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  • Title: Everything Burns
  • Author: Vincent Zandri
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • When Reece Johnston was a boy, a fire destroyed his home, killing his mother and brothers while leaving him scarred for life It also kindled something dark inside him an irresistible attraction to flames in all their terrifying, tantalizing power But after two failed arson attempts and two trips to the mental ward he was finally able to put down the matches and pick upWhen Reece Johnston was a boy, a fire destroyed his home, killing his mother and brothers while leaving him scarred for life It also kindled something dark inside him an irresistible attraction to flames in all their terrifying, tantalizing power But after two failed arson attempts and two trips to the mental ward he was finally able to put down the matches and pick up the pieces.With a career as a bestselling crime writer going strong, Reece is working to fix his broken marriage to Lisa and be there for their preteen daughter, Anna He s not just dealing with his own demons there s a world of deadly hurt bearing down on him in the form of the jealous rival he s bested in literature and love, who s determined to see Reece crash and burn But a guy like Reece knows how to take the heat And thanks to his lifelong friendship with fire, he also knows how to bring it.
    Vincent Zandri
    Winner of the 2015 PWA Shamus Award and the 2015 ITW Thriller Award for Best Original Paperback Novel, Vincent Zandri is the NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, and No 1 KINDLE bestselling author of than 20 novels including THE REMAINS, MOONLIGHT WEEPS, EVERYTHING BURNS, and ORCHARD GROVE He is also the author of numerous bestselling digital shorts, PATHOLOGICAL, TRUE STORIES and MOONLIGHT MAFIA among them Harlan Coben has described THE INNOCENT formerly As Catch Can as.ty, fast paced, lyrical and haunting, while the New York Post called it SensationalMasterfulBrilliant Zandri s list of domestic publishers include Delacorte, Dell, Down Out Books, Thomas Mercer and Polis Books, while his foreign publisher is Meme Publishers of Milan and Paris An MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri s work is translated in the Dutch, Russian, French, Italian, and Japanese Recently, Zandri was the subject of a major feature by the New York Times He has also made appearances on Bloomberg TV and FOX news In December 2014, Suspense Magazine named Zandri s, THE SHROUD KEY, as one of the Best Books of 2014 A freelance photo journalist and the author of the popular lit blog, The Vincent Zandri Vox, Zandri has written for Living Ready Magazine, RT, New York Newsday, Hudson Valley Magazine, The Times Union Albany , Game Fish Magazine, and many He lives in New York and Florence, Italy For go to VINCENTZANDRI


    I seriously considered dumping Everything Burns early in the game. Reece Johnston's obsession with fire is easily understood. It was not necessary to drive the point home over and over again. His ex-wife and daughter call him "Reecey Pieces". I'm not kidding. Yuck.The core idea was good, but it just never came together for me due to the repetition and the uneven writing. It was disconcerting to "learn" that snapping turtles have teeth. Oh, that's right. They don't. Nevermind.

    CJ Bowen
    There was a horrible accident: the slang wagon was t-boned by the cliche truck, and the debris scattered all throughout this book. The protagonist consistently makes resoundingly bad and improbable decisions, and every coincidence that could happen does happen. The final reveal earned a full star by itself for boldness, but I can't say it wasn't telegraphed long before. On the bright side, I got it for free, and it didn't take long to read. Unfortunately, e-books, as a medium, are highly resista [...]

    A poor readKept waiting for the book to get better. Just didn't happen. The main character drove me crazy. All the characters drove me crazy. No depth to any of them. Stupid people making stupid decisions.

    Tere Fredericks
    Everything Burns Except Kindle BooksBefore saying anything else, I must admit my father was a fireman, so it would follow most of his friends were as well. Because of the nature of their jobs, some did not live through fires fought.I got this as a Kindle First, hoping for a much better book about fires and those who set them. What is here is a creepy obsessive story that really isn't very good, even with the fire background. I recommend you spend your time doing anything but reading this book. P [...]

    Richard Morris
    I had trouble reading this book and I committed myself to finishing it. The writing style did not appeal to me and the dialogue seemed forced and laced with jargon that did not sound realistic to me. I enjoyed a few appealing sections but I could not identify with the characters. There were no surprises. I enjoyed Frankie the dog the best among the characters.

