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  • Title: It Happened in Wisconsin
  • Author: Ken Moraff
  • ISBN: 9781477898185
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • ↠ It Happened in Wisconsin ↠ Ken Moraff - It Happened in Wisconsin, It Happened in Wisconsin Winner Breakthrough Novel Award General Fiction In an America ravaged by the Great Depression a talented but ragtag baseball team sets out to change the world Barnstorming the back roads and dus
    Ken Moraff
    Ken Moraff Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the It Happened in Wisconsin book, this is one of the most wanted Ken Moraff author readers around the world.


    The Racine Robins are on a mission to change the world Rather than playing baseball just to become rich and famous, they want to contribute to society, to give to the poor and disadvantaged, to share the profit they make at their games with those worse off than themselves They drive around the American Midwest playing minor league games and offering hope and inspiration to their many fans But it s not always possible to hold to your convictions Sometimes the lure of money and fame can be overwhe [...]

    No half stars allowed on That s probably okay since it forces a person to be critical when debating between a higher and lower score The premise of this book, its price free through my Prime account , and the beginning pages were enough to keep me reading However, the end result was not as promising as the idea of this book.On the good side, the author did an amazing job writing about two people falling in love This wasn t one of those relationships that built over time, but rather the kind of f [...]

    Pamela Carroll
    I had just finished the baseball themed book The Art of Fielding when this book was delivered so I was in a baseball frame of mind I was into it by a few pages and knew I was going to enjoy reading this Character development was great In one spot there is a heavy discussion around a dinner table Everyone leaned in to listeneven me The author made me feel as if I was there in the room Excellent job I was shocked to see it s the author s first novel His writing feels very experienced In several sp [...]

    This book was a very pleasant surprise I entered the contest, because I grew up near where the story is based I certainly was not interested in baseball of any type minor or major league and was uncertain if I wanted to read a sports related story This book is so much than all that The story is told by an elderly man looking back over his life He is remembering his team, their friendships and commitment to each other He reminisces about the times and the economic difficulties, if there was anyt [...]

    Couldn t get through it It over played the corporations are evil, workers are innocent card Every other page the author adds to his overall argument that workers are the source of all good in America While I truly sympathize with the argument, it was too much Way too much I couldn t get past it It may have been a decent book, but it lost me This seems to be a response to the fight to protect collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin Unfortunately, it struck out.

    Charie La Marr
    First of all, I won the at Good Reads and thanks to the author and publisher I love baseball and I love baseball books And this is a good one The story of an idealistic team of baseball players who barnstorm the northern part of America s midwest during the Great Depression hits pretty close to home in today s America People out of work, soup kitchens overflowing with hungry children, people working for wages that don t come close to making ends meet Sound familiar It is a theme torn right from [...]

    I won this via giveaways, not something I would typically read, but since my brother just moved to Wisconsin, I thought it might be a nice gift for him The story is well told, sort of a memoir with social consciousness, and it was at times very funny, poignant, and sad Loved the main character, just the type of elder citizen you love to meet, with crazy life stories and a bit of the curmudgeon in him It seemed to drag a bit in the middle, especially in the dinner and breakfast scenes with Spence [...]

    Mark Bony
    This is one of the better books that I have read recently It is than a story about baseball It is a story about a man who is too committed to his cause and doesn t see what is really important in life This is the auther s first book and I am amazed at how well he can write The characters really come to life in this book There is also a sex act description written with a socialism theme that the author must have had a lot of fun writing The book was a sad story, but thought provoking and enjoyab [...]

    Dennis M
    A well written book, especially for a first novel Closest I ve come to real literature in a while Sweet and a bit sad love and loss friendship and betrayal karma idealism and pragmatism dreams realized, dreams lost.Ken does a nice job of evoking a time and place that has faded into history and he does it in an intriguing, humorous, and tender way A story that sucks you in right away and does not let go until the last page is read even then it will stay with you for a while.Makes you realize that [...]

    This started off fairly well, but it was very hard to finish it because the author kept jumping around from place to place as well as one day you re young then switching to an older version of the same character then back to young again This is not a baseball novel, but of a manifesto of a socialistic state promotional tour I d give this one a pass.

    Aaron G Sanders
    This book isn t what I thought it was going to be Not much baseball Now was it a bad book No it was a nostalgic kind of book with depression era issues and a simpler way of life and love I just wish our protagonist wouldn t have had such a sad life after baseball He deserved .

    Jon Finkel
    Disappointing Thought I d eased my way into a lazy trip with a barnstorming Depression era baseball team and instead got an over justified and regret laden missive about staying true to the cause and railing against well, just about everything Which can be fine, if that s what you re after If not, not so much.

    Schuyler Wallace
    Ken Moraff has written the quintessential book of reflection In IT HAPPENED IN WISCONSIN an old man living in a rest home spends most of time thinking about the past and remembering his days as a barnstorming baseball player Memories pop up, painting vivid pictures that lead to that are mostly about idealism and camaraderie with a little baseball thrown in He was part of a group of idealists who loved baseball and the chance to bring joy to other people They clattered around the upper Midwest i [...]

    Brad Hodges
    There s nothing like a good baseball book to chase away the winter blues Unfortunately, Ken Moraff s It Happened in Wisconsin is not that It s not really a baseball book, though baseball players are the characters It s of a political allegory how to reconcile idealistic leftist beliefs with the real world.The novel is set in the 30s The Racine Robins are a D League team that barnstorms the country, from Binghamton to Topeka, with Major League quality players But they aren t interested in the tr [...]

