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  • Title: When Hell Was in Session
  • Author: Jeremiah A. Denton Jr.
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  • Page: 349
  • Format: Paperback

  • On July 18, 1965, Jeremiah Denton was shot down near Thanh Hoa He spent almost eight years in North Vietnamese POW camps During a 1966 television interview arranged by the North Vietnamese, Denton blinked in Morse Code, spelling out T O R T U R E with his eyes the first confirmation Americans in Vietnam faced torture.Denton won election to the U.S Senate in 1980.
    Jeremiah A. Denton Jr.
    Jeremiah Andrew Denton Jr is a retired United States Navy Rear Admiral, Naval Aviator and a former U.S senator, of the Republican party, for the state of Alabama He spent almost eight years as a prisoner of war in Vietnam and later wrote a book about his experiences.


    Read this book for 2 reasons: 1- for the narrative of Adm Denton's time as a POW that I promise will change you in some shape or form and 2- for his updated epilogue at the end. His epilogue should be read by those who fear the path our country is going down because it not only puts into words what you're likely feeling, but it also will give you a new found energy to make a change that you fear may go unnoticed or won't have any effect at all. I challenge those who are happy with the current st [...]

    E. Ozols
    I think the very best thing I can say about this book is that it forced me to challenge myself, which I guess is somewhat rare when you get to self-select what you read. I saw this listed during a Kindle sale, it looked significantly less-shitty than the other discount titles, it appeared well-reviewed, and it was about a topic about which I know very little and thus would like to learn more. Beyond that I had no idea what I was getting into, but was determined to enter with an open mind.It was [...]

    I was pretty much mesmerized by the first 3/4 of this book when Denton was a prisoner of war. His descriptions of what the POWs went through was horrifying and difficult to read. I would have given this 4 stars except for the epilogue to the epilogue, which I wish I had not read. I wanted to learn more about the plight of Vietnam War POWs, not a grandstand of conservative Republican beliefs. Which even then, liberal though I am, I tried to read with an open mind and see from his perspective, but [...]

    Wow. So I read this book a second time. It kinda fits in with my Vietnam War (or American War, depending on who's labeling) theme for the last month or two. The first time I read this, I was struck by Denton's indomitable spirit and the cruelty of human beings to each other. I also loved the way Denton triumphed over all the efforts of his captors to manipulate him and managed to blink a in Morse Code to the world that he was being tortured. That was a very Br'er Rabbit moment.Reading it a secon [...]

    My dad told me that the college class of 1964 was the last of the pre-hippie revolution generation. Reading this book about the travails of servicemen shot down and held prisoner in North Vietnam convinced me of the truthfulness of this assertion. It is a short and uncomplicated book that you can get through in a day. The accounts of the torture and the awfulness of their imprisonment are hard to forget, but the aspect of the book that made the biggest impression on me was simply the sense that [...]

    I really rate it 4.75 but that's not an option. For those not familiar Jeremiah Denton was the first POW to get the information out (ehile in captivity) that the POWs were being tortured by using Morse code via blinking during a television recorded interview. It amazes me how men (and women) can suffer such cruelty and still keep faith in themselves, each other, their country, and God. I have read multiple stories concerning POW accounts from several wars now and all come back to faith in God. S [...]

    When I picked up this book, it was because Jeremiah Denton, Jr. was my father in law's Captain in the Navy. I have not met my father in law due to his early passing, but I was curious about someone who knew him and wrote a book about being a POW. This was a difficult book to read. I had to put down frequently, but kept going because I was only reading this he actually endured this awful treatment! It gave me a certain kind of inspiration that on my worse day, I have it very very good! And it is [...]

    A gripping first hand account of the 7 year imprisonment of Jeremiah Denton during the Vietnam War. He was tortured many times for information by the North Vietnamese. Denton was a leader in the prison camp at various times and inspired his fellow prisoners to not give in. They developed ingenious ways to communicate even though they rarely saw their fellow prisoners. It was inspiring to see how much suffering someone could actually endure without breaking.

    Horrifyingly eye opening account of Vietnam war POW Jeremiah Denton, his capture, and imprisonment during his time as a POW. This first person account instilled in me horror, sadness and nothing but sympathy for this man and what he endured. This is a very informative read that provides insight on what it was to be a prisoner of war during the Vietnam War. I strongly recommend everyone reads this and sees what real sacrifices our armed forces can potentially face when going into harms way.

    My Mother gave me this book for christmas in 1976 and this book is my favorite book. After reading this book I walked away with a whole new insight to the hell that our POWs went through. Admiral Denton and the other POWs of Vietnam are true heroes. Its amazing how Admiral Denton got word back to the would about how he was being treated by his captives. His efforts to resist the Vietcong, despite his safety, elevates him to a true American.

    Very interesting. A POW in Vietnam was in solitary for about 4.5 yrs of 7 in captivity. He blinked morse code to send a message to the US while being interrogated and tortured. Tame enough for students to read and has excellent message about patriotism and our country. Faith element may be too much for the politically correct groups. I wanted more on his return to civilization; the book ended too soon!

    This is such a great book! Very gripping! Jeremiah Denton tells the story of his imprisonment for seven-and-a-half years in Vietnam, during the Vietnam War. It's fascinating reading about Mr. Denton's experiences, fellow prisoners, fears, triumphs, etc. Jeremiah Denton was extremely brave, and I think he's a Christian. He is certainly one of my heroes. Ages 15-16+

    This book is intensely disturbing, gut-wrenching and horrific That being said, it may sound cliché, but Jeremiah Denton provides an entirely new insight into what our servicemen have endured for our country -- what he went through will hit you hard. I dare anyone to read this book and not come away a changed person in some way Just wow.

