Never Never Best Read || [Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher]

  • Title: Never Never
  • Author: Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher
  • ISBN: 9781310382727
  • Page: 332
  • Format: ebook

  • Never Never Best Read || [Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher] - Never Never, Never Never Best friends since they could walk In love since they were fourteen Complete strangers since this morning He ll do anything to remember She ll do anything to forget
    Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher
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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED SPOILER FREE WOW What an amazing, unique story Never Never was fast paced, thrilling, mysterious, exciting, romantic, and kept me guessing the whole way though I literally could not put it down and I can t wait for the next book in this fantastic new series Best friends since they could walk.In love since the age of fourteen.Complete strangers since this morning.He ll do anything to remember.She ll do anything to forget.This is the first book of a series co written by Coll [...]

    Surprise, surprise, this is my first time giving a Colleen Hoover book one star as a rating Actually, I have never never HA rated one of her works less than three stars Her novels are usually enjoyable, but I very much disliked this one and am not going to feel sorry about it There are some books on that you can feel uncomfortable writing a negative review for because of how many of your friends loved it or people in general, but I m not going to let this one be one of them Never Never, you suck [...]

    Emily May
    Update 2016 I m not going to change my rating because I did enjoy this book, but I just want to issue a warning that I was so so disappointed with the ending of this series review showI must say even though I ve had many issues with Hoover s books in the past, she and Tarryn Fisher have weaved one hell of a compelling tale here.The only real downside to this first installment is how quickly it was over, leaving us hanging with an evil cliffhanger that won t be resolved until May This strange lit [...]

    4 Mind F ck Stars.I will not tell you much about this, because in this kind of books, the blind you go in, the better So let me tell you my reaction during pretty much the whole length of this book Charlie and Silas woke up one morning without remembering anything or anyone The people around them know who they are, they have lives, they have family, that have friends they just don t remember absolutely anything They start to try to figure out what happened to them but they they dig, the quest [...]

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    4 Never stop Never forget stars Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher Two authors I love Two distinctly different writing styles Somehow, these two authors were able to collaborate and blend their styles together and Never Never was born It s one of those books that you finish and think what the hell did I just read Which didn t surprise me That s happened with every Tarryn book I ve read.Charlie and Silas are in high school Apparently they re popular and they re boyfriend and girlfriend They also can t [...]

    Please see of my reviews at bookaddicthaven I didn t expect to like this serial as much as I did I had seen plenty of bad reviews for this series, but I am always looking for quick audiobooks that I can finish between other, deeper audiobook selections Never Never was exactly the type of quick, filler audiobook that I was looking for.Admittedly, I was wrong about this story I was completely captivated by this story right from the start It was just so different from everything else I d read I en [...]

    4.5 Stars Never Never is exceptionally written and unforgettable An original story, that has left me with tons of unanswered questions, and desperate for Gah That ending The wait is going to kill me Hopefully it won t be too long May 17th A Colleen and Taryn collaboration Eeek

    3.5 STARS Well this book was one whole gigantic tease of a mystery with almost zero answers given to us Me after reading the first chapter Me after reading the last page And let it be known that there is this HUGE cliffy at the end of this one that can rival against that cliffy in Nocte yeah remember THAT gigantic cliffy where you d want to hunt down the author and hold her at gunpoint to reveal the answers we need I liked that the concept is unique and original, plus I expected nothing less whe [...]

    Rachel Reads Ravenously
    3 stars First off I d like to reiterate thatjust because I rate a book 3 stars doesn t mean it wasn t good.It just means I didn t love it I liked this book, I did I just wish I had waited to read this until the 2nd book was released Because this book ends on aCLIFFHANGER I don t want to give anything away, so in the tradition of the lovelyKat Stark , this is my mini unconventional review My thoughts while I was reading this book Hmm, Tarryn Fisher really has a thing for amnesia Damn, this book r [...]

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum My reaction upon finishing Never Never has earned it s 1 Star for one reason and one reason alone IT S NOT A BOOK And before anyone goes all Sassy Troll on me, I mma beat you to the punch and say NOPE IT S NOT A NOVELLA EITHER It is a third of a book It s the equivalent of going to your local bookstore, picking a 300 page book off the shelf, ripping the first 100 or so pages out, reading only that portion of the story, and having the clerk tell you the nex [...]

    Before reading WHAT COLLEEN HOOVER AND TARRYN FISHER WILL WRITE A BOOK TOGETHER I CAN T jumps up and down Best news ever After reading SoWhat the hell was that First of all, it should have been announced that this would be a serial novel and not series or standalone.Second, this premise is nothing new or original or special or that shocking Obviously, other s people definition of mind fuck is different from mine Third, so many things that are just stupid Okay, they don t remember anything Two pa [...]

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    FREE amzn 1x0G6BF5 4 2015IS THIS REAL LIFE Is this really happening CoHo Tarryn writing a book together

    April (Aprilius Maximus)

    Clau R.
    I m only giving this 4 stars because it was TOO short to feel like an actual book I really think this would had worked PERFECTLY as a standalone But aside from that, I FREAKING LOVED IT The characters were awesome, specially Silas, I m in love with him already Also Landon, he s a sweetheart 3 I m really interested in what will happen next The things we found out in the first book left me with my mouth hanging open What s up with that Brian and Avril Ughhh, I want to slap Silas and Charlie, I wan [...]

