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  • Title: Remember the Lilies
  • Author: Liz Tolsma
  • ISBN: 9781401689148
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Paperback

  • Irene and Rand come from very different walks of life Will they find common ground in their fight to survive Irene has grown up in the jungle as a missionary with her Aunt Anita, but now she and countless others are imprisoned by Japanese soldiers at the Santo Tomas Internment Camp in the Philippines Irene and her aunt are safe there, and she keeps busy with her duty ofIrene and Rand come from very different walks of life Will they find common ground in their fight to survive Irene has grown up in the jungle as a missionary with her Aunt Anita, but now she and countless others are imprisoned by Japanese soldiers at the Santo Tomas Internment Camp in the Philippines Irene and her aunt are safe there, and she keeps busy with her duty of delivering censored messages to the camp s prisoners, but like everyone else, she prays for the war to end and for her freedom Rand is a wealthy, womanizing American, whose attempted escape from the internment camp has put himself and others in danger When Rand and Irene s Aunt Anita meet one another in the hospital, Irene learns of his story and her heart is determined to save his family But the danger outside the walls of the hospital worsens every day, and life in this exotic place is anything but luxurious Can Irene find Rand s family before they disappear forever And can a humble missionary woman and an arrogant man find common ground in the face of their biggest fears
    Liz Tolsma
    Liz Tolsma has lived in Wisconsin most of her life, and she now resides next to a farm field with her husband, their son, and their two daughters All of their children have been adopted internationally and one has special needs Her novella, Under His Wings, appeared in the New York Times bestselling collection, A Log Cabin Christmas Her debut novel, Snow on the Tulips, released in August of 2013 Daisies Are Forever released in May 2014 When not busy putting words to paper, she enjoys reading, walking, working in her large perennial garden, kayaking, and camping with her family Please visit her blog at liztolsma and follow her on Facebook and Twitter LizTolsma She is also a regular contributor to the Barn Door blog.


    Sarah Sundin
    Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma illuminates the difficulty of life in the civilian prison camps in WWII. Rand and Irene’s romance is surprisingly realistic, given their extreme differences, and Rand’s transformation is believable and touching. Although the story isn’t an easy read, it is a very good one. I highly recommend this novel

    I have been enjoying the host of Christian fiction World War II novels released recently and Remember the Lilies is another one going straight onto my keeper shelf. It's an absorbing look into a very different aspect of the war and I really appreciated the fresh perspective. Tolsma has done her research and brings the past to life in all it's brutal desperation. This is a gripping read I found hard to put down places. Mind you, at other times I couldn't close the book quickly enough to shut out [...]

    Library copy. This is the third book I have read by this author. The first one was the best, and the things I didn't like in the second book are more so in this one. I have to be honest in my review. You can decide for yourself.Writing in two genres at a time is courageous, historical and romance. I'm not a fan of romance, so that's one thing I don't care so much for unless the rest of the book is tops. My biggest complaint is that I didn't identify with any of the characters. I'm not a writer s [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed Snow on the Tulips by the same author and had it read over a weekend, but this book took me a week to plough through. I found it lacked the history and depth that the other book had. I was also frustrated that I couldn't create a clear picture in my mind of the Santo Thomas Internment Camp in Manila during the Japanese occupation simply because it lacked descriptive detail.I liked Irene, although I was annoyed at her on more than one occasion, and I loved her Aunt Anita, I s [...]

    Maggie Boyd
    The story line to this book is basically simple - Irene and Rand meet while at a Japanese Interment camp in the Philippines. However, I have a laundry list of problems with this novel:- Bigotry: I totally get that it would be almost impossible to love your enemy. Yet in a Christian book to find the nastiness Irene et al felt toward the Japanese was appalling, especially from a missionary. The author had a chance to redeem this with the character of Mr. Tanaka but choose not to. She might do well [...]

    Julia Wilson
    I was so blessed to receive a copy of Remember The Lilies by Liz Tolsma. It is set in the Philippines' during World War II. The novel opens in Manila in 1941 as night club owner rand is driving through the streets with his latest girl, and nearly runs over a beautiful blonde haired young woman.The novel jumps forward two years to the internment camp in Manila, where all the foreigner's live. Rand is still a brash young man, ready to take on the Japanese and escape. However after an escape attemp [...]

    Remember the Lilies is another beautiful addition to Liz Tolsma’s series of books which are set during World War II. This is definitely a stand alone story, however, and can be read independently of the others in the series. Once again, I was very impressed with the author’s ability to make me truly feel that I was back in time and going through the struggles along with the characters.The setting is very interesting and one that I was not terribly familiar with. Everything takes place in the [...]

