Unlimited Quick as a Bunny - by Gregg Schwartzkopf

  • Title: Quick as a Bunny
  • Author: Gregg Schwartzkopf
  • ISBN: 9781310402685
  • Page: 171
  • Format: ebook

  • Unlimited Quick as a Bunny - by Gregg Schwartzkopf - Quick as a Bunny, Quick as a Bunny After beating the school s most obnoxious senior at his own game Cass and his friends experience fame with varying degrees of appreciation Just as the whole school s paying attention to Cass a rogue
    Gregg Schwartzkopf
    Gregg is a native New Yorker, just barely He grew up on the St Lawrence Seaway a stone s throw from the Canadian border But he has lived nearly 30 years in Brooklynd you can t get New York than that He commutes to New Jersey for work and spends considerable time in imaginary places as a reader, FRP Gamer and writer.


    It s impossible to review book 2 without comparing it to book 1, so that s where I ll begin Book 1 was a bit on the entertaining side, with loads of humor as Cass adjusts to his life in the mortal realm Book 2 is complex, and has less humor, focusing instead on a serious plot.There are still enough humorous elements to put a smile on any reader s face The idea of being turned into a bunny by an evil sorcerer is a bit ridiculous, but if you enjoyed book 1 enough to read book 2, that means you [...]

    • Unlimited Quick as a Bunny - by Gregg Schwartzkopf
      171 Gregg Schwartzkopf
    Quick as a Bunny