A Semi-Charming Kind of Life Best Read || [Suzanne Selfors]

  • Title: A Semi-Charming Kind of Life
  • Author: Suzanne Selfors
  • ISBN: 9780316401364
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A Semi-Charming Kind of Life Best Read || [Suzanne Selfors] - A Semi-Charming Kind of Life, A Semi Charming Kind of Life Darling Charming is bored in Damsel In Distressing class She d much rather be in Hero Training with her brothers The only thing is she has secretly been helping her brother Dexter ace the class If an
    Suzanne Selfors
    Suzanne Selfors lives on an island near Seattle where it rains all the time, which is why she tends to write about cloudy, moss covered, green places.She s married, has two kids, and writes full time.Her favorite writers are Kurt Vonnegut, Charles Dickens, and most especially, Roald Dahl.Please visit her at suzanneselfors to learn about her books.


    This was my least favorite of Selfors EAH novels, but I appreciate that it s for a different group than the previous two Duchess story was about coming to terms with both sides of yourself, Ginger s was about acceptance within a family, and this one is about slowly becoming comfortable with the fact that who you are may not be who society wants you to be In this respect, Selfors does a wonderful job, as Darling s struggle comes across well, as do her feelings of guilt and isolation I personally [...]

    Isabella Marie
    I really liked the storyline of the book especially the ending I really enjoyed it can t wait to read

    I really enjoyed this one I really, really enjoyed this one Aside from Queen Charming, who I don t really understand, I found this one a lot consistent There were fewer of those obvious you can t be this stupid holes this time around, and I loved Maid Marian, Darling, and Dexter Even Daring wasn t such a caricature I should give this run credit for not slotting everyone into either rebel or royal The kids are all taking their time, learning about themselves To take a step like that has the pote [...]

    Much better than Kiss and Spell I honestly don t really remember Duchess s book, but this might be my favorite of the EAH books by Selfors Hale s series is still better in my opinion but I am biased by my love for her other books.

    Faith :)
    Love this book so sweet

    Dorian de Jandreau
    Amazing book for such Ever After High doll collector as me.

    Tiffany Spencer
    A Semi Charming Kind of LifePLOT Darling Charming isn t your typical princess She s SO over sitting around waiting and waiting and waiting to be rescued by a Prince What Darling wants is to be her own hero She gets the chance when she sees that Dexter isn t leaving up to the reputation of a Charming in jousting class So she trades her tiara and frilly dresses for a helmet and armor inspired by her damsel in Distress teacher Maid Marian MY THOUGHT I think this is my favorite EAH book It took me s [...]

    Ever After High A Semi Charming Kind of Life1 Author s Background The author is Suzanne Selfors She has made a lot of books and my favorite books are her Ever After High series She was born in 1963 and most of her books are fantasy.2 Literary Time PeriodThe time period of this is mixed into the past and and something like today s time.There are castles and dragons, then there are phones and other things we use.3 SettingThe setting is in a castle with the Charmings living inside The setting also [...]

    Oh how Darling Charming longs for adventure, thrills, and action But, as any well bred princess in training will tell you, her duties are to excel in waiting to be rescued by a handsome prince , looking beautiful, and yelling but, only once when she needs rescuing and her prince is near She envies her brothers, Daring and Dexter, who can train for danger, jousts, and defeating dragons Secretly, to appease her own desires, she has been working out, riding her horse, and climbing walls but, only a [...]

    This was a fun and adventurous book about Darling Charming, Daring and Dexter Charming s younger sister I liked the book because it was about a princess who didn t want to wait around for a prince to save her or never do anything fun, I loved the theme of the story Though this book wasn t 5 stars, I would say I enjoyed it a lot.

    Rachel Smith
    Although I m a big fan of the Ever After High dolls, I had low expectations of this book when I checked it out from the library for a younger sibling After all, I don t normally enjoy spinoff novels.However, I was pleasantly surprised The storyline is interesting all on its own, with engaging characters and an amusing setting But what really sets this story apart are the unforced, supportive relationships the young female protagonist has with adult women throughout the story, a theme that few bo [...]

    The book A Semi Charming Kind of Life by Suzanne Selfors was an amazing book This book is about a girl named Darling Charming She is the daughter of the prince in Snow White Her destiny iss to play a Damsel In Distressing, but she wants to be a hero trainer like her brothers Dexter and Daring Charming Her family does not approve, but she does it anyway only in secret At some point in this book Darling does become a Damsel In Distressing, but she proves herself worthy of being a hero trainer by e [...]

    Better than any of the others in the school story series in my opinion However these books are getting a little old as nothing ever changes The main story line isn t advancing, the characters aren t changing, they re just making friends I m not sure what the purpose of these books are, because the first three books written by Shannon Hale seemed to have a goal These ones don t Young girls will probably still like them, but they don t have much going for them to interest older kids.

    Elle Titapand
    Even though Darling Charming, Daughter of King Charming had been living in a castle her whole life and had to be a damsel She sneakily helps her brother, Dexter when he is sick with Princely Pox and has to go to Hero s Training Class She wore Dexter s armour and pretended to be him At the end, she found out that her mom must have used to be a rebel just like herself.

    Steve Center
    Whether it took till volume three for Selfors to get there or if I just didn t get it in the first two this book truly shines for what it is a powerful tribute to the empowerment that feminism can be and so often isn t.

    Cute and charming.