    Lisa Johnson
    Title: Remember the LiliesAuthor: Liz TolsmaPages: 373Year: 2015Publisher: Thomas NelsonThis is a novel set during WWII in the Philippine Islands, specifically in Manila. In 1941, the island has fallen to the Japanese and all the residents of the city have been confined on a former university’s small campus. The campus is now a prison camp. The two main characters are Rand Sterling and Irene Reynolds, and this is their fictional tale of a time of survival during captivity.Rand Sterling lived a [...]

    Kelly Bridgewater
    Liz Tolsma is still a new voice in Christian fiction, but she has worked her way into the World War II historical romance fiction genre pretty well. Remember the Lilies is Tolsma’s third book with Daisies are Forever and Snow on the Tulips being her first two novels. While the first two books take place in Nazi occupied lands of World War II, Remember the Lilies actually takes part in Philipines in Manila, which is where two of my grandfathers fought. The covers for these three books and the g [...]

    Robin Willson
    Very well written. Maybe too well written. Although very well told, it's a story that I cannot like. It takes place on Manila, Philippines starting in 1941 with Pearl Harbor, just before and then during the Japanese invasion. In the Internment Camp people were treated so horribly, and the author captures that. The characters are very real and you can feel their struggle. There are people of strong faith that influence and ultimately extend their faith to our main characters.For Rand, it's a rich [...]

    Reet Champion
    Rand Sterling is living the life and loving it. While operating his two very popular nightclubs he is staying busy and making money with ever present thoughts of expanding his influence. But when World War II comes to Manila his world is thrown into a disarray. After a failed escape attempt from a Japanese internment camp Rand comes very near death for his troubles. While convalescing in a hospital he meets Irene Reynolds. Together they forge a friendship that is threatened by their intricate pa [...]

    Remember the Lilies is a war story about survival, hope, and love. Set in the Philippines during WWII, this is the story of two people who lived very different lives, but endured many trials and suffering during a horrific time that eventually brings them together. A young missionary woman and a man whose life revolved around money and clubs wouldn’t have very much in common and perhaps never would have even met had it not been for their captivity. Their friendship starts slowly and as time go [...]

    A tropical paradise of freedom turns to the harrowing story of WW2 life in a tropical internment camp. The horrors of a botched escape attempt had me squirming. Multi-layered, full storied, atmospheric, and emotionally involved reading, Ms Tolsma's descriptive writing took me there. I cringed at the inhumane actions of the Japanese army against the captive internees of the Santo Tomas camp in Manila, Philippines. I felt the sweltering heat and the drenching typhoons. Children played an active ro [...]

    Annie Kate
    I fell in love with Liz Tolsma’s first book, Snow on the Tulips, and have also reviewed Daisies are Forever. Remember the Lilies is her third book and again her characters are memorable and realistic, her plot is exciting, and her settings are difficult to forget. However, what I value most are the simple but profound Christian themes that run through the books authentically rather than as cliches.For example, “Ever since her father had deserted her, she had been looking for someone to be th [...]

    Cheryl Baranski
    Remember the Lilies, By: Liz TolsmaIf you like suspense, mystery and historical fiction then you are going to love the book Remember the Lilies! This is a book that is so well written that is going to keep you on the edge of your seat! Be prepared to be captured and drawn into this wonderful story right up until the very end! What an amazing historical fiction book. It is utterly amazing at how detailed this story is, I love it. Looking forward to reading more books by Liz Tolsma. Be sure to fol [...]

    After reading Liz Tolsma's Daisies are Forever, I had very high expectations for this book. The author really isn't afraid to delve into the horrors of war and the devastation it brings. I was excited to read what life was like in the Philippines at the time after having read so many WWII novels set in the European theater. In regards to this story, I had a hard time connecting with the characters. At first I thought Irene was brave for bringing Rand the censored part of his message in order to [...]

    Lynda Edwards
    In 1941, Rand Sterling was a wealthy, womanizing club owner, and an American of note among ex-pats and locals alike. Now, two years later, Rand is just another civilian prisoner of war—one whose planned escape from the Santo Tomas Internment Camp could put himself and others in grave danger. Irene Reynolds grew up as a missionary kid in the Philippine jungle. Now she works for the paranoid Japanese authorities, delivering censored messages to the other American prisoners in Santo Tomas.When Ir [...]

