[PDF] A Wedding on Primrose Street | by ☆ Sheila Roberts

  • Title: A Wedding on Primrose Street
  • Author: Sheila Roberts
  • ISBN: 9780778318156
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] A Wedding on Primrose Street | by ☆ Sheila Roberts - A Wedding on Primrose Street, A Wedding on Primrose Street There s nothing like a wedding The joy the fun the memories the stress As a wedding planner Anne Richardson has seen mothers of the bride turn into Momzillas and she s determined not to do that wh
    Sheila Roberts
    Sheila Roberts lives on a lake in the Pacific Northwest She s happily married and has three children Her books have been best sellers, top ten romance picks, and her popular holiday novel, On Strike for Christmas was made into a movie for the Lifetime channel When she s not speaking to women s groups or at conferences she can be found writing about those things near and dear to women s hearts family, friends, and chocolate.


    Gigi Ann
    My Thoughts A Wedding On Primrose Street is book 7 in the Life in Icicle Falls series.What can I sayThis was another fun summer chick lit book by Ms Roberts I always enjoy her books, and look forward to reading them Of course it helps that Sheila Roberts is one of my favorite authors.I was drawn into the book from the very beginning knowing it was going to be a fun summer read Anyone who enjoys a feel good story with some light hearted romance will be delighted with this fun Mind Candy happily e [...]

    What an amazing book and so hard to put down I just love my trips to Icicle Falls It really reminds me of our trips to Frankenmuth, Michigan Anne is a wedding planner and wants her daughter to have the perfect wedding she never had Laney wants to get married in Vegas So will Anne turn into a MOMzilla like she has seen the other mothers become when helping to plan their daughter s weddings Will Laney let her mom have her way Roberta owns Primrose Haus that has weddings and receptions A quaint Vic [...]

    A Wedding on Primrose Street is yet another wonderful tale in Icicle Falls This time its brides and moms A real look at moms and daughters and the bonds between them For Ann and Laney, planning a wedding should be a lot of fun Especially when Mom is a professional wedding planner But things don t always go as planned Poor Laney wants to please her mother, but at what cost to her own happiness All the while, for Roberta, the owner of the wedding house on Primrose street, she needs to welcome home [...]

    Jenny Clark
    A very sweet and cute book about weddings and love I quite enjoyed it.

    Debbie Bothwell-palmer
    When you pick up a Sheila Roberts book you just can t put them down A Wedding on Primrose Street won t disappoint On this trip back to Icicle Falls you will find Mothers and daughters doing what they do best agreeing and disagreeing You have Anne who has been a wedding planner for years and wants her daughter to have the story book wedding she couldn t Her daughter on the other hand wants a Vegas wedding Laney wants to please her Mom but at what cost Can they compromise Roberta owns Primrose Hau [...]

    Such fun Another great read by Sheila Roberts in the lovely small Pacific Northwest town of Icicle Falls I enjoyed reading about several generations of some of our favorite families in this series Not many books are written this way, where we can get involved in the lives of a young woman, her mother, AND her grandmother I think Sheila has a unique perspective on how she writes these books I highly recommend the entire series, and this is 7, so you ve got plenty to keep yourself busy with them a [...]

    IF I ever get married again I want it to be on Primrose Street in Icicle Falls Anne is a wedding planner, her daughter Laney wants the perfect wedding in her eyes but she wants to do things HER way, not her mom s She has many ideas of her own Mom doesn t like any of them Read A Wedding On Primrose Street and find out how this wonderful tale begins and ends YOU will enjoy every minute of this book Another great read by Sheila Roberts

    Kim Spanhook
    This book is a wonderful book Icicle Falls is a dreamland of fun and romance The weddings The planninge bridee mother of the brideilla Oh how you share in all the fun You feel like you are right there in the mist of it all Definitely a book worth reading You won t be disappointed

    A Wedding on Primrose Street is number 7 in the Life in Icicle Falls series and my first read in this series When I started the book I did not realize it was part of a series and I did not have any trouble at all understanding what was going on It is a cute little romance, a quick easy read I liked the characters, loved the town A place I would very much like to visit.

    As usual Sheila writes a magnificent book I loved the extras at the end I can t wait for the next installment of life in Icicle Falls Sheila draws you into life in Icicle Falls, with characters that make you love them

    I recently read A Wedding on Primrose Street by Sheila Roberts This book is the latest in the Life in Icicle Falls Series 7, if I m not mistaken.The story mainly takes place between Seattle, where Anne, mother of the bride and a wedding planner by trade, is attempting to get her daughter Laney, to get on board with planning her wedding in a way that will be tasteful Anne thinks the perfect setting would be at Primrose Haus in Icicle Falls Laney and her fianc , on the other hand, want a wedding i [...]

    I really enjoyed this story It was a wonderful story of love and relationships Especially the relationships between mothers and daughters This is the story of four women Anne is a wedding planner and her daughter Laney is getting married She realizes as she is planning the wedding that she is becoming one of the Momzilla s that she deals with when planning other weddings Laney and her fiance just want to get married in Vegas but Anne never had a proper wedding and doesn t want her daughter to ha [...]

    Lori Church
    Ahhh, Sheila has us in Icicle Falls again Oh to be there where things are beautiful, quaint, delicious, full of fellowship, and good Chocolate Of course there s a reason I separated delicious and good chocolate We see the lovely Primrose Haus and know weddings are coming There are descriptions of weddings and interactions with people in weddings, including Momzillas We get to know Anne, Laney, Roberta, Daphne, Hank, Drake personallyoh, and as the song went tv show then there s Maude Sheila Rober [...]

