[PDF] Tributaries | by Ö Illise Montoya

  • Title: Tributaries
  • Author: Illise Montoya
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Tributaries | by Ö Illise Montoya - Tributaries, Tributaries Nyx is a feline shapeshifter lost and alone host to a fierce and ferocious being that lies deep inside her She harbors a deadly secret and is running for her life when she is saved by Elmiryn a cur
    Illise Montoya
    Illise Montoya was born and raised in California, where she currently lives with her husband and son A storyteller since the age of six, Illise cultivated her skills writing poetry, short stories, and fan fiction At the age of 22, she enrolled in Full Sail University, graduating valedictorian with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing A strong believer in art for art s sake, she also writes free serial fiction online In her spare time, Illise enjoys video games, reading, and going to the beach.


    Lex Kent
    This book was a trip I love LesFic Fantasy, It s my favorite genre by far I took a look at the cover and made the mistake thinking this would by a lighthearted fantasy romance Boy I was wrong This was crazy, weird and so confusing at times, I still don t know parts of what I read It was so cerebral in parts that I felt like if I was on hard drugs, I might write something this bizarre, no offense to the author I have no idea how to review that any better than this But it was just crazy enough to [...]

    I received this book from the author to read and reviewOriginal review can be found here superbookgrl13 20I received this book from the author to read and review This book reads to me fantasy than anything else, but the author does say it s a lesbian romance also We ve got Nyx and Elle, shapeshifter and warrior on a journey and quest of Elles to right a wrong done to her by a evil spirit type thing There s some battles both mental and physical, and some coming of age moments.The book was a nice [...]

    VP Grey
    I first started reading this book as it was published as a first draft online I loved it then and I love it now It begins the story of Nyx and Elmyrin Both woman are haunted by their pasts, with mistakes to pay for They meet by chance, and form a deep relationship, which blossoms into than just a friendship They help each other stay sane in their adventures This is a wonderful tale, and I really struggled to put it down the characters are well crafted and very likeable Elmyrin is a strong warri [...]

    Frank Van Meer
    I ll admit half of the time I didn t have a clue what I was reading or what was going on But I still liked it.It starts off well, two cursed women find each other and decide to tag along in a world that isn t theirs any Well, one sort of forces the other to follow.It was pretty standard fare, untill they reached the dying city to find out what s going on and to help out And then it lost me completely Problem is with Nyx For some reason she is in conflict with her shapeshifter counterpart and the [...]

    GC MacQuarie
    I m not a reader of fantasy generally, but I try to move onto a new genre with each book that I read Tributaries was a book I may have skipped over in the past, however, I m very glad that I didn t in this case.One of my most favorite feelings is that of captivating characters That realisation that characters will live on, spilling back into your memory long after reading about them This is how I feel about Elmiryn Nyx, the two heroes of the story.Read my full review here gcmacquarie.weebly revi [...]

    3.5 Stars.

    Elise Mardoll
    I have so many conflicted thoughts on this book The writing was generally really excellent The characters develop slowly and believably, and the relationship between the two characters is especially excellent I can really feel them grow together over the course of the story They, like many relationships, have growing pains and still work to do It s very believable Definitely the high point for me.My major gripe is with pacing and consistency The climax happens early on, and everything after is l [...]

    received book in exchange for reviewI enjoyed the book, as may be evidenced by how fast I finished it 2 days I liked how my understanding of the land was built upon as the story progressed I enjoyed Nix and Elle and the dynamics between them I knew at the outset that there d be a relationship between them however when it happened I was somewhat surprised as there wasn t a lot that led you to that But despite that, I found the story to be entertaining and enjoyable.I might have given a 5 had the [...]

    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up liking this book True, it got a little hard to follow for a short period of time in the middle, but the overall concept felt really fresh and interesting the whole way through I found myself really liking both of the main characters as well as the relationship that formed between them throughout their journey so far The whole story had a depth of content that kept me interested while still keeping a sense of lightness that made the reading of it [...]

    I liked the characters and the slowly developing romance The action and the verbal sparring between them, their conversations were really funny and great It was witty Where it got iffy for me was the whole Other separating thing with Nyx and how long the scene in the cave with the River Guardian went for And the epilogue I didn t like that quite as much Though I loved reading from Nyx s perspective, though.

    I liked this book despite not always liking fantasy The style is pleasant and easy to read and the characters are likable I did like the budding relationship between the main characters, even though I agree the kiss was out of blue, I kind of enjoyed how a deep friendship was developed first, rather than immidiate attraction This is fantasy than lesbian literature, but I suppose that s the way it should be I warmly recommend it.

    This is probably of a three and a half stars because plenty of the writing is rough and the plot is kind of confusing, but I enjoyed it so much.I was drawn in while browsing by the charming anime style cover and was curious about the characters I really liked the way they were both developed troubled characters with troubled lives who are trying to find purpose and some kind of healing together I was looking for a book to get caught up in and this fit perfectly.

    The storyline is very imaginative and the main characters are compelling I found myself asking questions about who they are, where they ve been, and how they will end up Sometimes it s hard to follow the action, so I had to reread certain scenes to fully understand what was happening Overall, it s definitely worth sinking into.

    Joshua Garrison
    Good but confusingI enjoyed this book but it was extremely hard to follow along at times It is told in first person and both characters have mental issues There are points I don t even know which characters perspective it s in Otherwise great book.

    Pauline allen
    I want to say it was good.This was a so so book The two female leads are both insane No really like I need to see the inside of a mental hospital insane Yet they are somehow keeping each other from cracking Not a bad plot, just slow at points

    I enjoyed the amount of creativity put into this book, as well as the relationship that developed between Nyx and Elle I d definitely like to know about their relationship down the road At times, I had to re read scenes because they could be a bit confusing the first time around.

    I don t have any idea what was ever going on in this book.

    • [PDF] Tributaries | by Ö Illise Montoya
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