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  • Title: Sweaters & Cigarettes
  • Author: Mika Fox
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  • Theo can t stop looking at Max With those black clothes and piercings, and that sarcastic charm that s enough to intimidate pretty much anyone, he s not exactly what you would call ordinary Especially not when Theo is as ordinary as it gets, for a high schooler, along with all the insecurity and awkwardness that comes with it Basically, Max is everything Theo is not, buTheo can t stop looking at Max With those black clothes and piercings, and that sarcastic charm that s enough to intimidate pretty much anyone, he s not exactly what you would call ordinary Especially not when Theo is as ordinary as it gets, for a high schooler, along with all the insecurity and awkwardness that comes with it Basically, Max is everything Theo is not, but no matter how hard Theo tries, he can t get him off his mind He s honestly crushing on him so hard, that it s not even funny Theo has never spoken to Max, has even tried to hate him, but when their paths actually cross, their first conversation takes a surprising turn And before long, they both find themselves falling harder and faster than they ever could have anticipated Sweaters Cigarettes is a story about first love, first times, and all the sweet thrills that go along with it This book has some mature content
    Mika Fox
    Mika is an author who loves to write about love, and among her works are contemporary relationship dramas, as well as fantasy esque romance adventures Most of her stories center on LGBT protagonists and relationships.She moves around a bit, is still trying to make sense of being an adult, and she has a weakness for chocolate, movies, and superheroes.Sweaters Cigarettes 1 on UK s best seller list of Gay Lesbian Fiction for Young Adults 3 jan, 2015


    I loved Max and Theo together right from their first kiss! I enjoyed this enough to give it five stars - my only reservation was that it was a little longer than it had to be.

    I enjoyed this, but and it's not a big but, just me being picky. Sweaters & Cigarettes is really well written, the story was sweet and the character's voices distinct and genuine. This could easily have been four stars for me but, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but was too long. At points it became repetative and I found myself skimming until something came up that moved the story along. I wanted it a little tighter. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, and will definitely look for [...]

    Originally a Dean/Castiel fanfic, apparently. Dunno if I'll read the published version or the original.

    I’m not into love stories (mostly, I read for the sex) but damn did I fall in love with this couple. I was so in love that I didn’t want the book to end and frequently reread previous chapters so that I could prolong their story. Sweaters and Cigarettes features realistic characters, who each had their problems and insecurities that I could relate to. Each character had their own identity and brought depth to the story, particularly the minor characters of Riley and Cassie. It is impossible [...]

    SweetYay I finally finished the book !!!Pff what a struggle It was just so long…. (hey that’s just my opinion )How Max and Theo first meet and talk/have a discussion/argue about Superman&Batman was just so funny, Max finally couldn’t stand it anymore and kissed Theo just to shut him up not expecting that Theo liked kissing him back (I found that so adorable)Max and Theo together was just so sweet I loved them!!Their relationship progressed slowly they make out a lot but it takes a whil [...]

    Mare SLiTsReaD Reviews
    Awe this book was so freaking cute and hot and cute and YA. I mean the rela was YA but the sex was grown. But in all actuality i really liked the writing. It worked for me. The book is long. LONGLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGMare~Slitsread

    I was a fan of this story way before it became a published book. It is so heartwarming and beautiful.

    Shani Ohana
    ughhh i love this so much, i fell in love with the characters and the story

    A solid 4.5 stars for this one. I loved it but was disappointed with the HFN ending. This is about Theo the geeky virgin and Max the goth who is not stranger to one night stands. We follow the development of their relationship from their first kiss behind the school. Max kisses Theo as a way to shut him up after a ridiculous argument over who is better - superman or batman. The span of the whole thing is the last 5 months of their senior year, leading up to graduation. It somehow feels wrong to [...]

    Amanda Barnes
    When I first read this blurb I knew I had to read this. When I actually started reading it I thought I was in YA heaven! It was soo good It was all I could do to put it down when my attention was needed elsewhere. Max *sigh* I love emo boys and he was just the sweetest thing ever! Him and Theo were sickly sweet together a heck of a lot of fluff but it was really good fluff and noo drama what so ever between them oddly enough if was the parents. So that was nice but this book was just simp [...]

    WowThis could easily be a guilty pleasure. Oh the angst and reward of teenage love. Even though it's about high school kids,it's very rewarding in its way and although just the slightest saccharine, I guess I needed it. Exactly right. It could have easily been shortened a bit, but I kind of like the way it drew out. It really gives you time to get to know the boys, and change with them as they grow together.

