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  • Title: All the Stars Look Down
  • Author: Elizabeth Hunter Grace Draven
  • ISBN: 9781310046520
  • Page: 133
  • Format: ebook

  • A duo of Christmas romances from two top names in paranormal and fantasy romance.In SUNDAY S CHILD, Grace Draven heats up a cold and lonely Christmas when museum archivist, Claire Summerlad, meets a mysterious new co worker Andor s past may be a mystery, but is a future with Claire possible with a centuries old punishment hanging over his head Father Christmas meets NorsA duo of Christmas romances from two top names in paranormal and fantasy romance.In SUNDAY S CHILD, Grace Draven heats up a cold and lonely Christmas when museum archivist, Claire Summerlad, meets a mysterious new co worker Andor s past may be a mystery, but is a future with Claire possible with a centuries old punishment hanging over his head Father Christmas meets Norse mythology in this brand new Christmas novella from the author of Master of Crows.In LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, readers return to the Elemental Mysteries in an all new novella by Elizabeth Hunter Giovanni Vecchio and Beatrice De Novo travel to Rome when an new mystery interrupts their Christmas Fina Rossi may have been the director of the Vecchio library, but she wasn t expecting vampires for the holidays Christmas takes an unexpected turn when she meets her employers s old friend, Zeno Ferrara He has the key to solving a mystery plaguing Beatrice s client, but he s taken a far personal interest in Fina.
    Elizabeth Hunter Grace Draven
    Elizabeth Hunter is a contemporary fantasy and romance author She is a graduate of the University of Houston Honors College and a former English teacher.She is the author of the Elemental Mysteries and Elemental World series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction.Just released Midnight Labyrinth Elemental Legacy Book 1 Coming Soon Amid the Winter Snow A Holiday Anthology with Thea Harrison, Grace Draven, and Jeffe Kennedy December 12, 2017 Working on Elemental Legacy Book 2


    Jessica ❁ ➳ Silverbow ➳ ❁ Rabid Reads
    Sunday's Child by Grace Draven - 4.5 starsAs much as I've been meaning too, I haven't read anything by Grace Draven since Master of Crows nearly two and half years ago. Shame on me.Sunday's Child combines Norse mythology and the modern world, giving us a harried single mother and the Thor-like warrior (glamoured to look human) who, after nearly 1000 years of exile, finds a reason to stay in Midgard . . . permanently. I LOVED it. I loved it so much that I just downloaded the aforementioned Master [...]

    Elizabeth Hunter
    Lost Letters and Christmas Lights is an all new Christmas novella featuring Giovanni and Beatrice from the Elemental Mysteries. It shares the page with Grace Draven's gorgeous new story, Sunday's Child in ALL THE STARS LOOK DOWN.Writing Gio and Beatrice is always a fun time, and adding in the romance between Fina and Zeno made this novella a dose of pure happy for me to write. I love these characters, and I know they're reader favorites. I hope you enjoy reading Lost Letters as much as I enjoyed [...]

    My rating is for the first novella: Sunday’s Child by Grace Draven. It is set in our time with a sweet mix of Norse mythology and some magic;)On Christmas Eve, young Claire met Santa’s ^bodyguard^ Andor.Andor: ‘What do you see?”A small hand rose, fluttered across his face. “Forever. I see forever.” She smiled, revealing a missing front tooth. Claire, a Sunday’s Child, had a gift of sight to see beyond Andor’s glamour. Years later, Claire was a single mom working as an archivist a [...]

    Sunday's Child is surprisingly tied up with Dr. Vecchio. How? You have to read it to find out. *wink* All I'm saying: there is a mystery hidden right here This is a lovely romantic story which has proper nostalgic Christmas-y feel to it, and I totally enjoyed it. Doubly because it's a contemporary paranormal, and I only read Miss Draven's fantasy before. Never fear, it's fab! Recommended.Lost Letters and Christmas Lights is a delightful short story which gives us a glimpse into Gio and B's lives [...]

