark Elf Trilogy, Paths of Darkness, The Hunter s Blades Trilogy, and The Cleric Quintet.His love affair with fantasy, and with literature in general, began during his sopho year of college when he was given a copy of J.R.R Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings as a Christmas gift He promptly changed his major from computerscience to journalism He received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications from Fitchburg State College in 1981, then returned for the degree he always cherished, the Bachelor of Arts in English He began writing seriously in 1982, penning the manuscript that would become Echoes of the Fourth Magic Salvatore held many jobs during those first years as a writer, finally settling in much to our delight to write full time in 1990.The R.A Salvatore Collection has been established at his alma mater, Fitchburg State College in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, containing the writer s letters, manuscripts, and other professional papers He is in good company, as The Salvatore Collection is situated alongside The Robert Cormier Library, which celebrates the writing career of the co alum and esteemed author of young adult books.Salvatore is an active member of his community and is on the board of trustees at the local library in Leominster, Massachusetts He has participated in several American Library Association regional conferences, giving talks on themes including Adventure fantasy and Why young adults read fantasy Salvatore himself enjoys a broad range of literary writers including James Joyce, Mark Twain, Geoffrey Chaucer, Shakespeare, Dante, and Sartre He counts among his favorite genre literary influences Ian Fleming, Arthur Conan Doyle, Fritz Leiber, and of course, J.R.R Tolkien.Born in 1959, Salvatore is a native of Massachusetts and resides there with his wife Diane, and their three children, Bryan, Geno, and Caitlin The family pets include three Japanese Chins, Oliver, Artemis and Ivan, and four cats including Guenhwyvar.When he isn t writing, Salvatore chases after his three Japanese Chins, takes long walks, hits the gym, and coaches plays on a fun league softball team that includes most of his family His gaming group still meets on Sundays to playcmillan author rasalv


    Benjamin Thomas
    R.A Salvatore has written his absolute best book to date That is not easy for me to say, because I have read most of his works, and always enjoy them Sometimes his novels are full of action but fall a little short on plot Sometimes they have mostly strong characterizations but almost always there are one or two who seem out of place or need some rounding out But his stories always bring enjoyment to my reading eyes But this time, he has topped all of his previous efforts Even his Dark Elf Trilog [...]

    I really really liked this book There was so many different things going on in Corona So many different people and so many different stories There was so much chaos and pain going on throughout the entire book The Rosie Plague found its way to Corona and spread throughout the land There was no hope and the Monks and the King and his men hid from the plague There were few that were brave enough to go out and help the victims of the plague Very few.After the horrible pains and trials that Pony dea [...]

    A solid 3.5 a decent segue between the Demonwars saga and the next trilogy To my mind, a little heavy on the church politics and Jilseponie angle Also, at times the dialogue felt a little too forced, if I can say that I preferred the original trilogy to this book, actually, despite the fact that I could really feel the emotion through RAS writing.

    Geoff Battle
    The original DemonWars saga, for those who read it at the time, is a mere memory, albeit a pleasurable one Mortalis features most of the original heroes and Salvatore recalls the deeds performed historically for much of this book Mortalis is a stepping stone to the further adventures within this setting and although Mortalis is a standalone novel, it revives old memories, provides important new keystones for a new saga and ties up loose ends in the process Salvatore is canny though and Mortalis [...]

    Keil Hunsaker
    Kind of slow compared to the other novels in the series, but picks up at the end

    Chris Fox
    OVERVIEWThe problem I had with this book was it seemed to lack focus It was filled with interesting set ups for new narratives such as the introduction of a new breed of elves that practices necromancy, A To Gai girl named Brynn Dharielle that will become a new ranger, and Marcalo De Unnero splitting from the church at form a new religious sect These stores while interesting never really go anywhere they just seem to set the stage for future novels Instead the narrative is focused on the politic [...]

    Chip Hunter
    Salvatore often states that he believes this is the best book he s ever written, and I cannot disagree While much different than most of his other books think Forgotten Realms , MORTALIS will nonetheless please both old and new Salvatore fans Darker and mature than most of his work, the entire DemonWars saga is full of death, desperation, and fallible characters Still fantasy, but much believable and serious than any of the Drizzt books And, MORTALIS is my favorite of the series thus far Howev [...]

    Seth Kenlon
    I never read past three books in a series, so the fact that this book not just kept my interest but also is probably one of my favourite story developments so far is impressive in itself This book started a little slow, and I feared it might be falling into a kind of political soap opera, but eventually it became clear who or what the real enemy was going to be in the book, and to my amazement, it was profound.Without giving anything away, I ll say that the nemesis of this book is a great equali [...]