    It's hard for me to properly review this book without spoilers. Let's just say that I have zero intention of ever reading anything from this author again. The book is considerably bad, but equally difficult to put down - a tragic combination.

    Keith Nixon
    Vincent Zandri is the best selling author of in excess of 16 novels, and on the strength of Everything Burns it is easy to see why.Reece Johnston is a man who is a paranoid with a capital P. He's recently got back together with his wife, Lisa, after several years apart. He's written a best selling novel and has a beautiful daughter, Anna. Everything should be perfect, but it isn't.When Lisa heads off for a minor op, out of town for two days, Reece starts examining their life together. He's consu [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    Review:  EVERYTHING BURNS by Vincent ZandriFire consumes; it also cleanses and purifies--and it brands. Those who have been affected or afflicted by fire are never the same.Take Reece Johnston, a Bestselling novelist, author of five books, and intermittently a free-lance journalist. As a child, Reece lost his mother and two older brothers in a house fire; only he and his father survived. Reese could have become pyro phobic, terrified of fire, but instead he became pyrophilic, fascinated with th [...]

    Tara Wood
    Ugh! I start a book. I keep waiting for it to get better. I find myself halfway through and decide I've already invested this much time into it might as well finish it. I can't help it. Which is why I find myself at times suffering through horrible books like this one.This book is so so terrible. The main character is not likable at all. He makes the stupidest decisions that just make no sense at all. I never cared what happened to him. Let him burn. I don't care. The other characters are worse. [...]

    I got a copy of this book through the Kindle First program. It's an interesting take on pyromania, and I couldn't put it down (seriously, I read it in less than a day). While the story can be disturbing in parts, I was mostly hit with feelings of sadness for the narrator (Reece Johnston); the sudden loss of most of his family to a house fire as a child shaped his future. The events that occur in the novel are shocking (and admittedly unlikely to occur in the 24-48 hour span the author claims), a [...]

    Everything Burns: Vincent ZandriTake a match and light it. Stare at the flame as it rises to the top of the match. The yellow, red and orange engulf the outer edge of the match as the flame ignites and rises. Some people mesmerized by the site of the flame. Some even feel an hypnotic pull. Others might think that this flame is an agent that arouses some type of sexual desire: an aphrodisiac. Chocolate, bananas even honey can stir up your desire as well as some powerful drugs. Look at the flame t [...]

    George Fodor
    For me, the best way to get through unpolished writing is to take it in small chunks. For example, many of what Zandri calls "chapters" are actually "scenes," and I read two or three of these at a time. Thus, it took me a couple of weeks to get through the book.Having finished the work, I feel that Zandri cheated his reader's by not going into greater detail about electroshock therapy. He gave hints, here or there, about Reece not being able to write The Damned, and a few other oblique reference [...]

    Everything Burns is a riveting psychological thriller that will give the readers goosebumps, and keep them sitting on the edge of their seats.Author Vincent Zandri weaves a chilling tale that has enough drama, mystery, suspense, and terrifying thrills and chills that will easily captivate the reader's attention, and draw them into the troubled world of Reece Johnston.I couldn't help but get caught up in this complex, dark, multi-layered tale. I found myself trying to figure out what would happen [...]

    elizabeth tobey
    Well, all right. Let's start by saying this I got this on my Kindle First deal. For January I could pick 2 books and there were only 2 genres I liked, so this book came to me by default.First off: if you aren't an amazing writer, don't have your main character be an amazing writer. It's super jarring to the reader when you are told how fucking amazing the first person character is at writing when he actually is a mediocre writer. I mean, I suppose you can be a best selling author and be shitty a [...]

    It may just be the genre, but I didn't find this book overly appealing. The writing wasn't great and some of the timeline didn't add up. Parts were predictable and at times the foreshadowing was over done. This is a book where you get frustrated with the main character, who seems to do the wrong thing when he is presented with the opportunity to do what's right. A number of chapters ended with "And that's when", which felt forced and not a smooth transition.This is one of those books too, where [...]

