Free Read Estate Series Box Set - by M.S. Willis

  • Title: Estate Series Box Set
  • Author: M.S. Willis
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  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Read Estate Series Box Set - by M.S. Willis - Estate Series Box Set, Estate Series Box Set The first three books in the best selling Estate Series Total word count of approximately k words Book JOSEPH FALLEN There is a fine line between genius and madness Between love and hate Between
    M.S. Willis
    M.S Willis is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism She is most known for her Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison contemporary romance , and Standard Romance Story Romance Comedy When she isn t writing as M.S Willis, you can find other books by her under Lily White where she has penned the Masters Series Her Master s Courtesan and Her Master s Teacher , Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum She s co authored Serial a four part serial series as Lily White as well M.S Willis enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.In addition to writing, she is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.


    Laura- BookBistroBlog
    Amazing Series Just when you think you have read everything possible, along comes this series What a rollercoaster ride Absolutely loved Joseph Fallen, it really hit all the points of being a wonderful, emotional, gut wrenching story Then came Madeline Abducted, beautiful well written story Followed up with Hope Restrained which I liked but really felt it wasnt as well written at the first 2 books With that being said, still loved this series and cant wait for the next book to be released

    This is my favorite dark series of all time.I loved each and every book and can t wait for the stories to continue.

    Amanda Martinez
    Get itFirst 2 books were a little slow for me The third book kept my interest a lot Can t wait to read the next one.

    Wow.what a great series.This was an amazing seriesd quite graphicwhich I love I can t believe it has taken me this long to read 5 star rating.on all three

    I want of the Estate This is an extremely dark read Violence, Drugs, Explicit content, R pe just to name a few.Book oneThis book starts out as the perfect fairytale, but little by little changes into a person s worst night mare Joseph makes the big bad wolf look like a cuddly teddy bear The author writes these books in the third person which suits this series perfect to get insight to all the inside plotting in the characters head This book tells us how The Estate and it s legacy of pure evil a [...]

    12 14 15 Enjoyed this series very much The plot was fairly convoluted in a good way , and one of the darkest of the dark So, just because you enjoy dark reads, you must be able to handle the extremely cruel actions of an crazed man.Joseph starts out a man full of promise, clearly one of great intelligence who will succeed He marries a woman, Ariana, who he loves and cherishes But what happens when chosen profession involves criminal activity Success is success he becomes a successful leader of c [...]

    If you have a love of the depraved and emotionally devoid than this series is for you It is delightful So ruthless and gorey you cannot believe the antics going on at The Estate The first 2 books are by at better than the third The third seemed rushed and chopped together in comparison to the first, almost as if the author struggled with the direction of the story However, the attention to detail with which this author writes and builds her characters and scenes is unreal I can see every thing t [...]

    Claire Simmonds
    one of the best box sets ive ever read wow could i hate a character any than Joseph i don t think so he is evil and twisted also seriously depraved his poor wife these books will have you hooked i don t want to say to much about what goes on as these really are a must read i cant believe i had them in my kindle so long before reading them if you like the books darker like me then you wont be disappointed fantastic read mahoosive 5 read loved them

    Probably darkest read for me to date Each one was great Usually these series start to fall short after the 3nd book Not this one Each book is 5 stars for me I like how the stories are all intertwined but still hold there one Not for the faint of heart Had to close my eye for some parts Excellent writing And great deal for the bundle Can t wait for next book They have some semblance of a HEA but leave you on the cliff for sure.

    I d been meaning to read these books for a while, saw the trilogy and grabbed it I love dark reads so this was perfect for me Dark and disturbing MS Willis gets in to the mind of a man gone mad and what he leaves behind during his reign of terror Madeleine abducted was my favorite of the three I m glad to see there is to come I have a few things I need answered

    Kimberly Morrow howe
    Amazingly dark and pure evilWowting that something so dark can be written Amazingly done in the portrayal of darkness and light We all need someone to balance the dark in us I loved Aaron and Xander s story Interesting that Xander is the light to Hope s darkness Xander has the touch of dark in him but he is able to ground Aaron and Hope What an amazing story

    phenomenal This boxed set is dark, violent, and contains characters that are not perfect, however it s hard to put down Definitely not for sensitive readers since many scenes are very disturbing All three books are equally good.

    Dana aka ♥Belladonna♥

    Barbara Miller
    I read all of these as they came out If you are a lover of dark reads, like I am than this is a MUST READ M.S Willis is amazing at writing the dark Loved every word

    Imy Santiago
    Review to follow.

    • Free Read Estate Series Box Set - by M.S. Willis
      457 M.S. Willis
    Estate Series Box Set