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  • Title: One Among Men
  • Author: Connie Almony
  • ISBN: 9781505225907
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback

  • Free Download One Among Men - by Connie Almony - One Among Men, One Among Men Christian Fiction Romantic Suspense Women s FictionHer job requires she live with hard partying college guys Only one will lead her to danger Samantha Hart is looking for godly purpose like her
    Connie Almony
    She s just a suburb gal from the Balti Washington megalopolis And that s what Connie Almony s fiction is about, a diverse population which is truly, and beautifully, colorful.Trained as a mental health counselor, she hopes you won t hold that against her Though this training helps her delve into the motivations that drive her characters, she promises not to therapize you Her favorite things to do include listening to awesome Christian Contemporary music like Third Day and NeedtoBreathe and read great stories with colorful characters while spending time with her adoring family She loves to brainstorm with her almost thirteen year old daughter, who writes chapter books on the side, and share peaceful moments with her sixteen year old son who s like a gentle breeze The bantering style of her characters is inspired by her husband s deep love of mischief, particularly that which craves a sharp response o Still, she loves him anyway which covers a multitude of sins She s been married almost twenty years and counts each one better than the one before.


    After reading a great review from a fellow blogger thanks Amber , I decided to try this one and proceeded to devour it all in one sitting It has officially become a new favorite I particularly enjoyed how real and true to life it felt Sam struggled with her insecurities and doubts, yet never let them overtake her completely So many of the other characters were much the same, especially Chris The slow peeling back of each of their layers was well done, proving that there was so much to them than [...]

    In One Among Men , Connie Almony has produced an amazingly compelling and gritty tale of a woman s challenging journey towards discovering purpose, whilst working and living in an all male dorm crawling with testosterone, alcohol, and drugs.The male dorm was not her first choice, but it was the only position she was offered So with some trepidation, Samantha Hart Sam accepts the job as Resident Director at the University where she once attended but would prefer to forget Now much wiser and with [...]

    Amber Stokes
    The tagline of this book intrigued me Though she lives with 500 hard partying college guys, only one will lead her to danger Talk about a provocative premise for contemporary Christian fiction I just had to read it and I quickly got sucked in to the life of a young woman trying to hold her own and cling to faith in a place where respect is sorely lacking and danger is very real The suspense keeps the pages turning, for sure, but it s the authenticity of the struggles, doubts, relationships, and [...]

    A must read One Among Men She is the boss in the men s dorm, she has all of the uncertain am i doing this well feelings, And she stays close to her LordShe did a great job, through very sticky problemsAbsolutely a page turner5 star bookI was given this book by the author for my honest review

    One Among Men, by Connie Almony, is a romantic suspense novel in which the female protagonist, Samantha Sam Hart, manages to become the resident director for an all male dorm at the fictional Maryland State University She had originally applied for a similar position for the university s female dormitory, and cannot understand how she ended up with the assignment to Calvert Hall which houses 500 male students Besides earning her graduate degree, she must oversee a staff of assistants as part of [...]

    Nancy L. Toole
    Very good book This book is very well written and held my attention all the way through I haven t enjoyed a contemporary Christian book this well in years I m looking forward to from this author in this series

    Romance, mystery, Christian faith all set in a men s dorm on a college campus with a female resident director A good read.

    very good

    Sam Hart is the new RD for an all men s college dorm building She has no other choice to take the job which she knows is going to a struggle Sam is 26 and trying to earn her doctorate in psychology Sam is facing a challenge since there has never been a female who has been an RD for the all men s college dorm.Sam has made a promise to be true to herself and to God She is struggling and meets some people who help her through her journey and others who challenge her She meets a Chris Johnson and sh [...]

    I absolutely loved this book If I could I would even give it stars as that is how good it is This story is about how all of us who call ourselves followers of Christ should act but the true story is, how far from it, we do live.It is no wonder people do not want to know God or follow Jesus Christ for the simple reason, we who do say we are following Him, don t live like it This story kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next and that is just the kind of book I really enjo [...]

    This book was simply amazing, from start to finish The story grabbed my attention from the very beginning and I couldn t stop reading I read it in less than a day I absolutely loved all the characters in the book They are all so different, yet each one is so well drawn and developed, and completely relatable I loved Sam and Chris Sure, they both have their faults, but that is part of what helps to make their story so applicable and realistic, and it demonstrates the fact that no one is ever too [...]

    Jess Schira
    Though I don t usually read Christian romance, One Against Men had an intriguing plot so I decided to give it a whirl.The main character Sam, is rebuilding her life after a series of problems, some self created and other created by circumstances out of her control To help finance her continuing education, she accepts a position as an RA in an all guys dorm, which also happens to be a dormitory that has a rather seedy reputation.One of the residents in the dorm is none other than Chris Johnson, a [...]

    Kym McNabney
    If you enjoy faith based novels with drama, humor, romance and suspense you will enjoy ONE AMONG MEN by CONNIE ALMONY.A new Christian with a past, Samantha Hart is faced with memories that plague her When she takes a job as a resident director of an all male college dorm, she quickly discovers she has her work cut out for her One resident, Chris Johnson, AKA Music Man, is particularly challenging Can she trust her heart with the guy she can t seem to figure out Chris Johnson is a gifted guitaris [...]

