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  • Title: Wake for Me
  • Author: Isobel Irons
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  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Wake for Me Best Read || [Isobel Irons] - Wake for Me, Wake for Me When winery princess Viola Bellerose has a fight with her up and coming Irish rock star boyfriend she blows off steam in true diva fashion by making out with a hot stranger in a bar and promptly cras
    Isobel Irons
    Isobel Irons is a pen name.


    I really loved WAKE FOR ME Viola s winery heiress status and Sam s medical intern gig automatically cast an alluring aura of glamour Both characters are physically attractive ain t nothing wrong with that BUT, those aren t the elements that sucked me in.Here s what did 1 The intriguing cocktail of interwoven realities coma dreams muddled with real life And here I must add that the author s descriptions of Viola s dreams depict a world that is lushly beautiful and savagely terrifying, with a twis [...]

    I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Viola, a spoiled rich girl, wakes up in the hospital and learns she had been in a car accident and then in a coma for days That would explain all the weird dreams.Sam is an intern assigned to Viola s case He takes care of her and talks to her while she is in a coma He talks about Ben and his best friend Brady He talks freely because she can t hear him anyway Or can she Once Viola comes around, she tries to piece ever [...]

    When I received this, I just knew I was in for a great read After reading Isobel Irons Promiscuous and now Wake For Me, she is undecidedly one of my new favourite contemporary authors Irons is just so good at writing not only attention grabbing plot lines that aren t all fluffy and overly lovey dovey, but also wonderful characters that pull on the heart strings with their compelling back stories and the way they act and think and develop You can t help but grow attached to them all And the plot, [...]

    4.5 out of 5 Stars ARC provided in exchange for a honest review Further to a car accident Viola Bellerose finds herself in a coma, imprisoned between dreams, nightmares and the soothing voice of lovestruck intern Sam Philips, who finds solace in baring his soul to her unconscious body, without even knowing that every word registers with her That was what Brady called the coma ward The Matrix It was probably in bad taste, but Sam kind of liked to think it was possible that all these unconscious p [...]

    Wake For Me is a unique contemporary romance that provides suspense, mystery, love, humor, and a bit of steam While I ended up loving the book, I did have mixed feelings at first since it took me a good 75 pages or so before I was completely involved.I won t totally rehash the plot but briefly, Viola, who is a beautiful, wealthy, and spoiled young woman, falls into a coma Her attending intern, the sweet, cute, nerdy Sam, is fascinated with her He spends his time talking to her and sharing his th [...]

    Georgia Bell
    Viola is a spoiled, rich heiress dating a rockstar Sam is an earnest, boy next door medical intern who is still trying to resolve his grief after a family tragedy After their chance meeting in a bar and a kiss that blows his mind, Sam s world is turned upside down when Viola arrives at the emergency department of his hospital after a serious car accident Through a series of intriguing dream sequences and Sam s narrative as he watches over her, we come to understand that even though Viola is in a [...]

    I would like to thank the author for providing me with a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.We have our two main characters Viola Bellerose and Sam Phillips.Viola is a rich spoiled winery heiress whereas Sam is a medical intern who is barely managing to swim through his problems.One day he goes to a party with his friend Brady where he meets a beautiful,enigmatic girl who gives him one of the best kisses of his life and abruptly leaves.When he goes back to the hospital the gi [...]

    I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.Viola Bellerose is in a coma Caught in a cycle of strange dreams, the only time she becomes conscious of her surroundings is when a young intern visits, spilling all of his thoughts and memories to her, unaware of the fact that she can hear everything Dr Phillips is the only person who truly seems to believe that Viola will ever wake again After an unforgettable kiss with a beautiful stranger earlier in the night, Sam Phillips is called into [...]

    I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.I love a story that keeps me guessing and on the edge of my seat with suspense, almost as much as a good romance So when I find a story that combines the two, I am a pretty happy reader Wake for Me was a good combination of the two.Viola is in a coma and is having dreams that are pretty frightening An intern at the hospital named Sam seems to spend a lot of time in her room talking to her, even though she is in a coma and can t hear him Or can s [...]

