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  • Title: Chlorine and Chaos
  • Author: Jessalyn Jameson
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  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback

  • Free Download Chlorine and Chaos - by Jessalyn Jameson - Chlorine and Chaos, Chlorine and Chaos Former rebel punk foster child Has been golden boy swim champ Second chance at the love of a lifetime or all consuming mistake Drowning in guilt Sage Shepard and Brandon Tiggs have spent the last se
    Jessalyn Jameson
    Jessalyn Jameson writes sexy, troubled love stories that break the rules and sit just outside the romance box Jameson s couples mess up, break up, make up and fight their way to their HEA.Nothing worth having comes easily why should a happy ending be any different When she s not writing, you can usually find her with a drink in hand and a far off look in her eyes, always dreaming up her next chaotic couple.


    Vrsha (PeekAtMyBookReview)
    Please note that this is solely my personal opinion and I do not intend to hurt anyone s feelings Rating 2 StarsMy Views Storyline Sage is someone who was sexually abused when she was a teen and Brandon came into her life and they fell in love However, since Brandon was the Golden boy and Sage was the rebel they kept their relationship a secret They got separated and meet later on in life when each one s life has changed You see this, it blew me and that was why I accepted the ARC and was giddy [...]

    Angie McLain-Fan Girl Book Blog
    5 StarsA second chance romance that s seriously twisted and I couldn t have loved it The familiar chemical scent of years spent in the water teased her senses once , lulling her back to the days when she d get lost in the smell of him, the feel of him, his love, his touch I was truly ecstatic to be given the chance to read an Advance Reader s Copy of Chlorine Chaos, it s the debut erotic novel and book one in a brand new series, Flawed Heroes from Jessalyn Jameson I of course had read the blurb [...]

    Tamara Mataya
    This book is wrong in all the right ways _ The characters are drenched with personal history that s sexily tragic You re rooting for them from the first page And Shades of Scorpius, the HEAT You might want to read near a large body of water in case of combustion Don t say I didn t warn you Well written, emotional, and sexy, this is one of my favourite reads Period.

    Great read I was hooked by the second chapter The characters in this story faced real world problems that had me rooting for them to succeed I would recommend this book to all who love a good romance But, especially those people who gave up on romance stories because the plots were too simple You will love this book

    The Lusty Literate
    3 Stars Hot SteamIntrigued and enticed by some white hot excerpts and teasers, I couldn t wait to read Sage and Brand s second chance romance Unfortunately, and despite of the trigger warning appended to the synopsis, I was stunned and unprepared for the darker than expected detours Sage takes on her way back to Brand s heart What begins as a romantic and sexy story buzzing with promise between two ex lovers swiftly shifts into a painful and disturbing downward spiral of depression, promiscuity, [...]

    I was given and ARC by the author in exchange for my honest review Chlorine Chaos by Jessalyn Jameson deals with some hard topics that most people refuse to acknowledge occur, but she weaves it so well into this story that all they bother me it s necessary to tell this story.Sage was a goth emo chick in school and Brandon was a swim team jock She was from an abusive foster home and he was the town golden boy They had a secret relationship all through high school until graduation when she left fo [...]

    Jessalyn Jameson
    Now available for pre order Chlorine Chaos

    Ayden Morgen
    I stayed up entirely too late reading this last night Every time I d prepare to stop for the night, something would happen and I d have to keep going I love Jessalyn s writing style It s absolutely beautiful Sage is a hot mess, and I have to admit that I loved and hated that about her in turns That s a good thing Having endured all she has, I expected nothing less from her Abuse isn t pretty and the long term effects can be brutal Sage is a perfect representation of this sad reality She s flawed [...]

    recieved ARC from Author Review to come

    Teri Kay
    This was my first read from Jessalyn and I absolutely loved it This is so much than your typical second chance romance I think I felt almost every emotion with and for the characters love, hate, sorrow, anger and even pity The story of Sage and Brand is tragic and beautiful at the same time The title describes this story perfectly Chaos A heartwrenching chaos that makes you root for the couple and wish they d just leave each other alone Everything a good read should make you do Highly recommend [...]

    Red Cheeks Reads
    CHLORINE CHAOS is the first book of the Flawed Heroes series.Chaos YES This book definitely lived up to it s name It certainly was chaotic Sage and Brandon are childhood sweethearts Well they were up until graduation Both filled with insecurities and so much guilt on how each one had a part in their separation that neither of them never really wanted to happen Luck is something that was never on their side but when they get that second chance, can they hold onto it Because here she was Back insi [...]

