↠ The Mage Chronicles æ R.J.Eliason Rachel Eliason

  • Title: The Mage Chronicles
  • Author: R.J.Eliason Rachel Eliason
  • ISBN: 9780988573079
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Paperback

  • ↠ The Mage Chronicles æ R.J.Eliason Rachel Eliason - The Mage Chronicles, The Mage Chronicles The Gilded Empire A magical empire so ancient it s name has been forgotten to the mist of time Its citizens believe they are in their golden age but already the rot is showing underneath the gold ven
    R.J.Eliason Rachel Eliason
    R J Eliason writes immersive science fiction and fantasy stories that feature diverse characters Her writing spans many sub genres from alien contact, apocalyptic stories and epic fantasy She also writes in a wide variety of formats, from full length novels to an ongoing serialized adventure Her writing can be found in digital and print formats anywhere online that books are sold Or check out her website at rj.eliason and sign up for a free book.

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    A.R. Miller
    R.J Eliason likes to mix things up, from writing style to subject matter It was interesting to read a fantasy without all the formal language Her characters, for the most part, speak as we would speak, contractions, slang and all It threw me off at first, but the story was compelling enough that it became common place.R.J s world building is interesting The divisions of the Empire and ways of travel to each realm through magical gates, but once at your destination there are the usual ways of tra [...]

    Beth Hudson
    I greatly enjoyed this book with its themes of power, self acceptance, and self transformation Mary is a mage with a great deal of untapped power Sent to stop a war on a strange world, she is forced to confront her past and make new decisions about her future.In general, I found this a compelling story I did feel that it started off with too much detail about her travel the number of characters introduced who had nothing to do with the main story were a bit excessive But the story really picks u [...]

    I won this on GoodReads.This is a charming story and I hope there is a sequel In The Mage Chronicles , R.J Eliason creates a vast, but slowly decaying empire In the central core magic is an acceptable part of life, and of all the people with magical ability, the mages are the most powerful Mary was an orphan who s innate ability and a lot of hard work has elevated her to a mage level healer So why was she sent to a backwater corner of the empire, where the culture is completely different, to sto [...]

    I won this book in a Goodread giveaway thanks I found the story of Mary, a healer, and her assignment to make peace between 2 leaders in a different land to be very interesting There were many themes that I am not used to reading about, and I think that those only made the book interesting to me It made me think quite a bit This is my first time reading R.J Eliason but I might check out some of her other books.

    I ll try to put words to the awesomeness that is this novel It is certainly a masterful tale, an archetypal masterpiece However, it very much feels like an old friend I didn t want the journey to end, frankly, and I wish there might be a sequel in the works I m thankful I found this treasure via GoodReads, and I hope others will discover it for themselves I cannot say enough about it Fantasy fanatics, read this that is all.

    Rachel Eliason
    This is the first true fantasy I ve put out and I am very proud of it As always, I hope it s as good on print as it was in my head when I wrote it.

    I hope there is another one Can t wait to find out what else happens to Mary.

    Ian yarington
    I m not one to get long winded about a review, but I can say that I enjoyed this book If you like the synopsis I would say give it a shot because the synopsis is pretty spot on.

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      188 R.J.Eliason Rachel Eliason
    The Mage Chronicles