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  • Title: Inga
  • Author: Poile Sengupta
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  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • [PDF] Inga | by ☆ Poile Sengupta - Inga, Inga If anyone could transform laughter to light she did Inga Radiance upon radiance of laughter chime upon bell chime of light sparkled and shone everywhere It was as if the sky showered tiny star grai
    Poile Sengupta
    POILE SENGUPTAI am a novelist, poet, playwright and short fiction writer, for both children and adults.I began writing for children when I was in college In 1968, I began A Letter to You , a humour column for the children s magazine, Children s World, which ran for nearly three decades I have regularly written for the children s magazine Target and columns for children in Deccan Herald, Bangalore, The Times of India, Bangalore, and Midday, Mumbai My recent fiction for children includes Role Call and Role Call Again, 2003, by Rupa and Co Vikram and Vetal, 2005, and Vikramaditya s Throne, 2007, from Puffin My stories have also been included in several anthologies, among them the iconic The Puffin Treasury of Modern Indian Stories Role Call has been translated and published in Bhasa Indonesia and Vikram and Vetal in French.I also have a book of six plays published by Routledge Women Centre Stage, 2010 My first play Mangalam won a special award at The Hindu Madras Players playscripts competition in 1993 Keats was a Tuber was shortlisted and received a special mention at the 1996 British Council International New Playwriting Competition Samara s Song was one of three plays in the final shortlist of The Hindu Metroplus Playscripts Competition, 2008 In 1999 2000, I received a Senior Fellowship for Literature of the Department of Culture, Government of India, to write plays for children A set of seven one Act plays for children Good Heavens was published by Puffin in 2006 My short story Ammulu was shortlisted for the 2012 Commonwealth short story prize.My first novel for adults Inga was published in October 2014 and has received critical acclaim The DNA Mumbai called it Booker worthy I have been on the Governing Body of the National School of Drama, India, and several times on the jury of the Trinity College international playwriting competition for children I have acted in several plays and in the award winning films The Outhouse and Shaitan.


    Brilliant first novel by Poile Sengupta Inga starts slowly like all novels do in a maze of characters, but explodes mesmerisingly in between to build up a beautiful climax Poile is brilliant as well as brutal at times in her treatment of culture, men and tradition throughout the book brilliant in the form of humour which is peppered through every second or third sentence and brutal in the condemnation of the orthodox traditions which forbids a girl from doing anything other than what the elders [...]

    If you haven t read this book already what are you waiting for Inga is beautifully written and revloves around the lives and struggles of Rapa, and Inga both Tamil Brahmin women in the 60s when life was a little slower and oppressive for the women in question Rapa lives in Delhi, keeps a journal and writes stories Inga is the younger cousin left behind in the village They share an interesting relationship Rapa is fascinated by Inga s story talking about her in her journal and writing stories ab [...]

    Jayashri Sridharan
    I loved the book, Inga It had an almost unputtdownable quality about it because of the fine thread of suspense that runs right through the book I took just 2 days to read through it, which is saying a lot since I always have a million other things to do Inga draws on the author s childhood and early days in a traditional tambram household, which brought back vivid memories of my own days spent in my grandparents house in Chennai, the long summer holidays spent eating raw mango slices thickly coa [...]

    Inga is a great read,I finished it in 2 days The book is not a thriller, far from it, but there is a suspense which is maintained through the book, which makes you want to reach the end The whole family at Komala Nivas,from Great Aunt Kuppai downwards,is a family which has its own politics,a strict adherence to customs,is very caste consciousness,and has fixed notions about the behaviour expected from the women of the family The book is not written in the orthodox style of a book, instead draws [...]

    Lekha Naidu
    My third visitation and Inga is as intriguing, delightful and mouth wateringly detailed as it was the first time, if not .Poile Sengupta ingeniously weaves this complex tapestry of a southern Indian family surrounding that odd girl among the evens, with devices that make one sit up and jump with joy.The book certainly makes one nostalgic and the innocence that sprouts every so often is heartbreakingly beautiful But it does not just remain a thing of beauty, it does so much It talks to you She t [...]

    Nikhil Bagri
    Reading this book took me all of two days A fantastic story of a little girl, this book is very gripping It touches the vast diaspora or rural India during the post independence era and politely reminds us how relationships and unnecessary customs precede what one would treat as really important in life The detail is lively and transports you quite literally to the happenings during the time The author classically details various styles and english authorsFantastic story and leaves you absorbed, [...]

    Sindhura Motaparthi
    An interesting read A story you can relate to someone you know Not the killing part

    Nitya Sivasubramanian
    I struggled hard on how to rate this book Some parts of it are absolutely 5 star writing The tongue in cheek humor about Brahmaniac families and their impenetrable web of rules and regulations, the accurate descriptions of being caught between two worlds as a western educated Indian.But some parts are just weird The almost magical hold Inga has over people, the hazy sexuality of Rapa In some ways its reminiscent of The Color Purple, but with a heavy infusion of coconut oil.

    Sneha Varman
    It was a drag at times I skipped pages However, I loved the light humor Especially when the author explains adakkam Can totally relate to it I laughed aloud D The climax was unexpected Overall it was OK Wonderful attempt for a debut novel.

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