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  • Title: Song of Blood & Stone
  • Author: L. Penelope
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  • Page: 324
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Read Song of Blood & Stone - by L. Penelope - Song of Blood & Stone, Song of Blood Stone Between love and duty lies destinyOrphaned and alone Jasminda is an outcast in her homeland of Elsira where she is feared for both the shade of her skin and her magical abilities When ruthless soldi
    L. Penelope
    L Penelope has been writing since she could hold a pen and loves getting lost in the worlds in her head She is the author of fantasy and paranormal romance with characters who match the real world Her debut novel, SONG OF BLOOD STONE, won the 2016 Self Publishing eBook Award from the Black Caucus of the American Library Association The fantasy series was picked up by St Martin s Press for publication starting 2018.She was born in the Bronx, just after the birth of hip hop, but left before she could acquire an accent Equally left and right brained, she studied Film at Howard University and minored in Computer Science This led to a graduate degree in Multimedia and a career in website development She s also an award winning independent filmmaker, co founded a literary magazine, and sometimes dreams in HTML.Leslye lives in Maryland with her husband and their furry dependents an eighty pound lap dog and an aspiring feral cat Sign up for new release information and giveaways on her website lpenelope.


    What a premise Not only did this book show beautifulness exteriorly, but it also demonstrated a similar enough quality for its content.The beginning was gorgeous It really was The first chapter the chapters were quite long though held a great introduction of the world building, Earthsong magic and especially our dear, strong and courageous heroine, Jasminda I love her name so original and catchy It was a pleasure to read about her character However, I found it regrettable to hear so many good th [...]

    Niki Hawkes - The Obsessive Bookseller
    No Rating DNF at 25% I won this as a giveaway yay, right so I m really bummed to report that I just couldn t get into it There s nothing wrong with the book it had a cool concept and an interesting main character I just must not have been in the right mood to read it I ll definitely try again at a later date with this one.

    3.5, close to a four thanks to the epilogue, but not quite there.I had a hard time rating this one So I decided to give you the pros cons and let you decide for yourself PROS DID YOU SEE THAT COVER It s gorgeous It s perfect It s going up in my BEST COVER EVAH list The main character is a dark skinned girl and the cover reflects that Not only that, but there s an interracial couple, and even a same sex couple later on Hurray for diversity This is a self contained novel, if you omit the epilogue [...]

    We don t create a fantasy world to escape reality We create it to be able to stay Lynda Jean Barry, an American cartoonist and authorLeslye Penelope, an American author, pens her debut YA fantasy book, Song of Blood Stone that happens to be the first book in the Earthsinger Chronicles series This book is set in an enchanting parallel universe where a young black woman tries to save her kingdom with her magical powers despite of all those discrimination about her skin color It is basically an int [...]

    Song of Blood and Stone was an amazing epic fantasy, with a twist of romance Full of action and adventure The characters were wonderful, and easy to fall in love with I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own

    ARC provided by St Martin s Press in exchange for an honest review.

    Lekeisha The Booknerd
    While this book is labeled YA, I feel like it s suited for a mature audience due to subject matters The only problem I had with this book is that it ended I felt so betrayed by the author for leaving me with a cliffhanger of epic proportions I m still thinking about Jasminda and Jack, even after less than 24 hours from finishing this book I felt so much while reading this Not only is it well written but the characterizations and world building made it easy for me to envision every aspect of the [...]

    Marta Cox
    I saw the striking cover and read the synopsis and thought oh goody a fantasy romance that sounds right up my street Well having finished the book I still think it will appeal to those looking for romance and those who like to read about fantastical magic lands although honestly I did find certain things puzzling at times.Jasminda lives alone in an isolated cabin when a freak storm brings soldiers and their prisoner to her home seeking shelter Jasminda feels a strange kinship to the injured Jack [...]

    Kaycee Bowick (Off_The_Press)
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    L Penelope Presents Win a SIGNED copy or a Great Swag Pack from L Penelope Click on Banner to enter US onlyIn an alternate world, where magic exists, the 1920 s aren t a time of flappers and high times In this world is a combination of contemporary props and the feel of ancient times with cabins in the woods.Jasminda is alone, her family is gone and her magic makes her an outcast in Elsira, her homeland, as does the color of her skin Her parents didn t let country boundaries stop their love from [...]

    Claire (bookscoffeeandrepeat)
    It reminded me of a Greek Mythology type of story with elemental magic And I actually liked the protagonist in the novel, Jasminda, even her name is interesting She resides in Elsira where her powers Earthsong isn t widely accepted She meets Jack, love interest, from Lagamari the enemy of Elsira Because Jasminda rescues Jack, Jack felt the need to protect her He s never known any Elsiran who was kind Jasminda also didn t realize that someone from Lagamari could speak her language Basically, this [...]

    Full review at urbanparanormalSex is in this book but it isn t nasty or dragging on too long.Every single character is written well.The story wraps up well A part 2 is clear and that is set up at the very end once the pressing issue is resolved However, the next issue is something you will HOPE for throughout all of book 1 So you get your wish for book 2.Their are parts that drag, but it doesn t last long.Overall, L Penelope is one of my new favorite authors I m going to pimp this book as much [...]

