[PDF] No Stone Unturned | by ✓ James W. Ziskin

  • Title: No Stone Unturned
  • Author: James W. Ziskin
  • ISBN: 9781616148836
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] No Stone Unturned | by ✓ James W. Ziskin - No Stone Unturned, No Stone Unturned A dead girl in the woods Three little oil spots on the dirt road A Dr Pepper bottle cap in the shallow grave And a young reporter armed with nothing but a camera Evening is falling on a wet gray au
    James W. Ziskin
    2017 Anthony Award winner of Best Paperback Original HEART OF STONE2017 Macavity Award winner of Sue Feder Memorial Best Historical Novel HEART OF STONE2017 Edgar Award finalist for Best Paperback Original HEART OF STONE2017 Lefty Award finalist for Best Mystery HEART OF STONE2016 Anthony Award finalist for Best Paperback Original STONE COLD DEAD2016 Barry Award finalist for Best Paperback Original STONE COLD DEAD2016 Lefty Award finalist for Best World Mystery Novel STONE COLD DEAD2015 Anthony Award finalist for Best Paperback Original NO STONE UNTURNED

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    Chelsea Humphrey
    Find all my reviews on my blog thesuspenseisthrillingmeDate Read 06 28 16Pub Date 06 10 145 STARSA dead girl in the woods Three little oil spots on the dirt road A Dr Pepper bottle cap in the shallow grave And a young reporter, armed with nothing but a camera.Evening is falling on a wet, gray, autumn day in upstate New York Ellie Stone, twenty four year old reporter for a small local daily, stands at a crossroads in her career and in her life Alone in the world, battling her own losses and her o [...]

    No Stone Unturned by James W Ziskin is a 2014 Seventh Street Books publication This is the second book in the Ellie Stone mystery series and picks up about eight months later, with Ellie s career as a small town newspaper reporter on life support However, when a popular local girl is found dead, Ellie gets the scoop of a lifetime when the girl s prominent father asks her to personally investigate the case Ellie s sadness over the loss of her father is palpable and his ghost still haunts her drea [...]

    Mark Pryor
    There are several things that truly impressed me about this book First, if you like a step back in time, Ziskin does a fantastic job of taking you there It s a real skill for an author to be able to create atmosphere with delicate touches, just the occasional phrase and description He s great at it, no doubt.Second, there s something so many other reviewers have noted, his ability to make you believe in Ellie Stone, his main character I love how ballsy she is, but also so real she knows the worl [...]

    Mark Stevens
    Reporters as crime solvers Having spent 20 years in the journalism business, this is one of my favorite sub themes of the mystery genre I have to say that in the four news organizations I worked for, I never met one reporter who solved a homicide Sarcasm, in case you don t recognize it But who doesn t relish the idea It makes so much sense because, well, reporters are good at asking questions, getting nosy and they have a built in gene to be pushy And pushier.Ellie Stone is the reporter protagon [...]

    Tony Hisgett
    I have to admit I quite like this book, but there are so many things that annoyed me, most are minor criticisms, but they have affected my rating for the book.As in the first book there are too many incidental characters that just appear and disappear.Her family were comfortably off and as the only surviving member after the death of her father I am not sure why the author keeps making references to her being hard up and her meagre salary being all she has.Also why does she keep walking into dan [...]

    3.5 A who done it This is the first book in the series that I have read and I will keep reading the mysteries Ellie Stone, a young news reporter for a small town newspaper in upstate New York is asked to look into the murder of the Judge s daughter home from college, found half buried in the woods by a hunter The setting is in 1960 and the author does a good job of putting the reader into the time era Are American girls in the habit of getting tattooed he asked after giving it some thought I ve [...]

    Amy Waeschle
    I m a huge fan of Ziskin s stories I love the main character and her wit and determination, and that she s got her share of faults This mystery doesn t disappoint, with great twists that kept me guessing I loved discovering the story along with Ellie, and Ziskin is a master at engaging my whodunnit brain as well as delighting me with his finely crafted stories.

    First Sentence The story I heard was that Fast Jack Donovan was chasing a rabbit through the woods when he tripped in the wet leaves.The body of a society girl is found half buried in the woods Reporter Ellie Stone hears the report on her scanner and heads to the scene with her camera Determined to boost her struggling career, Ellie pursues the investigation on her own The secrets she uncovers, the greater her risk, perhaps even to her own life.Delightful period references though the story i.e [...]

    2 in the Ellie Stone series Finalist 2015 Anthony Award for Best Paperback Ellie hears of a found body in the woods on her scanner and is the first reporter on the scene Because the police photographer is not available she is requested to take the crime scene photos and gains an inside track on the story The victim is college student Jordan Shaw, daughter of the prominent Judge Shaw The judge hears that Ellie solved the murder of her father earlier in the year and asks her to find his daughter s [...]

    Lucy Sanchez
    I read an ARC of No Stone Unturned The second Ellie Stone mystery does not disappoint It s every bit as good as the first Styx Stone , and maybe even better I loved Styx Stone Ellie is a compelling heroine Clever, a little naughty, but so likeable, she s also flawed and sometimes troubled But she has the guts to make it alone in a man s world The plot is tight, and the author never cheats the reader This is a fair play mystery Finally, I find the writing style to be beautiful Rhythmic and styliz [...]

    I truly loved this book and the main character Ellis Stone She is a go getter and a trend setter I look forward to reading about the adventures of Miss Stone.

