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  • Title: The Life of a Banana
  • Author: P.P.Wong
  • ISBN: 9781910053218
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Paperback

  • Longlisted for The Baileys Women s Prize for FictionXing Li is what some Chinese people call a banana yellow on the outside and white on the inside Although born and raised in London, she never feels like she fits in When her mother dies, she moves with her older brother to live with venomous Grandma, strange Uncle Ho and Hollywood actress Auntie Mei Her only friend iLonglisted for The Baileys Women s Prize for FictionXing Li is what some Chinese people call a banana yellow on the outside and white on the inside Although born and raised in London, she never feels like she fits in When her mother dies, she moves with her older brother to live with venomous Grandma, strange Uncle Ho and Hollywood actress Auntie Mei Her only friend is Jay a mixed raced Jamaican boy with a passion for classical music.Then Xing Li s life takes an even harsher turn the school bullying escalates and her uncle requests she assist him in an unthinkable favour Her happy childhood becomes a distant memory as her new life is infiltrated with the harsh reality of being an ethnic minority.Consumed by secrets, violence and confusing family relations, Xing Li tries to find hope wherever she can In order to find her own identity, she must first discover what it means to be both Chinese and British PP Wong has blazed a trail for future British Chinese novelists The Life of a Banana is bursting with original and exciting flavours Ben Chu, The Independent, UK Life Of A Banana is so refreshingly distinct Read it, and you will soon find yourself wanting The Daily Mail, UK Revealing in its exploration of cultural and generational conflicts and moving in its optimism The Guardian, UK Speaks volumes engaging read The Star, Malaysia Impeccably observed, often hilarious, and deeply moving pitch perfect David Henry Hwang, Tony Award winning writer of M.Butterfly Brought back happy memories of Sue Townsend s Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Lord Wei, House of Lords UK I know we are barely halfway through the year but I m calling it BEST book of 2014 Love is a State of Mind Wong has created a real barnstormer of a novel that deserves to be on several of the 2014 15 awards lists It s definitely getting a place in my Top Ten If These Books Could Talk
    PP Wong is the first British Born Chinese novelist to get a publishing deal in the UK She grew up in London and her parents are from Singapore After completing a degree in Anthropology and Law at the London School of Economics, she did a Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism.Her debut novel THE LIFE OF A BANANA is about race relations in London seen through the eyes of a 12 year old girl The novel was longlisted for the Baileys Women s Prize for Fiction and highly rated in newspapers and magazines such as The Guardian, The Independent, Corriere Della Sera, La Stampa, The Daily Mail, The Straits Times, The Star, Bangkok Post, Vanity Fair and Marie Claire She was also interviewed by BBC radio several times and read from her novel on Malaysian television.She is currently working on her second novel and the theatrical adaptation of The Life of a Banana.

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    The title of the book made me smile, since a 'banana' was meant to describe a Chinese person with a western up bringing. Yellow outside and white inside. In my country we have the 'coconuts'. It seems as though there will always be confusion and bitterness when second generation immigrants have to adapt to their country while the parents expects them to uphold their old cultures and beliefs. In our country's case it is not immigrants, but indigenous groups adopting the western lifestyle. Xing Li [...]

    Courtney Fitzmaurice
    I adore this book. The plot is excellent, delievering plenty of twists and turns, some of which hit me like a punch in the gut. I always wanted to know more about the lives of the characters and I was interested as to what was going to happen for the entire book. The characters in this book are brilliant. Our protagonist, Xing Li, just felt so real to me. I wanted to protect her from the horrible things she went through, but there was nothing I could do and I watched as the bullying went from ba [...]

    I was at a book launch, in a book shop, last week and while waiting for the author to appear I scanned the bookshelves and spotted this.Took it to the till, didn't buy book that was launched, and started it a couple of days later. That is the story of how this book came into my possession. So, the story. A 'banana' is a Chinese person who is 'yellow on the outside and white on the inside.' (NOT MY WORDS!) so born of Chinese descent but brought up in a western country with little knowledge of any [...]

    Russell Jones
    The rest of the story contradicted the main narrative. And the final quarter seemed written in isolation to what had gone before. Long enjoyable stretched though.

    Xing Li’s world has been taken from her and she has to fend for herself. Not only are things harsh at home – but life is brutal at her new school – horrifyingly so. The school is very prestigious and Xing Li is not only Asian she speaks with a cockney accent at well. Certainly not a worthy person in the eyes of the other students who are absolutely cruel. Xing Li is bullied and vilified almost to the nth degree and her only support is Jay, a part Chinese, part Jamaican boy who is also bull [...]