    I checked this little winner out from the Prime lending library.It s about a 1930s minor league team known as the Racine Robins, who aren t so much baseball players as they are crusaders seeking to right the wrongs put upon good, hard working Americans by evil corporations They don t have a manager, drive their own bus, and keep only enough of their gate to subsist on The rest of the profits go to helping the poor and the hungry And probably paying labor bosses although the book doesn t explicit [...]

    Dale White
    All novels are, or less, based on some kind of what if scenario It Happened in Wisconsin takes that idea one step further by having the characters, the main character especially, question their own decisions.We begin with a baseball team that is so idealistic that they give away all of their profits to soup kitchens and union halls as they barnstorm around the US during the Depression The team and their ideals mean everything to them The narrator who is telling the story from a nursing home 6o [...]

    This was a tough book to rate The prose was wonderful, the descriptions so vivid I could place myself in the setting Where the book suffers is in plot development Some scenes are too long, like when Spencer and Effie are debating fate vs self will while competing to see who can eat the most breakfast I thought it would never end Others are too short I would have liked to know what happened when the character left baseball.The book is uneven when jumping from the past to the current day in the nu [...]

    From Publishers WeeklyFrom his room in a nursing home, the narrator of this spellbinding novel looks back on his youth as a pitcher on a Midwestern regional baseball team during the Depression No ordinary team, the players treat each other as equals and decline to have a manager They give away as much of their take from each game as they can to local needy families But their socialist dream is threatened when, forced to stop at an inn in a Wisconsin snowstorm, a fellow guest tries to lure one of [...]

    Disclosure I received this for free through a First Reads giveaway.Review This novel is about a Depression era minor leagues baseball team that travels around the Midwest, with the goal of using baseball to help those in need It s a nice enough premise, and the team in the story, the Robins, does seem to help those in need, but the author goes too far with the owners bosses are evil and the workers are good theme There are points the author makes that I do agree with, however, the entire book re [...]

    Jo-Ann Murphy
    The writing was very descriptive I could hear the roar of the crowds and the crack of the bat and smell the leather and the bus fumes This book took you back into the idealistic baseball teams during the depression who worked to try to make the world a better place It talks about the labor movement and the struggle for a better life for the working person.However it is a sad story about putting ideals above actually living your life The main character missed opportunities by preferring the idea [...]

    P.e. lolo
    This story begins like any story a man talking, but you find out a little while into the book the person telling the story is in a retirement home and he is telling a story of a year when he was traveling with a minor league baseball team in the north mid west He was a pitcher and as they were traveling he is telling the different stories that happened this one year And the year it snowed so much that they got stuck in a town and all of the different happenings that was going on Some of the play [...]

    I didn t know where this book was going when I started, was it a book about baseball, a book about unions and anti business during the depression or was it about relationships and reflections on life Well once I reached that last chapter, I realized that it was all of the above A book that uses baseball as the backstory, the narrator s relationship with Nancy and his teammates, and then, the story with Spencer and using money to buy status the end, this book did what I like books to do, reflect [...]

    This book wasn t what I expected it to be I thought it was going to be a story about a bottom league team tooling around the midwest playing similar teams what it was like being in such a group and a colorful description of life on the road.Instead of this I got an thinly disguised socio political economic polemic that became tedious and tiresome as the story continued It was strictly a story of us vs them, little guy vs the big guy, the down trodden vs the master class It was truly too bad the [...]

    This book was beautifully written, and I thoroughly enjoyed it Yes, there was politics but as it s a major plot point and this is fiction, I don t see why anyone should be upset by it also, the politics are historically accurate, whether you like that or not Granted, if you were expecting a run of the mill gung ho sports book, you might be disappointed but that s not what this is, nor what it was meant to be This is fine literary fiction, and should be appreciated as such It won the 2013 ABNA fo [...]

    I LOVED this book I am so grateful to have won this in a giveaway I enjoyed the though provoking prose It was a book that read like a discussion It moves back in forth in this man s history, but it was written like a person thinks and talks so it is not so hard to follow I was captivated by the us vs them of labor vs corporate It delves in to the human condition and, even though it takes place in the 30s and 40s, I could very easily bring the story into the current times with the issues plaguing [...]

    A baseball team travels the Midwest with the earnest goal of earning money and playing for the downtrodden during the Great Depression Along the way they are faced with choices concerning love and money that change the team dynamic I liked this book and the characters At times, there was a lot of philosophizing about fate and choice and the best way to contribute to society These scenes got old, fast and the book would have been much better without them Otherwise, this is a solidly good book I w [...]

    4.5 5 What a wonderful read this was Loved the many themes presented, mainly fate vs freewill, the working class vs the men in suits That one small time baseball team aspires to change the world is a major theme as well, the choices a heart wants vs what the mind wants Some wonderful dialogue as well and one intense exchange Not entirely what I was expecting as well, but the beautiful writing captivates The short length of this really turns it into a page turner as to see where it all goes Will [...]

    There s not much of a plot, rambling reminiscing and waxing poetic about baseball and socialism from the perspective of an old man who once traveled the country with a minor league co op The writing and imagery is lovely and worth the read, though it s hard to feel sorry for the narrator in the last quarter of the book when his self righteousness catches up with him and costs him the woman he loves.

    This book is made for someone who loves baseball, but, set during the Depression, it is really about the conflict between struggling labor and big time corporate owners Those discussions got to be a bit tedious, and I found myself skimming Another melancholy aspect is that of regret over a life that could have been The poetry of the game itself is all there, though, and an innocent sweetness that comes through the voice of the main character.

    Jim Krotzman
    Here is a baseball novel with some meat to it There is a lot to think about in this book centered around social justice, fairness for all, and organizing.The Racine Robins played baseball and gave a part of their earnings to soup kitchens, orphanages, etc A love story weaves its way through the novel like the stitches on a baseball Take time to think about some of the issues introduced in this enjoyable novel.

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