Ó You Are Mine ↠ Jackie Ashenden

  • Title: You Are Mine
  • Author: Jackie Ashenden
  • ISBN: 9781250051783
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ó You Are Mine ↠ Jackie Ashenden - You Are Mine, You Are Mine In the Nine Circles Club there s a fine line between pleasure and pain sin and salvation heaven and hell And it takes one bold pair of lovers to cross itHe s master of the game Zac Rutherford is on
    Jackie Ashenden
    Jackie has been writing fiction since she was eleven years old Mild mannered fantasy SF pseudo literary writer by day, obsessive romance writer by night, she used to balance her writing with the serious job of librarianship until a chance meeting with another romance writer prompted her to throw off the shackles of her day job and devote herself to the true love of her heart writing romance She particularly likes to write dark, emotional stories with alpha heroes who ve just got the world to their liking only to have it blown wide apart by their kick ass heroines She lives in Auckland, New Zealand with her husband, the inimitable Dr Jax, two kids, two cats and some guppies possibly dead guppies by the time you read this When she s not torturing alpha males and their stroppy heroines, she can be found drinking chocolate martinis, reading anything she can lay her hands on, posting random crap on her blog, or being forced to go mountain biking with her husband.

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    Sybil aka Lala
    Ooooh, the rage If it were possible for me to rate a book in the minus, this one would walk away with that honour This is book three in the Nine Circles series Referring, fittingly, to the circles of hell, in which I found myself while reading this We continue on with Zac and his merry band of mercenaries on the case of a deviant sex trafficker Zac is obsessed with Eva, his angel, and has been for seven years ever since he saved her from the side of the road Zac is also a dom, but has lately bee [...]

    ARC received for reviewWell, here I am again starting in the middle of the series The main couples I have no probably understanding their relationships and how they are all interconnected They make me want to go back and read their HEAs But the search for the bad guy and all the drama that led up to it was another story It was almost to the end of the book that I finally understood it Now as for Zac and Eva Zac really had to grow on me He was a serious jerk and a little bit of a mean Dom Eva was [...]

    1.5 StarsFrom the start I had a difficulty time with this book While I think it s a stand alone, there are a couple of books before this I had a hard time figuring out who everyone was and their connections to each other I felt kind of dropped in the middle of a bunch of drama I had no idea about not really about the hero and heroine s relationship but pretty much everything else The story starts with Zac describing how for 7 years he s been friend and confidant for Eva but can no longer get her [...]

    Ivy Deluca
    Seven years I waited for you, angel And you were worth every second The Good I love Jackie Ashenden s prose and I d looked forward to seeing how Zac and Eva s story would work There were always hints that they had their own personal dysfunction, but I never realized the depth of that dysfunction until this book The Nine Circles club is a group of billionaires natch who s first rule is you don t talk about your past until it s time for your book This is no different Eva and Zac are both billionai [...]

    3.75 honest, trust, and love stars for You Are Mine I know this is the third book in the series and you can really tell that when beginning the read A lot of things don t make sense until you are a few chapters in so I definitely struggled that way since I ve never read the other two prior novels I found myself struggling to like the heroine but easily liked the hero given he s a protector by nature Zac protects his own, is crafty, clever, passionate, demanding, and darkly delightful It wasn t h [...]

    Netgalley for honest reviewI had a hard time with this story I normally like most of this authors books but this one had some subject mater that I felt wasn t really dealt with well.I do believe you need to read the prior books for the full gist of the back drop and interweaving theme gist of the mystery Zac and Eva are part of an exclusive club group This group are all effected by something someone terrible and are trying to solve this mystery as well as find the person people responsible Zac r [...]

    ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange for honest review 4 lovely stars from me This book was my favorite from the Night Circles series I liked a lot this couple, both with a dark past especially EvaI mean at first i was likeWhat happened to her Why is she like that And what about Zac the Alpha, dominant, sexy dark manmething has also happened to himOooh and then we have the explanations for both of them and blows my mindAnd of course the epilogue was definitely something i wasn t expecting allG [...]

