[PDF] Read ✓ Christmas Bliss : by Mary Kay Andrews

  • Title: Christmas Bliss
  • Author: Mary Kay Andrews
  • ISBN: 9781250019721
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover

  • [PDF] Read ✓ Christmas Bliss : by Mary Kay Andrews - Christmas Bliss, Christmas Bliss From the New York Times bestselling author of Summer Rental comes a novella that celebrates love the holidays and antiques Christmas is coming but Savannah antique dealer Weezie Foley is doubly dis
    Mary Kay Andrews
    Mary Kay Andrews is the pen name of American writer Kathy Hogan Trocheck, based in Atlanta, who has authored a number of best selling books under the Andrews pen name since 2002.Trochek graduated from the University of Georgia with a journalism degree in 1976 She worked as a reporter at a number of papers, and spent 11 years as a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution before leaving to write fiction full time in 1991 She published ten mystery novels under her own name between 1992 and 2000, and switched to the Andrews pen name in 2002 to author Savannah Blues, which marked a change in her style to Southern flavored themescmillan author maryka


    Kira Evans
    I want to start out by saying thank you to St Martins Press for giving me this book for free I won it on , first reads I am am a struggling single mother who loves to read so getting books for free is always a plus Even though it was an uncorrected bound manuscript with a lot of very glaring grammatical and format errors.This book is the follow up to Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze and stars 2 characters that I feel are underdeveloped It might be because I ve only read Savannah Breeze and eve [...]

    Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    Great addition to this series Loved the characters Fast read.

    Sherri Thacker
    A fast read for the holiday season Pretty good overall.

    Shelly Itkin
    Weezie also known by her parents as Jean Eloise Foley and Daniel Thomas Stipanek are about to get married and this is not the first time down the aisle for Weezie, but Daniel is definitely the man she has been searching for her entire lifeThe wedding is planned for Christmas Day and what can be exciting or romantic Weezie wants a small wedding, while her mother is upset she is even wearing white as she is not marrying for the first time but Weezie has decided she will wear her mothers wedding d [...]

    My Book Addiction and More MBA
    This will be a delightful holiday read for anyone who is already a fan of Weezie and BeBe If you are well acquainted with the cast of characters you will, no doubt, be entranced from the first exclamation An exclamation, which just happens to be Weezie s full name, shouted in exasperation by her mother during a fitting for her wedding dress Others will enjoy it as well, but it will take a few chapters to really get into the swing of the book and get to know the characters through the historical [...]

    This book is light and easy read It features characters from her previous books, Savannah Blues and Savannah Breeze, therefore not really a stand alone novel I would recommend reading these books first There was some good humor and banter between main characters which I enjoyed The narrative switches between two friends Bebe and Weezie from their POV every other chapter which was confusing It would be better if it was written in the third person Because the book has two story lines, Bebe s and W [...]

    Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews is a fun holiday ish tale It is not really about Christmas, but it is set in the weeks leading up to Weezie s Christmas wedding While this is book four of an established mystery series, I found it easily readable as a standalone novel It has Ms Andrews trademark southern setting and strong southern women who have to deal with outlandishly funny predicaments The story starts out less than blissfully BeBe gets bad news from her ex husband s lawyer, and from ther [...]

    While this book was another winner in the Weezie and Bebe series, I am shocked that an author such as this one could have so many continuity errors and other errors As a matter of fact there is one incident which makes me think I need to re read Bebe s story to see if Harry had had children with his first wife.Did he Why was Marion teetering on a chair on one page, and the next page has her climbing down a rickety ladder The high cost of these e books should mean that the consumer gets better ed [...]

    This was my very first book I ve read my Mary Kay Andrews and I really liked it I didn t know that there were three other books with the same characters, which of course I hadn t read But despite not having read the other three books Savannah Blues, Savannah Breeze, and Blue Christmas, I was not lost with the storylines I feel like you could totally read it without the other three, but I m excited to add the previous ones to my TBR I feel in love with Weezie and BeBe, their friendship is amazing [...]

    Christmas Bliss revisits some of Mary Kay Andrews s most beloved fictional females, best friends from Savannah, Weezie and Bebe In this short Christmas tale, the two women are both going through life altering events Weezie is getting married to her beau Chef Daniel at Christmastime Bebe is pregnant and expecting to give birth at any moment Unexpected surprises threaten to put a damper in both of the women s plans Will Weezie and Daniel make it down the aisle Will Bebe s boyfriend be the legal fa [...]

    I picked this one because of the title and my love of Christmas stories Though the story itself was good, it wasn t written around Christmas The events happened and every now and then someone mentioned it was Christmas Time The plot could have taken place at any time of the year Because of that, I felt a bit cheated This is the first book I ve read in a long time that I m really not interested in reading other books by the author I guess feeling cheated is the strongest emotion I took away from [...]

    A fun quick read Hopefully the author will bring these characters back.

    Happy quick read that gives readers of MKA s previous books an update on some her best loved characters Not deep dramatic, just light fun which we all need of these days It s always nice to go back to the Savannah Blues, etc family to see them get their happily ever after a I hope Ms Andrews will give a peak of them again sometime in the future.

