Free Read The Green Ember - by S.D. Smith Zach Franzen

  • Title: The Green Ember
  • Author: S.D. Smith Zach Franzen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Read The Green Ember - by S.D. Smith Zach Franzen - The Green Ember, The Green Ember Heather and Picket are extraordinary rabbits with ordinary lives until calamitous events overtake them spilling them into a cauldron of misadventures They discover that their own story is bound up in
    S.D. Smith Zach Franzen
    S D Smith lives with his wife and four kids in West Virginia, because it would be weird to live with someone else s wife and four kids in West Virginia, or anywhere else, right Smith is the author of the middle grade adventure fantasy novels, The Green Ember, The Black Star of Kingston, Ember Falls The Green Ember Book II , The Last Archer A Green Ember Story, and Ember Rising The Green Ember Book III RabbitWithSwords TheGreenEmber

    The Green Ember The Green Ember Series Book S D Smith, The Green Ember is a substantial novel for children It is based around two rabbits, Heather and Picket who become homeless and without close family, after a disaster The story follows their wanderings and how they learn about family secrets, community, rabbit politics, deception and The Green Ember The Green Ember Series Book Kindle Edition The Green Ember is a substantial novel for children It is based around two rabbits, Heather and Picket who become homeless and without close family, after a disaster The story follows their wanderings and how they learn about family secrets, community, rabbit politics, deception and Green Man s Arms Green Man s Arms The Menu Book Now Vouchers Contact Us About The Menu Book Now Vouchers Green Man s Arms Contact Us About Scroll Food Fermented Goodness Green Man s Arms Lygon Street, Carlton, VIC, , Australia info greenmansarms Hours Mon S D Smith New Stories with an Old Soul S D Smith is the author of The Green Ember Series, a bestselling middle grade adventure saga The Green Ember has reached hundreds of thousands of readers and spent time as the number one bestselling audiobook in the world on Audible Smith s stories are captivating readers across the globe who are hungry for new stories with an old soul. Green Man, Kenilworth, Pub in Kenilworth Ember Inns Serving up great quality, pub food in warm and welcoming surroundings, The Green Man in Kenilworth should be your first port of call for a catch up with friends, a mid week meal, or a delicious Sunday roast with all the family With live sports and entertainment, this local pub is the ideal location for good quality pub food with a warm welcome The New Cue Filled up with golden crisp fried chicken, dosed with smooth gravy and topped with bacon pieces, sour cream, cheddar cheese, green onions and butter Brisket Packed with low and slow cooked prime brisket, covered with BBQ sauce and topped with bacon pieces, sour cream, cheddar cheese, green onions and butter. Ember Mug Color Light Index Ember Help Bar SOLID GREEN Ember is fully charged PULSING WHITE Once hot liquids are poured in the Ember, the Ember will pulse white as it works to reach your set temperature SOLID WHITE Target temperature has been reached and the beverage is ready to be enjoyed PULSING BLUE Pair mode After the Ember s power button is pressed for seconds, the Colour Designer Creative Expression of Colour The Green Man film The Green Man is a British black comedy film based on the play Meet a Body by Frank Launder and Sidney Gilliat, who produced and adapted the big screen version Plot Freelance assassin Hawkins is contracted to blow up Sir Gregory Upshott, a prominent and pompous London businessman Ember Greens Houston Restaurant Bar Ember Greens is a modern concept designed for evolving lifestyles of the modern family with diverse dietary needs and preferences There may be a meat eater, a vegan and a gluten free diner all in one family At our family s table, everyone can share an amazing culinary experience without feeling like they are compromising on what they love


    A new story with an old soul That s how this book has been described by others who have fallen in love with it and I could not agree I was surprised to find something that reminded me, powerfully, of Edith Nesbit, CS Lewis and George MacDonald while being something completely different at the same time A hero story, this is Hobbit than Watership Down More Narnia than Beatrix Potter And it works I was skeptical because I usually prefer my animal characters to be of the James Herriot kind rather [...]

    Debbie Phillips
    I picked up this book Feb 12th, 2015 for FREE on Kindle I think I was just browsing the free kids book section when I found it I decided to read it soon and not put it on the back shelf with the hundreds of other books on my to read list on I am so glad I did.I liked it so much I want a hardback copy not paperback even though I have it for all time on my kindle It is a book I want to read and pass down to others.4th grade and up should be able to read it easily, maybe even third, but it is GREAT [...]

    Cindy Rollins
    It has taken me far too long to get around to reading this I was stymied on my first try by not being impressed at first by the audio voice and since I have been traveling all summer it was going to be audio or nothing But with so many of my friends giving it rave reviews I decided Alex and I would listen to it on our way to visit my parents Turned out the audio got better as it went and the story was wonderful So nice to know good books are still being written I can t wait for my grandsons in W [...]