    Jennifer Seay
    I received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I was excited to read this book after reading the synopsis and ended up really enjoying this book Viola and Sam have a quick crossing before life changed for the both of them Viola ends up in a coma and one thing I found to be very visual and provoking were the dream scenes The dream scenes were interwoven in throughout the book and makes you view someone in a coma in another light It is possible for them to truly retain what the [...]

    Ipshita Ranjana
    Wake For Me by Isobel Irons is a well written,exciting medical romantic suspense The most interesting part of the story was the interlinking of Viola s dreams with the reality of what Sam was facing and the unique romance which was born because of that I liked how Isobel so vividly describes the dreams that you can actually see all that happening in your head Viola was is a nineteen year old singing sensation and a heiress to a million dollar worth wine company I liked her spirit and her boldnes [...]

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    Janell Sutherland
    I heard about this book on a DBSA podcast, and the idea of a doctor falling in love with a girl in a coma, while she can hear him, just pinged my romantic senses Girlfriend in a coma, y all Viola is the girl in question Her car crashed into an icy river, and while she was in the ER, she had a reaction of some kind that sent her into a coma Sam is an intern doctor in training, as some people refer to him assigned to her case He was in the ER when she was brought in he saw her fail to recover and [...]

    Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    Viola Bellerose, a wine heiress, was in a car accident and is now in a coma Sometimes she is aware and can hear what is going on around her Other times, she dreams Outside of her dreams, she hears the voice of Sam, an intern at the hospital, who talks to her of his life as if she is awake and whom she forms a strong connection She does not always know what her dreams are trying to tell her, but in them lays the truth about what happened to her, and with her parents First she has to wake up, figu [...]

    Sashoy Wilson
    What can I say I like this book, it s interesting and definitely different from any and all of my normal NA reads so kudos to you Ms Irons I like Viola, I like her snarkiness and her tough exterior She could do so much better than Sam.Sam, he has got to be the world s most spineless hero He s doing his residency to be a doctor and he s swimmer, which means he s got brains and brawn You would think True, he s got a good body apparently but that brain of his is useless, seriously He has allowed hi [...]

    Nancy Pennick
    Viola s in a coma Sam s an intern at the hospital Hours before Sam had met Viola at a club They had a strange interlude, ending with a kiss He can t get her out of his mind She can t stop dreaming of him Viola has many strange dreams while she s in her coma, all clues of what happened to her When she wakes, she s disoriented as any patient would be One thing she is sure ofSam She feels safe around him and is not quite sure why He tries to remain distant as her doctor, but finds that s hard to do [...]

    3.5 Stars ARC provided in exchange for an honest reviewHow is a girl supposed to fall in love with her doctor and vice versa when they have never interacted since she s in a coma That s the question that I asked myself after reading the synopsis for this book and I, of course, had to read it and see how the author was going to make that happen.Viola is in a coma after a car accident Most her time is spent in these frightening nightmares that she can t seem to escape and start getting mixed with [...]

    In Wake For Me we get the intersting and mysterious story of Viola Bellerose She is a wine heiress who is involved in an accident which leaves her in a coma The only comfort she gets from the horrible nightmares which are plaguing her are the conversations from Sam Sam is the intern on her case The problem is that Sam has feelings for his comatose patient Interestingly, he met her just prior to her accident and had a memorable kiss with her Sam is conflicted on how to handle his feelings and his [...]

    This was definitely different I feel funny starting a review this way but I found myself going back and forth on how I felt about it, especially in the beginning I definitely enjoyed it though As the story progressed I found myself absorbed by their story like I was trying to weave my way through everything just as Viola and Sam were.Sam is a young intern at a hospital and Viola is a patient there and in a coma Sam likes to stop by Viola s room and talk to her, hoping that one day she will wake [...]

    CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    There was a lot of waking going on in this book, besides just waking from a coma Viola wakes from what she thought was a perfect, privileged family life, to Sam having to wake from the tendency he had to just go with the flow instead of grabbing what he wanted They were two broken and ostensibly different people, who were actually perfect for each other, finding out after dealing with Viola s car crash, coma, her stint in the psych ward, shocking family secrets, Sam s tendency to cave and cover [...]

