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  • Title: My Cowboy Promises
  • Author: Z.A. Maxfield
  • ISBN: 9780698175037
  • Page: 106
  • Format: ebook

  • My Cowboy Promises Best Download || [Z.A. Maxfield] - My Cowboy Promises, My Cowboy Promises A real man needs a real love To become the man he s meant to be one cowboy will have to be the man he never wanted anyone to know he was Ryder Dent is a true blue cowboy A devoted son husband and fa
    Z.A. Maxfield
    Z.A. Maxfield Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Cowboy Promises book, this is one of the most wanted Z.A. Maxfield author readers around the world.


    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    I was so looking forward to this book I liked the other three books in The Cowboys series, giving each of them 4 stars But this one fell flat It dragged and frustrated me to no end First of all, there is nary a cowboy in this story Declan is the new doctor in town, and Ryder works for his father s delivery company Ryder is a Texas country boy, but that doesn t make him a cowboy Second of all, this isn t Ryder and Declan s story It s Ryder s coming out and dealing with what it means to be a famil [...]

    Kaje Harper
    I ve really enjoyed every book in this series from ZAM This one moves from the ranch to a new location and new guys although a couple of old friends make a brief appearance It could be read as a stand alone.This book tackles a situation I ve been looking for a gay man who married his best friend when she got pregnant, with her understanding and complicity There is a child to think of, and Ryder has always wanted this family life But then he meets a man, the new doctor in town, and the gay side o [...]

    1.5 stars Sadly, this did not work for me at all I admit I was tempted to dnf multiple times but I pushed myself hoping that something will change Nothing did, things only got worse.Everything pissed me off in this book The martyr storyline bothers me, it s true But here, it went way too far Ryder is the epitome of martyrdom and self sacrifice Lets examine his choices Accept the scholarship and the bright future ahead of him, stay closeted until he s ready to come out and in the meanwhile suppor [...]

    Kade Boehme
    this may be mildly spoiler y I m not sure how I felt about this I HATE when my romance is only 20% about the actual couple so that made me crazy and I hated the lack of any relationship conclusion bc the still being married bit didn t work for me at all Very unsatisfying But I have to give it good marks bc I loved Ryder and Jonas But it really felt, unlike any of the other books in the series, completely unfinished, like we were leaving them at 70 80% of the story Hm Idk Not my fav of what has b [...]

    Initially read in March of 2015 Not my favorite in the series.Re read and reviewed in November 2016 3.75 stars My Cowboy Promises is the fourth book in Z.A Maxfield s The Cowboys series and perhaps the easiest book in the series to read as a stand alone While Tripp and Lucho from My Cowboy Homecoming make a brief appearance here, the setting has moved from the Bar J Ranch in New Mexico to the Rocking C in Texas and introduces new characters.When they were just teenagers, pregnant Andi and gay cl [...]

    ReadAlong With Sue
    I sat out the back in the sunshine today reading this It was a slow paced easy book to read, my first cowboy book in ageeees I can t remember when I read one actually Ryder is living in a marriage of convenience He is hiding that he is gay So when this dishy guy comes to town who happens to be the doctor, he realizes he needs much than what he has.Its hot and steamy Its not dull, just slow paced This is the first book I have read by this author, I m never afraid of trying by the same author as [...]

    Mandi Schreiner
    The blurb says Ryder Dent is a true blood cowboy and while it may run in his family, I wouldn t consider him a cowboy He works at his father s farm store and lives in Texas That s about as cowboy as he gets Ryder is gay but hardly anyone knows When his friend Andi was teenager, she got pregnant by a rodeo star and didn t want anyone to know he was the father And since Ryder was scared for anyone to find out he was gay, both Ryder and Andi pretend Jonas, their new son, is Ryder s biological child [...]

    I ve really enjoyed the books in The Cowboy series but this one was I don t know, missing something Some spark Some focus, maybe It felt to me that the story had too much going on and the wrap up was rather anticlimactic Not my favorite in this series but it had its moments.

