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  • Title: Mountains Beyond Mountains (Adapted for Young People): The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer,A Man Who Would Cure the World
  • Author: Tracy Kidder Michael R. French
  • ISBN: 9780385743181
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Tracy Kidder s critically acclaimed adult nonfiction work, Mountains Beyond Mountains has been adapted for young people by Michael French In this young adult edition, readers are introduced to Dr Paul Farmer, a Harvard educated doctor with a self proclaimed mission to transform healthcare on a global scale Farmer focuses his attention on some of the world s most impoverTracy Kidder s critically acclaimed adult nonfiction work, Mountains Beyond Mountains has been adapted for young people by Michael French In this young adult edition, readers are introduced to Dr Paul Farmer, a Harvard educated doctor with a self proclaimed mission to transform healthcare on a global scale Farmer focuses his attention on some of the world s most impoverished people and uses unconventional ways in which to provide healthcare, to achieve real results and save lives.
    Tracy Kidder Michael R. French
    Tracy Kidder is an American author and Vietnam War veteran Kidder may be best known, especially within the computing community, for his Pulitzer Prize winning The Soul of a New Machine, an account of the development of Data General s Eclipse MV minicomputer The book typifies his distinctive style of research He began following the project at its inception and, in addition to interviews, spent considerable time observing the engineers at work and outside of it Using this perspective he was able to produce a textured portrait of the development process than a purely retrospective study might.Kidder followed up with House, in which he chronicles the design and construction of the award winning Souweine House in Amherst, Massachusetts House reads like a novel, but it is based on many hours of research with the architect, builders, clients, in laws, and other interested parties.In 2003, Kidder also published Mountains Beyond Mountains The Quest of Dr Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure The World after a chance encounter with Paul Farmer The book was held to wide critical acclaim and became a New York Times bestseller The actor Edward Norton has claimed it was one of the books which has had a profound influence on him.


    I deliberately chose to read the "Adapted for Young People" version not because I dislike Tracy Kidder (on the contrary, I generally really enjoy his books) but because I knew this was a subject that would cause me to gnash my teeth, stomp my tiny feet, and rage and rage. Also, I was fully prepared for the idea that I wouldn't necessarily like Dr. Paul Farmer.That's two to me.Being broke is tough. Being poor when everyone you know is just as poor, and illiterate, and ill, as well as hungry, that [...]

    Amazing in the respect of what one man can do to change the lives of so many.

    Mountains beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World is one of my favorite books, so when I saw they had created an edition "Adapted for Young People" I bought it for our library's teen collection & was eager to read it and see how it compared to the original. I didn't do a side-by-side reading or anything but I definitely remember certain favorite bits that were cut out--such as the part about Paul Farmer's love of People magazine. One on hand, I think de [...]

    Elizabeth Huff
    It turns out I have actually read one of Dr. Farmer's books and really enjoyed it. This book was a nice lens to sort of look back on the other one and think about the story of the man who ultimately has done so much work to help combat TB. His dedication to the poor comes through very clearly in this book, but now also in the other, even though it wasn't so explicit there. While he does a lot of work for the poor, if every one of us did a little, we could seriously help alleviate the exhaustion [...]

    I recommend this one for any teen trying to care about the world (or any parent who wants their kid to wake up out of their first-world stupor). Dr. Farmer is a Mother Teresa type, fighting the good fight against tuberculosis and AIDS in Haiti and then to other parts of the world. A real eye-opener for me. Other than the constant abbreviations and acronyms - for which a glossary would have been welcomed - I really enjoyed and felt inspired by this book.

    This title - the full adult version - has been selected as the common reader for freshman at the community college I work at, which is why I picked it up. I have limited reading time these days, though, so I opted for the audiobook - and discovered it's only available for the "young reader's" version, so here we are. I enjoyed this book, and am in awe of the work that Dr. Farmer has been able to do against all odds (bureaucracy, least of all), but I had much the same critiques of this as I had f [...]