    If you've ever wondered what a Prisoner of War endured during Vietnam - read.ad.ad. When I was about 11 years old, I wrote a letter to Jeremiah Denton and he wrote me back - I still have that letter today.

    Donna Bass Maraman
    Must read for every American!

    Hai Quan
    Just because one is a high ranking military officer, even an Admiral,does not necessary mean one is a highly intelligent, noble , honest,compassionate, respectable or admirable.Reading this book ,I found the author does not deserve any of the above qualities. Quite oppositely , I found him to be the most stupid arrogant,ignorant and self-congratulatory .He had blindly done whatever the COMMANDER IN CHIEF ordered, even when this CHIEF( Nixon) was a thief, a liar, a criminal and a snake His stupid [...]


    I disliked a lot of Denton's grandstanding in the epilogue but his memories still make this an amazing book. I hope I'm open-minded enough to appreciate the stories and sacrifices of people I disagree with. Truly an amazing man with an incredible story. It's well told and overall tremendous.

    Ruth Charchian
    I feel it is important to read books about war heroes because I have never selflessly risked my life in the military in wartime so that others can live in freedom. I wondered what it felt like to be repeatedly terrified I was going to die, to be starved, or to be so sick I couldn't stand. This book promised to teach me to better emotionally comprehend and empathize with the sacrifices it takes to protect and preserve the freedoms our Constitution provides to each of us. I can't fully appreciate [...]

    Jeff Miller
    I knew a little of his story, but this certainly makes me admire him all the more. I hadn't realized he was a A6-A Intruder pilot which was interesting to me considering my years working on avionics for a later version of this aircraft.That despite almost constant torture over multiple years along with many years in solitary his Catholic faith was enlivened. It is hard to imagine enduring this. Much less with multiple injuries to bring your faith more alive and taking the part of a leader to hel [...]

    Thad Forester
    For some reason I had never heard of Jeremiah Denton or this book so my expectations weren't high. But, I was quickly captivated by every word and finished the book quickly. It easily motivated me to stand up for what is right even more--that we must fight for the principles and standards this country was founded on, no matter how few fight. And I loved his additional epilogue where is criticizes those how need it, and provides warning to our country.He and many others went thru hell and we are [...]

    This is an amazing story of perseverance and survival. Denton recently passed away, and I saw this listed in his bio while reading a news story about him. I recommend this to all.He wrote an epilogue not long after writing the book (70's), and then another one more recently (recent enough to comment on a timetable for pulling the troops out of Iraq and drawing parallels with Vietnam). A former US Senator, he commented a lot on some recent current events, and I wish he would have commented on our [...]

    Odd Stavem
    The first three quarters of the book detailing Denton's time as a POW in Vietnam is mesmerizing. His tale of unwavering resilience in the face of near constant torture over many years is truly horrifying and inspirational to read. Unfortunately, the last quarter of the book Denton spends ranting about pornography. unwed mothers, sexual deviancy, the abandonment of the traditional christian family values and what he perceives to be the general moral decline of American society. A society which he [...]

    Janet C.
    I am unable to find the words to adequately describe everything I felt as I was reading this book. To say Jeremiah Denton was a hero is so much an understatement. There is a lot of detail regarding Denton's life as a prisoner of war during the Vietnam Conflict in the Hanoi Hilton. The atrocities suffered by, not only Denton, but all the POW's that were being held prisoner were ghastly. How those men endured until they were released in 1973 is beyond comprehension. In the United States we saw Den [...]

    having been in the military, and given the climate in this country about gitmo and torture, i wanted to read this account of a man truly imprisoned and tortured for so many years. torture should never be allowed, but there also has to be perspective on what is occurring now at our hands and what our enemies past and current have done and are doing to those that they consider enemies. god bless america! the book did start to fall for me at the end with the politicizing that the senator did (altho [...]

    This book was given to me on Christmas of 1976 by my mother. I read this book in 2 days which was astounding for me as a teenager. This book is my favorite of all time. "When Hell Was In Session" is one book that i will never part with or loan to anybody. It is amassing what Admiral Jeremiah Denton went through as a POW in Vietnam. It was because of him that the USA found out how they were treating our POWs. Admiral Denton found a way to get a message to America while still being held captive. I [...]

    This book really opens your mind about humanity, civilization, and the human psyche. A lot of people gave this book a bad review purely from their opinions about war and politics. The book is a memoir describing a personal experience over a long period of time. It is not a propaganda piece and shouldn't be looked at as one. I was truly impressed with the coping skills and determination all the men in this book displayed and only hope that more people could do the same. This book represented cour [...]

    This book was surprisingly one of my favorites. I was required to read a book on anything I wanted to concerning WWI, WWII, Vietnam. I wasn't too interested in war at the time, so I chose this book because I typically enjoy biographies, autobios, and memoirs. I could not have made a better selection. Not only did I actually read the entire book for a class, but I read it in about two days because I could not put it down! I actually felt the pain and sadness of this POW.

    Holy Wow. This was an amazing book. Its not an autobiography really, its just about the time Jeremiah Denton spent as a POW. The amount of courage and fortitude to endure what he endured, to fight every time, to make them break him every time it was amazing. Depressing, sad, made me cry, incredibly patriotic It makes me glad for the freedoms we have and it makes me incredibly glad that our men are not in that kind of fight right now.

    Just having toured the "Hanoi Hilton," I was reminded of having read this book years ago. I was able to look at the prison with an entirely different set of eyes than the Vietnamese would have had me use. So interesting to see how the Vietnamese go on and on about their maltreatment by the French and Japanese in the very prison in which they themselves treat Americans in much the same manner. They went to great lengths to paint a picture that draws a contrast in to the two, though.

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