    John The Cosmic Wanderer
    Well, that was disappointing My least favorite from the series.

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI always find it sad when someone feels they have to hide who they truly are for any reason Z.A Maxfield s My Cowboy Promises is a perfect example of a man who fears he will lose his job, his home and most importantly the family he adores if his secret is ever discovered He just doesn t plan on the new doctor in town stirring up feelings and making him question if he s done the right thing for himself for the last six years This is a story of [...]

    Vanessa theJeepDiva
    When a new doctor comes to town Ryder s lie of a life is threatened Never before has he found a man that interested him enough to even consider letting someone besides his best friend wife know his deepest secret No one would suspect devoted husband, nurturing father Ryder Dent is actually a gay man The moment Ryder sees Declan he realizes that is the type of man he has always wanted, but can never have Declan may not wave a rainbow flag, but he doesn t hide in a closet either Once he finds out [...]

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    In the fourth book of The Cowboys series by Z.A Maxfield, expect a whole lot of charm and laughter Ryder Dent is a cowboy through and through but what makes him interesting is that when he was younger, he agreed to something that changed his life entirely His best friend Andy was single and pregnant and he is secretly gay so to help each other out, they decided to get married Now they are raising a son together, but of course Ryder is still gay.When he meets charming and intelligent Dr Declan Wi [...]

    Ryder Dent, is a good son, a devoted father and nothing is as important as his family The problem is that secrets never stay secrets Ryder and his wife Andi, both have secrets that involve their marriage and their son Jonas A catalyst for change, presents itself to Ryder in the form of the new town doctor Declan Winter Life in a small town, and life as Ryder and Andi know it will never be the same.For me every book in this series has gotten better This one is no exception This book is an emotion [...]

    Angela Bee Bee
    Up for request on NetgalleyJune 16, 2015 My Cowboy Promises

    Nichole (DirrtyH)
    Um I just I don t know I wasn t expecting it to end like that and I m not sure how I feel about it And honestly, the way the two MC s got together was a little awkward, but that s normal for ZA Maxfield Her stories are always a little bit off in a way that s difficult to explain I think maybe I just need to not read her books any Not that it was bad, it wasn t I loved Ryder s relationship with his son Jonas It just wasn t quite what I wanted.

    Chris, the Dalek King
    While I enjoyed most of this story, Ryder s continued instance on playing down his father in law s abuse of Ryder s wife nearly made this unreadable Ryder basically spent the entire book telling his kid that it is ok to hit someone as long as you love them Which is fucked up I get not wanting to upset your kid, but that is just shitty parenting and how little kids grow up to be abusers themselves.The parts where it was just Ryder and Declan were probably the best I liked their chemistry and Ryde [...]

    Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews
    I received a free ARC of My Cowboy Promises from Enchantress of Books Blogtours in exchange of an honest and unbiased review Ryder, Andi and Declan were all great characters to follow through a tumultuous period in their lives.This and all my other reviews are originally posted on my blog un Conventional Bookvies

    3.5 stars

    Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews
    3 Cowboy Loving Stars Source eARC for Honest Review Courtesy of Intermix Penguin GroupGay Cowboys How can you go wrong There s just something so sweet about this series My Cowboy Promises is part of a series but can be read as a standalone In this book we meet Ryder Dent who might be just the sweetest most loyal thing ever Even if he is a bit confused However, his intent and love are in the right place Now he just has to find the balance between love, loyalty, family, friendship and happiness Si [...]

    This series is heartwarming and down home country goodness, but it also offers a little something different with each installment As every person and their circumstances are unique so are their relationships I like how this author brings that out In this story, there is a young guy doing the best he can to keep his family and maybe try for some happiness along the way.Ryder Dent, to all appearances, is a young guy with a young wife and child that he supports on his job managing his dad s store P [...]

