[PDF] Unlimited ☆ Cada Dia, Cada Hora : by Natasa Dragnic

  • Title: Cada Dia, Cada Hora
  • Author: Natasa Dragnic
  • ISBN: 9789720043542
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Cada Dia, Cada Hora : by Natasa Dragnic - Cada Dia, Cada Hora, Cada Dia Cada Hora Como nos versos de Pablo Neruda Dora e Luka sentem cada dia cada hora estar destinados um ao outro Em crian as eram insepar veis at ao momento em que a fam lia de Dora parte da pequena cidade cr
    Natasa Dragnic
    I always wanted to be an actress, author or teacher And I got lucky I became all of them I was born in 1965 in Split, Croatia I could see the sea from the window of my childhood bedroom When I was eighteen I moved away for the first time to pursue a degree in German and Romance studies in Zagreb In 1995 I earned a master s degree in literature I also completed a degree in diplomacy in Zagreb and Berlin but soon realised that diplomacy isn t for me Too much politics So back to the sea Only to leave again in 1994 and move to Germany, to Erlangen, where I continue to work as a freelance foreign language instructor I teach German as a foreign language, French, English and Croatian In addition, I also speak Spanish What can I say, I love languages As a young girl I would lock myself in the bathroom, without a view of the sea, and practice making faces in the mirror, acting out different emotions, practicing gestures, words, even entire dialogues During my studies, I finally dared to go out onto a real stage in front of a living audience, and ever since, I can t get enough of it.When I was six I wrote my first poem It was about an apple which remained hanging on a tree unpicked until it shrivelled and fell Four verses Four decades later, in 2011, my first novel Jeden Tag, jede Stunde Every Day, Every Hour is being published by the German publisher DVA And as if that weren t enough, the book was sold in then 20 countries even before its publication I feel overwhelmed with the good fortune that the hundreds upon hundreds of pages that I wrote have paid off I am glad to pass along my love of reading and writing in various workshops and lectures.Thank you for your interest in me and my work.Follow DoraLuka on Facebook facebook pages Natasa Follow me on Twitter twitter NatasaDragnic


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    Storia zuccherosa di un a contrastato dalla stupidit e scandito da svenimenti, partenze e gravidanze assortite.Credo che parlare d a senza scadere nel trito e nel mellifluo sia, forse, l impresa pi impervia per uno scrittore, perch si tratta di dare forma e distinzione letteraria ad una materia dialoghi, gesti, episodi di incolore ovviet , tranne per chi li pronuncia, li compie e li vive in prima persona come unici e straordinari.Per scongiurare questo rischio e la noia del lettore , serve il Ta [...]

    Mairita (Marii grāmatplaukts)
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    Jeden Tag, jede Stunde ist eines dieser B cher, das man entweder mag oder nicht Ich geh re eindeutig zu den Liebhabern diesers Buches, obwohl auch ich w hrend des Lesens mir manchmal gerne die Haare gerauft h tte.Denn seien wir ehrlich, insgesamt gesehen, ist die Story um Luka und Dora nicht wirklich neu Das hat man schon fters so gelesen Trotzdem entfaltet dieses Buch einen Sog, dem ich mich schwer entziehen konnte Das liegt am Schreibstil, der so wunderbar poetisch, luftig und einfach nur sch [...]

    As you already read above, the story takes place in Croatia And not just anywhere, but in an amazingly beautiful town called Makarska, along the coast of Croatia The story is about Luka and Dora, two kids who spend all of their time together At first they are just best friends and can t be separated, but as they grow older they begin to feel than just friendship The story is written in such a beautiful way, you d almost think that it s you eating ice cream with your best friend, enjoying the su [...]

    The story is beautiful It begins with a boy and a girl, three years apart in age, who are meant to be together forever They are each half of a whole That s just how strongly connected they are throughout their whole lives Circumstances arise that separate them while they re still children They reconnect when they re just beginning their adulthood They are both artists, she s an actress and he s a painter The connection remains between them, just as powerful as ever.A sister, a manipulative lover [...]

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    Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    When Dora is two years old she is sent to nursery school because her mother has to go back to work there she meets five year old Luka, a boy prone to fainting fits, and the two children become the best of friends It s a friendship that has something otherworldly about it the townsfolk of Makarska, on the coast of Croatia, watch and wonder at it But when Dora is six, her family moves to Paris, and they seem to forget about each other.Years later, Luka is promising a young artist visiting Paris fo [...]

    Dora e Luka si conoscono da bambini, quando Luka svenendo viene soccorso da una curiosa bambina che stava osservando e da l subito decidono che sono il principino e la principessa e quindi si uniscono praticamente per la vita con qualche interruzione qua e l che varia da pochi mesi a sedici anni Un a che va oltre il tempo, intenso, travolgente, sia per i diretti interessati che per il lettore Madosca.Okay, basta con questa commedia.Una certa pochezza dilaga per tutto il libro.In primis nello sti [...]

    Kennt ihr das Wenn eure Eltern euch und eure Geschwister fr her an einem verregneten Sonntagnachmittag ins Wohnzimmer geschleppt haben, den Dia Projektor schon aufgebaut und euch dann gef hlte 200 Kisten Dias aus den guten alten Tagen zeigen wollen Ja Genauso erging es mir mit diesem Buch Dora und Luka kennen sich von Kindesbeinen an und verlieren sich eines Tages aus den Augen, als Dora berraschend nach Frankreich zieht Erst Jahre sp ter sehen sie sich wieder und aus der Kinder Freundschaft ist [...]

    Andrea (Cozy Up With A Good Read)
    This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadBefore I started blogging I was all about the chick lit and cute romance stories, and just because I haven t read as many doesn t mean I won t if I find them, this book was right back to my roots I love books with this kind of idea to them, the whole story of soulmates that just have a hard time keeping their lives picture perfect I was really excited when I saw this one, especially because it was a translation book I was a little he [...]