    Once again we get another Nine Circles story from the dark mistress of romance, Jackie Ashenden This time the story focusses on two damaged people, Zac and Eva and their budding relationship Zac is a dominant, with an obsession for talented hacker Eva and is carrying the burden of past guilt Eva hides behind her mysterious past, where she suffered sexual abuse and she carries the emotional scars Zac get to the point where he pushes Eva, to break through her barriers.Although I enjoyed this read, [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 stars While you could probably read You Are Mine as a stand alone I think you would appreciate it much if you ve read the first two books in this series before reading this one There is an ongoing suspense arc that as it turns out has affected the characters in this book one way or another so reading the books in order will give you a much better understanding of the way they have uncovered what is going on and how they ve dealt with it [...]

    Raven Kelly
    Book Review Of You Are Mine by Jackie AshendenEva King has never had a family or anyone to love or take care of her She has been abandoned by her family and has now been kidnapped off the streets by someone who is holding her captive as his sex slave Eva has come up with a plan to escape her capture and that is to become a hacker and try and get word out to the world that she is being held prisoner.Eva manages to get in contact with someone named Zac Rutherford, who is going to be than her savi [...]

    Romance Readers Retreat
    I had mistakenly thought that the previous book in the series was going to be my favorite and don t get me wrong.I still love Alex But damn Zac is something special A little bit English gentleman, a little bit guardian angel, and lot of hot sexy Dom In the past two books the author has teased us with the mystery that is Zac and Eva, what s going on with these two Eva always seemed abnormally prickly and Zac was almost too protective of her All the secrets really come spilling out and boy.ey are [...]

    Carly Ellen Kramer
    I read this series book out of order not a good idea Without reading the two novels leading up to this one, I found myself frequently confused I ended up glossing over a few names and backstories I imagine if I would have read the series from the beginning, I would have enjoyed this story a bit .

    Abby Green
    Sheer brilliance, I think this is my favourite Nine Circles book so far More please X

    Nadine Bookaholic
    I m going to start out by saying this is the first five star read I have had in a while Zac and Eva have a strange relationship, to begin with Zac helped Eva escape from where she was being held as a sex slave for two years It is now seven years later and Zac has feelings for Eva but she is not only unaware of the way he feels but she cannot stand to be touched by anyone, she doesn t like crowds or new places at all, she uses Zac as a safety net so lets say that all of that makes things difficul [...]

    Zara Lethallan
    Review Courtesy of Romance JunkiesZac Rutherford has been Eva s rock and security for the last seven years He has been everything she needed, never once has he pushed her about what secrets she hides Until her past comes knocking, he must get her to open up and tell him everything or everyone will be in danger The worst part is he loves her, and can t get her out of his head Can he break down her walls without crumbling himself Eva King is a shut in, she doesn t trust anyone but Zac But even him [...]

    Cocktails and Books
    This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksYOU ARE MINE has it all, suspense, drama, action, BDSM and of course, romance Zac Rutherford and Eva King have been good friends since the day Zac rescued Eva seven years ago and throughout those years, Zac has tried to fight his attraction to Eva He has been waiting patiently to give her time to heal Eva lives in constant fear because of her tragic past and she doesn t trust anyone On the outside Eva appears cool and tough while she hides [...]

    Juletta Gilge
    ARC copy provided by author via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review really, really, really wanted to like this book I was so excited for Zac and Eva s story And it fell flat I enjoyed it well enough until Zac decided he was going to take charge I know he was all I will never hurt you or push you too far and you are safe with me but I did not like the way he played with Eva Most of those scenes had me cringing and shaking my head.I did enjoy getting Eva s background even though it was hear [...]

    Sultry Steamy Reading
    I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Let me be honest here At first, I just couldn t quite connect with the main characters I understood the dom in Zac, the way he wanted to claim Eva, the way he wanted to own her, everything about her, good and bad I did not understand Eva I mean, I didn t know if she was obtuse, naive, insensitive or blind Seven years and she never even thought that Zac wanted her in a certain way Can anybody be self [...]

