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  • Title: Impact (Fuzed Trilogy #1)
  • Author: David E.Stevens
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • He was dead, but now he is alive and has no identity Commander Josh Logan is a Navy pilot on a routine flight when his F 18 fighter catches on fire Preventing the burning jet from hitting a neighborhood, he ejects too late Paralyzed and hemorrhaging, he lies on the ground looking at the stars as his heart beats its last beat.One year later, he s found naked and unconsci He was dead, but now he is alive and has no identity Commander Josh Logan is a Navy pilot on a routine flight when his F 18 fighter catches on fire Preventing the burning jet from hitting a neighborhood, he ejects too late Paralyzed and hemorrhaging, he lies on the ground looking at the stars as his heart beats its last beat.One year later, he s found naked and unconscious on the side of a road He wakes up in a city hospital looking like a multiracial Olympic athlete His memory is intact, but he realizes his body wasn t repaired, it was replaced He appears to be a genetic blend of the best genes from every race With no identity, his beautiful and intelligent ICU nurse, Elizabeth, invites him to stay with her until he can build a new identity as Josh Fuze Is he losing his sanity or is he the key to humanity s survival He s contacted by a voice he believes represents a secret government agency responsible for his return He s told a comet will strike Earth in two years, erasing almost all life, and he is the key to humanity s survival A Navy pilot brought back from the dead to save the world He realizes that the most likely explanation is insanity but until proven insane, he decides to take action Struggling to save humanity and hunted by the CIA Will he make it Using his insider knowledge of the Military Industrial Complex, he creates a fake classified program and recruits a brilliant international team Together, they secretly develop the world s most powerful weapon to protect humanity While installing it on an Antarctic mountain, their operation is uncovered by the CIA Labeled an international terrorist, Josh is targeted for assassination With cruise missiles inbound, he fires the device to learn if it can deflect a comet fragment that will destroy London or if he s simply a puppet in a much bigger game.A winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Award for best eBook, the Epic eBook Award for best Action Adventure and ForeWord Reviews Book of the Year, IMPACT is a thought provoking action thriller Scroll up to grab your copy of IMPACT now
    David E.Stevens
    Commander Dave Stevens was a nuclear weapons qualified Navy fighter pilot He served as the Strike Operations Officer for the Persian Gulf during the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait With a Top Secret clearance, he led classified defense programs, test piloted new F 18 fighters and earned an aviation patent He s been to over 30 countries, 10 miles above the earth and 600 feet below the Atlantic He also survived hundreds of his own carrier landings Dave holds engineering degrees from Cornell and the University of Michigan with graduate work in astrophysics An international speaker and award winning author, he uses a network of renowned experts from astronauts and astrophysicists to intelligence operatives to entertain and educate.


    Stanley Price
    Excellent written book.Well thought subject, going along for the desired ending. Moved onto more interesting ideas for the next book. Look forward to the next book.

    Sherry Wilson
    Edge of your seat exciting & frightening storyI can't say too much about this book. I was sucked into the story before I'd read the first ten pages. It's so exciting, I couldn't stop and read through that night finishing about 6 am. Looking forward to the movie mentioned at the end of the book.

    Howard Carter
    Very enjoyable readThis book is a fairly easy read, and while the concept (earth getting hit by an asteroid) isn't new, the approach to resolving it is quite original and the science is sound. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

    Lesa Brown
    Loved itI can't wait for the next!! Quit and adventure, fast moving, issues that make you think. I don't get caught up on that's not realistically.ading is for entertainment. PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING!!

    Bette Hillner
    Great readingThis book was well presented with a whole lot of twists and turns. The suspense is awesome and compelling. Really worth your time to read.

    Dallas Gorham
    Exciting take on a planetary dangerDavid Stevens has a winner here. Fast, believable action. Great protagonist. Excellent plot. I'm a fan. Can hardly wait for the movie.

    Gopal Sadagopal
    Good time pass. Excellent research and description and dialog of various disciplines from science to philosophy. The writing is very good - fast moving. But the author suffers from the typical American author infectious disease of making their hero absolutely super human. He looks like the greek god just like you expect from a Harlequin romance novel but of course can give a discourse on philosophy even as the jet he is flying is running out of fuel over Antartica!

    Impact (Fused trilogy #1)This book will test your belief in a Supreme being who is in total control of the universe we live in. That anything is possible, including a second life to insure preservation of the world and it's people's lives through means that is almost beyond our comprehension and our imagination. It all boils down to believing in something or someone greater than ourselves.I'm willing to let you make your own evaluation and decisions. Thanks for a great read.

    Debra McLean
    InterestingI don’t know how to review this. Premise realistic and well thought out. Sci Fi ish, mystery, surprises, secondary plots that evolve. No lost info, useless info, plot tracks and grows as it progresses. The book is more than just a fast read entertaining but not a classic. I think the author has talent and will be around a while

    Kathryn Baron
    A little thin on characterization. Lots of fun however.

    Wow! What a ride! I’m in for all three, I just downloaded the other two. This is a fast mover and very exciting. Very ingenious concept and a fun read.

    Michael T
    Super Engaging!Got the first book in the trilogy freeWill happily pay for the rest of the series! Great characters, great action, a great read!

    Ryan Deken
    With Impact (the first book in the Fuzed series), David E Stevens has managed to build an inspiring story out of an apocalyptic world scenario. With his extensive knowledge and his diverse background, he's create a story that challenges you to think outside the box and to look at the world from a higher level. The plot is well-conceived - layered with action, romance, and tough questions that compel you to read on. Are we alone in the universe? Are there forces at work that cannot be seen or und [...]

    Nick Daniels
    Hooked!Fascinating plot that had me hooked from the start. This is one of those books that I am so glad that I found. The story was great and the book really made me think about the points the author was writing about. As for the book itself, the writing was very fast paced with no fillers or fluff. I'm looking forward to continuing the series.

    This novel grabs you from the start and does not let you go! Stevens keeps your curiosity piqued throughout. It is one very interesting construct where science and the supernatural intersect. It is very easy to see that the description of this novel being a cross between The Bourne Identity, Avatar and Armageddon is very true, and can only add to the various layers that this novel has in its development. Makes for one very action packed and totally absorbing read. To read more, go to:christianfi [...]

    clifford boshea
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    Good bookGood book good good good good good good good good good good get a chance to wherever you are in the right direction and I don't know what would you be home in a giant eagle and the next

    Jeanne Clement
    Well done!Great combination of characters, subject matter, a "hint" of a supreme beingwell written and researched. Will certainly read next in this series!

    • [PDF] ↠ Free Download Ï Impact (Fuzed Trilogy #1) : by David E.Stevens ì
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