    We are back in Icicle Falls and this time it s for a wedding Sheila Roberts newest book A Wedding on Primrose Street brings us back to the lovely quaint town of Icicle Falls Anne is a Wedding planner, whose own daughter Laney just got engaged to her High School sweetheart Drake Laney and Drake want to get married in Vegas, Anne wants her daughter to have the big wedding that her husband Cam and she never had Will Anne turn into a Momzilla Will Laney get the wedding she wants Roberta owns Primros [...]

    Susan Shearer
    What happens when you put a bride to be, her mother who is a wedding planner, a almost newly divorced woman and her mother an expert on wedding who has hosted them for over 30 years together A you can t put it down book The mother of the bride, Anne, knows how to plan weddings and wants her daughters to be everything she didn t have when she got married But her daughter has her ideas that are not in line with her mothers, but can t say no to her mother.Daphne comes home to Icicles Falls to heal [...]

    Jenn O'Brien
    A nice addition to the Icicle Falls series I really enjoyed the build up of the different characters to the primary wedding, but I felt a little cheated nearing the end We spend weeks and months building up the wedding and then suddenly fast forward to the ending which you see coming a mile away I like the introduction of the new characters to the mountain town and the parts they play in the overall series I am glad to see multiple sides, one set of characters see the town as charming and the ot [...]

    Bette Hansen
    Another exquisite addition to the Icicle Falls series It had my attention from the very first page and I simply couldn t put it down Anne Richardson is a wedding planner, so when her daughter Laney becomes engaged Anne wants the perfect Icicle Falls wedding Laney, not so much Roberta Gilbert is the owner of Primrose Haus The place for weddings and receptions When Roberta s daughter returns home and wants to become involved in the business, those receptions take on an interesting new flavor This [...]

    I wish I liked this book at all because I love the series and the author but I can t even bring myself to give it 2.5 stars and round to 3 Why From the get go I was annoyed with the controlling nature of the motb, Anne I assume this is realistic but who wants to read 300 pages of a mom being a freaking idiot toward her daughter s wedding And you can see what s going to happen from pretty early on I didn t care for Daphne and her attitude The writing is good, of course, but this is not what I wan [...]

    Virginia Lloyd
    A Wedding on Primrose Street by Sheila RobertsTwo wedding planners, two daughters, childhood dreams changed or brokenWill the journey taken by these moms and daughters survive through a divorce, a wedding engagement, and misunderstandings Will inward realizations by all four add detours or clear the way to better mother daughter relationships Follow us to Icicle Falls, to Primrose Street for yet another heartwarming novel by Sheila Roberts Be prepared for the unexpected, the laughter and the tea [...]

    How does a Wedding Planner plan her daughter s wedding We learn about Icicle Falls plus a lesson on listening to what your daughter really wants and not what you want for her The end of the book includes some recipes that I think I will save and also includes some wedding stories of other ladies as they are enjoying the reception You really need to read on after the recipes 7 of Life in Icicle Falls series

    A wedding planner has vowed that when it comes to her daughter s wedding she will listen to what the bride wants and not be a momzilla But as the day gets closer, the bride is having second thoughts about a huge wedding and is talking Vegas This series is set in the Northwest and is a nice place to visit Always a romance with a happy ending and lots of couples who enjoy living there.

    There s no better place to get married than Icicle Falls Roberta makes her home into the perfect place to make beautiful wedding memories Ann a wedding planner from Seattle wants her daughter to have the perfect wedding Mother daughter relationships are tested A Wedding On Primrose Street is a great summer read that will have you laughing and loving life in Icicle Falls.

    Another cute entry in this series A mother who is a wedding planner, trying to force her idea of a great wedding on her daughter causing a bit of a problem in their relationship Actually, this one was not just a nice romance, but was about mother daughter relationships Enjoyable read.

    I just really didn t like any of the main characters Anne and Roberta were annoyingly controlling Laney was a wimp who could never stand up for herself even her friends made fun of her bc of it And Daphne never learned from mistakes by the age of 30 or 40 or 50 she really should have gotten over the mommy doesn t approve of me bs and taken ownership of her life Instead she quits her job, moves in with mommy, and mopes around with a terrible victim whoa is me whiny attitude Just not very likeable [...]

    Originally published at Reading RealityAlthough there are a lot of weddings in this entry into the Life in Icicle Falls series, this one isn t really a romance The weddings are all for romances that have already reached their happily ever after, we hope Or to paraphrase one of the wedding planners, her job is to create a perfect wedding, a perfect marriage is not in her job description Or capability.Instead of a romance, this story is all about relationships Specifically, mother daughter relatio [...]

    It took me a little longer than usual to really get into this book Once I did, it really got my attention This is a great story about mother daughter relationships Weddings can be a stressful time and often someone becomes a Bride MomZilla Wedding preparations really kept things interesting I really enjoyed this book

    Great story about weddings and the life around the bride and groom I love these types of book which show you a glimpse into the life around weddings I truly enjoy reading Sheila Roberts books I will read the next book and have and will recommend them to family and friends.

    Maureen Hubley
    It took me a bit to get in to the story Roberta and her daughter reminded mms e so much of my daughter and I.

    Dorothy Timm
    Enjoyable read Virtually none of the romance you might expect from this author More on mother daughter relationships.

    Sweet storyThis was a sweet, though predictable, story I especially liked the wrap up at the end, learning the wedding stories of the other couples.

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    A Wedding on Primrose Street