Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ☆ The Other Dead - by Joshua Ortega Digger T. Mesch Qing Ping Mui ↠

  • Title: The Other Dead
  • Author: Joshua Ortega Digger T. Mesch Qing Ping Mui
  • ISBN: 9781613778890
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The world s first Zombie Animal epic is here A deadly hurricane threatens New Orleans just as a frightening and mysterious outbreak hits the animal kingdom Join all star creators Kevin Eastman, Joshua Ortega, and Digger T Mesch for this highly anticipated new horror series With art by rising star Qing Ping Mui.
    Joshua Ortega Digger T. Mesch Qing Ping Mui
    Joshua Ortega is an author and journalist best known for his novel Frequencies, as well as his comic book and graphic novel work on entertainment properties such as Star Wars, Spider Man, Batman, Star Trek, The Escapist, and The Necromancer.


    Ok, so the art work was amazing! Without the illustrations, my rating would have been at least one star lower. And I will probably buy a full copy of this when it comes out, if only for the art work.On a side note: I understand why they had the watermark over the top of the pages, to stop people from distributing it illegally, but it did make it hard to read the writing sometimes, and stopped us from being able to truly appreciate some of the full page images. It would have been more bearable if [...]

    Chris (The Genre Fiend)
    This review is courtesy of an Advanced Review Copy through the good folks at NetGalley.Ok. Give me a second to gather my thoughts here.I get that zombie stories aren't for everybody, especially since we live in a world where franchises like The Walking Dead are the catalysts for full-on undead saturation on television, within comics and in spin-off literature. The tropes surrounding stories about the living dead are well-worn and old-hand chestnuts, and as such we might be getting a bit bored wi [...]

    Emma Darcy
    I can see that in many of the other reviews Obama has been a problem for some people. Honestly, I liked it. And I loved, loved, loved all the zombie animals.

    NOTE: This book was provided by the publisher, through NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.This is a graphic novel combining the first 4 comics in a new zombie series. In this series, the twist is that animals, not humans, become the zombies, turn into crazed killers and attack all humans. This is another series riding the wave of zombie popularity. To my mind, this one misses the mark. It’s just not well done; it’s trying too hard. First, the characters in the book are mostly unlika [...]

    Nicola Mansfield
    Here is a new twist on the zombie apocalypse that I haven't read before. The humans seem safe, at least from becoming the living dead. The danger lies in the animals having become cursed into zombies, every creature small to large, from birds to mammals. A heaping good dose of gore and violence but not over-the-top and a tight, believable (for the genre) plot made for a fast-paced page-turner read. Very well done and I highly enjoyed it! I do, however, have one problem with it; that being the un [...]

    Wayne McCoy
    'The Other Dead' combines enough plotlines for at least three good stories, and that might be it's biggest fault. It's crazy, over the top, has zombie ducks and squirrels, and it may appeal to some, but I wasn't a fan.In the opening, a group of hunters shoots a deer in the head. They think the deer is dead, and yet it gets up and kills the hunters. We learn later that one of the hunters was former Vice President Dick Cheney. Meanwhile, a group of musicians seeking fame sacrifices some ducks in a [...]

    Lucie Paris
    3 stars because of the art!A visually stunning comic that lacks a little energy and strengh in the plot. The idea of ​​having animals turning into zombie seemed interesting while reading the synopsis. The problem is that the origin of the epidemic is unclear. Is it because of the ritual performed on the ducks ? In this case, how can Obama be aware of the epidemy so quickly? In terms of characters, the story is a little wild and confusing. All heros are rather idiots and none is really nice. [...]

    Gruesome artwork & zombie manatees for the win.Yeah, not much as far as character development, but I really like the premise of a zombie outbreak affecting the animals instead of humans (the film Black Sheep is a guilty pleasure).I have no idea as to the thoughts or reasoning behind the creators throwing Obama into the mix and I'm sure that them doing so is going to bunch up a whole lot of panties. But, seriously, it's a comic book and they are generally meant to be amusing or entertaining. [...]

    Me encantan los zombis. Cualquier historia sobre apocalipsis de no-muertos me encanta, de verdad. Sin embargo, nunca había leído ni visto nada sobre animales zombis, por eso no he dejado escapar la oportunidad de leer The Other Dead. No tiene una trama compleja, con una explicación sobre cómo se originó el brote realmente creíble, ni muchísimo menos de personajes (hay varios, pero realmente no se profundiza en ninguno de ellos porque en 144 páginas no da para mucho). Pero es un cómic mu [...]

