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  • Title: Consumed
  • Author: Leslie Sansom
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 195
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  • He wants control She wants a life Will Liam and Norah ever be able to reach a compromise that satisfies them both When the unthinkable happens, trusting in each other is the thing that just might get them through it.
    Leslie Sansom
    I like to read Dirty books, so I started writing them Author of the Lost at Sea duet, Stranger on Route 35,and Sold Keeping her in the Dark I have a visual mind and writing is a hobby of mine Like me on Facebook for updates facebook lesliemsansom Check out all of my books available on Leslie Sansom e


    Linda Sims
    MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST BOOKThis book is the next in the series Keeping Her In The Dark. I liked book 1 even with all it's editing issues, this does still have a few problems in that area but it's much improved.After being kidnapped and sold to Liam at a slave auction, things between them have move forward. Liam and Norah are trying to make things work. He still has his control issues, but Norah is determined to get her own way. Gradually she persuades Liam to let her get a job, he's not keen [...]

    I have several issues with the book that contributed to my lukewarm feelings. I have already read book 2 and am not even sure if I will move on to book 3. We'll see how I feel tomorrow. Small annoyance Liam is English - from London - but spoke with American grammar. The author should have just made him American or even Canadian if she couldn't pull off the British speak. The books had many many many many typos and missing words and misspellings. If I notice bad editing you know its pretty bad. [...]

    Where do we begin???? I had no idea what would happen with Norah and Liam. I figured everything would end with rainbows and unicorns but apparently someone had something different in mind. Here we go agin down this long path of how do we be a couple! The beginning was unnecessary and obviously overdone, no matter how hot it was. Norah has no spine when it really matters. I don't see how standing your ground leads you to orgasm in only 5 minutes. I'm just saying! On the other hand, they are a ver [...]

    Well this one was just okay for me. I don't like Liam's mushy side, so it takes away from the story for me. I like my assholes to remain assholes throughout and felt Norah was wearing the pants most of the time. This concept doesn't work for me when I'm reading a dark book. I did like the sex club stuff, but the quick resolve felt fake and unlikely. Then the over the top angst Norah had with Liam after words was just unnecessary. I give it three stars for 1. Not ending in a cliffhanger (but ther [...]

    Leslie Sansom
    This book is now available on createspace in print! createspace/pub/simplKindle Versionamazon/Consumed-KeepinPlease come to FaceBook and like my new page! facebook/lesliemsansom

    Jamie Schaedel
    Liam and Norah steal my heart heart again in the follow-up to Sold. The twists and turns that they face help not only challenge their relationship, but help them grow.Norah faces some intense obstacles but with the help and love of Liam, they find their way together.

    Yeah, no, I'm not sticking around for part three, even if it's only €0.89. Sorry.

    I like it couldn't stop reading till I finished :)

    This was a far different book then the first book which I liked very much. The beginning of the book was very disconnected. I almost quit because of the H's behavior because he was not like the guy in the end of book 1. The writing itself was very choppy. The book did pick up and got interesting when Nora got the job and Nick following her but everything went south with the abduction. It took Liam almost six days to seriously look for her?! I never felt his worry. He was no Dom and he was no alp [...]

    GRRRRRR. Book 3, really?!?!?!??? I'm getting really pissed at all these series books, especially when I don't know there is gonna be another book. I purposely wait till I know the whole series is out to start so I'm not stuck with a big "what the hell?" but I didn't see on her list of books that there was a book 3 pending so I went ahead and then at the end of book 2 you get a big "book 3 is coming in the summer"? WTF?! Really? The good about this book, I like the way Norah and Liam's relationsh [...]

    Lilly Heart
    This book is so much then the first. It's a lesser book but that's great. there wasn't any parts in the story that didn't need to be there.This books goes straight in it. There is a bit more action and Norah is not as annoying as she was in the first book.Norah gets a job, Liam is not so sure about it but Norah learnt how to get her own way. A old friend/enemy of Liam Nick, comes into town and he his jealous of Liam and wants everything that Liam has. He has his sights set on Norah. When the opp [...]

    Angeline Yapnata
    Well, there are no hang cliff by the end of this book. This book continue the stories about Norah and Liam's stories. I like their love stories even though it is a very common kinda romantic. For me it kinda has a slow pace toward the middle of the book and things get interesting from middle toward the end of the book. I won't spoil anything but it is a fun read for me. The level of intense in the book is getting higher from book one to book two and I am have finished reading all the books in th [...]

    Liam desperately wants to control Norah, but can Norah be the type of submissive that Liam is looking for without loosing herself?Liam has the power and the money, but does that cause him to have the ultimate power over Norah?A constant page turner!This one I could not put down, I just had to see what happened next. This is an excellent read and it continues the story of Liam and Norah perfectly. I can't wait to see how the story continues in the next book.

    Jennifer Finn
    Norah went home to her family & tried to live a normal life but she missed Liam. Norah's little sister knows she is depressed & calls Liam & invites him to Norah's bestfriend's wedding. Liam is just as lost & depressed without Norah. When they are finally back together at Liam's house planning their future together Norah is kidnapped by a "friend" of Liam.

    Spoiler :Just a bit spoily but I have to say it.She buys him another woman to fuck ???? WTF?!?! No, just no. I'm so glad he didn't go there and got upset. I don't like that he let so much time pass when she was taken and so much more could have happened to her. Ugh. This one was just IDK Let's see what the next book brings

    Dawn Hurley
    Possessive lovethis is an all consuming love story and it makes you feel tense and then you let out a sigh of relief. great story.

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