    Eustacia Tan
    I actually heard about this book in The Straits Times, so I was super excited. It's about British Born Chinese, the Chinese part coming from Singapore. I'll just say up front that my standards for this are probably higher than most other fiction I read, because I've been looking for awesome Singapore fiction. Plus, after that disastrous Singapore Lover book, I'm probably overly sensitive to depictions of Singapore and Singaporeans.So dun say I complain too much hor. Like is like lah, but still m [...]

    Lolly K Dandeneau
    My heart ached for little Xing Li, a British born girl of Chinese decent, facing racism and deep loss as she comes of age. After the loss of her beloved mother, Xing Li and her brother Lai Ker move in with their 'mean old' Chinese grandmother, strange uncle Ho and starlet beauty Aunt Mei. The reader follows Xing Li as she tries to understand the mystery of her mother's estranged relationship with her grandmother while trying to find her place in her new seemingly unwelcoming home. Worse, Xing Li [...]

    Liz Barnsley
    Review by Melissa Barnsley on behalf of Liz Loves Books.The Life of a Banana is a deeply moving, funny and fascinating insight into the life of a British-Chinese teenager, Xing Li. Having lived in China for a short while myself I found this book particularly interesting; during my time in China I found that a lot of Chinese nationals yearn to start a new life in Britain or America, and many of them see the freedom of our countries as preferable to the often oppressive Chinese traditions and laws [...]

    Xing Li is a banana – yellow on the outside and white on the inside. This is the term used uncritically by BBCs – British Born Chinese – for those born and bred in the UK but who are ethnically Chinese. In this debut novel - which was turned down by 27 publishers before finally being accepted – we get to know one such banana through her thoughts, feelings and experiences as she copes with the death of her mother, her new life in her matriarchal grandmother’s somewhat dysfunctional hous [...]

    Lenore Beadsman64
    banana, ovvero giallo fuori e bianco dentroXing Li perde la madre per un incidente e, insieme a suo fratello, dalle periferie londinesi si trasferisce a casa della nonna a Kensington e in una scuola privata, dove viene in contatto con il classismo inglese e il razzismo che spesso accompagna le persone lontane dal loro paese di origine, inutile dire che, nonostante le origini familiari, Xing Li è nata in Inghilterraoria di formazione adolescenziale, con tanto di segreti familiari e modi di dire [...]

    Miranda Saville
    I would honestly have expected a lot more from a book long listed for the Bailey's prize. Thus is definitely a Y.A.text both in subject matter and style. The plot trots along at a good pace but without much need to engage brain. The characters are thin stereotypes. The bully is too horrific to be human and the Grandma too icy for me to believe in any transformations. Also how did they find the letters she sent? Surely they wild have only found this she received? This irritated me but what irrita [...]

    Without the long-list of The Bailey's Prize, I would never come across The Life of a Banana. I was instantly struck by such an inventive title, unaware at the time of what it symbolised. What could seem like a gimmicky book from the outside proves to be a moving story about British Chinese people, about the loss of culture, and what it means to be yourself, wherever you are in the world. I had low expectations, but found myself longing for more, especially for more insight into Grandma's life to [...]

    In some ways, I felt it was more for young adults, and should be on all school curriculums. There is a fine line between writing from the point of view of a young person, but still from a filtering adult, like Margaret Atwood is so good at for example, and seeming to be unfiltered adolescent. However, I still think it was a powerful book, really important in terms of finding a voice, and I often think of it while driving etc, or seeing young Asian women walking down the street, and wondering wha [...]

    Ping Loong
    Touching, funny and thought provoking all at once. A brilliant first novel by PP Wong, the narrative is fast paced and witty and written from the perspective of a young British Chinese girl, captures her 'growing up' well in the midst of cultural confusion and bullying. The plot is engaging and the characters memorable. In particular I could identify with the messages and themes brought out and would highly recommend this book. This Banana has a healthy life ahead!! Can't wait for the sequel.

    The Life of a Banana is essentially a coming of age tale, but Xing Li, a British Born Chinese girl has it far harder than most of us. The story tackles multiple big themes - grief, mental health, bullying, cultural identity and the timeless horror of adolescence. There are tear-jerking moments aplenty, but Xing Li is an engaging and believable teenage narrator making this a very readable and thought-provoking first novel.

