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  • Title: Holy Spy
  • Author: Rory Clements
  • ISBN: 9781848548497
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Hardcover

  • For fans of CJ Sansom and SJ Parris, HOLY SPY is the latest in Rory Clements acclaimed and bestselling John Shakespeare series of Tudor spy thrillers Clements, winner of the Ellis Peters Historical Fiction Award, does for Elizabeth s reign what CJ Sansom does for Henry VIII s Sunday TimesRory Clements, winner of the Ellis Peters Historical Fiction Award, does for ElizFor fans of CJ Sansom and SJ Parris, HOLY SPY is the latest in Rory Clements acclaimed and bestselling John Shakespeare series of Tudor spy thrillers Clements, winner of the Ellis Peters Historical Fiction Award, does for Elizabeth s reign what CJ Sansom does for Henry VIII s Sunday TimesRory Clements, winner of the Ellis Peters Historical Fiction Award, does for Elizabeth s reign what CJ Sansom does for Henry VIII s Sunday TimesIn London s smoky taverns, a conspiracy is brewing a group of wealthy young Catholic dissidents plot to assassinate Elizabeth, free Mary Queen of Scots and open England to Spanish invasion But the conspirators have been infiltrated by Sir Francis Walsingham s top intelligencer, John Shakespeare.Shakespeare, however, is torn the woman he loves stands accused of murder In a desperate race against time he must save her from the noose and the realm from treachery And then it dawns that both investigations are inextricably linked by corruption very close to the seat of power .
    Rory Clements
    Rory Clements has had a long and successful newspaper career, including being features editor and associate editor of Today, editor of the Daily Mail s Good Health Pages, and editor of the health section at the Evening Standard He now writes full time in an idyllic corner of Norfolk, England.


    enjoyed this in the latest john Shakespeare series centring around the Babington plot and Mary queen of scots and the sub plot of the murder of a rich merchant and the race against time to save the widow from the gallows. as clements again brings Elizabethan London to life again in unsettling times

    I must confess that this is the first that I've read of this series so don't have the benefit of backstory from the previous 6 novels, having said that though I don't think I really needed it as there wasn't anything that relied on this knowledge. Clements has weaved an intriguing and complex tale set in the court of Elizabeth I that has everything you could want from such a story. There is political conspiracy, treason, revenge and the appearance of lost loves just to stir things up a little. I [...]

    I didn't know what to expect from this - Holy Spy is the first novel I've read in a well-established series. What I got was a thoroughly entertaining, disturbing and involving mystery (part of which revolves around the infamous Babington Plot) that I found next to impossible to put down. A substantial book that I read over 24 hours. Loved it. I must catch up with this series.

    Kerry Bridges
    The plot to kill the Queen is afoot. In Elizabethan England, Frances Walsingham is gathering information from his spies. John Shakespeare has been tasked with infiltrating the "Pope's White Sons" in order to collect information and save his Queen; he must not become side-tracked with the private matter of his ex-girlfriend being charged with murdering her new husband. Suddenly, Shakespeare's private life is not so private and uncovering the true murderer may put him directly into the line of fir [...]

    I've never read historical detective fiction before and I've certainly not previously encountered the John Shakespeare series, so I had no idea what to expect from this.So I'm pleased to say that I rather enjoyed it. Rory Clements does a sterling job of bringing to life Tudor London with a cast of characters that seem gritty and authentic. I also liked the parallel running of two plotlines - the political thriller of Protestant and Catholic double agents trying to outwit each other, and the dete [...]

    This book is the second part of the prequel to the series and, to date, is the one I've liked the least. I wasn't too enamoured with the first part - 'The Queen's Man' - either to begin with because of the whole reversal of time thing but even that gathered speed and I found myself enjoying it. This, however, just sort of plodded along without much depth to any of the plot lines or characters. I didn't like how our beloved Boltfoot was absent for much of it, nor the vaguely menacing figure of Cu [...]

    Tim Hodkinson
    This is an intriguing tale based around two plots - one by English Catholics to kill Queen Elizabeth and put her cousin Mary on the throne and the counter plot by the early English intelligence agencies to stop (or is provoke?) it. Woven into it all are historical personages, Elizabethan gangsters and a murder mystery where the main suspect is a former love of the hero. There is much to enjoy - Fans of spy novels will enjoy the complexity of the plots/counter plots and double dealing. There is c [...]