    Wendy Kendall
    Uncover a series of mysteries from the nineteen sixties In this second novel, small town news reporter Ellie Stone is the first news person on the scene, camera in hand, to witness the biggest story of her short and already stagnant news reporting career She leaves No Stone Unturned investigating the leads, and fighting to show the newspaper owner that she is ready to report on the events that will shake the town to its foundation She s in competition with the well established staff reporter, an [...]

    A great sopho effort I liked this one better than the first Ellie Stone is a journalist and amateur sleuth in the early 1960s upstate New York When Jordan Shaw, daughter of a local judge, is found scarcely buried in a field, Ellie is on the case Fueled by the recent violent death of her father, a journalist s eye for detail, and a liberated woman s cunning determination, Ellie is recruited by Judge Shaw Jordan s father to find the murderer As usual, I enjoyed Ellie s wit and sass as she navigate [...]

    Vinnie Hansen
    After reading No Stone Unturned, I look forward to going back to read book one in the series, Styx Stone The plot in No Stone Unturned hinges on a number of people following one another, which stretched my suspension of disbelief a bit However, I liked the 1960, small town upstate New York setting And I loved the twenty four year old, gritty, hard drinking protagonist photo journalist Ellie Stone Her backstory is what lures me to read the first book.

    Sarah Rubin
    I read this because Ziskin will be the presenter at the Puget Sound Sisters in Crime meeting, 1 11 2018 I m glad I did I savored the characters and the gritty setting James Ziskin created this is a great book to take your time with It kept me guessing throughout.It s 1960 in the small town of New Holland, in upstate New York There are soda jerks, many old and a few new cars, and a roadside motel Then there s the body of Jordan Shaw, a college girl and daughter of the local judge, left to rot in [...]

    This book is even better than the first one of the series Interesting investigative procedures before DNA became a factor.

    Really enjoyed the first two books in series More involved than the cozy mysteries like the heroine and plot.

    Marcia Rogers
    It s hard to put these books down once you ve started them Can t wait to get started on the next one

    Sara Rhodes
    I really love this series by James W Ziskin Ellie Stone is a great reporter and I can t wait to read about her in the 1960 s

    Loving this series I am so enjoying character and her complex life in the 60 sBring the cigarettes, scotch and fabulous records

    Ellie Stone is back, solving a mystery in her home town A college student is murdered, interweaving the academic community with the characters in New Holland

    Ellie could not be better as a character if she were a cop or a PI An excellent series

    Absorbing enough for a few days in June.

    My reading of the Ellie Stone series has been a bit backward, as I started with the third and most recent book, Stone Cold Dead, and then had to immediately buy and read the first one, Styx and Stone And, now I am up to speed with having just finished No Stone Unturned, so I can pronounce this series consistently excellent As I read No Stone Unturned, the overriding strength that is apparent is Ziskin s control of the story The plot and pace are always moving forward at just the right speed, no [...]

    Leslie Karst
    James W Ziskin has done it again with the second in his Ellie Stone mysteries It s a terrific read, which I had a really hard time putting down, even when it was well past my bedtime STONE UNTURNED finds Ellie back in New Holland, the small upstate New York town where she struggles as a girl reporter for the local paper The year is 1960, and Ziskin s descriptions of the time and place evoke the era as well as anything I ve ever read or seen on TV or the movies I adore Ellie Stone She s tough as [...]

    Eleanor Jones
    The gorgeous, dark writing and setting I discovered in book one, Styx and Stone, continues in this adventure This time Ellie s back in her job as a newspaper reporter in a small town and manages to be in the right place and time to take on the dual role of detective and news seeker Not an easy feat for a single woman in the early 60s and her actions and stubbornness while skirting complicated office politics are often frustrating to her bosses and friends But part of her charm is that she s her [...]

    Missi Stockwell
    I wish there were than 5 stars This 2nd book in the Ellie Stone Mysteries was AWESOME I do have to be honest and admit that I did enjoy the 2nd book a tad bit better than the 1st Maybe it was that I felt familiar with the area where the story took place or because I was familiar with the main character Ellie, or that I enjoyed the murder Whatever it was it is definitely a must read for everyone I met the author, James Ziskin, for the 2nd time on Monday, obtained the book and started reading [...]

    Lynne Raimondo
    Ellie Stone is my kind of protagonist Sharp, witty, fearless and with just enough vices to make her interesting The second adventure in the series finds this 1960 s reporter investigating the murder of a prominent judge s daughter in upstate New York The atmosphere in this traditional mystery i.e not cozy but not noir, either is beautifully realized I could almost feel myself with Ellie traveling down dark country roads and searching for clues behind a seedy motel Ziskin is a talented wordsmith [...]

    This second book in the series is a good followup to Ellie Stone s life In this one, she goes back to her little town in upstate New York and, through the use of a police scanner, is able to scoop the typical male reporter on the story of a beautiful judge s daughter, murdered and left by the roadside in the woods Ellie feels a strange affinity for this girl and for her bereaved father, who asks her to find who killed his beloved daughter Again, Ellie delves into academe, this time a graduate en [...]

    This is my favorite of the series so far Imaginative descriptive language and a mystery that kept me guessing til the end Not just because it s set in my hometown and I recognize all the places and a few of the characters, I love this series for its setting 1960 or thereabouts and the noirish female amateur detective reporter for the small town paper Wish we had her when I lived in New Holland The paper might have been interesting to read Hoping this author keeps em coming Highly recommended.

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