    Mz. Diana Gagliardi
    A non-fiction abt the actions of a living man, I only read it because it was the discussion book at my UU. However, I am glad to have had the reason to do so; Paul Farmer's philosophy to give preference to the poor- to treat the poor in an impoverished country as you would a rich person in a wealthy nation- is an attitude that we MUST see is the only morally correct way. In this age of healthcare for the healthy and those who can afford it, me for mine, and self-proclaimed Christians who ignore [...]

    This book was very thought provoking for me. I work in healthcare and a coworker recommended it to me. I ended the book feeling very privileged for the access to healthcare I have. It's easy to forget what you do have when you are consumed with what you don't, truly those "first world problems". I very much appreciated Dr. Farmer and his PIH team's passion for what they were doing. This has also sparked a conversation between myself and a close friend of mine as her family is from Haiti and came [...]

    Richie Partington
    Richie's Picks: MOUNTAINS BEYOND MOUNTAINS: THE QUEST OF DR. PAUL FARMER, A MAN WHO WOULD CURE THE WORLD by Tracy Kidder, adapted for young people by Michael French, Delacorte, April 2013, 288p ISBN: 978-0-385-74318-1"We can change the world, Rearrange the worldIt's dying to get better"-- Graham Nash, "Chicago""To an outsider, building a school before there was a medical clinic, or someone to deal with the problems of hunger and homelessness, was illogical, but Farmer and Lafontant understood th [...]

    Great book but a bit wordy. Kept me interested because of my desire to know more about the work going on in Haiti. Dr Farmer is doing very impressive work there. Loved reading about it. Halfway through I had to start skimming that's why I had to give it 4 stars instead of 5. I understand that there is an adapted for young people version that is done very well with less "words".

    I like books that open my eyes to life in other countries and circumstances. I am also inspired by men and women who sell out to their passion for other people in need. Great read!

    library author event

    Some books are intimidating to review. They just are. Such is the case with Mountains Beyond Mountains. The book I read was the "adapted for young people" edition; it was adapted by Michael French. The book is good, very good. The subject is serious, but, the style is personal. The subject of the book is Dr. Paul Farmer. The book is not always in chronological order, but, essentially by the time you're done, you've got a good grasp on who he is, what he does, why he does it, how he grew up, how [...]

    This book was a very interesting read about a man who, having a very unique upbringing, decided that he wanted to change the world. It is a nice quality to have the desire to change the world for the better, but this man succeeded. His success in changing the world came with tremendous work, an exorbitant dedication of time, an unfaltering amount of compassion for the poor and oppressed, extensive education with two specialties and a unique ability to think about and change the factors leading t [...]

    Tracy Kidder tells the story of Paul Farmer, a medical anthropologist and epidemiologist who has spent his adult life working to bring quality health care to the poor, particularly in developing countries. His major battles have been against MDR tuberculosis in Haiti, Peru, and Russia. Kidder does a good job interweaving Farmer's personal story, his unconventional upbringing and his stellar academic career, with his unswerving belief that everyone, no matter their economic standing, is entitled [...]

    Daisy Parker
    Mountains Beyond Mountains is a non fiction book about Paul Farmer. Paul Farmer is a medical anthropologist, he founded the organization Partners in Health (PIH). The main idea of this book is that you can do so much with or from so little. Paul Farmer found ways to get access to medicine at much lower costs so he could provide for his patients. Reading this book made me think that you can come from so little to so much. Paul went from living in a bus to going to harvard medical school and to wo [...]

    Shaeley Santiago
    Primarily about Paul Farmer and Partners in Health (PIH), this book looks at inequalities in medical treatment for the poor, focusing on the work of PIH to treat tuberculosis (and HIV/AIDS) in Haiti, Peru, and later Russia. Farmer, Jim Kim (a Korean who grew up in Muscatine, IA) and Ophelia Dahl (daughter of Roald Dahl) started PIH as young medical students just as Paul was beginning his work in the central plateau of Haiti. Although this book is primarily about health care, I shelved it on Thir [...]

    This book was originally published in 2003, then it was adapted for young readers (ages 12 and up) by Michael French and published in 2013.In making a comparison of this book to several other young reader books I've recently read, my conclusion is that this adaptation is quite a tedious read, especially in some parts; young readers will likely skim through those sections, and hopefully will read enough about Dr. Farmer to understand the "mountains beyond mountains" he faced with his work.I'm not [...]