    Mieczyslaw Kasprzyk
    This was a good read at a time when I needed something light, entertaining and gripping. It is, of course, about the Babbington Plot and John Shakespeare plays his part in bringing the evil Catholic fanatics to justice - we have to get into the mindset and not allow ourselves to be distracted by all sorts of complications. The truth is that Rory Clements does a good job of trying to be fair but also, because he has to write a believable story, some of the characters have to be unlikeable (and th [...]

    Karen Mace
    received a copy of this book via the GoodReads Giveaway page.Enjoyed this historical spy thriller more than I thought I would! extremely well written and pacy storyline, although I did get a little confused at times with who was who! Will definitely be reading the other books in this series!

    Always entertaining and aptly historic this book is set at the time of thBabington plot against Elizbeth I and once again the plot moves along in an entertaining way. Worth the read

    This is another of the preview volumes, in which John Shakespeare is instrumental in foiling the Babbington Plot (you have to feel sorry for Babbington, the fall guy) and attempts to extricate his former lover from an accusation of murder. Meanwhile trusty sidekick Boltfoot is removed from the scene and finds himself on a fishing vessel bound for the Atlantic. The ever decent Shakespeare is given a lecture on realpolitik by his employer, Francis Walsingham: "There will be times when you will hav [...]

    1585 the year of the Babington Plot and the Catholic plotting of the death of Elizabeth is being discussed in London. John Shakespeare has been instructed by Sir Francis Walsingham to infiltrate their organisation. Meanwhile an old lover of his has been accused of murder. Thankfully I have come to this series with these prequels already written so that I can read them in the chronological order of Shakespeare's life.Very enjoyable mystery, good characters, well-written keeping my interest to the [...]

    The last of the John Shakespeare franchise. Well-paced and exciting to the last, it is set against the Babington Plot, and features many of those involved, plus a few colourful fictional characters, including JS's sidekick Boltfoot, who has perilous adventures in parallel to his master's. A surefire blend of the personal and the political, too. An excellent evocation of those turbulent times.

    Elizabeth Allen
    First Rory Clements I've read and loved it. Gripping and largely accurate (though I question a little bit the portrayal of Babington), perhaps too gruesome in places but overall a great story and representation of the period.

    Unputdownable but that's just as well so you don't worry too much about the plot being stretched in places.

    Karen Brooks
    Though number seven in the John Shakespeare series, Holy Spy takes readers back to 1586 and the year that all the efforts to expose Mary Queen of Scots as a traitor to the throne of England came to a head – in the guise of the Babington plot. This well-documented by history plot was foolish and doomed to failure, not merely because Sir Francis Walsingham and his network of spies were aware of it from the outset, but also because of the young bucks at its heart and the spirit into which they en [...]

    A.P. Martin
    I have enjoyed a few of the John Shakespeare thrillers, but I must confess that I found this one a little flat. The Babington conspirators were portrayed almost as harmless eccentrics, in contrast to the amoral forces marshalled by Walsingham. The plot line around the 'damsel in distress' from Shakespeare's past was also an interference to the main story and I for one will be glad if this particular character does not reappear. I hope there will be more in the series, but I will be looking for a [...]

    Jill Meyer
    "Holy Spy" is British author Rory Clements' seventh novel in his "John Shakespeare" series. The series books, set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth, are more similar to each other than not. All basically are concerned with threats to Elizabeth, both from within England and without. If the Spanish aren't sending an Armada off, then the threat might come - as it does in "Holy Spy" - from Catholic supporters of Mary, Queen of Scots. So the reader of all the Shakespeare books can assume Elizabeth [...]

    Jo-anne Atkinson
    The Babington Plot was the device by which Mary, Queen of Scots, was finally trapped. A group of young Catholic men smuggled coded letters to Mary and planned to assassinate Elizabeth I. The fact that Sir Francis Walsingham, Elizabeth’s spymaster, had infiltrated the group and forced matters to a head was an example of sophisticated and successful espionage.In this book Clements weaves the facts of the Babington plot into a fictional narrative surrounding the murder of a rich merchant and invo [...]