    This rating & review is for Draven's SUNDAY CHILD only.Norse mythology, Saint Nicholas, a single mother, an autistic child, and the magic of Christmas. Very sweet. "Have you ever killed anyone for fun or had an affair with a sheep?""No to both questions.""I'm so sorry, that came out wrong.""That came out odd. I don't think I can imagine a way such a question might come out right."The beginning was full of Draven's typical and wonderful snark and humour and the rest was not heartbreaking but [...]

    Two great holiday reads!I liked Draven's story the best, even though it was lighter than here usual fare (Well - it's a Christmas story, after all). The H/h were very likeable and real, even with the H - Andor - being an elf in disguise. lolHunter's story was pretty good, but there wasn't much of a climax. Plus, I felt like I was missing something; it's obvious that I need to read the Elemental series.4.5 happy holiday stars!

    I really liked this duo and found myself lost in both of the stories, one with characters new to me and another with friends that I have missed. Because there are two stories I averaged the stars out to 4.25 for the book. I have never real Grace Draven before but definitely liked the tale that she has included in this book with characters who felt enough like people I found myself liking and would like to see more of in the future. Then there is Elizabeth Hunter who I have been reading and enjoy [...]

    Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS by Elizabeth Hunter review: I’ve made it clear in recent reviews that there is nothing I enjoy more from a novella, than a holiday novella. I get this fluttering of Christmas spirit when I read one and it could only have the smallest of mention within the story. LOST LETTERS AND CHRISTMAS LIGHTS had me feeling the Christmas love throughout the book! And I must say, I loved being back with Beatrice and Gio. Especially Gio. Oh how I have missed my sweet Gio. But [...]

    Anne - Books of My Heart
    This was a nice story with a glimpse at some favorite characters and some holiday fun. B and Gio adding to their circle of family and friends while solving book mysteries.(I did not read the Grace Draven story at this time, hopefully later.)

    RachelW (BamaGal)
    4.5 Stars. Lovely, heartfelt Christmas romances from two of my all-time favorite authors. I liked the way children were woven into both stories; and it's always good to spend time with Gio and B. Highly recommended.

    4.5 Stars -- both novellas were very goodSunday's Child - My first time to read a story by Grace Draven and I really enjoyed it. It's a sweet fantasy romance and very touching. Andor's (view spoiler)[he's an ELF! (hide spoiler)] and Claire's back stories were interesting and I liked both of these characters very much. Andor's friend, Nicholas, was a good character, too. One good thing about novellas, there's not really enough time to become too angsty, but I certainly understand Claire's hesitat [...]

    I only learned of this book's existence today - which is also when I bought it, and read it. I wasn't really thinking about Ms. Draven - I only wanted another Elemental World story. But Ms. Draven's story comes first, so I read it first. I still wasn't thinking about who Ms. Draven is, or how much I loved The Master of Crows. But I adored the story!And I adored the story by Ms. Hunter. It was great to read another story about Gio & Beatrice, and the story itself was interesting despite not a [...]

    I read this collection because of Elizabeth Hunter's novella but I really enjoyed both stories. I have never read a Grace Draven book but I read Sunday's Child in almost one sitting. I didn't want to put it down. I will have to look at her other books. Lost Letters and Christmas Lights by Elizabeth Hunter was good. I felt the romance was rushed but since it is a novella I guess it had to be rushed. Both stories were quick reads.

    Dr susan
    This review is only for Sunday's Child. I will update the review when I read Elizabeth Hunter's story.Grace Draven is a wonderful author, and I love her fantasies. Sunday's Child made my heart hurt; it is a beautiful love story with elements of magic and an autistic child (my niece is autistic). For me, Sunday's Child is also hauntingly sad, but I cannot explain without spoiling the story, so you should read it and draw your own conclusions.