    I've gotten this one autographed and I'm still donating it, that's how much I didn't like it. It was VERY religious, which all of Liz's books are. However, it was A LOT more about trusting God instead of trusting the Allies. There just wasn't a lot of history in it. It would have been a lot better if Rand had a secret radio and was learning about where MacArthur was. Instead it was just a lot about people starving, a romance that moved at a snails space, a small mystery which anyone with a brain [...]

    Janet Merrell
    I enjoyed several things about this book but felt it was not quite as good as Tulips. I enjoyed the setting and learning about Manila and the Santo Tomas camp. The characters were nicely developed and interesting. I just felt there was not the same suspense and tension for the internees that I had felt while reading Tulips. It was still well researched and I will continue to the read the author when I have the opportunity.

    Karen Mcnicol
    I just loved this story, Irene, her Aunt Anita, Rand they are all such good people to get to know. Who knew that Rand would meet up with the girl he almost ran over minutes before the Japanese would take over Manila? WW11 affected more countries then we realize, the Philippines is taken over by the Japanese and Americans are kept in an Internment camp with little food and must live out the war in this prison. This is the hopeful story of how these characters survived.

    received this book from Litfuse Publicity for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own. Book Description: Irene and Rand come from very different walks of life. Will they find common ground in their fight to survive? Irene has grown up in the jungle as a missionary with her Aunt Anita, but now she and countless others are imprisoned by Japanese soldiers at the Santo Tomas Internment Camp in the Philippines. Irene and her aunt are safe there, [...]

    Elizabeth Horvath
    Holy Cow! What a book! I could not put it down!

    A sweet, page turner romance novel that still gives fascinating insight into the second world war. Admittedly the ending also gave me a run for my money!

    In case it's not obvious I've been on quite a World War II reading kick lately! Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma takes place in a Japanese internment camp on the grounds of a university in the Philippines. Unfortunately I'm not familiar with that part of the world and without much description written into the story I felt as though I was reading a story and seeing the characters clearly but the surroundings blurred. Let me start by saying that I liked the story itself but there are a few things [...]

    Kathleen (Kat) Smith
    There is something so amazing when an author can utilize some historical facts to create not only an unbelievable novel but capture your heart in the process. I guess that is why I love historical fiction, because based on history, there are so many stories out there that can be captured in a book, stories that impact you in profound ways that you are never the same after reading them. Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma is one such novel. Based on events that happened in the Philippines just as W [...]

    Remember the Lilies is another wonderful romance war story written by the lovely Lis Tolsma. This book will bring your senses to life as a reader and have you pawing through the pages to finish! This is a show-stopper book: it has history, it has war, it has romance, and amazing character's both primary and secondary! Another to add to your must read for 2015 list, don't miss out! My Thoughts It can't be a Liz Tolsma book without a gorgeous cover. Tolsma is one of those type of authors who use t [...]

    The timing of when I read Remember the Lilies could not have been more perfect. Over the holidays my husband and I went to see Unbroken, the inspiring story of Louis Zamperini and his survival through a plane crash in the Pacific and POW camp in Japan. I was so moved by his story that I began searching and watching various YouTube videos that gave more information about Louie, and even videos with the man himself. It was fascinating. Then I bought the biography that the movie was based on and re [...]

    C.E. Hart
    “Covering her mouth with her hand, she made a mad dash for the safety and security of the Main Building. Funny that it would be a haven for her now when most of the time it was a prison.”I’ve just completed reading another book by Liz Tolsma. Remember the Lilies is book 3 in a 3-book series that takes place during WWII. If you haven’t read the first two books of the series, Snow on the Tulips, and Daisies are Forever, have no fear—all three books make wonderful, full-bodied stand-alone [...]

    Kathleen E.
    Wednesday, February 11, 2015Remember the Lilies by Liz Tolsma, © 2015Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these. --Luke 12:27After reading the two previous novels by Liz Tolsma, Snow on the Tulips and Daisies Are Forever, I was awaiting this third story, Remember the Lilies. Interesting that flowers are intermingled with seemingly dismal places, showing hope and faith can bloom again in dust and [...]

    Amy Bradsher
    A more descriptive, intriguing, and moving story of life in a Japanese internment camp can't exist. Tolsma masterfully describes life inside the camp, from supply limitations, guard interactions, weather difficulties, food shortages to disesase problems as if she were there. You can easily visualize how bleak everything must have been from the stark pictures the author paints.The best part of these harsh conditions is the way that Rand never loses hope. He wants a better life than the camp provi [...]

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