    Susan Snodgrass
    Samantha has taken a position as Resident Director of a men s dormitory at Maryland State University She s the only woman in 500 men What was she thinking Chris Johnson intrigues her from the start, but he s with a bad crowd and she s trying to keep her walk with the Lord secure Something, however, just doesn t seem right about the guy, but what is it I totally enjoyed this book It scared me that there was one woman among so many men and I didn t know what to expect The reader can pay attention [...]

    This book opened with a bang that got the adrenaline pumping I struggled a little into it as I adjusted to the multiple perspectives it is written in, but that in no way reflects badly on the author I loved the contrasting picture of Christian witness, where it can be direct and in your face , or a silent ministration through deeds and prayer I also enjoyed the blend between fiction and the realities of college living The many stories within the story kept the book moving along nicely to a drama [...]

    Julie Jobe
    Loved so much about this book The interesting characters that I did not want to stop reading about when the book ended The intriguing mystery The thoughts of the characters that reflected their temptations, struggles, and growth The great pursuit of each character by a real and loving God Broken people being made whole Real, flawed people surrendering to the power of the Holy Spirit and being used by Him Real, hope giving spiritual truths abounding without being preachy One Among Men was filled [...]

    A single girl with a wild past that has become a Christian takes a position as a Resident Director in a male dorm Not ANY male dorm, but the party dorm The boys in the dorm see her as a challenge Sam sees her walk with the Lord and making a difference as a challenge The characters in this book are believable and you will quickly find the ones you like and the ones you want to wish right out of the book Little by little with the help of a couple of her residents, she finally sees that by followin [...]

    I really enjoyed Connie s debut novel and was looking forward to reading this one I was not disappointed It is a wonderful combination of romance and suspense that kept me turning pages until the end I was wrapped up in the lives of the characters from the first pages This is also a wonderful story that shows God s faithfulness and love I definitely will be looking forward to the next book in this series I was furnished with a copy of this book in return for an honest review and this is another [...]

    This took me a little while to get into and keep all the characters straight but a few chapters in I was hooked I had to know if my suspicions about one guy was correct and it turned out I was right Sam was a believable character with flaws and insecurities While doing a job that wasn t her choice and comes with lots of challenges she struggles through and is able to find God s plan for her I enjoyed that the story was told from various characters viewpoint I really enjoyed the way it ended and [...]

    Cheryl Lopatka
    A surprise five starI confess that when I started this book I wasn t sure if I was going to finish it But as the story progressed it grew on me The characters became real and interesting and soon I was hooked I ended up really enjoying this story I especially liked the Christian view and values included by the author I recommend this book and encourage you to stick with it you won t regret it.

    Deanna Stevens
    Sam s job requires she live with 500, hard partying, college guys It only takes one to lead her to danger That statement certainly captures the mystery, suspense trials she goes through to do the job she takes seriously I could feel the strength she found though faith and believing in herself, but also her insecurities of if she was good enough I really liked this book and will read by this author.I was gifted a copy by the author for my honest opinion which I have given.

    This is a fantastic book I loved the mystery and drama in the book but also the Christian message throughout I loved how certain people were placed in particular situations which shows us how God places certain people in our lives when we need them I m excited to know that there will be in this series so I can learn about all these fantastic characters.I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you

    A great storyline and characters to fall in love with I loved the plot of college dorm and the many types of characters The temptations in the lives of the college young people with the interactions oh Preacher, Sam, and Chris show how important it is that our lives are lived according to the Bible and how we can influence others This is my first book by this author, not not my last Every Christian should read this book I was given a copy of this book for an honest opinion.

    This is a fantastic book I loved it This book has so much packed into it, something for everyone The author does a wonderful job of getting you to connect with the characters and their issues are very realistic and relate able to This book is a great example of how everything is in God s hands and everything happens in His timing I m so excited to see that this is a series, and I can t wait for the next one

    Dana Michael
    Oh My Goodness This book was amazing I stayed up til 1 am this morning reading It was that good I fell in love with the characters and the storyline It was real and gritty This is my favorite kind of book Romance and mystery all well put together in one package Well done Connie I ve downloaded the next book and can t wait to start it.

    Ann Miller
    I rarely read suspense, but I m glad I made an exception for One Among Men The characters, even the minor characters came alive as complex people The book felt real to me, the faith aspects a natural part of the story I loved the quirky ADD heroine and the flawed hero Such an enjoyable read I will absolutely read Almony again

    Linda Rainey
    I loved this book because of the suspense and romance.I admire Sam in her journey back to The Lord and loved her favorite verse I remembered you, Oh God and I groaned The books is full of up and downs as she earns the trust of her students.I look forward to reading books by this author.

    Andrea Montack
    3 1 2 for the writing 4 for the storyPure ,clean interesting writing I made a pledge to read 60 books in 2016 and worried about finding good books to meet the quota.This book had romance,suspense real life every day experiences Great bookWill read the next in the series.

    Lovely romance and interesting mystery, Christian based Even the romance wasn t off putting Well developed and likable cast, good plot with enough twists to keep most avid readers onboard Recommended.

    Rebecca Smith
    One Among MenVery good read Refreshing Christian story with no bad language and no sex scenes Thank you for letting God use you.

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