    Aj the Ravenous Reader
    Despite some issues I have with the book, I must say that this is a very unique and intriguing read and I really enjoyed most of it.The story to me is a first and I find it really very clever of the authors to create a story in less 159 pages of teaching two people who clearly love each other but who keep messing around and taking for granted what they have the hardest way to learn their lesson.Come to think of it, it does follow the fairy tale formula A mean, uncaring girl and a stuck up, popul [...]

    Vilma Iris
    A chilling, captivating thriller.Hoover and Fisher have combined their unique talents to deliver a deliciously twisted tale of deceit, love and friendship that keeps you guessing long after the heart stopping end.Check your preconceptions at the door, readers This is a different and exciting Colleen Hoover Tarryn Fisher experience Never Never is a story that defies a specific category It s romantic, suspenseful, witty, edgy, mysterious and even creepy I loved it It has a supernatural twist that [...]

    Jennifer Kyle
    4.5 Stars What does Never Never mean Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher collaborated on this book series with a mysterious storyline of two high school teens who wake up in history class without a clue of who where they are and why they have lost their memories I m starting to not like who we are, Silas You re a rich kid who s a dick to your housekeeper I m a mean teenager with absolutely no personality who takes selfies to make herself feel important As the story progresses through dual povs of [...]

    I honestly think everyone is so far up Colleen Hoover s ass that they can t recognise terrible writing for what it is ___________________________________Just realised that Colleen liked this and I can t stop laughing.

    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    This book is one tasty mindf ck and I loved every minute of it How could I not I love both authors s a little naughty and one s a little nice Mix them together and BAMis is what you get I could literally do this gif over and overd over Every time I thought I had something figured out, nope see gif One thing I must mention is that the flow is so seamless I really tried to pay attention and see if I could figure out who was writing what but I just got too wrapped up in the storyr the most part The [...]

    Arabella ~♡AB♡~
    4 Stars What a mind fucking refreshing change I loved it.Charlie wakes up from something in the middle of class at school She doesn t know where she is or who she is In a daze she follows her friend to the cafeteria where it s soon apparent that Silas is her boyfriend She soon realises that Silas is also suffering from severe memory loss and they decide to stick together and keep quiet in case everyone thinks they are crazy.They search for clues to try and find out what is going on but on the wa [...]


    6 STARSGenre YA NA Crossover romance mystery.Cover 9 10 Writing 10 10Heroine 8 10Hero 10 10Humour 5 10Hotness 2 10Romance 8 10Extra book Details Heroine Hero POV 1st person Approx 150 Kindle pages Not a stand alone.6 stars because I couldn t put it down I laughed I loved the story, the writing, the mystery, the romance, the plot, the characters I wouldn t change a thing And I want to read it all over again already Very mild spoilers for the book blurb ahead Never Never is about 18 year old Silas [...]

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    NOW FREE amzn 1ABQaEv4.5 Where do I begin stars FINALLY I like a COHO READ OH THANK GOD I haven t liked a CoHo read since Hopeless I was starting to think I woke up in la la land and everyone was invaded by body snatchers because I just didn t get it ANYHOW, yay for serials I guess, but I m going with it.Never Never is part one of serials I have no idea how many parts there will be, I am assuming 3, based on the length of Never Never, I m sure CoHo has it on her site Like I said, I have a Love H [...]

    [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥
    4 stars Had I known there would be a cliffy I probably wouldn t have picked this up but I m so glad I did because I found the story interesting and original So it was a bit on the unbelieveable side but Silas and Charlie were so cute together and that s the main thing that matters to me.I would recommend for those who likeCute romanceA bit of mystery suspenseNew adult with a twistFans of CoHo TFUnforgettable plot

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    FREE on US today 6 23 2016 Lookie what is FREEEEE Part 1 of 3 Serial complete.BLURB Best friends since they could walk In love since the age of fourteen.Complete strangers since this morning.He ll do anything to remember She ll do anything to forgetEE Never Part One FREEBIES are often good for MORE than one day, I have gathered all my FREEBIES on a special shelf Kindle freebies currently over 500 books review list

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    3 WTF Just Happened StarsMy Review Okay, since this for mewasn t a complete storyjust part of it, this review won t do justice the book but I ll try my best here First this book was confusing beyond measures, than 50% of the book is just Charlie s and Silas daily routine except here they do not remember Person that s present in their lives but they do remember other stuffs like celebrities, song s lyrics, television show, passwords etc Honestly for the first 50%b I didn t enjoy it, I know the a [...]

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    Never ver have I been pissed You would think that for once, just once, Colleen Hoover or Tarryn Fisher could write something mediocre, something blah They could manage to suck at least one time Once Nope.Their talent is effortless.When I found out they were teaming up for Never Never, I thought there was a chance that their ferocious ability to write would cancel each other out A cock fight of talent that would innately void the other s writing I was preparing for a mess Either that or the apoc [...]

    Wow loved it No clue what was going on, but still loved it I was a little hesitant about this one, but everyone was reading it and giving it good reviews, so I decided to check it out It s hard to write a review for this book because honestly I have no clue what happened in the book lol Just when things were starting to fall into place boom it ended in a huge cliffy.Charlie and Silas, who have know each and been in love almost their entire lives, seem to wake up at school with no memory of their [...]

    DNF 40%This is annoying the shit out of me Maybe i ll come back to it in the future.

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