    I am a fan of the zombie genre. I watch Walking Dead. I read zombie fiction. I watch zombie movies. Please keep in mind that my opinion might be a little biased.Having said that I enjoyed this. It was an unusual take on the zombie culture - animal zombies! Interesting. One of my favorite parts was the hunter being killed by the animals he had killed! Wonderful irony!The story lacked some zing but I am hoping that improves with the future additions to this storyline. I will repeat what others hav [...]

    A want-to-be rock band outside New Orleansperforms a magic ceremony involving duck blood that may (or may not) have caused zombie animals to begin attacking humans. Dick Cheney gets killed by a deer he just killed. President Obama flew in to New Orleans due to an approaching hurricane and gets trapped due to animals and weather. The book ends with the surviving band members, Obama, and a right-wing survivalists preparing to endure an attack. A ironic horror comic that pokes fun at all sides. Enj [...]

    Great premise, where the zombie apocalypse affects animals instead of humans. It follows a group of survivors (including Barack Obama) escaping Louisiana, where the outbreak started. I wouldn't want to be part of their rescue team, because every team expect the last one, dies trying to rescue the president. Artwork was different. There was definitely a lot of gore with the zombie animals, but aside from that, eh.

    In trying to get famous, a band casts a spell which unleashes a zombie curse effecting animals. The reanimated animals are really angry and out for revenge.Highly detailed illustrations add depth to scenes, characters, and plot. Characters are quirky, from a range of backgrounds, and fun.The narrative, while somewhat simplistic or formulaic, is well constructed and develops as the characters and action build.Overall, a fun read.

    Oh god I love the Obama depiction so much! I'm a bit of an emotional sook, so the animal deaths bummed me out a bit. But overall a good story and amazingly gruesome illustrations.

    Shandy Jo
    First thing I have to say, despite the basic cover art the illustrations are great. Lots of gore and fine detail that you would expect in a zombie based comic. Let's just say you're not going to want to read this while eating. The concept of animals being infected with the zombie virus or whatever, you really don't know what causes this outbreak, is new and had a lot of potential. I was really excited to see how this played out. Unfortunately it didn't quite live up to it's potential. The plot w [...]

    David Wardrop
    Wonder what President Obama (still President as of this writing 15/1/1017) while not a fan of the zombie genre I found this enjoyable. The story, your typical survival horror, moves along at a very good pace with an interesting array of characters (the ones that survive this is)

    That was fun. Loved the coloring, and a bad ass Obama.

    Reseña de Sergi Viciana · Nota: 6,5 · Reseña en FantíficaLa idea de los animales zombis es casi tan vieja como el género tal y como lo entendemos hoy en día. Simplemente no se ha explotado demasiado, porque tiene un problema de raíz: si todos los animales se convirtieran en zombis, la humanidad desaparecería en horas. Y cuando alguien ha intentado plantearlo en serio, el resultado ha sido siempre el mismo: la verosimilitud ha saltado por los aires. Y que en una historia cuya premisa es [...]

    The story follows a group compiled of one boy with cancer, two strippers, three wannabe rockstars, Obama and his assistant, and a racist redneck; with a cameo by a zombie manatee.Okay, so this book is ridiculous. Whether or not that is a bad thing is a personal opinion. If you enjoy watching bad horror movies simply because they're amusing, then you'll probably like this; if you prefer serious stories then you won't. I was entertained by this, but that's about it.I was not blown away by the art. [...]

    This is more than just a animals-turn-into-zombies comic. It's a weird little combo of super gory illustrations and an almost comical storyline. We start with a group of punk rockers trying to make it big. They haven't had any real success, so they try to cook up some voodoo magic to gain fame. The ducks they sacrificed, though? They don't stay dead. And despite the punks' fears that they started this whole zombie outbreak, I'm not entirely sure if that's true yet. We'll have to wait and see.Ful [...]

    Albert Yates
    wasn't a bad little yarn. the concept of the story was very original and compelling in the beginning, but once they meet with the president things got a little dicey in my opinion. how can you stop a rampaging rhinoceros when damaging the brain doesn't slow out down? you don't, you accept the fact that you're not going to sleep that night.

    Tomislav D.
    Obama in New Orleans vs zombie animals. Just wow :D

    Robert Hudder
    Okay, animals are the dead, Cheney, Obama, and Louisiana. This moves, a lot.Fast paced. Be interested to see if Animal Planet finishes the development deal or if we get to see more books.

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