    I want to thank Jackie Ashenden for this ARC, Thank you soooo much Zac Rutherford Damn.The amount of Alpha male in him just gets me all sorts of excited Seriously the raw testosterone coming off this guy was on another level I thought his character completely complemented Eva s The way he went about pushing through her walls was completely possessive and a little dangerous How broken Eva was and the limits Zac was pushing was a bit on the risky side That being said, that just made the steamy sce [...]

    Emily (Mrs B's Books)
    My thanks to NetGalley and St Martin s Press, for providing me with a free copy for an honest review We do get a lot of answers in this book and the continuance of all the characters putting the pieces together in finding out, not only about each other, but about the trafficking scene they are all affected by.Zac and Eva have been friends for seven years and never once has there been any touching or sharing of their pasts That all changes in this book when not only do they end up sharing their [...]

    Ash P Reads
    A story of the darkness and evil of humanity and how the two key characters overcome their ordeals and gain back their power and strength by allowing themselves to trust and rely on each other Eva and Zac have similar childhoods but the journey that brings them together also keeps them holding each other at a distance Eva s silver to Zac s gold, polar opposites and yet so similar, but they find love and redemption in each other s arms even though each has done their best to drive the other away [...]

    I have loved every book in this series so far this goes without saying a fantastic read A rollercoaster of emotions and excitement and mystery and intrigue with what was going to happen next, With great chemistry between Zac Rutherford and Eva king she owes him her life for what he has done for her and he owns her heart and soul Both of them have got emotional baggage but they need each other to heal one another and can t do it without each other An Author who know how to keep her reader s enter [...]

    NB I haven t read the other books in the series I think We all know this doesn t bother me but it bothers other people sometimes.Anyway interesting story For some reason I get notes of GWTW from it mostly in how Rhett walks away from Scarlet although they re not the same at all.It was neat to see such a badass heroine that was so damaged Not that unique, but a nice juxtaposition And the human trafficking element especially since I ve worked with victims If only they get futures even half as nice [...]

    Zac and Eva have this relationship that hasn t gone anywhere because of trauma that Eva has suffered Due to some current happenings, Eva needs to open up and Zac is willing to push her buttons to do it I am on middle ground with this book because while I liked the action surrounding the plot, Zac s methods of pushing Eva don t really convince me that they could have than something physical.

    I read and enjoyed the two previous books in this series and was really looking forward to Zac and Eva s story There were lots of hints in the previous books about there being to their relationship than what was on the surface.I really liked Gabriel and Alex but I think I liked Zac even He s always impeccably dressed He s English Oh and did I mention he s a sexy Dom You can read my full review here wp p18bP3 2sm

    Chantal ❤️
    Note for me the heroine is raped and like it Yucky

    Review to come closer to release date

    This is yet another great continuation of the story that i ve become quite engrossed with where we had Gabriel Honor s story and Alex Katya, we know that things have to get messy with Zac and Eva the duo of the group that has a very interesting relationship and one that we know has so much potential than what s been revealed so far.So where we left off in the series is with Katya Alex coming back from Monte Carlo with information leading us to believe that it s not Conrad who was in charge of a [...]

    I am not familiar with BDSM but this book seems full of clich s Almost comical but I doubt it was the author s intention haha.Since this is book 3 in the series and the ongoing mystery behind the secret casinos was developing, it s best to read in order Or else one cannot appreciate Eva and Zac relationship and even other members of the Nine Circles could not be quite certain what was going on between these two.Right from the start we were told upfront Zac was a Dom in sexual dominant Annnnd he [...]

    One of these days I m going to find a way to purchase books in the order that they were written and released YOU ARE MINE is book three in the Nine Circles Club Novels I have yet to purchase books one and two and I will eventually The fact that I started pretty much in the middle of the series in no way diminished the story Eva King and Zac Rutherford are at a crossroad in their semi friendly relationship Eve harbors a truly horrible secret, she s struggling to maintain a daily life and wants de [...]

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