    ARC via from St Martin s Press via Netgalley for a fair review.

    Angela (Pooled Ink Reviews)
    pooled ink Reviews 4.25 StarsI honestly was expecting this to be just another fantasy story like hundreds of others I ve read before and in some ways it was, but in most ways it was so much and I found myself absolutely in love with it There were definitely some weak moments in the plot but overall I was vibing it and became so completely invested that I was reading through the night unable to put it down This is a good example of reading a book in the right place at the right time.Song of Bloo [...]

    I won this book in a First Reads giveaway No external considerations went into this review.There are two ways I can very succinctly sum up my feelings on this book The first is that, when I was partway through, my girlfriend asked how it was going and I replied, Well, I found out it was originally self published and then picked up by St Martin s, and she, a bookseller by trade, said Ohhhhh The second is that, when I closed the book, I still didn t know why Jasminda was the main character when sh [...]

    Paula Fowlkes Roussel
    Received an ARC via Netgalley for an honest review

    Talitha (Victorian Soul)
    If you clicked on this review just to see the cover, I don t blame you I did the same myself Not only does it feature our diverse heroine, it also makes me want to frame it for my library due to its gorgeousness.Moving on to the book itself, Song of Blood and Stone wasn t what I expected it to be it was better I often find myself lukewarm about books with awesome covers, but this one is a winner if you like fantasy romance, of course I had suspected the fantasy would be a lot lighter as is the c [...]

    When I was making my new releases post for October, I was checking out the readers also enjoyed section on and was finding SO MANY books that looked good that I d never heard of And one of those was Song of Blood and Stone When I saw it was free to borrow on my kindle, I decided to take a chance and try it And I m so happy I did I really liked it There were certain aspects I wasn t sure of, like the insta love type romance and the seemingly random plot points, but when everything came together i [...]

    Marie -The Reading Otter
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    Ashlee » Library In The Country
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    ARC provided by the author and publishers in exchange for an honest review.Thank You.

    R.A. White
    3.5 stars.This fantasy novel is easy to read and generally quick moving, which I appreciate given the short periods of reading time allotted to me by my lifestyle The world was well thought out and made and sense as the story continued I think the author did a good job of leaving questions unanswered without resorting to the I ll tell you when you re ready crutch, and of revealing things as the story progressed My favorite parts actually were the flashbacks that start a little later in the boo [...]

    Song of Blood Stone Thank you to Patchwork Press for providing me with an egalley copy of the book for review Song of Blood Stone is a book that is unlike anything I have read before and I make this claim with no hesitation It s a book that will be memorable to many people for different reasons and all because of one simple fact it is a good book Reading the summary one already gets the sense of how strong and spirited Jasminda is and how loyal and brave Jack is The summary doesn t lie in this c [...]

    Saruuh Kelsey
    DNF 38% I ll be honest and say I didn t finish this book, so maybe all of what I have to say is irrelevant by the end of the book.Was super excited to read this NA fantasy POC But it wasn t entirely what I expected.First off let me say it s awesome for being racially diverse and brilliantly portrays racial discrimination That s about all I likedWhat I didn t realise about this book was it was Fantasy Romance, not straight up Fantasy Instead of the romance, I really just wanted to learn about th [...]

    Kari Anne
    5 Stars 1 5 Stars for World Building2 Stars for Originality0.5 Stars for the Romance cheesy 1 Star for Diversity Well this was a refreshing read for me This book kept my attention throughout the journey, but the beginning of the it was my favorite I only wish that some factors in the Song of Blood Stone could have had less predictability occurring often Because I knew when certain characters were going to show up or how the author would lead the story along most may not notice it and it irked me [...]

    APB Perspective Review 4.5 starsI liked this book because it was unpredictable , I never knew what would happen next and it made my reading experience enjoyable I love paranormal romance and this book fits the bill The Earthsingers have magical power to heal the world with their song ,but most song bearers songs have been stolen In the first book of the series we learn why and how they were taken away and through the journey of Jack and Jasminda I enjoyed learning their story and I picked up the [...]

    Well worth the wait I ve had this book on my Kindle for months I m so glad I finally started it While somewhat predictable in places, I enjoyed the hidden back story and how it weaved into the world of the story, and the hint of things to come in the next book Going to buy it now

    I couldn t put it down when I started Such a fantastic story I m hoping there s a book 2

    Candace Wondrak
    More like 3.5 stars This was a fun book I will be honest, the description and cover were what drew me in The cover is gorgeous and it has a non white character on it How often do we get that in YA NA fiction Not as often as we should, considering the demographics of the world This book was great about the representation we ve got a non white heroine, Jasminda, who develops an inter racial relationship with Jack Something we also don t see enough of , and there is also some gay representation Her [...]

    Lekeisha The Booknerd
    There was no doubt that this book would be a 5 star read for me I didn t think that it could get better but, apparently, I was wrong I got all of the same feels that I got from reading it two years ago The changes throughout the story are so well placed, and Jasminda is an even extraordinary character than before I love the power of Earthsong I even love the realness of the prejudices displayed in this story CRAZY, right It s conflict It gives meaning to this world that Lesley has created and I [...]

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