    An inspiring account about the difference that one person -- one committed, passionate, tireless person -- can make in the world. In this adaptation for young adults, Tracy Kidder and Michael French tell the story of Paul Farmer, a Harvard-educated physician and ethnographer specializing in infectious diseases. For more than 30 years, Farmer has hurdled social, cultural, political, physical, and financial obstacles to improve healthcare and living conditions in Haiti. In adapting the book for a [...]

    Ashley Flynn
    This look into an exceptional life was reasonably well executed. Farmer is by all accounts an incredible person, and the storytelling did a good job relaying that. His charm was balanced in some degree by his quirks, but some areas in which he seemed less exceptional were glossed over. These were few, to be sure, but I particularly couldn't shake the feeling hat Ophelia was his one true love and he settled for DiDi. Some of the transitions between topics were a little weak, and it didn't grip me [...]

    I read the adult version of this book a number of years ago for our book club and it has been a book that has made a huge impact on me. It opened my eyes to world healthcare, the politics surrounding it, and the human story. As luck would have it, a young adult version came out. It fits perfectly with our favorite problem based learning unit for our 7th grade STEM students. The unit is called Healthcare as a Human Right and it was actually inspired by Dr. Farmer. The kids are excited to read it [...]

    Favorite lines: If there is a lesson to this book, that may be it - not that everyone should go out and try to cure the world, but that all our lives are richer for having purpose, for pursuing something larger than ourselves p. 5.Proper medical treatment couldn't be effective, Farmer believed, without serving a patient's other needs: basic education, habitable housing, clean water, food security, and hope for a better future p. 37.She [Ophelia Dahl] lay in bed thinking, "I just want to do somet [...]

    I didn't realize I picked up the "adapted for young people" version of this book but I'm glad I did. I haven't been much in the reading mood but was able to get through this book while waiting for kids after school. The work Paul Farmer is doing in Haiti and across the world is fascinating. This book mainly focuses on his efforts with TB but I'm more intrigued with his uncanny ability to "fit in" among the Haitians - learning their language and trust and then loving and serving them with everyth [...]

    This was really fascinating. It almost reminded me of reading Elizabeth Gilbert's The Last American Man but with global public health? Anyway, really good. I have iffy feelings about this as an adaptation, though. I suppose I'd have to read the original to confirm my suspicions, but it felt a little lacking in some spots. I guess I have iffy feelings about adaptations in general though.Either way! Read this! Or read the original!

    "Farmer knew that meager incomes didn't guarantee disease and early death, but the two usually went together. He also knew that many people living on the wrong side of the "great epi(demiological) divide" had brown or black skin and were female. What they all had in common was poverty.""The view reminded me of the Haitian proverb 'Beyond mountains there are mountains,' which meant that when you'd solved one problem, you couldn't rest because you had to go on and solve the next."

    Renee D
    I accidentally got the version adapted for young adults. I wonder how the original version would have differed. Nonetheless, this was a detailed, informational, and entertaining account of one person's wish to change public health. The ending was a little disappointing, not narratively, but because in the end public health has not improved greatly.

    I found this book about a doctor who worked on tuberculosis in Haiti very fascinating. This book is adapted for young adults, but I think it would be for high school kids because sometimes the details of how the charity worked made the pace of the story lag. Dr. Farmer was motivating to read about and I liked this look into health care and Haiti.

    This is a well-done adaptation about Paul Farmer's amazing work in the medical field in places such as Haiti, Russia, Peru, and Cuba. His dedication to helping people obtain access to medical care, both preventative and immediate, is inspiring. It is written at a level accessible for middle and high school students.

    A really great book about starting small and growing to change the world. A deep-rooted passion to bring medicine, education, and other resources to impoverished countries, Dr. Paul Farmer and his friends (Ophelia and Jim) fight bureaucracy, injustice, and time to make it happen. Read if you like learning about other countries, change, medicine, hope

    I read this book years ago when it first came out. The story of his life situation and struggles that led to his calling, as it were, as a champion of health in underdeveloped countries, is inspiring. He's still deeply involved in work in Haiti, as the needs of the poor have not decreased - rather the opposite.

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