    Becca Moree
    With the trigger warning at the beginning of Chlorine and Chaos, I was honestly a bit worried about reading it I even had two of my guest reviewers turn it down because of the warnibg However, once I got into it I kept would drink when the big bad flashbacks that were triggers were going to pop up.honestly, while there were a few abuse scenes there was nothing that was so in depth or so detailed that I had any issues or flashbacks of my own I was quite happy about that, I loved how the sexual as [...]

    Holy heck, that was one of the best books I have read in a while And trust me, I read a lot of books I love that neither Brand or Sage was perfect, but they are perfect for each other Beautifully flawed The writing was superb Full of details, well developed plot and characters Oh the characters Some you will love,Jimmy, some you will sneer at, coach Simmons Without giving away too much, I will say I am glad there will be book number two coming soon with Jake I did wonder what the devil happened [...]

    This is the first book of author Jessalyn Jameson s Flawed Heroes series It was introduced to me as an erotic novel , which, of course, is a genre I have never read However, I know the author, a sweet, beautiful, young woman who does possess a fiery, powerful spirit, so I rushed out to purchase it.I will not go into the story much, except to say that this is not a dirty book It is a well developed story of two very damaged people brought back together I found both main characters to be well thou [...]

    Rhonda Meller
    You re hooked from the beginning When Sage and Brand see each other again, you know it s going to be an amazing story When their pasts come back into the picture, it gets crazy and dramatic I couldn t figure out what was going to happen next Sometimes they sabotaged their own happiness Thinking they didn t deserve it What I truly loved about their story is the fact they never gave up on their love Each knew they loved the other They might have each made mistakes at different times but the other [...]

    Some parts were a little slow moving but over all it was good Brandon Tiggs was a high school all star athlete who saw a girl one day and and fell in love The girl just happened to be Sage But Brandon and Sage could not be together For reasons than one But there were people who always knew but never said anything Sage moved away after graduating and went to college She promised to return one for her brother Jimmy That day came but what it brought with it was a whirlwind of total chaos There is [...]

    Rady Reads
    I ve got this e book for honest review It s story about high school sweethearts, who s been together in secret relationship After their break up Sage went to nursing school and haven t heard anything about her only love Brandon Tiggs She comes back to town and get job as nurse at high school she went What she doesn t know is that Brandon is there swim team coach.I really liked this book It s great written and I couldn t put it down.

    Ok, here goes This book frustrated the ever loving shit out of me Why you might askWell in this book you can find everything that I hate Drama, because of the lack of communication checkPotentially great heroine thinking with her vagina, and sadly turned whore checkLove triangle or rather lust triangle checkAnd hero, who you don t know if you love, hate or pity check So here it is ladies and gentlemen, the reasons why this book wasn t for me.I m disappointed.

    Tabitha (Bows & Bullets Reviews)
    This review is also available on my blog, Bows Bullets ReviewsSage Shepard and Brandon Tiggs had their epic high school fling, but that was YEARS ago Things didn t really end on a good note and both parties have spent the past seven years trying to get over it Now, Sage is back in town and unintentionally walks right into Brandon s life She takes a job as the school nurse at her old high school only to learn that Brand is the swim coach at that very same school Brand is in the middle of a divorc [...]

    This was a great read full of amazing characters Ellie, Jimmy, Artie, Sage and Brand Tigg loved them all, even coach Simmons though he was always an idiot Some Brand Tigg had me loving him one minute, hating him the next, then thinking OMG he s my favorite I m not one to give away spoilers but I will say my emotions were all over the place as these to damaged souls tried to find their way to their happily ever after Here is the range I went though, Awww, Yes What No, Lord have mercy, are you kid [...]

    Misty Hamilton
    An emotional tug of war with the person your soul was meant for Sometimes in life even second or third chances don t get things right, no matter how badly we want them Sage and Brand think they are meant for each other, but outside sources disagree Read this and see if things work out, or if they have to learn to grow up and let go of the love that has anchored them together since high school This had me glued from the first page

    This is the first book of Ms Jameson s that I have read This is a fairly quick read Now there are a couple of times during this book that I absolutly hated, but most of the is book a good read This book deals with some real life issues that can be hard on everyone involved Sage made some choices as an adult that I really had a hard time with All in all this book is a second chance at true love and that road is not always and easy ride 3.5 out of 5 Stars.

    Tina Buchberger Oase
    This was my first time reading a book by Jessalyn I love her writing style Sage, Brand, 2nd chances, love, romance With every page the story spoke to me when I had to put it down it called to me Wonderful story, beautifully written

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