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  • Title: The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel
  • Author: Katherine Govier
  • ISBN: 9781443436649
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Paperback

  • A landmark novel of the Canadian West from one of Canada s most accomplished writers, author of The Ghost Brush and Fables of Brunswick AvenueGateway, Alberta, 1911 The coming of the railroad to the Canadian Rockies has brought a parade of newcomers to the heavenly Bow Valley climbers, coal miners, artists, scientists, runaway aristocrats and remittance men Among the latA landmark novel of the Canadian West from one of Canada s most accomplished writers, author of The Ghost Brush and Fables of Brunswick AvenueGateway, Alberta, 1911 The coming of the railroad to the Canadian Rockies has brought a parade of newcomers to the heavenly Bow Valley climbers, coal miners, artists, scientists, runaway aristocrats and remittance men Among the latter is the poacher Herbie Wishart, who arrived on a one way ticket and has reinvented himself as a trail guide and teller of tall tales.Herbie becomes outfitter for a fossil hunting expedition headed by a prominent Washington, D.C archaeologist Rumours say that the findings of the secrecy shrouded Hodgson expedition, as it comes to be known, could overturn all previous knowledge about early life forms Brought along to help in the quarry for the summer are Hodgson s adult children, mopey Humphrey and the captivating Isabel, with whom Herbie strikes up a campside alliance But when an early snowstorm hits and trailside grudges come to a head, the expedition mysteriously disappears The tragedy threatens to stain the Rocky Mountain park s reputation just as its newly elected government overseers begin to sell the pristine Canadian wilderness to the world Despite all efforts from that year on to solve, or bury, the mystery, the disappearance will haunt Gateway, and define the futures of Herbie Wishart and his stubbornly female descendants.The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel is at once sweeping and intimate, and bursting with heart, wit and larger than life characters who rival the Rocky Mountain landscape for sheer brio Katherine Govier proves she is one of Canada s master storytellers with this new novel, which is a groundbreaking portrait of Western Canada s past, with all its contradictions and complexities, an intimate story of romance and family, and a tantalizing historical and prehistorical mystery.
    Katherine Govier
    Katherine Govier is the author of ten novels, three short story collections, and a collection of nursery rhymes Her most recent novel is The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel HarperAvenue Here previous novel, The Ghost Brush published in the US as The Printmaker s Daughter , is about the daughter of the famous Japanese printmaker, Hokusai, creator of The Great Wave Her novel Creation, about John James Audubon in Labrador, was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year in 2003.Katherine s fiction and non fiction has appeared in the United Kingdom, the United States, and throughout the Commonwealth, and in translation in Holland, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Romania, Latvia and Slovenia She is the winner of Canada s Marian Engel Award for a woman writer 1997 and the Toronto Book Award 1992 Creation was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year in 2003 Katherine has been instrumental in establishing three innovative writing programs In 1989, with teacher Trevor Owen, she helped found Writers in Electronic Residence For the past three years she has directed The Shoe Project, a writing workshop for immigrant women, which meets at the Bata Shoe Museum.She has edited two collections of travel essays, Solo Writers on Pilgrimage and WIthout a Guide.


    Penny (Literary Hoarders)
    Hmmm, need to think on this one - 3 stars? 3.5 stars? From the start I was swept into the wonderfully imaginative storytelling going on in here. Just loved it. Govier's story and details were wonderful. But then that storytelling just never seemed to end, you know what I mean? The book is broken down into 4 parts. And now that I've finished, I'm thinking perhaps the entire Part 3 could have been removed. I don't think it would have hurt the grand interest in this book since throughout this part [...]

    Am an indie bookseller. Grabbed me from the onset Will definitely recommend! Great rollicking read: a multi-generational story of the Canadian Rockies @ the turn of the century at times treacherous, wild & often, dangerously funny! A truth-cutting tale of Gateway, AB. 1910, their inhabitants, irregulars & 'tourists' of the time. Herbie Wishart- part poacher, guide, 'wanna-be ne'er' do well,' lover & more, is utterly compelling. Govier's deft character portraits are masterful- rich wi [...]

    It's the last glory days of the Canadian western frontier and the slow decline into a more modern, moneymaking national park. In 1911, there were still cowboys, and guides to take people into the mountains. The railroad had not been around a very long time. The small town of Gateway by the hot springs catered to a wide variety of people, and we open up with a family, the Hodgsons, about to go on a scientific excursion with guide Herbie Wishart to eke out fossils. The excursion ends badly when th [...]

    Steven Buechler
    Govier has crafted brilliant fiction here. A perfect mix of research, imagination and personal reflection are what make this book a great read. Her descriptions are vivid yet simple and her characters are endearing and believable. Govier has been referred often as being a brilliant storyteller and this book proves that fact.tinyurl/h9ro6zo

    Lauren Davis
    Such an audacious book! The research is mesmerizing and the characters fascinating. I'm quite in awe of what Govier was able to accomplish with this one.

    Jill Robbertze
    This is a long historical novel set in the beautiful Canadian Rockies and spanning 3 generations. I enjoyed the interesting characters and the beautiful descriptions, probably even more so, living in BC and having visited the area several times. However, I did find the story very slow and tedious in parts but the mystery surrounding the family kept drawing my attention back in and I soldiered on, expecting some sort of major twist to be revealed. Yes there was a revelation of sorts at the end bu [...]