    Another book in this series, and I have to say that while I like them, they start to feel repetitive, even with a new character for each book It just feels that the story never really progresses You have Rebels and those that will follow the story without complaints, and that keeps getting pushed in your face, however there is no epic battle or some epic protest happening Instead we just find ourselves with a new character who turns out to be quite a rebel and thus we get a repeat of all the oth [...]

    Confession I picked up this book thinking it was primarily about Dexter, not Darling, so I was a bit disappointed That being said, it s a great book Dexter got a fair amount of screentime, though the book was fairly introspective, and he was SO sweet and cute He and Mr Cottonhorn wear matching outfits SQUEE Also, what little Dexven there was was great I loved Selfors description of Raven The relationship between Darling and Dexter was also great, and I m happy to see it fleshed out.Selfors did a [...]

    Anoush Emrazian
    Darling Charming s story is a bit vague She s destined to be a damsel in distress, but other than that, she doesn t know what peril she ll be in or who will save her What s , she doesn t want to wait around to be saved Still, she s not willing to openly act the part of a rebel.Early on in the book, while talking about Darling s life, it says, But though she learned to walk earlier than most, and though she learned to read and write earlier than most, she was praised only for one thing And that [...]

    I didn t like this one quite as well as the last one, but I think the issues it addresses are very pertinent to right now I appreciated that Darling is quiet about her own choices and isn t quite ready to reveal her deepest self just yet I think that makes her relatable as a character I also liked that as Selfors addresses gender issues, she isn t too heavy handed with her condemnation of those that choose to be exactly what they should in her attempt to free those who choose to be different An [...]

    I loved it , just as I thought I would all these stories are definitely relatable in this one, darling charming, the only daughter of King and Queen Charming is far from content with her prewritten destiny of being a damsel in distress she would much rather be the hero of the story and be able to actually DO something about her predestined predicament instead of just waiting the book s lesson isn t all that obvious at least to me but I gather that it s about taking control of your life and if yo [...]

    Pms Student
    I liked the book because one of my favorite genres is fairy tales and I loved how this book told about how there are sons and daughters of the fairy tales I the book made so much sense, it just flowed together and I liked how that happened I like this book also because there are movies and shows on ever after high and I love watching them and when I get to read a book about the characters from the show and movie, I like it so much that I want to read of the book and other books on that topic An [...]

    These books are getting sillier but at least they are such an easy read that I manage to write a homework essay and read it in one day Getting a Kobo e book version is an adventure though Betty Bunyan would make a great doll and cartoon character Gallopad is cool Charming kids are nice and ok, the parents not so much The dad king is particularly idiotic Mr Cottonhorn is weird, a jackalope is cute but a horned bunny that can actually read That s a bit over the top I hope Faybelle s book will be b [...]

    This was my favorite of the school stories so far, although Kiss and Spell comes very close I like how Daring isn t such a caricature in this one This time you see him interacting with and being concerned for his brother The plot is also similar to one of my favorite stories in Arthurian lit Betty Bunyan is an interesting side character I ve been scratching my head from the very beginning of this series about what exactly constitutes a fairy tale, though The inclusion of Wonderland at all had me [...]

    This was actually my favorite of Selfor s School Stories It may have had to do with her friendship with her brother, but likely it was that she was learning how to find joy in, and manage her secret skills until a time came that it was possible to bring them to view I did appreciate the previous two with the surprise of Duchess softer side and Ginger growing through public opinion informing her personal opinion This story however, seemed like of an adventure Darling was learning that others we [...]

    Well I will say, I am shocked by this one.Why am I shocked Because it was ACTUALLY GOOD.Looking at the past few books in this set, I did not have hope This set of Ever After High books were lacking in, well everything.However, this one turned it around, much to my surprise I think it is probably because the main focus was on Darling Charming.Unlike the characters of the other books, Darling has only appeared once in the show in the Way Too Wonderland movie and has made a few appearances in other [...]

    Sarah Whisted
    Easily my favorite of the three School Story books by Suzanne Selfors I knew going into this that Dexter was already one of my favorite characters in the series I love the dynamic between him and Raven and like Raven, I fall for the nerdy guys than the charmers I ended up liking Dexter even after seeing the closeness he has with Darling and I hadn t had much of an opinion of her before, but this book totally changed that I love that she wasn t all about being a princess like she s supposed to [...]

    I liked this book because it was quick to read I also liked it because it was funny and exciting My favorite part was when Darling stopped time to position Dexter s lance so he would be in second place This part is important because their parents were watching and they wanted Dexter to get second place I would recommend this book to another student because it was funny and exciting I think the theme is you don t have to follow your destiny because if Darling followed her destiny she wouldn t hav [...]

    The third Ever After High A School Story follows Darling Charming during the days leading up to the schools Parents Weekend.After reading Once Upon a Time A Story Collection , Darling s conflict is no surprise unlike the first two books that centered on characters that had little or no prior history While this doesn t detract from the enjoyment of the story, there aren t many surprises.I really enjoyed reading about Darling Charming since she is a very atypical character in the world of fairyta [...]

    Sarah Sansolo
    I wish I d had this book when I was younger Darling s story is, on the surface, feminist, but it s also so much It reads like a story about someone coming to terms with her sexuality The turmoil she feels is so like what I felt as I was grappling with my identity I would highly suggest this to any kid who is or might be LBGTQ Any kid at the proper age level for this should read it it has lessons about respecting women that are so important, and Darling is a princess worth looking up to And I m [...]

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