    Cristal Punnett
    Xing Li is what some Chinese people call a banana - yellow on the outside and white on the inside. A great story about Xing Li life, after her mothers death she and her brother live with her Grandma, there are secrets to be uncovered.A wonderful first novel from PP Wong, four stars all the way.

    This book was interesting, entertaining and I loved it.Humourous and deeply moving.

    The selling point of this novel is very weak, and the writing is not creative.

    Gayla Bassham
    Clunky writing, poor pacing, and a couple of unbelievable turns in the plot spoiled this book for me, although I agree that Xing Li is a very appealing protagonist.

    Mary Snaddon
    Excellent. Different. Funny and sad.

    Generally quite enjoyed this, as a young girl grapples with her cultural heritage in London after the horrific death of her mother.Sometimes the tone of voice became weirdly excessively childish, considering the girl is 12, but overall I get what the author was doing and the misspelled mishearings of things were quite amusing.It was interesting to see how her relationship with her grandmother changed at last.

    yenni m
    I felt this. I loved it. The voice of an excellent young person was delivered honestly and beautifully. A rare laugh out loud read that I'm always surprised with and so grateful to find.See bananawriters."There aren't enough books being published by East Asian and South East Asian writers Banana Writers is a voice for new and talented writers."

    Elisa Vangelisti
    valutazione dell'estrattoDiciamo che l’ho scaricato perché il titolo era molto buffo, ma la trama è noiosa da morire.

    Sam Still Reading
    I love that the Baileys Prize (aka Women’s Prize for Fiction or Orange Prize) brings to my attention books that I would otherwise have missed. The Life of a Banana is a fantastic book that made me both laugh at loud and silently fume at the injustices inflicted on its protagonist, Xing Li (pronounced Sing Lee). Why it is called The Life of a Banana? Banana refers to what some people wrongfully call the Chinese – yellow on the outside, white on the inside. But it accurately explains the strug [...]

    Received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review“But then it gets weird 'cos I'm neither here nor there. Like I'm not totally white and I'm not Singaporean either. I love Sunday roasts and Chinese food too, but I can't speak fluent Chinese and the only Chinese word I can write is my name."There are good books, there are very good books and then there are the sort of books for which you have an all-consuming love for, that resonates with you so much you feel like it was written f [...]

    Jerry (Libri in pantofole)
    librinpantofole/20Ti vorrò bene per sempre e anche per una settimana in più. Con queste parole PP Wong mi ha precipitata nell'universo e nei pensieri di Xing Li, questa adolescente sino-britannica che chiude gli occhi su un mondo per riaprirli su di uno completamente differente, ribaltato. Perché la perdita dell'adorata mamma rappresenta per la giovane Xing un assoluto terremoto, il passaggio da un'infanzia protetta e calda a un'adolescenza infarcita di dubbi, paure, segreti e mezze verità. [...]

    The Life of a Banana is a genuine novel. It’s evident the author has experienced racial bullying herself. Every character is so real and compelling; she brings her painful past to life. I do find certain bits rather peculiar. And it’s clear that the author has put much thought in her titles. One chapter’s titled ‘The Grandma of Wrath’ — it left me amused.“…in the game of “Bullies and Bullied” the only weapon we have is zipping up our lips.”Of all the characters, I find Xing [...]

    This ARC was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewWritten from the point of view of a twelve year old girl, PP Wong’s novel The Life of a Banana is about a British-Chinese girl struggling to cope with the difficulties life throws at her after the death of mother – her only parent.Set in London, Xing Li and her older brother, Lai Ker, are taken in by their extremely strict grandma. This is just one of many major changes in their lives. Having grown up in Eas [...]

    Unsatisfying read. The title of the book really amused me. "Banana" is used as slang to describe an Asian person who "acts" white. Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Not a great stereotype, but I was intrigued by the books premise of a young Chinese woman who lives in London and must navigate the perils of being a young teenager: from school to her mother's death to fitting in, etc. Unfortunately this coming-of-age story did not do well for me. The book opens with her mother's death (t [...]

    Lucy Lai-Tuen
    I’ve been the great honour of reading and sharing my thoughts on PP Wong’s début novel The Life of A Banana which is due for release in September 2014.Début novels are always special events (well at least I think they are) and this work in my honest opinion is special. Special in that it speaks directly to me as person, who happens to be female and East Asian.But this story will engage anyone. There is a beauty and attractiveness about PP Wong’s pure, simple, uncomplicated and honest sty [...]

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