    Early in the book, the central character Herbie, a tour guide and wrangler, telling tales around the campfire says "He [the old-timer Max Gallant] said those days the sun shone down on the grass like a mirror. Down in the valley they used to get mirages. I’ve seen them too. One day we all came out of the Three Sisters Hotel and we could see the whole of Cascade Mountain hanging upside down in the sky. Thirty miles away it was, but repeated overhead just like in a fine glass. Trees, valleys, ri [...]

    Gail Barrington
    It is hard to resist a book when you know and love the neighbourhood and The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel is no exception. I loved it because I love the Canadian Rockies, I visit Canmore often, and I enjoy a good historical mystery. Govier did a great job building atmosphere, drawing great characters, and leaving you hanging as she shifted gears. All the interesting sidebar information about the Burgess Shale, various familiar mountain peaks and trails seen through the lens of the early twentieth [...]

    I will always be grateful for having lived near the Canadian Rockies, for being drawn into their magnetic pull, and for the way they captured my imagination and curiosity. I am equally grateful for this book that has beautifully brought to life its history in the colourful characters, their gripping stories – especially women's stories, and in the majestic and awesome presence of the mountains themselves. I was smiling with nostalgia as I read it and gripped by its wonderful and compelling nar [...]

    I was drawn in by the wonderful imagery the author crafts around the story. I love that the story is full of women who don't fit into traditional roles for women. The characters are all very interesting and I love the research that went into this book. If you love indie Canadian reads this book ought to make your list and a bit of a hint: two of the characters are real people.

    Nancy Carson
    Great read. Canadian author. Story is set in Banff (called Gateway) in past and present. Neat storyline, lots of history, although it is a fictional story.

    Janet Berkman
    Maybe it's because I'm about to embark on a road trip through the Rockies, or because I enjoy family sagas with strong women, or because I love a good bar, but this novel has everything. Based in two time periods, the present staying put and the past starting a century earlier and moving forward, it tells the story of a family coming to grips with the mystery and danger of early white settlements in western Canada. Highly recommended.

    Jennifer Strukoff
    Couldn't put this book down. A great Canadian book with haunting stories from the Rocky Mountains.Loved it!

    ❀ Susan G
    The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel is an epic novel spanning three generations. It is set in the shadows of The Three Sisters part of the Rocky Mountain range of Western Canada. Alberta resident and author Katherine Govier read as part of the Grimsby Author Series and the tale of intrigue, wilderness, love and loss provides an interesting historical perspective on the beginnings of national parks and the challenging living conditions of the early 1900s.The novel twists around a Quaker family, heade [...]

    review pending

    I really enjoyed this book. The story along with the history kept me reading. It isn't often that one finds a book that keeps the story and the readers interest going right to the end.

    (view spoiler)[At times I loved it, and at times, I was bored. At times, I was eager to find out what happens, at others, I couldn't care. But it is good. Really good. And so it ENDS with Herbie Wishart (and a man with secrets)."Gateway, Summer 1970SO THAT'S IT, SAID HERBIE. You have it on your machine. Got your man.Thank you, Herbie. You won't be sorry, said Helen.Won't I? And who's to know? Because, you see, Death is gaining on me. I'm the hunted one now. It's a bit of a game with us, said Her [...]

    2.5 Stars.Overall, this book made very little impression on me. Left me feeling totally underwhelmed. I was definitely interested in the underlying story of a fossil hunting expedition gone wrong. It's mystery took too long to evolve and when it did, felt totally anticlimactic. The present day story seemed irrelevant,other than to maybe say, let's treasure our past and keep it alive, which is definitely something I agree with. Since the history takes place in the Rockies of Alberta and I have li [...]

    This was a very entertaining and good read. It gave us an insight into how Canadian National Parks came to be and the effect first the Railroads and later cars have had on the life of people living in Gateway. We follow Herbie Wishart through his life and how his life ends up being forever more connected to the Hodgsons. I did like the way it was written year by year - interspersed with chapters from 2011 told by his descendants . A proper family saga which I enjoyed a lot

    Although the basic story about Herbie Wishart is interesting, the story just is too long that it becomes tedious to read and you wish for the end. Some of the characters are great while the most are humdrum individuals. The plot is plodding and lacks any emotion or action. The creation of the national parks is quite informative and could probably have made a book of its own. Unfortunately this is a lack lustre Canadian story.

    I would recommend reading this book, especially if you've visited Canmore and seen the Three Sisters. It certainly brings that amazing landscape to life and gives the reader an impression of the difficulties the early settlers encountered. A great story with a wonderful cast of characters.

    Lynn Pinto
    Entertaining and enjoyed mostly for the window into life in the Wild West and the National Parks commission trying to rope it in. Good story.

    I liked the history and the setting especially after just visiting Canmore but I wasn’t a big fan of the plot.

    Linda Johnson
    Attempted to read a couple times, never became engaged with the story.

    It was a 3 for a while but toward the last third changed my opinion to a 4. It's about Alberta and the people who settled it in when the area was first claimed for parks by the federal governnent

    A multi generational novel that follows the history of a family, a hotel and a Canadian national park.

    Good story, enticing, piqued my curiosity, not quite solved.

    A very well constructed and detailed book.

    Kathleen McRae
    This was an interesting read with a lot of history about the Canadian rockies in it

    Lorina Stephens
    I delved into Katherine Govier’s The Three Sisters Bar and Hotel because of a recommendation algorithm through one of the ebook reader apps I use. It seemed a likely recommendation, a Canadian historical whodunit, by an accomplished author publishing with a large house.It would seem, however, in this evolving era of communication, the accepted recommendation isn’t necessarily a good recommendation. Set near the turn of the 20th century in Canada’s Rocky Mountain Bow Valley, the story revol [...]

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