    A lovely piece of writing by a Croatian author but written originally in German, I believe, and then translated into English Every Day, Every Hour is an unconventional love storyo star crossed lovers who meet in early childhood, fall immediately in love, although they wouldn t put that name to it, are separated before reaching puberty and then are periodically, and temporarily, reunited from time to time over the years Dora, an actress, lives in Paris, and Luka, an artist of considerable talent, [...]

    Heather Panella
    I don t know in what universe I ever think that it s a good idea to read a tragic love story, but I did and I cried through the whole thing I only picked it up because the author is Croatian and I felt that my heritage and I owed her a read This book was beautiful and made me want to visit Paris then hop on a plane to Croatia and most of all find a man who will quote Pablo Neruda to me Readers beware, though, this is not an easy read or a book that s quietly heartbreaking, it s one that rages an [...]

    Ana Luisa
    Neste exacto momento terminei a leitura deste livro e n o queria ir dormir sem antes expressar a minha opini o sobre ele Ainda por mim fluem uma enormidade de emo es e por isso espero conseguir dar uma opini o recta acerca deste livro.A autora trouxe at n s um livro incr vel, escrito de uma forma simples mas t o intensa que a certa altura nos perguntamos nos porqu s da vida, nos rumos incertos que esta por vezes toma uma hist ria de amor que nos faz sonhar e acreditar no destino, num amor t o gr [...]

    Un libro piccolino, solo 220 pagine, eppure gi sta facendo parlare di s provocando aperti dissensi, o totali consensi.Non pensavo che una storia del genere, che si legge in poche ore un paio basteranno e che racconta l a tra un ragazzo e una ragazza, iniziata nell infanzia e durata un intera vita, potesse provocare commenti cos accalorati.Luka e Dora vivono in un paese di mare, in Croazia e trascorrono la loro infanzia insieme, diventando in poco tempo inseparabili come se fin da piccoli gi sent [...]

    Nata a Dragni donijela nam je nesvakida nju ljubav izme u Luke i Dore, ljubav koja se rodila u djetinjstvu, koju na e samo jednom, ostaje uvijek s tobom i traje zauvijek.Dora i Luka su razdvojeni u djetinjstvu, i tokom itaovg ivota koje vode daleko jedan od drugoga stalno osje aju da im ne to fali, da su ne to izgubili, ali se ne mogu sjetiti to no to Kada se opet na u, itatelj se ponada e, sad e sve i i dobro Ali ne, nije to takva ljubavna pri a Ovo nije ivjeli su sretno do kraja ivota Jel ljub [...]

    Jennifer King
    Someone whose recommendations I implicitly trust suggested this book and maybe that s why I found it so disappointingexpectations too high It s not truly awful, not in the writing, which can be a bit overcooked, but was certainly atmospheric nor in the characters, who I liked well at least Dora in spite of myself No, it was the stupid ass plot that drove me bonkers Two adults madly in love who can hear each others thoughts across miles but cannot somehow figure out a way to be together They were [...]

    Angelina Teneva
    When Luka and Dora, childhood sweethearts, bump into each other after years of having no contact at all, they find themselves swept off their feet in a whirlwind of emotions, picking up things from where they had left off Nothing seems to cast a shadow on their future happiness and convinced that Dora is the love of his life, Luka hurries back home to arrange the wedding.Little does he suspect the news that awaits him there Klara, his ex girlfriend, is expecting his baby.In less than a flash he [...]

    Sigh Such high hopes, such low results Read it because I thought it would be even mildly interesting from the perspective of the Croatian diaspora migration Ended up realising that my struggle with this book is simply further evidence that I can no longer stomach romance stories.

    I was thinking for some time if I should give it a three stars of four, beacuse 3.5 is impossible But it is a different story than the ones I ve read, full of emotion, story about a simple love that today seems to be existing only in novels like this one It does deserve than a 3.15 average grade.

    Nl talige versie Prachtig liefdesverhaal doorwoven met stukjes po zie van Neruda Geen sentimenteel gedoe, maar een recht door zee relaas van de onmogelijke liefde tussen de 2 hoofdpersonages.

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    Set in Croatia which is conveniently where our school s new director was working before he was hired by us.

    I don t even know what to say yetew to comeIn the meantime, just go read it.

    Let me start by saying that I am not a fan of novels based solely around romance If romance is involved in my fantasy or sci fi or historical novel, bring it on A straight up romance is not my cup of tea, however That being said, this book was not my cup of tea Not entirely.The story centers around Luka and Dora, two young kids growing up in Croatia who are inseparable.That is until Dora s parents move the family to Paris What follows is essentially a tale of star crossed lovers They reunite onl [...]

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    Well, I had mixed feelings about this book At first I thought that the characters are too childish even when they grew up , that the book is not serious enough However, I grew to love these two lowers and at the end I was truly devestated I just wanted happy ending I thought that they deserved it Also, the book made me sad It made me think of love that we cannot get.

    V h n liian ennalta arvattavaa l ssytyst ja vaikka vaikeuksia n ill henkil ill oli niin ehk v h n liian helposti asiat eteniv t kirjailijan haluamaan suuntaan.

    My boyfriend has been telling me that all I read are depressing books, so I decided to pick this one up and find the happy outlook on life Oh was I wrong I thought this would be the classic story of boy meets girl, they spend every moment with each other but they are still too young to know the connection they share and then tragically due to life circumstances they are separated This might be sad but wait, in a weird twist of fate they are reunited and realize that they have always loved each o [...]

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Cada Dia, Cada Hora : by Natasa Dragnic
      488 Natasa Dragnic
    Cada Dia, Cada Hora