    If you like romance with a bit of mystery, this book is for you I personally like both and enjoyed it very much Viola is an interesting heroine who I suspect I wouldn t have liked much if I d met her before the book began As the story unfolds we learn through little glimpses, via memory and dream, that Viola was a bit of a directionless, spoiled, almost but not entirely self absorbed girl in the past Now she is a beautiful coma patient that our hero, Sam, is sweetly drawn to Viola slowly re ente [...]

    Wake For Me is a twisted tale of mystery, suspense, and romance Isobel Irons is a talented author with the gift of prose combined with a bit of a Freudian hang up The story revolves around two richly developed characters Viola, a spoiled, wealthy, winery heiress, wakes up in the hospital after a long coma and a mysterious car accident Sam is the cute, nerdy intern assigned to Viola s case who talks to her while she s in the coma Once Viola awakens, the two slowly fall in love as they attempt to [...]

    Copy sent by the author in exchange of an honest review This book is really something different from the books I ve reading lately I m also not 100% sure it s a NA, to me it resembled a thriller sometimes.I Liked Sam, especially the fact that he isn t your average NA male leading character he s beautiful in the eyes of an enad Viola, but before that he is just an average good looking, smart, polite guy.Another thing I liked was a part of Viola the stubborn, self assured one.I didn t like very m [...]

    Disclaimer I received an eARC of this book, but I don t usually write out a whole review unless I really LOVE or really hate something I ve been waiting for a book like this to come along in NA As someone who didn t party a lot in college or join a sorority or get married in Vegas, I wanted to see an author portray the career side of being a new adult, entering the full time work force straight out of college and trying to balance the crazy pressure of a serious job with the popular problems fa [...]

    Viola is in a car accident that leaves her in a coma Sam is a first year intern and Viola quickly becomes one of his favorite patients He finds himself looking forward to their daily chats Little does he know that while she isn t awake , Viola can hear everything he is saying This was not one of my favorite books, although it did get better further in The book was told from altering points of view between Viola and Sam Both of their points of view were told in third person, except for when Viola [...]

    Kristine Usero
    I ve received an eARC copy of this book as an exchange for a honest review Wake for Me is about Viola, who have been on coma due to a car accident, while Sam is an intern in the hospital where Viola is admitted But before the accident the two already have a close encounter and it turns out Viola became Sam s patient I really love the book because the story is like breathing a fresh air It s a new timeline for me since most of the NA novels I ve always have the daddy issues or mommy issues, or hi [...]

    Carrie Schwitters
    4.5 Diamonds Review on behalf of BestSellers and BestStellars of Romance I love reading about strong feisty women Woman that challenge those around her.Viola Bellrose is that and so much I was sucked into this book just as forcefully as Viola was sucked into her own dreams I felt a range of emotions from anxiety what s happening, what s going to happen, and that DID NOT just happen , confusion a good kind of confusion , laughing out loud Brady cracked me up and envy tender moments between Viola [...]

    Okay, this was hard to get into, and a little too long in parts for me, but I did enjoy the story, but was expecting of a romance relationship between Sam and Viola, but it was good in the end I had to push through to get to the information, but still the book was well written and interesting story of murder, suspense, grief and believing in your own sanity I suppose that is an interesting part of this, that there is a lot of character s questioning themselves and their take on reality and what [...]

    Paula Legate
    I thought this book would be about a patient, and doctor falling in love It was, but it was so much than that I loved the plot, and suspense of the story Viola was in a car crash and ends up in a coma The first few chapters is describing the strange dreams she is having, and how she can t escape them Her doctor Sam was the only one that thought she would wake up He would come and talk to her while she was unconscious She memorized his voice while she was in the coma, and felt safe when he was a [...]

    I have to say that I wanted to like this better than I did because Ms Irons Issues series blew me away This had an interesting premise a doctor that talks to a comatose patient who actually hears a lot of what he says to her and then they get into a relationship But the part where we don t know if Viola is crazy or not dragged the story down a bit for me It seemed like as a reader I was encouraged to question that although I wanted to believe that this character was actually in danger and trying [...]

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