Swayed Impressions Best Read || [Aimée Avery]

  • Title: Swayed Impressions
  • Author: Aimée Avery
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Swayed Impressions Best Read || [Aimée Avery] - Swayed Impressions, Swayed Impressions Hearsay has swayed Elizabeth Bennet s impression of the new base commander before he even arrives to head Pemberley Air Force Base At first meeting she is instantly drawn to Col Darcy s voice good l
    Aimée Avery
    Aim e Avery, a California native, became a world traveler at the tender age of six Moving from place to place, she spent a good deal of time dreaming up situations for her favorite characters from books and television She put her imagination to work and earned a degree in graphic design, with a minor in journalism Aim e is happily married and living on California s beautiful coast.

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    Short and sweetI remember reading this story at a fanfiction site before, and at the time I wasn t big on the modern PP stories, but this one struck me and I truly enjoyed it I loved having little Georgiana bring Elizabeth and Darcy together, she was so adorable The only thing I would say against this story was that it was too short Otherwise I would recommend this to all JAFFers.

    Carol Perrin
    Swayed ImpressionsEnjoyed this modern variation of Pride and Prejudice Regardless of what variation I read, thankfully Darcy is Darcy In the same vein, Wickham is always scum, the bottom feeder in a fish tank Lydia was just a foolish young girl looking to be loved Many of the other characters were not who they were in Jane Austen s original which was shocking The story of Georgiana s birth was a surprise as well as a shock Thank goodness Lizzy got over her prejudice before ruining a good thing Q [...]

    Sheila Majczan
    This story s premise had a lot of promise but it fell short A modern take off of PP the author used the relationship between Darcy and Wickham to set up Elizabeth s opinion of a soon to be base commander However, we read of that swaying of her impression as an incident in the past Mr Bennet is a Major but Fanny has left him for Charlotte Lucas s father and C is no longer friends with Elizabeth The only sister still in the household is Lydia and she does present some problems as her mother calls [...]

    This is one of my favorite modern Pride and Prejudice fan fiction stories Not only does it bring Austen s most beloved characters into to 21st Century, but it is also a military setting Being from a military family, I enjoy having stories that are part of a world that I know More of a novella than a novel, Swayed Impressions is a convenient story to read when not a lot of time is available For those who like to read books rather than ebooks, it is small enough to keep in your purse or backpack T [...]

    Lizzy is the daughter of a military officer and Darcy is the base commander The tension is there but resolves pretty quickly and without much drama The number of daughters is reduced Overall, an ok adaptation with some steam.

    I changed my rating from 2 stars to 1 star after the second reading This should not have been published If I had only read it online on some forum I would have been a little bit forgiving, but I really wish I hadn t spend money on this Both Lizzy and her dad are judgmental people, then she dates Darcy while kind of believing he s an , I think, because on the day he wants to propose she gets mad for a really stupid reason and then out of the blue accuses him of a lot of bad things Really weird T [...]

    • Swayed Impressions Best Read || [Aimée Avery]
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    Swayed Impressions