    Kaitlin Williams
    I honestly love anything Elizabeth Hunter has written and now have a new fascination with Grace Draven thanks to this book. I did not know this book was a duo novella, but was pleasantly surprised with the sweet Christmas based story and would recommend for a short fantasy read!

    Sunday's Child by Grace Draven - 4 starsLove It! Lost Letters and Christmas Lights by Elizabeth Hunter - DNFNever read Elemental Mysteries before and can't relate to the series.

    Both stories were charming and I loved Andor in Grace's story to bits!

    I only read Sunday's Child by Grace Draven. Wonderful Christmas story! Unexpected ending, made me teary.

    Carla Smith
    Truthfully I got this for Grace Draven's story which was a lovely Christmas tale - but you'll love both offerings.

    4 Stars for Grace Draven's Sunday's Child. I really love her books.I haven't started Elizabeth Hunter's Elemental series yet, so I'll wait to read her story since its book 4.5 in the series.

    My rating is for Grace Draven's Sunday's Child.

    Two enjoyable holiday PNRs, both with an appreciation for history and humanityYou can count on both Grace Draven and Elizabeth Hunter to create characters you care about and root for. Even in the shorter form, both these romances convinced me that they were more than superficial. I like smart and curious protagonists, so these stories, both initiated by historical documents, naturally appealed to me.It's interesting that they do not have the same answer to the immortal-loving-a-mortal issue, tho [...]

    Dee Smith
    Two very enjoyable novellasThis was a very good book containing two stories from two excellent authors. First was Sunday's Child by Grace Draven which was a wonderful story. I enjoyed it tremendously and thought it was very well written. Then we have Lost Letters and Christmas Lights by Elizabeth Hunter. I loved this for several reasons, first and foremost because Gio and Beatrice are in it. Truly though it use a very interesting story and we get to know Fina and Zeno, who are wonderful characte [...]

    I liked not loved this - in fact I liked the Elizabeth Hunter story more than the Grace Draven, although Draven is why I got the book :X the Christmas story was not exactly *sterile* but just lacking that oompf oomph? [See? I'm more distracted by that then the story.] the vampire story was very obviously part of a series, but what I liked is that it didn't matter/you had sufficient information, and everyone felt like they fit. It was warm, sexy, and fun.Grade C

    So far, I've only read Elizabeth Hunter Novella. This was great! One of the best novellas I've ever read. I look forward to reading it again.

    Elizabeth can do no wrong . Every one of her books is a most satsifying read full of excellent world building and wonderful characters with great depth.

    Saidah Gilbert
    I only read Elizabeth Hunter's story.

    Elemental Mysteries #4.5All the Stars Look down is an anthology. I bought it because of the Elemental World/Mysteries story, "Lost Letters and Christmas Lights". I enjoyed it immensely. And as always, Elizabeth Hunter has added another wonderful piece to her Elemental Universe!Below is a list of all of the books set in the Elemental Universe, in published reading order:1. A Hidden Fire Elemental Mysteries #1 - Giovanni (Gio) Veccio and Beatrice (B) De Novo2. This Same Earth Elemental Mysteries # [...]

    Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    Per usual an anthology with these two authors is simply splendid. It’s pretty much a given for me that it will be a great read. SUNDAY'S CHILDThis story’s Santa and his elf are so not like what is normally written about them in stories. I enjoyed it very much. The blending of different beliefs was well done. I particularly liked how Gio did a cameo granted it was just his name but it made me do a girly mental squee. Everything just worked for me with how Andor learned his lesson during his e [...]

    Of the two books in this book it's Sunday's Child by Grace Draven that pulled me in and never let go until the happy end. The message of the power of love was beautiful and the characters were as memorable for me – for a short book.Everyone who reads contemporary already meet this heroine. A jaded single mother to a special child. All I can say is she has a reason to be jaded yet her heart's capacity to love is seen in her almost obsessive cling to her son. She's almost boring except she made [...]

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