☆ Never Goodnight ✓ Coco Moodysson

  • Title: Never Goodnight
  • Author: Coco Moodysson
  • ISBN: 9780008120900
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback

  • ☆ Never Goodnight ✓ Coco Moodysson - Never Goodnight, Never Goodnight The cult Swedish graphic novel that inspired the critically acclaimed Lukas Moodysson film We Are the Best Coco Klara and Mathilda have known each other since primary school where they met in Folk D
    Coco Moodysson
    Coco Moodysson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Never Goodnight book, this is one of the most wanted Coco Moodysson author readers around the world.

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    Brigid ✩ Cool Ninja Sharpshooter ✩
    About a year ago, my family and I found this Swedish movie called We Are The Best on Netflix and decided to give it a try The film, which is about a trio of teenage girls who decide to start a punk band, immediately became one of my favorites It s funny, it s heartfelt, and the three young main actresses are absolutely wonderful After seeing the movie, I was excited to find out that it was based on this graphic novel titled Never Goodnight I finally got around to reading it, and I enjoyed it a l [...]

    David Schaafsma
    The Swedish graphic novel that inspired Lukas Moodysson s film We Are the Best which I tend to think would be better than this memoir It was first published in Swedish on 2008, and was released recently this year 2015 in English It s pretty fun, the story of how Moodyson and her two friends grew up moving from Swedish folk dancing to an interest in punk They work hard especially on getting the hair right, of course They dream in that spacy teenaged way of forming a punk band, but they don t know [...]

    Arielle Walker
    I really, really want to read this but obviously the language may make things difficut as the only words I think I know in Swedish are ones that look similar to German, which may or may not actually mean completely different things and as my German is now pretty terrible that probably still won t even be helpful in the slightest But the film of this was amazing, so I m hoping for a translation at some point or a bilingual swedish friend who wants to read me the book.

    Ugly cute the only description of adolescence, and also the spirit and look of this naive graphic novel about Swedish misfit girls The movie adaptation We Are The Best is deeper, not to mention the movie that has made me laugh the most, but the source is good too.

    Nose in a book (Kate)
    12 year old Coco lives with her divorced mother and her 17 year old sister Magda Their mum s a bit of a party animal and gives the girls a lot of freedom Coco s best friend since third grade is Klara Klara s big sister Matilda her age is never given but it s implied she s very close in age often hangs out with them, and the three of them have decided to start a punk band None of them can play an instrument but it s punk, so that doesn t matter.The story is about female friendship first and forem [...]

    Look, it s weird, okay Never Goodnight is a Swedish graphic novel recently translated into English It s about three girl friends growing up in 1980s Sweden who want to be in a punk band But they re only 11 12 years old so mostly they play on pillows, pots, and pans They do normal young people things and dream about being in a successful punk band At the end of the day, it s really about adolescence and female friendship which are things I enjoy reading about quite a bit.The art style fits the pu [...]

    Sadie Forsythe
    I don t really know what to say on this Someone else called it ugly cute and I think that s an apt description It is undeniably cute, as children so often are But It is also ugly The drawing style is corse, the characters lumpy and lopsided with a tendency to be shown on the toilet or in other cringe worthy positions But it s about three female, punk tweens in 1982 Sweden Nothing about them is frilly or girly or pretty and it s not supposed to be In fact, this is a lot of what the book is about [...]

    Samantha Bee
    This was quite cute and enjoyable Really reminded me of being in my early teens, getting into punk music, and wanting a bass guitar than anything A quirky art style, and dialogue that sometimes broke through the fourth wall It reminded me of a lot of the graphic novels I picked up this past semester for a graphic novel course, and I think anyone who enjoyed Walter Scott s Wendy might enjoy picking up this one too.

    Jo Coleman

    Thoroughly enjoyable, grasps the essence of what it may have felt like to be a thirteen year old punk girl in the early eighties, even though I have no means to cross reference the rhetoric Regardless, it felt true and honest, really immersive, wish there were of it.It may seem a bit contradictory, but the movie felt a bit coherent, had much of an arch to it But life doesn t always have an arch or any direction whatsoever.

    Zeynep A
    i think coco is me and i am coco it is kind of sad haha her mood after coming home after meeting those punk boys is literally my WHOLE LIFE

    Matthew Metzdorf
    punk rock graphic novel pretty cool art

    I m not sure why I didn t love this as much as other coming of age books, and I think it s because we get the glorious awkwardness of middle school where you want to be good at something without really wanting to work for it where you like other people but you don t know how to deal with that and you are constantly defining the world in tiny us vs them, usually based off whether they like the same things as you.I think some of it is the truthful but unflattering vision of myself at that age I wa [...]

    After watching the movie adaptation, We Are the Best , I feel like I can review this graphic memoir with some finality For what it s worth, I liked the movie a lot .I think my big problem besides that I hated the art style was the lack of a central plot And I understand life doesn t always have a plot But if you make the choice to adapt your coming of age story into a book, you have to be able to flesh out some of the non essential aspects of your upbringing Maybe it made the story feel real to [...]

    I don t know why, but I thought I was going to love this and I didn t There s something I just don t understand about teenage angst It s like I experienced it, but I was battling such bigger issues then some cute boy so it really just doesn t jive with me I was also very uncomfortable about how Coco treated the gay characters in the book I don t know if it s alright to use a derragatory term for gay people and other them or it was just Sweden in the 80 s but I didn t like it at all Also if she s [...]

    I received this graphic novel in my November Landfallfreight subscription Lol firstly I just want to point out that the cover art reminds me of Angela Anaconda lol I wasn t the biggest fan of this book, I thought it was a bit odd especially since he characters were 12 13 and went to parties and got drunk Does that happen in real life Also was anyone else weirded out that they girls slept naked Or without shirts because I was haha I don t know I just didn t get it.

    Three almost teenagers living in Sweden in the 80s this book was fun to read Now I need to go find out about the movie

    2.5 stars Wasn t a fan of the art style and a lot of the Swedish 80s references were lost on me.

    Fun to read, but I feel like there s something missing to the story landfallfreight

    Simon Sweetman
    Enjoyed this, preferred the film We Are The Best amazing film but was good to go back to the source material I believe this was just recently translated given the success of the movie

    Lost in translation or not my cup of tea I don t know which but this for sure was not for me I received it in my Landfall subscription box and it was an epic fail.

    Sarah Taylor
    I am so warm after finishing this What a wonderful reminder of just how great your best buddies are.

    I was really put off by the art style, and just never really felt connected to the characters.

    But the movie is better.

    Ken French
    A fun story, but I preferred the movie version We Are the Best.

    Three stars for rarity, though I can t say I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    A slice of life graphic novel about teen punk girls in Sweden forming a band.

    twelvies starting a punk band in the 80s nice.

    • ☆ Never Goodnight ✓ Coco Moodysson
      158 Coco Moodysson
    Never Goodnight