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  • Title: Gray Zone
  • Author: Veronica R. Tabares
  • ISBN: 9781609160074
  • Page: 302
  • Format: Paperback

  • The victim of a cyber prank gone viral, Autumn was forced to transfer schools not exactly what she wanted to do as a sopho But what choice did she have when all her personal information was posted all over the web Determined to make the best of her situation, Autumn decides to reinvent herself as the outgoing, popular, not at all shy girl she d always wanted to be BuThe victim of a cyber prank gone viral, Autumn was forced to transfer schools not exactly what she wanted to do as a sopho But what choice did she have when all her personal information was posted all over the web Determined to make the best of her situation, Autumn decides to reinvent herself as the outgoing, popular, not at all shy girl she d always wanted to be But even the best plans go awry and Autumn fails to change the old habits that had given her that shy girl reputation in the first place So when she learns that her best friend, Sophie Rose, is transferring to her new school she s relieved, until Sophie starts keeping her distance Autumn finds herself adrift without the support of her best friend But when tragedy shakes her world she stops feeling sad Now she s angry and she s determined to put a stop to this cyber torture and bullying of herself and the people she loves.
    Veronica R. Tabares
    Veronica R Tabares, MFA, MLIS, is a passionate award winning author on a mission to make a positive impact in people s lives through the power of storytelling Nine books later and she is still fueled by the initial creative spark that started it all Writing and her love of archaeology aside, Veronica enjoys nothing than spending quality time with her loved ones who inspire her to be her best version daily.


    LitPick Student Book Reviews
    Gray Zone is about a girl named Autumn. She has been constantly bullied and cyberbullied by her classmates, including having private information about her made public. Due to this bullying, her parents have decided to transfer her to a different school. Willing to make the best of her current situation, she has decided to be an outgoing, popular girl and no longer be the shy girl she used to be. However, even though she plans to become popular, her old habits seem to get the best of her. She the [...]

    Carla Paton
    This novel will deeply resonate with any teen who has not only experienced the agonizing struggles of junior high or high school, but who also now must navigate growing up on the wider stage of the Internet. It will also strike fear into the heart of any parent who grew up in a different world, but who are all too aware of cyber-predators and bullies that lurk preying on the naive and vulnerable young. And yet, with all of its heart-wrenching realism, this is a novel of hope and strength.With a [...]

    Autumn had been sheltered and protected her entire life, but there were things that she couldn't always be hidden from. Bullies and tragedy, for example. She never understood how someone could be bullied to deathuntil it hit close to home. Now Autumn is on the warpath and determined to show them it is not OK.Gray Zone is an honest look at bullying and cyber-bullying. Veronica Tabares has given this tricky topic the limelight to really show people the danger, and she does it in an entertaining wa [...]

    The book sheds light on a very important issue, and I think that this fact makes this book an extremely special YA novel that everyone should read. Carefully crafted, Gray Zone by Veronica Tabares maintained the integrity of the characters and the issue at hand throughout the book.Writing about a topic such as this is always a risky move because the author is handed the responsibility of creating a balance between what needs to be divulged about the theme but not romanticize it or glorify it. I [...]

    Becca Hugh
    Honestly, it’s about time that there’s a work of fiction out there that tackles this important topic. Young adults have always struggled with identity issues and insecurity, but it has all been amplified by modern technology to become all that more difficult to handle. Autumn’s story is an all-too-realistic account of one such experience.I think ‘Gray Zone’ can serve a lot of important roles for YA readers. For one, it’s well-written and engaging, and really speaks to the psyche of y [...]

    I really enjoyed Gray Zone from Veronica R. Tabares because it covers a subject that I feel isn't talked about enough, cyber bullying. I think that many children, teens and even adults are cyber bullied, but don't talk about it and this book brings up the point that it is very important to talk to someone if you are being cyber bullied. Autumn was forced to transfer schools because of all the information that was leaked about her and she doesn't feel as though she can continue on in the school t [...]

    Megan McCauley
    I received a free copy of this book from first reads!Autumn is a sophmore in highschool who is a victim of cyber bullying who had to transfer to a new school. She is a shy and quiet girl who decides to reinvent herself into a more outgoing and social person. But reinventing yourself isnt as easy as she thought. Then her bestfriend transfers into the new school and begins to ignore her. A tragedy will make autumn begin to stand up to the bullys. I liked the book it flowed good and kept me intere [...]

    My thanks to Veronica R. Tabares and First Reads Giveaway for my copy of Gray Zone.When you combine a very shy teenage girl, bullies, postings on the Internet by bullies about the shy girl, you have the start of this story about the difficulties of the teen years. Changing schools and her image seemed to be a good solution but history soon catches up and you will have to read Gray Zone to find out the rest of this very interesting story. It is a well written story that will open your eyes about [...]

    Tiff Smith
    This is a really interesting book for teenagers as it is about cyber bullying that is happening quite often these days. Autumn who is the victim of a cyber prank has to transfer schools as her personal information was posted all over the web. The author develops her characters in the book well and has done considerable research on the cyber bullying theme very well. Therefore I was able to feel what Autumn is going through as the story unfolds.Recommended for all young and teenagers readers.

    Original review found at kristineandterri/2I won a copy of this book as part of a giveaway in exchange for an honest review.This story dives in to the topic of bullying which is a socially relevant topic in today's society with all of the media coverage you see regarding the victims of bullying. As this was written for a YA audience I felt a lot of it was glossed over and barely scratched the surface however was enough to get you thinking on the subject.The main character of Autumn was kind of [...]

    The main character, Autumn, has just had to change schools because someone at her school posted her photo, name and address on a website and some really awful and scary comments were made about her, some were even threatening.She sees going to the new high school as an opportunity to break out of her shyness to become more outgoing and able to make friends. Especially a new best friend, since her ex-BFF betrayed her. What she wants is a clean slate to start over.Sadly, becoming a 'new person' i [...]

    Autumn’s sophomore year is disrupted when she finds herself a victim of cyber bullying. The situation escalated so severely, she was forced to transfer to another school. With a new school she hopes to make a new start, and that begins with a new look and attitude.Then Autumn is happy to hear her best friend, Sophie Rose is transferring to her new school. She thinks with her friend by her side there is nothing she can conquer. When Sophie stays away from her she is puzzled at why once her best [...]

    From my review:"The topic of this book is so, so important—cyberbullying is real and had chilling effects on its victims. It is not something to be taken lightly, so with that perspective, this book is an excellent launching point for discussing cyberbullying and bullying in general with a teenager near you.As a story, though, it falls flat because the main character's tone is too mature and self-aware for a sophomore in high school. Perhaps if the author had continued to add entries throughou [...]

    Russell Burgess
    Veronica Tabares takes on a subject matter which is both current and worthy of mention, in Gray Zone. Following the cyber bullying of Autumn, her parents decide to take her out of the school she loves and move her to another for her own safety. She thinks it’s an over-reaction but decides to use the situation to her advantage and reinvent herself as the outgoing girl who loves life at her new school. Tabares writes with skill and effortless ease as she weaves the story of troubled youth and a [...]

    You can read my review here- mechanicalfiend/2

    I received this free copy from . It started off slow but it is a book that parents, teachers, and children should read, It was informative regarding bullying

    Niyati Em
    Awesome Awesome Awesome book!

    This book was written in a high school type voice which I could not relate to. The subject matter was a good one, however, and the book was a quick read.

    An interesting, quick read. In a few places I felt the character lost her authentic voice and got a bit preachy, but overall a very good read.

    Captivating writing but falls short with the plot. You can read my full review at forumsinebookclub/view

    Veronica Tabares

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