    WAY better then it thought

    Christina P
    3.5-4 Stars: Feel in love with Max and Theo!!! It was a little to long and dragged out for me. I was hoping for HEA not HFN but overall it was a great book!

    Hazel Spivey
    Although the writing could of been way better, I really enjoyed the storyline and thought it was sweet and overall good:)

    Coré Le Borgne
    So apparently it was a fanfic before beign published. I didn't know that before reading and never really noticed.I liked the story. It flew pretty well, although it was maybe a bit too long, and the characters were really lovable. I couldn't help but cheer for them all throughout the book. It was nice too, to see the development between them, without too much miscommunication or problems that I usually see in YA books (no love triangle! No love rival! Yes!)One flaw though: I don't really like th [...]

    DNF at 32%. Real rating 1.2 stars - rounded down to 1 star. There are many issues with this book - the poor writing style, the need for an editor, the plot holes that (I'm assuming) make sense when written as a fanfic but become confusing when not addressed by the author in the updated 'book' form, the fetishisation and infantilisation of the gay characters and the stilted dialogue which becomes grating after a while. Had I known that this was a poorly updated fanfic I would have avoided.

    Shirley Manus
    Genius at Love.This is the kind of book you read with a smile on your face. Theo and Max were amazing together from the first page to the last. The book was sweet, sexy and Theo' s first time couldn't ' have been wrote more perfectly. I'm usually a fairly fast reader but you will want to take your time with this one.

    Too long DNF

    This was a sweet story. Any drama or conflict isn't too major. Just some parental stuff and a "school yard" issue. I gotta say that what I loved about this story is it's sweetness. Theo's purity and innocence with Max's experienced and rebellious spirit was a good contrast. It was nice to watch them work their way towards the middle. There was a lot of smirking and cocked eyebrows. And I've never read a story that had so many "pointed" looks. But whatevs. I can look past that. Also, I'm not sure [...]

    First, let me start off by saying. I really, really wanted to like this book. I thought I was going to like this book. Unfortunately, I didn't.My main problem with the book was repetitiveness. The book was telling me over and over how Theo never heard someone talk like Max. He was forever saying how he had a crush on Max. Chapter after chapter. In one chapter, we get this steamy, hot scene. And then the entire thing is recapped in the very next chapter. I feel like I didn't need that part since [...]

    4.5 starsI really loved this book. This book made me want more books with a goth MC. I was so attracted to this couple. A shy, average student and a popular, goth student? What could be more perfect? It's an unusual relationship and that's why I loved them. I was instantly pulled in the first time the characters talked to each other. Max was so intriguing. I loved Theo's shyness. I loved them together!

    Jay D Carter
    I loved the genuine, rich characters that grew and changed with each other as their relationship got closer and more intense. I also appreciated how the 'being gay' wasn't the main issue or theme in this book, as the tension grew and the parents had issues with who their son was seeing ~ the focus was on how good/bad the individual was for their son.The sensual, hot love scenes were amazing, without being too dirty and obscene ~ just perfectly written.I really enjoyed this book.

    I enjoyed this read! Not usually one to purchase a YA book - however, I'm so glad that I did. Very smart, mature, witty, self assured characters - first love first of life's experiences, sailing through some experiences with sails at full masts, other experiences with more caution and trepidation. Also - unlike many YA books - this read contained sex lust heavy breathing - even a little begging

    I loved this book, while some things did seem a bit off and I would have to agree with another review about the unnecessary length, some pieces could had gone without and just seemed to be added fluff; which I suppose isn't all that bad. Regardless, the relationship between Theo and Max is rather heartwarming and it's touching story about them. Great book.

    Absolutely loved.

    Zinnia Rose
    This story is absolutely gorgeous.

    Amazing read What an amazing read. A long one, but worth it. Many teenage romances can come across as very unbelievable but I really enjoyed this one.

    I was really enjoying this book up until around 60% then it felt like a chore to finish because I was kind of bored

    I liked this book a lot but it could've been shorter. Towards the end I was skimming bc it all started to sound the same. Still really enjoyed it though.

    Bell C.
    I loved the fan fiction, the book was no exception. It was very nsfw, but very cutesy at the same time. Not a very hard read, but enjoyable.

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