    Rebekah Rodda
    Rabbits with swords An epic drama complete with a missing heir, wicked wolves and a rabbit resistance Although this is arguably a type of Lord of the Rings for children, there is enough here to interest older people I read this to see if it is suitable for my eight year old son and there is enough complexity in the plot for me to wonder if he would understand the sweeping drama of this What I did especially like was young Picket s struggle with resentment, how he realises on one level he is wron [...]

    A potentially good story that got lost in clunky prose.I teach freshman composition and I would never have let one of my students get away with the many awkward sentences in this book Here s just one example This sort of thing happened every few months but lately and A stranger had come last month It had been happening a lot since little Jacks was born six months before Really The word months used three times in three consecutive sentences

    Barnabas Piper
    My 10 year old recommended this to me and she was spot on Fantastic story, or rather fantastic first installment of a larger story Smith writes a fun, captivating, moving story with all the elements a great story should have.

    Bill Tillman
    The Green EmberA roaring tale of rabbits with hearts of gold A brother and his brave sister struggle to survive in a world gone crazy with wonton destruction This is non stop with eye opening revelations no one can imagine Get this book or kindle version you will treasure it, as have I.

    I stopped reading because it feels like a kiddie book, but it s not bad Some reviewers compared this to the engrossing novel Watership Down, so I picked up a copy WD appeals to me even now, as an adult, while The Green Ember feels like a good animal adventure story for children Rabbits as heroes In Green Ember, the rabbits are humanized Total anthropomorphism Personification Whatever These bunnies wear spectacles, adorn themselves with a pretty bow, build fires, fight with swords, skipper ships, [...]

    I almost gave this a 2 star rating We all really wanted to LOVE this book I think it had the components of a really good story, with some really good characters Two complaints One the editing was really poor I don t know how many times Mark was reading aloud and stumbled because it would refer to the rabbits HANDS versus PAWS or the group of PEOPLE in a story about only RABBITS , etc Puzzling to me that those things were not caught in a rewrite or an editing process Two we all felt like the stor [...]

    I m definitely wanting to read the other books in this series After Watership Down, this is probably my favorite story following the adventures of rabbits These ones are sword swinging, wolf and eagle fighting, picture painting, tale telling, awesome rabbits too There was a couple times I forgot the story was about rabbits, but then the author mentioned something that made me go back to thinking of the characters as rabbits again The main characters were sometimes frustrating in the ways they re [...]

    This is a wonderful story full of adventure, friendship, betrayal, and redemption That the characters are Rabbits only adds to the delight, and the pacing sweeps you into a worthwhile tale not to be soon forgotten.Picket and Heather, a brother and sister who live in a peaceful wood, are beginning to learn about their family history i their Father s bedtime tales But when their home suffers a perilous attack from wolves, their family is separated Heather and Picket have to fight for their lives S [...]

    Zach Dorman
    Simply a wonderful book Very reminiscent of my days as a child reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe and Tolkien s Lord of The Rings trilogy Not to say it exactly at par with those classics it, however, is still a classic inspired tale that imparts a strong nostalgic note for this old er fellow.If you re hankering for a well told fantasy tale this is one you should read I definitely recommend It is geared towards a younger demographic, to be sure but this book struck a chord that hadn t [...]

    Overall Impression Okay, guys, from reading several of my friends reviews I knew this book was gonna be great I have wanted to read it for quite a while now, so I was uber excited when I purchased it on kindle this last Friday night I read a lot over the weekend and finished today The Green Ember is a story that pulls you in and won t let go until you have finished it, and even then, you are want, need, the next book The story was incredible, the characters deep and involving, and the plot super [...]

    Anyone who has known me for any considerable amount of time knows that I am a lover of stories I am a voracious reader and I tend to agree with Erasmus in that when I get a little money I buy books if any is left, I buy food and clothes I have been known to hunt down out of print titles and stalk eBay for hard to find editions for months on end I have broken the wheels on suitcases under the weight of my bounty from library sales If it seems to outsiders like I am on a mission, it is because I a [...]

    Rebecca Loyd
    Not just a child s storyIn my pre large family days I was a voracious reader Some adults run or golf or travel or party I read Now with homeschooling five kids I don t have much time for myself But, a love for reading is something I m trying to pass on to my children and to accomplish that goal I believe that besides reading to them, I have to set an example of being a reader So, despite the lack of time I do try to read every day I m always on the lookout for great children s literature I am co [...]

