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  • Title: Daniel Part Two
  • Author: Tiffany Reisz
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  • Page: 315
  • Format: ebook

  • ✓ Daniel Part Two ☆ Tiffany Reisz - Daniel Part Two, Daniel Part Two Previously published as Daniel Part Two on TiffanyReisz Re publication date TBD
    Tiffany Reisz
    Tiffany Reisz lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband author Andrew Shaffer.


    After Seven Day Loan I was hoping for of Daniel and here it is.As we know Daniel visited Terra del Fuego originally just to send Eleanor a post card and after spending a year and a half scrambling up mountains, trekking through rain forests, and digging through ancient ruins, he s back.He visits his old friend Kingsley and meets Anya, the temperamental doorkeeper, not just a virgin but a prize virgin up for auction.This is an incredibly short read 25 pages it s nice but there s not much here no [...]

    Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    Miles de corazoncitos para Daniel y las apariciones estelares de Kingsley, Eleanor y S ren para alegrarme el d a Una pena que nicamente podamos disfrutar de Daniel en las novellas porque es un personaje totalmente maravilloso.

    After Eleanor doesn t stay with Daniel, he decides that it s time for him to leave the house, his property to live He have stayed a recluse because he was chained to the memory of his dead wife and he may be traveling the world for Eleanor, but once he gets back to the states he is pushed to start to do it all for himself In seven days his heart was revived after three long years of feeling nothing but grief When he ends up on Kingsley s doorstep in NY, he finds himself getting back to his own r [...]

    As I said before, I never want to say goodbye to these characters I didn t think I could love Daniel any He was all broken and wonderful but fully dominant and confident Daniel is a force to be reckoned with I think I may have to re order whom I love most and put him at the top Shocking, I know Wow, this was just wonderful Loved it

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    Daniel, you don t need to buy me Snap your fingers and I m yours Sir

    Cassandra Caress
    That was great Loved the way Daniel changed and his emotional rollercoaster It also leaves me wanting to read The Priest right now Can t wait to read about the first years of Eleanor and her hot Priest and their story

    Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends
    I love this story, how Daniel found his love, his soulmate, his reason to exist perfect story

    Five OUCH Stars

    Mariana Bezerra
    In The Mistress we hear about Daniel and his new marriage, but this not so little novella actually introduced us to his Anya and all the drama these two went throught to finally be together.I loved this novella and can t wait for of these two, because we deserve one night of play after the sexy scenes Daniel is a good Dom and Anya could be the perfect submissive in his bed, but we never got the chance to see actually happening.

    I adore Daniel when he was first introduced He was so disfunctionally broken I love how Eleanor saved him from his misery and I love how he started living his life after that.In this one, I love him even I think his best quality was that he was a nice Dom He s sweet and considerate If I ever wanted to be a sub, I would want someone like him to be my Dom haha I m fully satisfied that he found his happy ending because he deserved it.

    Classic Tiffany erotic intenseivating story and oh my Kingsley Daniel

    Daniel .

    S.M. West

    Edee Fallon
    I love Daniel but not as much as S ren.

    I love Daniel

    Naike Ror
    Non amavo particolarmente il personaggio di Daniel L ho trovato cupo e sfocato ma con questa novella devo dire che la sua figuira si riabilitata Ottima la scelta dei personaggi secondari, dei consigli di King e top la scena Nora Soren e gli scacchi Bellissimo il personaggio di Anya Come sempre la Reisz non sbaglia un colpo

    Daniel returns Good story but too short

    gah how have i never read this before eleanor king and soren god that was a dream

    Kingsley Daniel Nuff said.

    Maggie s dead and Daniel, Part One is dead Maybe you let her go I don t know But I know you haven t let him go Maybe it s time for Daniel, Part Two to step out on the stage I just love Daniel He d died when Maggie died and Eleanor brought him back to life And now alive he knew exactly who he wanted on stage with him for Daniel, Part Two Anya.I loved him and Nora together, but I think that I might like his relationship with Anya even better.He finally found his soulmate I wanted to hate you I did [...]

    This short is available exclusively on the author s website tiffanyreisz daniel paThis and the first Daniel story, The Gift formerly Seven Dy Loan , take place chronologically before The Siren , before Eleanor left Soren and explored her dominant side But the author suggests they be read after The Prince I read them both after The Mistress.Daniel took Eleanor s suggestion and hit Tierra del Fuego, then explored much of South America Upon returning to the US a year and a half later, he turns up o [...]

    Lisa VH
    I started this free book expected just a short story to bridge the gap between The Prince and The Mistress I knew I needed to read it and a few others before I started the Mistress so I didn t really give it much thought Daniel was a secondary character from Seven Day Loan The Gift and I enjoyed that one, so I figured I would like this one WOW I felt blown away I was instantly pulled into Daniel in a way I never was in The Gift Sure, he was a sympathetic character, but the previous story was ab [...]

    While reading Daniel started to protest but Anya suddenly dropped to her knees in front of him He swallowed as his stomach contracted hard In the mirror he could see her skirt ride up just enough to catch a flash of flesh toned garter Spread your legs, she ordered And if you say, That s my line I will shove my pencil into your testicles I think I like Anya PAfterwards Oh my god It s 4 o clock and I just finished it Man, Tiffany Reisz can write Seriously, I love all of her books that I read I thi [...]

    Yianna Yiannacou
    This short story was a little different It has eight chapters and is fairly long It does not disappoint though It stars off with Daniel from Seven Day Loan He almost got into trouble with Kingsley because he wanted to keep Nora even though he knew she was off limits After spending time hiking through forests and climbing mountains in Southern America, Daniel makes his way back to Kingley s townhouse He doesn t know what he is looking for, but he is definitely glad he went in the end Kingsley gif [...]

    What s her name Daniel tensed but didn t answer at first He found his shirt and tugged it over his head Who he asked The girl in your eyes Read this here.Deffo not as good as the previous novella Seven Day Loan The Gift , but still worth the very short read One thing this novella emphasized for me though that Nora is my least favorite character maybe besides Wes I just don t quite get how everyone is so enad of her, but I digress And of course Kingsley has different color schemed business cards [...]

    Miranda Lynn
    Loved this one I m so glad that we got another little peek into Daniel s life I enjoyed the first novella about Daniel so much, and this one might ve been even better This story is a great set up to The Mistress, in which we briefly see Daniel how he is and who he is with in the present day I loved getting the chance to read about what happened after his week with Eleanor in The Gift Daniel is a very inspiring character, and also very sexy I loved him and Nora together, but I think that I might [...]

    sigh longer happier sigh so sexyy,and funny, stomps foot i want in on King s Kingdom seriously now,when reading this after having read everything about the series,it s just even better, and I think I d love some snippets about Nora s time as a submissive, we ve had glimpses but maybe one wouldn t hurt even if it did, i m down with that, with anything P OS Sl t herewaiting for the virgin

    I adored this semi short free read that follows up on Daniel from The Gift As much as I love Nora, Soren, Kingsley and that group, I loved reading another Tiffany Reisz story about a completely different couple Different hero, different heroine Thoroughly enjoyed how Nora and Daniel worked together at the end As well as Soren playing a part.Another must read for Tiffany Reisz fans, AND it is free on her website

    I would read and than likely love anything Tiffany wrote I loved Daniel although not as much as I love Soren But that s the great thing about these stories you can t help but falling in love with all of them and hope everyone gets their happy ending pun intended regardless of the overlapping

    • ✓ Daniel Part Two ☆ Tiffany Reisz
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    Daniel Part Two