    A stand alone novel that bridges the first and second of the Demon Wars trilogies in Salvatore s world of Corona He has stated in many interviews that this is his favorite book that he has ever written Salvatore also stated that he turned this book in and there were no edits, his editor told him not to change a word.So with that being said I had high hopes for this book when I started.It is essentially a book about an outbreak of the plague and how the nobility, the church and the common folk ha [...]

    I put off reading this book for a long time after finishing the previous trilogy because I was not overly impressed with those books However, I after finally getting back into the series for some summertime travel reading, I found this book rather enjoyable It is an introduction to the second Demonwars Saga, and picks up the story of Jilseponie, the royalty of Honce the Bear, and the Abellican church shortly after the previous trilogy ends More than anything else it is a story of change and tran [...]

    6 10 Mortalis is a, somewhat, stand alone book working as a bringe for the two trilogies, The DemonsWars and The Second DemonsWars, that brings the change to the world.The is nothing like the first three books as it has no action whatsover, though what Salvatore wants to show here is the change, the destruction that comes after the war the plague that spreads over the world, and with characters having to face this time a much different enemy.What really bothered me, though, is that Salvatore kee [...]

    Pretty good Slower than the others have been I was pretty disappointed by this book because I have heard from many sources, including Salvatore himself, that this is the best book he s ever written I just didn t feel that It was good enough, but not great, and certainly not the best he s done I liked where Pony ended up, but watching her get there was a little painful Francis was the true hero of the novel, giving any hope of life to follow his beliefs The whole plague theme had a lot going for [...]

    Ren Bedell
    I was really enjoying the beginning of this book Not as much action, but character building and seeing the repercussions of the first trilogy But then it got frustrating and I lost interest The book focuses a lot on the church, which is fair enough since their world got turned upside down For me the church made no sense The book is all about their political structure and nothing on their beliefs or their creed For some reason the people love them, even though all they do is openly murder and to [...]

    I had a hard time getting into this book I kept putting it down for the first half It just wasn t as compelling at first as the last series had been Maybe it was the fact that there wasn t some evil force to be fighting, just disease and indifference Also, the whole sequence about Prince Midalis befriending the Alpinadorians wasn t especially interesting to me By the end, though, I found myself drawn in I will definitely be reading the rest of these.

    Sean Watson
    Mortalis is a heartwrenching tale of faith and hope, that is the bridge between the first and second series set in the world of Corona Rereading it now after all these years since it first came out Has made me realize that it is my favorite of the 7 books that originally came out, before he went back and did The Highwayman series As much as I love his Forgotten Realms books, this series which is his creator owned is by far my favorite of all his works.

    Justin Harvey
    Possibly Salvatore s best work to date As a fluke, it was the one Demon Wars novel in the library that I went to several years ago, and despite being the transition book for the two Demon Wars trilogies, I was able to get right into it Salvatore brings emotion into this book than any previous works Highly recommended.

    Dennis Duggan
    It starts off a little dry, political wranglings in in the church to see who their next leader will be until the plague hits and they hide behind the walls out of fear instead of helping the people The heroin Jillseponie saves the day after dealing with the loss of her husband and unborn child, unbeknownst to herself the child still lives, and the stage is set for the next novel

    Had to bail out about 2 3 of the way through I really liked the first book of the series, second was good but not as good as first, third was good but not as good as second, and Mortalis just went too far away from the characters I liked to be enjoyable for me.

    SPOILER ALERT GIVING AWAY THE ENDING Damn, when view spoiler Brother Francis Dellacourt hide spoiler dies I had to lay back and let that one sink in, view spoiler after having followed his journey throughout the series hide spoiler.

    Newton Nitro
    This book the two trilogies of the world of Corona Nice book to enter the series.Esse livro liga as duas trilogias do mundo Corona timo livro e funciona at sozinho, como uma obra completa Temas sofrimento, sacrif cio, f.

    Frances Vermeulen
    Het was best lastig om in het verhaal te komen, als je de voorgaande trilogie niet hebt gelezen, maar als alle namen een beetje zijn ingezonken en het plot van start is gegaan is het een goed boek Niet meer en niet minder _

    Jefferson F
    Didn t really enjoy this book as much, it felt like Salvatore started spinning his wheels in the third act I m not sure If I will be finishing this series.

    The main character s name is Pony It s been years, and I still can t get over that.

    Norman Howe
    This is a much mature story than I have come to expect from Salvatore Bravo

    Ruth Kyle-devendorf
    Had to finish this book before i started my next paper only have 3 books left in the series.

    Rj Roles
    another really good book in the series

    Demon Wars series is too tied to religion church for my taste I prefer the books in the Forgotten Realm series

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