    Ashley Rose Schmutz
    A well written book set in a captivating world with believable and relateable characters Reminiscent of the early books in the Redwall series by Brian Jacques, this book tells a complete tale but begs for a sequel I m looking forward to reading this to my kids once they re a bit older but quite enjoyed it myself.My favorite aspect of the book The names So many of the titles and places feel absolutely wonderful in your mouth The Mended Wood , kingsbucks And for a book composed almost entirely of [...]

    This is an excellent book Beautifully written It is exciting, enchanting, and magical an absolute treasure for children and adults.My family eagerly awaits the next book.Edit for read 3 finished 1 18 18 you know you have found a wonderful book when it was read 3 and your children still cheer out loud for these rabbit heroes.

    This was a really good book When Mama first started reading this out loud to us, I was a little skeptical, because it is about rabbits But it is the best book, where animals are the characters, that I have ever read listened too If it filled with action, it is suspenseful, and you will be dieing for the sequel when you are through with it.

    Susie Finkbeiner
    We greatly enjoyed this story The characterization was wonderful, dialogue authentic, action scenes kept the plot moving, the prose was poetic There were some sentences that gave me pause, they were so wonderfully written The kids are looking forward to reading the follow up story soon.Great middle grade, read aloud book.

    We enjoyed this audiobook as a family I had encouraged the children to try to read the ebook version on several occasions, but they didn t get very far I won a copy of the audiobook and started it on a long cartrip We listened to a great deal of the book on that first trip We had our next long trips with Daddy this weekend and finished the book together.Smith has written an exciting story with strong imagery and allusions for the Christian life At times, especially in the beginning, he seems to [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book Action packed Lovable characters Intriguing plot It s aimed at younger readers, but has everything adult readers hope for and enjoy.

    Gretchen Louise
    The Green Ember is a tale of two rabbit siblings who learn a lot about friendship, bravery, and sacrifice Somewhat reminiscent of The Chronicles of Narnia and The Hobbit, it also reminded our family of the Tales of Larkin series and Andrew Peterson s Wingfeather Saga Definite edge of your seat adventure with loveable characters and classic drama appropriate for the entire family.But it s also about pride and trust, the wisdom to be gained in community with mentors and friends, and the hope of a [...]

    Catherine Gillespie
    The Green Ember has been much discussed in the read aloud pool, and so when it was free on Kindle one day I snagged it We found the book engaging, adventurous, and funny in parts Jack wanted his own copy so he could read it again I thought the book was good for reading aloud, with a story and topics that appealed to both boys and girls and could be good for multiple ages I do think the book has been overhyped a bit at least among the people I follow online and I don t think it s the next Narnia [...]

    This was a fun story about rabbits with truth woven in earthy colors, not flashing in a neon sign If you are a fan of Narnia and Redwall, this is the book for you Although I finished it thirty minutes ago, I know that I will think of this one throughout my day I read this on the Kindle Lending Library, but halfway through bought the print copy to have on my shelf Favorite quotes All of life is a battle against fear We fight it on one front, and it sneaks around to our flank.The contented sighs a [...]

    My husband and three boys all loved the audio recording of Green Ember They simply raved about it I decided to give it a read so we could discuss it together and continue on with the series, but boy did I struggle I had to force myself to keep reading through the first few chapters as if I were taking in spoonfuls of green peas only because I knew they were good for me For whatever reason I just could not get excited about this family of rabbits I am glad I stuck it out as the story did finally [...]

    Scott James
    A wonderful book Exciting and adventurous, yet brimming with weightiness The characters are caught up in the action of the moment, which plays out at a nice pace, but they are also clearly part of a deeper story The intrigue in which the main characters find themselves wrapped up extends in two directions backward to their unknown past and forward to the hope of what is to come Oh, and the best part Rabbits With Swords.I read this at the same time as my 9 year old son He had one copy, I had anot [...]

    Mary Lara
    In all honestly I only downloaded this book because it was free And I love free ebooks, but most of them just sit untouched on my kindle I started reading this one though because of it s very high ratings, and let me say they are well deserved This is an extremely well written children s book that I did not want to put down Definitely worth a read

    When I first started reading The Green Ember I often put the book down and thought Am I seriously reading this This is definitely not something I would normally choose But I was intrigued by the story and loved the writing The main characters are Heather and Picket, sister and brother rabbits The story is awesome and I hope there is a sequel.

    Matt Chapman
    Such a great story and a true classic for all ages I m excited to continue the series and for us to read it as a family too.It left me with a sense of that forward facing nostalgia that C.S Lewis talked about That feeling and longing for the true heavenly home for which we were created.

    a very nice fantasy story.

    • Free Read The Green Ember - by S.D. Smith Zach Franzen
      291 S.D. Smith Zach Franzen
    The Green Ember