    I love this author, I bought the book because it was Christmas y and was trying to get in the spirit I kept waiting for something to go terribly wrong there seems to be always the unexpected occurrence, but this book wraps up nice and tidy, as I suppose most of her books do Unexpected things do occur in this book, but do not affect the end all outcome My heart was rapidly beating in several situations, like the blizzard during the surprise trip to New York taken a few days before the wedding, di [...]

    Denise Spicer
    Note finished rather than read would be the proper designation here since I did not actually read the book.Since this is another 2013 in the Weezie Foley series and I decided not to read the other one Blue Christmas it goes straight back to the library.

    Grabbed at the airport bookstore for one of the three work trips I took at the end of December Nice and fluffy

    A fun holiday read but I must say, one of the characters drove me absolutely crazy

    Im not sure if this book was really bad, or if it was the saccharine quality of the audio production that made me dislike this book I have not read the first books in this series and maybe with some background , i would have connected with the characters As it was, I just found the female personalities to be vapid and irritating and yhe males to be overly submissive Not for me.

    Andrea Murray
    I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.This is my first Weezie and BeBe experience There are three other novels featuring these two characters perhaps if I had that series connection, I would have enjoyed this novel , but as a stand alone, this one just didn t hold my interest I kind of felt like I needed Rudolph to help me find that little something to keep me reading In the beginning, I figured the suspense might come in the form of a cheating fianc When Weezie spots [...]

    Jeanie Jackson
    I was delighted to win a copy of Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews in a recent giveaway, and I loved this book even than I expected I have adored the characters of Weezie and BeBe from the first book in the series, and this book is no exception The story takes place around Christmas but the holiday is background to the two main story lines, one focusing on Weezie and one focusing on Bebe There is plenty of the interaction between them that make these books work so well and a touch of the holi [...]

    It was cute but there wasn t much to it It read like a novella, and was only boosted to a little volume by the fact that there were both Bebe s and Weezie s stories POVs included I liked the little details included about Weezie s and Bebe s businesses, but I could have done without the unnecessary sneaking around and angsting on both of their parts Their actions seem so juvenile for such otherwise mature, intelligent women Why on earth wouldn t Bebe just TELL Harry what was going on And Weezie, [...]

    Connie N.
    What a fun book I d rate it of a 4.5 than a 4 star I just love all the characters everyone has such a great personality Weezie Foley is an independent junk loving antique dealer, kind to her scatterbrained parents and planning her wedding to nationally known chef Daniel BeBe Loudermilk is a very pregnant confident woman with an older but kind hearted and loving partner Harry, a charter fishing boat captain There are bumps in the road as they get closer to the wedding date and BeBe s due date , [...]

    I do consider myself a fan of both Weezie and BeBe and their guys, but felt this story missed the mark somewhat A great number of years passed between the publication of Andrews last book featuring these characters and this one, which may have had something to do with my personal disconnect issues There were a couple of continuity problems, if I am not mistaken, I just read Blue Christmas a week or so ago so it s pretty fresh in my mind and there were a handful of errors the editor missed Nothin [...]

    Susan Csoke
    Jean Eloise Foley is busy preparing for her elaborate Christmas wedding to Daniel Stipanek who is a top Southern Chef Her mother Marion by her side every step of the way Passing by an Estate sale Jean decides to look inside where she discovers a beautiful old sterling silver flatware set with matching serving pieces Along with vintage place napkins and christmas ornaments While purchasing these items she is elated to hear these items had belonged to her long ago beloved sixth grade teacher A nic [...]

    Another light, holiday read from Andrews This book is a sequel to Blue Christmas where Weezie became engaged Christmas is coming and Weezie is preparing for a small, tasteful wedding which is being planned by her friends Cookie and Manny Meanwhile, BeBe is having her first baby and still refuses to marry, Harry, the baby s father Daniel is sent to NYC to be a guest chef, working for the lovely Carlotta, and making a name for himself in the NYC restaurant scene Will things ever get back to normal [...]

    I just love Weezie and BeBe and I love this series and I really love the last two books with Christmas themes So much humor, silliness and love wrapped into the whole series The quirky characters add a certain zest for life and me wanting to own a store if I could plus live in the South o Antiques, family, dogs, pregnancy humor galore, weddings, love and Christmas A pure delight to read Thank you Mary Kay Andrews and I hope there are to the series.

    I really love this author s stories The fact that one of the main characters goes around shopping estate sales and finding super duper deals on real antiques might give you a hint of her appeal for me This is a light, short, Christmas story great for a holiday read.

    Well I hated to read this book because as of now it is the end of this series and I want it to go on That being said it is just a fun Christmas read.

    Talya Boerner
    After reading The Boat Runner, I decided Christmas Bliss would provide a mental break while getting me in the holiday spirit Plus, I love the cover those bottle brush trees Mary Kay Andrews books are always fun, never deep, often silly in a good way If you ve read other books by this author, you will recognize the characters The storyline Weezie is getting married at Christmastime, and her best friend, BeBe, is expecting a baby in six weeks or so Of course, complications ensue making the nuptial [...]

    It seemed to me that it his book was an afterthought in continuing the series Weezie is getting married and Daniel is in NYC working at a swanky restaurant as a guest chef She flies to NYC and plans to surprise him days before their wedding She gets into all kinds of predicaments and I have to say Andrews portrayed her as gullible as you can get I understand she is a country girl but she should have common sense Like not getting a cab in the rain and getting on the subway only to be scared and g [...]

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