The Stone (Chronicles of Quat, #1) Best Read || [Bryen O'Riley]

  • Title: The Stone (Chronicles of Quat, #1)
  • Author: Bryen O'Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Stone (Chronicles of Quat, #1) Best Read || [Bryen O'Riley] - The Stone (Chronicles of Quat, #1), The Stone Chronicles of Quat The Chronicles of Quat is a trilogy that records the ancient and universal struggle between those who believe in Science and those who believe in the Unseen World The highest achievement of a Scientis
    Bryen O'Riley
    Always with a notebook in hand growing up, everyone insisted that Bryen should become a writer She refused She wanted a real job which by her teenaged definition, was a job that required a business suit So she went on to study International Relations, interned at the Department of State and moved to the District of Columbia a beautiful old apartment a few streets behind the Capitol and got an 8 5 She even had to ride the metro to work For a girl from rural Ohio, this was big city life It didn t take long for the commute, the suit, and the hours to make her wonder what was so terrible about a job which could be done at home in pajamas and Bryen began to reconsider writing.Her first foray into writing came in 2003 in the form of a screenplay Several followed But while Bryen likes screenplays and movies in general her real love are books She decided to try her hand at writing fiction.Hearing that romance is the easiest genre to enter, Bryen started there and had a short story published under a pseudonym But her favorite genre is fantasy and pretty soon she wanted to create her own worlds and systems of government put that International Relations degree to some use The Chronicles of Quat is her first fantasy series.


    Book one in the Chronicles of Quat was a page turner I love the mystery behind the story From the start you are aware that there is to the story than meets the eye Clearly there is a force of evil perusing Rynn her boys Who are they and what is their intention Who can be trusted to help Tad on his quest Is his best friend a safe choice What about anyone that is met on his adventure Can he trust the people of the Flatlands What about Valeathum Analiesa As the story unfolds some questions are ans [...]

    Tamara Shoemaker
    Attention, fantasy lovers A new book is on the market well, not so new any it was released in April of this year it s just new to me.The first book in The Chronicles of Quat, The Stone is the first full length book out by author Bryen O Riley, and from what I understand, this is the first segment in a series.Counting the stars I give this book 3 5 To clear up any confusion I reviewed this book on both and I gave it 4 stars on , because you know when you hold your mouse over the stars and it give [...]

    Two brothers live in a society dominated by scientific thought and reason called Quat One brother is perfectly happy to follow such a path The younger, Tad, finds himself on a quest at odds with this majority view Sent by his mother with dire warning that their father whom the boys have never met is trying to kill them, he searches for the mythological Stone In a world of science, such a thing as a magical stone shouldn t exist Yet why are the masters of Quat trying to destroy it This first book [...]

    This is a great book very well written, mysterious, infused with a sense of foreboding I can t wait for the next in the series

    Marilla Mulwane
    I struggled at first with this book and I m not sure why, but I am glad that I kept reading It really picks up and becomes much interesting Tad comes off as much younger than he is, but I kind of liked his naivet from growing up in a small village I really enjoyed the concept of fantasy vs science What we know and what we can t see It is worth reading, and if you feel it s slow at the beginning just keep reading It gets much stronger.

    Bryen O'Riley

    • The Stone (Chronicles of Quat, #1) Best Read || [Bryen O'Riley]
      498 Bryen O'Riley
    The Stone (Chronicles of Quat, #1)