    The man can do no wrong, writing-wise. I loved the complexities of the main character, Reece, and his 'complicated' relationship with his girlfriend (who's his ex-wife) and young daughter. Although it's a bit hard to 'like' this guy, you go along, knowing he's been through a lot, having lost most of his family members when he was young. If that wasn't damaging enough, he later endured shock therapy treatments to cure him of his obsession with fire. The constant action in this book (well, in pret [...]

    Paul Brazill
    Reece Johnston is a best selling author who is haunted by a childhood tragedy. When he gets back with his ex-wife, his life soon spirals out of control with fatal consequences.Everything Burns, Vincent Zandri’s marvelously enjoyable new novel, is like a lethal cocktail of Highsmith’s The Blunderer, Hickcock’s The Wrong Man and the Coen Brothers. A delirious noir -sprinkled with black comedy- which turns into a high octane thriller with more twists and turns than a corkscrew.

    Laura Palmer
    I just can not continue on in this book.

    Golam Kibria
    The name seemed catchy. That's why I started reading this book despite of many bad reviews. I went throw to the end just to finish it. But this book has something that you cannot just put it down as you wish. First of all, writing style was not reader friendly. I had confusions in several places identifying characters. During reading this book, all the time I was hoping something better to come. But that did not happen. All characters appeared more or less same crazy to me. Main character seemed [...]

    Nathan Sloan
    I got this free back in 2015 and only just now finished it through sheer force of will. There are some hilariously accurate reviews of how bad this book is by other readers and I highly suggest that you check them out before purchasing this cliché-riddled, simplistic "thriller" that had me on at least 4 occasions look up from the page to say out loud to an empty room "this is SO bad!" I could go on and on but a book this bad doesn't warrant my having to think about it any longer. If I had to fo [...]

    This was one of the most poorly written/edited books I've read in a while. There are way too many summaries and recaps and reiteration of information we were already given more than once, as if the author thinks the reader is an idiot, or else was just trying to fill pages. It gets downright annoying very early on.Much of what happens, (police stuff, character behavior, scenarios) is just totally implausible or otherwise asinine. Details don't remain accurate. For instance, early on the Reese sa [...]

    While the writing itself didn't suffer from any major flaws, the plot and characterizations in the novel felt unstable. The narrator rehashes the backstory in far too many chapters and spends quite a lot of time clarifying the relationships between the three main characters (i.e himself, Lisa, and David). Furthermore, characters often make decisions that seem senseless or not driven by anything other than the writing trap of "adding plot" when instead, motivation should lead to behaviors.It was, [...]

    Vincent Ferrari
    A cool book that really comes together at the end in a pretty surprising way. I dug it. I think the most interesting thing that I realized early on is that the entire book was happening in the course of a single day in Reece Johnston's life. That makes the entire thing just that much more interesting because man, he had a really bad day.Good book. Not great, but it was entertaining enough.

    Peg Greiner
    Real Page TurnerThis book grabbed me and kept me guessing from the very beginning. I love mysteries and this book is a very different type of mystery with a rather surprising ending. Very good book!

    James Daniel
    This is the first book in over a decade that I just couldn't finish. I kept hoping it would get better but instead it seemed to just repeat the same thing over and over until I wanted to die. I honestly only managed to read roughly 60% of the book before promptly removing it from my Kindle.

    Meredith Schorr
    4.5 stars. This was a Kindle First free book for me. I tend to choose books outside of my usual genres, like thrillers and suspense each month. I'm glad I did. Really disturbing!! Not for the faint of heart.

    Meh. I expected more from the book description, more suspense and more twists that relate to his past. It was an entertaining read while being sick in bed, but I don't know that I would seek out more of this author's work because the writing style didn't flow. I had hoped for more.

    Kristen L. Freeman
    Good storyline, crappy execution.

    Thomas W Perkinton
    It has a little interest and a lot of redundancy. You have to realize that David is not Mr sweet and loving early in the book

    Sharon Becker
    Twists and turns. Great re a dI enjoyed this book but it is not the best I have ed over read. Maybe just not quite my type. It did hold my attention and I did e enjoy it

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