    Baz Griffiths
    Holy Spy by Rory ClementsHoly Spy is the seventh in the John Shakespeare series. These Tudor spy thrillers follow Shakespeare, the Queen’s intelligencer, and a number of now familiar character in plots which revolve around actual historical events. Holy Spy explores the Catholic conspiracy of 1586, in which a number of prominent English Catholics plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth, free Mary Tudor and place her on the throne by opening England to a Catholic supporting Spanish invasion. At the [...]

    I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of Rory Clements new novel from through their” First Reads” prior to its February 2015 publication. “Holy Spy” is the 7th book in the John Shakespeare but it is the 2nd book if the series if being read chronologically.The book spans the years 1585-1586 and focuses on John Shakespeare infiltrating a group of Catholic conspirators to prevent them attempting to get Mary, Queen of the Scots on the throne. However, Shakespeare is distracted. An ol [...]

    HOLY SPY tells the story of the Babington plot to assassinate Elizabeth I from the point of view of one of her spies, who at the same time is trying to clear his former lover’s name of the murder of her husband. This is the latest in the John Shakespeare series and while I have not read the others, this one was good fun.While the two plots seemed separate, Rory Clements did an excellent job in tying them together in the end in a very satisfying way. Both were really exciting and each came with [...]

    Huw Rhys
    What a riveting read!It's a murder mystery running alongside a political thriller, set in a wonderfully crafted historical setting.This is the 6th(or 7th- there's a 4b in the series!) book featuring Elizabethan sleuth John Shakespeare, and is centred around the drama of the latter days of the life of Mary, Queen of Scots.It was one of those books that whilst you can't put it down, you want to ration yourself as well so that you can savour every juicy morsel.As well as a couple of beautifully dev [...]

    Initially going into this book my expectations were quite low as this book was not at well requested, there also wasn't a lot pf hype surrounding the book and i just expected a simple historical novel. And i was quite surprised. This book was easy to read, very fast pace and was involving. The plot is very inventive in the sense that initially two things are happening at the same time, both having its own rewards. I also thoroughly enjoy historical Love was that stick to its historical context. [...]

    Jerry Bennett
    I was slightly disappointed in this book, as I felt it did not match some of the others in the series. It may have been because it was based on a well-known episode of history, where we knew the eventual outcome anyway. The other books in the series have more mystery to them as the events on which they are based are less well known or totally fictional. For anyone who does not know the series, this book is not a bad introduction. Although it is the seventh book to be written, in chronological ti [...]

    I received this book via first reads.I really enjoyed this book so much, I know I've started at the last book but I'm going straight to the beginning of this series! I loved everything about it, the story is gripping from the beginning and keeps up till the very end. I know I've discovered a new favourite author and will be reading anything that Rory Clements brings out, I will also be getting this series in both ebook and physical copies for my bookshelf. I recommend this to people who enjoy h [...]

    Layla Batchellier
    Firstreads book. This is an interesting tale of a Queen's spy in Tudor England. It is based upon the plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth and free Mary Queen of Scots. This is what drew me in as I have a soft spot for tudor history especially related to Queen Elizabeth.The book was well written and the story developed from focussing on the plot to assassinate the Queen to darker goings on in the Queens court. The links between characters were fascinating and kept me wanting to find out more.Overa [...]

    Avvie Cunnington
    I was lucky to win this in a giveaway.I love any books on history and enjoyed this one! The only thing preventing me from rating it higher is that I felt there was too much going on and too many people. The story got a little confusing for me, I think if I read the book again it may become clear. The fact that names where similar and it kept going from one plot to another did slightly confuse me.Other than that I did enjoy it, and the details made it easy to imagine London in that period. The m [...]

    If you want to be taken on a fast paced thriller ride around Tudor London then look no further than Holy Spy.The prose transports you into the era, you can smell the food and Ale in the public houses and hear the sounds of steel on steel when the action dictates.If you enjoy classic thrillers or spy novels then read this book as it covers all the intrigue and suspense but within Tudor England.Great historical fact with believable characters draws you into the novel and makes you turn the page to [...]

    an excellent book in the John Shakespeare series, I always try and read a number of books set in Tudor or Elizabethan England, such period of intrigue and treason and plotting etc, and a number of authors have now really got to grips with portraying stories set around those periods, whereas years ago, there were few authors who did. the stories are either complete fiction or a mix of fiction and factual people, and as with other authors of these books, I find Rory Clements detail very good and e [...]

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