Anna Where Are You Best Read || [Patricia Wentworth]

  • Title: Anna Where Are You
  • Author: Patricia Wentworth
  • ISBN: 9780060810573
  • Page: 180
  • Format: Paperback

  • Anna Where Are You Best Read || [Patricia Wentworth] - Anna Where Are You, Anna Where Are You The delightful Miss Maud Silver is at it again in this engrossing mystery When a young governess named Anna Ball disappears Miss Silver is called in to investigate As she intensifies her search for t
    Patricia Wentworth
    Patricia Wentworth born Dora Amy Elles was a British crime fiction writer.She was educated privately and at Blackheath High School in London After the death of her first husband, George F Dillon, in 1906, she settled in Camberley, Surrey She married George Oliver Turnbull in 1920 and they had one daughter.She wrote a series of 32 classic style whodunnits featuring Miss Silver, the first of which was published in 1928, and the last in 1961, the year of her death Miss Silver, a retired governess turned private detective, is sometimes compared to Jane Marple, the elderly detective created by Agatha Christie She works closely with Scotland Yard, especially Inspector Frank Abbott and is fond of quoting the poet Tennyson Wentworth also wrote 34 books outside of that series.


    Bobby Underwood
    You couldn t let murderers go free, but when you knew people they weren t just murderers, they were people you knew This stellar Miss Silver mystery from the early 50s is full of atmosphere, and easily ranks in the top ten among her mysteries featuring the unobtrusive, Tennyson quoting, and ever knitting Miss Silver As always, there is a romance that plays out against the mystery When you read a slew of Miss Silvers in a row, you can tell she had a sort of free floating formula, but her characte [...]

    Evelyn Brooks
    A Dark, Complex Suspense Mystery from an Amazing Author I have the utmost respect for Patricia Wentworth s body of work and this top notch entry from 1951 hopefully won her lauds during her lifetime Deft characterization as always, but this time Miss Silver appears in the first chapter and is central to the story throughout Others in the series do not have so much page time I m making this analogous to screen time for an actor for Miss Silver Thoroughly enjoyable but not as cozy as some of her o [...]

    One and half stars really OK, I did finish it but had trouble focusing on an extremely boring story I read quite a few Miss Silver mysteries when I was young and liked them a lot This one I seemed to have missed and I shouldn t have spent time on All I can remember is Miss Silver s knitting needles clicking Yawn

    Rachel Piper
    Enjoyed this very much, though I guessed the twist fairly early on This is also the second mystery I ve read in the past year that has used Tennyson s poem Enoch Arden as a plot point, the other being Agatha Christie s There is a Tide.

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    Anna Where Are You Miss Silver 20 , Patricia Wentworth

    Wentworth does a variety romances between older couples late thirties, etc but the majority are younger couples, almost all involve a bullying domineering young man and a girl refusing to be squashed This is not a couple type I like, and it brings down an otherwise good suspense tale of a missing girl and a spate of robberies.

    One of Miss Silver best cases I had imagined a particular crime was proved wrong at the very end

    This Miss Silver mystery had an ominous beginning, with some foreshadowing about the fact that this was one of her most dangerous and disturbing cases , and that it was to call forth all her courage and test to the uttermost the qualities which had brought her success While I m not sure that I found Miss Silver s search for Anna Ball to be so dramatically different from her previous cases, it was certainly a story of some brutal murders, and of a particularly vengeful criminal.It begins when Mis [...]

    When Thomasina stops hearing from her old school friend Anna, she worries because Anna has no family and no other friends, and wouldn t stop writing unless something were wrong While her cousin Peter rants at her for doing anything at all, Thomasina stands up to him and reports to the police, then hires Miss Silver to investigate Anna s last position at a partially bombed out country manor house Miss Silver finds a would be artistic community surrounding the master of the house, Peverell Craddoc [...]

    This was almost unbearably enjoyable I really didn t want it to end The combination of village personal drama with murder mystery is great, although of course I suspect I d like it even without the mystery It is quite extraordinary how angrily you can dislike a persopn with whom you are in love Peter had moments of cold fury in which he told himself that he never wanted to see her again As these persisted side by side with a complete inability to stay away from her, his mental state was natural [...]

    wordnerdy 2017 08I like mysteries about sassy old ladies getting things done, so a few people have recommended the Miss Silver books to me I no longer remember why I was particularly interested in this one it s the 20th in the series, first published in 1951 but I found it satisfying as a stand alone Miss Silver is apparently a former governess turned private detective, and in this story, she is looking for a missing woman and so goes undercover as a replacement governess at a colony of eccentri [...]

    Free Anyone who hasn t read many of Wentworth s books will probably not guess the resolutions I ve read most of the author s work by now, so it only takes a handful of pages to get the measure of all the characters Once her stock types have been identified, it s pretty easy to tell who will be the culprit, long before any murders have happened I did have a suspicion about the other, non violent mystery as soon as Mrs Craddock mentioned she d not seen another character close up, then had that con [...]

    Allison Henle
    One of my least favorites, although Miss Silver comes through in fine form, as always Both of the young lovers are fairly dumb, and behave poorly to each other The mystery itself is not well disguised.

    Sylvia Walker
    Hmmm s somewhere between 3 and 4 stars I enjoyed the characters so much, and the period the book is set in 1951, England, in the country, at an artists colony The plot was a bit much to take in, but oh well It was a fun read.

    Miss Silver is called in on a missing persons case involving a young woman named Anna She is called in to help Inspector Abbot and the police and goes undercover as a governess to uncover the truth.Well written classic mystery with great twist.

    Fiona Marsden
    Good mystery

    This starts as a missing person story and develops slowly but with a marvelous atmosphere of menace, until suddenly wrapping up in just a few dramatic scenes like the author suddenly realized that the book was going to be too long The romance in for this one seems forced and I think we could have had a better book if it had been omitted and could have got by without some of the illogical actions of some characters I also think it would have been a much better book if it could have been about twi [...]

    I like Wentworth s Miss Silver mysteries.They are comforting to read Some are better than others.This 1951 is one of the better ones, where she goes into the behavior and personalities of the characters The case is closed 1937 was less interesting to me because most of it was plot plot plot, less about people.The parallels between the two books were striking adventurous, brave, intelligent young woman takes action, and ends up in the arms of her cooler, rational man friend who however feels an [...]

    Old Agatha Christie Ellery McQueen style murder mystery, set in the postwar era but in a style of much earlier, like the Edwardian era Anna is an unprepossessing woman that stops writing letters to her school friend after she takes up work as a governess in a vaguely Arts and Craft like colony around a mansion bombed and abandoned after WW2 Miss Silver is an elderly spinster who goes to investigate The ending is a bit contrived and overwrought in the prewar style but the pretensions of the colo [...]

    another great cozy mystery featuring Miss Silver, an intrepid older lady who was once a governess and now does private inquiries She is an astute judge of human nature, and never fails to discover whodunit am looking forward to reading many moe of the books in this series.

    My dad bought me this book when I was much younger I don t know if I was rereading or reading it for the first time I didn t remember it, and it was a really enjoyable read that I finished in a day.

    An unhappy and lonely soul leaves her job as a lady s companion for another job and disappears A worried friend s advertisement leads to dark doings and Miss Silver to sort things out in this somewhat melodramatic tale.

    tja, wat zal ik er van vinden review volgt

    It was fine dull, predictable but written well enough, I suppose.

    • Anna Where Are You Best Read || [Patricia Wentworth]
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