    3.75 out of 5 starsDescription A real man needs a real love To become the man he s meant to be, one cowboy will have to be the man he never wanted anyone to know he was Ryder Dent is a true blue cowboy A devoted son, husband and father, but one who is living a costly lie When they were both young, Ryder and his closest female friend Andy thought they d found the perfect solution to both their problems she was single and pregnant, and he was secretly gay so they got married and raised Jonas toget [...]

    Veronica of V's Reads
    3.5 Stars.Ryder is a stalwart, honorable man for 23 y o He s gay, and only out to his wife, Andy He and Andy have been friends since childhood and when she was to become an unwed mother from her pursuit of a completely unsuitable and uninterested man Ryder stepped in and took care of Andy and Jonas, foregoing a football scholarship that would have taken him far away from his small town and the anti gay prejudice Ryder has been a faithful husband Well, that s not true He s been a monk and Andy s [...]

    Under the Covers Book Blog
    In the fourth book of The Cowboys series by Z.A Maxfield, expect a whole lot of charm and laughter Ryder Dent is a cowboy through and through but what makes him interesting is that when he was younger, he agreed to something that changed his life entirely His best friend Andy was single and pregnant and he is secretly gay so to help each other out, they decided to get married Now they are raising a son together, but of course Ryder is still gay.When he meets charming and intelligent Dr Declan Wi [...]

    Get Along, Little PoniesI have consumed every book in this series as soon as it was delivered, yet this one posed a problem for me because there were already a lot of less than enthusiastic reviews out there that gave me a bit of hesitancy to start it.But start it, and consume it without stopping, I did Wow Every stereotypical Texas character seems to be thrown in here the solid, upstanding, hot cowboy Ryder Dent his somewhat flighty but seriously talented wanna be singer wife Andi their much to [...]

    I grabbed a copy of this book from Netgalley, I liked the cover and book blurb sounded good, also I d never read any of authors work so had no expectations.So what did I thinkI really enjoyed this book, it was not fast paced, I d describe it as like a Sunday afternoon chill out film, but still made me keep turning pages to see the outcome.I really liked Ryder the main man, living in a marriage of convenience that is until the new doctor moves to town, then he has to face the facts he needs Andy [...]

    I was missing the writing by Mrs Maxfield and I enjoyed of that in this book but not the story, many things was so wrong and inexplicable Ryder was truly a bit naive , maybe too young when Andy got pregnantbut I don t understand if he wanted a normal family because him was ashamed to been gay or notd also Andy was a bit selfish and their marriage a bit strange Then there was Declan , at first he little understand of Ryder and then become his dirty secret But is the epilogue to be surreal , consi [...]

    Not enough happy at the end to make up for all the angst.

    Review can be read at It s About The Book It saddens me to say I didn t love this book I usually do really enjoy this authors work I personally wouldn t tag this as a cowboy book More of a small town good old boy comes out of the closet and faces all the BS that brings with it story The story is told from Ryder s POV only I would have liked to see things from Declan s POV He came off as almost too good to be true Hunky young doctor comes to down and knocks Ryder s world off kilter He was not bor [...]

    Love Bytes Reviews
    4 Heart Review by VickiWow What a bumpy ride this story is Ryder Dent has grown up in a small town in Texas, he s known he was gay but also knew it wasn t acceptable When his best friend, Andi, tells him she is pregnant by a much older rodeo star, Ryder figures this is the best chance he ll have to get a family, he can help out his friend, and maybe be happy So they get married, and have Jonas at 17 Ryder had hopes of college and escaping his small town life, but he gives it all up, to be a good [...]

    Jeannie Zelos
    My Cowboy Promises, Z A Maxfield Review from Jeannie Zelos book reviews Genre Romance, LGBTQIAI ve loved all the novels in this series so far, and it was great to see Tripp and Lucho from the last one in here I m glad the story has moved on from the J Bar, as there were only so many people could work on that ranch.Z.A.Maxfield writes characters I can feel, can hear, and these seem very real to me I can hear Ryder s soft drawling accent, even though I ve never met a cowboy not much call for them [...]

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