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  • Title: The Short Seller
  • Author: Elissa Brent Weissman
  • ISBN: 9781442452558
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Look out Wall Street Lindy Sachs is about to make some serious cash A twelve year old takes on the stock market in this money minded middle grade novel It all starts when seventh grader Lindy Sachs is granted 100 and access to her father s online trading account as a way to alleviate her boredom while she s home sick from school.Lindy learns something immediately she isLook out Wall Street Lindy Sachs is about to make some serious cash A twelve year old takes on the stock market in this money minded middle grade novel It all starts when seventh grader Lindy Sachs is granted 100 and access to her father s online trading account as a way to alleviate her boredom while she s home sick from school.Lindy learns something immediately she is very, very good at e trading Her 100 becomes 200 Then 400 And With trading talent and access to her parents savings, the opportunity to make some real dough is too tempting to pass up In fact, given how well Lindy s stocks are doing, it would be a disservice to not invest it all Right
    Elissa Brent Weissman
    Elissa Brent Weissman is an award winning author of novels for 8 to 12 year olds Her most recent books, NERD CAMP 2.0 and NIKHIL AND THE GEEK RETREAT are sequels to the popular NERD CAMP, which was named a best summer read for middle graders in The Washington Post THE SHORT SELLER, about a seventh grade stock trading whiz, was a Girls Life must read and featured on NPR s Here and Now Named one of CBS Balti s Best Authors in Maryland, Elissa lives in Balti, where she teaches creative writing to children, college students, and adults.


    NewFranklin School
    This book has a lot of interesting explanations about the stock market, how it works and what the pitfalls of being too involved in trading can be. I thought the story was a little repetitive, but really thought the author did a nice job of writing about a normal family, whose 12 year old gets into hot water. I also really like how the author nailed middle school relationships and how they can change - for better or for worse. The Short Seller is realistic fiction with a topic that is probably n [...]

    Barb Middleton
    Lindy gets mono and is stuck at home for a month. When her dad asks her to buy some stock for him online because the website is blocked at his work, Lindy becomes interested in how the stock market works. She's struggling with math and when a tutor comes to help her his background as a stockbroker makes her even more interested in the topic. When mono causes her parents to cancel her ice-skating lessons her dad gives her $100 dollars to invest in the stock market. As she makes money on her money [...]

    Ms. Yingling
    Lindy isn't great in math, and hasn't been feeling well. When she is diagnosed with mono, she ends up staying home, and her father asks her to buy some stock for him, since the markets close at 4:00 p.m. and he can't do this from work. Intrigued by how quickly it is possible to make money, and sick and disappointed because she can't take ice skating lessons as planned, Lindy gets $100 from her father to invest as she sees fit. When her money does well, she decides that since her parents have so [...]

    Cindy Hudson
    When 12-year-old Lindy comes down with mono she’s too tired to think of doing anything but sleep. Soon she’s feeling better even though she’s still stuck at home for a while. To help her pass the time, her parents give her $100 and access to their brokerage account, so she can experiment with buying and selling stocks.Lindy is fascinated by the stock market, and before long she’s taught herself a lot of the ins and outs of trading shares. As a bonus, math is fun for her for the first tim [...]

    Sandra Stiles
    My love of this author’s work started with the book “Standing for Socks”. I read this when I was a Middle Grades judge for Cybils in 2009. I have read her Nerd Camp Books and loved them as well. I had no thoughts of not liking this book. As I thought, I loved it. Lindy Sachs, the main character of the book is a very lovable character. Lindy is like so many people, including myself, who struggled with math in school. When she comes down with mononucleosis and must stay home from school she [...]

    I read this recently as I want to try to sample of a few of the books my son is reading as a middle grade reader now. I think this is a good book for middle grade ages. It is nice to see something a little different that isn't just fantasy and dragons or some sort of kid mystery. This story revolves around a girl who starts to pick up aspects of stock trading from her father when she has to stay home sick from school for an extended period. I did like that it gave the reader a little education a [...]

    How is a seventh grader stuck at home with mono supposed to pass the time? With one-hundred dollars and access to her dad’s online account, Lindy Sachs is spending her days learning the ins and outs of day trading on the stock market. What Lindy discovers is that she is very good at e-trading. One-hundred dollars quickly multiplies to two-hundred dollars and it keeps going up. Then Lindy makes a big mistake, one that could cost her family everything. It will take all of Lindy’s stock market [...]

    Camille Tesch
    This book is a novel written for children to explain how the stock market works, short selling, and the Securities and Exchange Commission. The main character is a 12-year-old girl named Lindy, who starts day trading stocks with $100 when she is sick with mono. She gets caught up in the excitement of the stock market and making money, and gets in over her head. I thought the book seemed formulaic, and a cover to explain how stocks work. That's also what I liked about it. I think the book is a gr [...]

    I won this through a First Reads giveaway last year. Although it's aimed at young adults, I thought it only fair I read it myself.It follows the story of 12 year old Lindy Sachs who becomes interested in stock trading online whilst off sick from school. I thought it had a good mix of technical knowledge written in language the target reader would understand whilst remaining a good entertaining read. I won't reveal the storyline or ending here.I'm probably unlikely to read more of this authors w [...]

    The Short Seller kept me reading until the end. I have never been a day trade with stocks or tried to short sell stocks. I kept reading to know how it was going to turn out. I totally believe a 7th grader like Lindy could use the computer to buy and sell stocks. I also like the realistic relationships she had with her classmates after being absent with mono. With all the humor, a good lesson is learned: people interested in buying and selling stocks would learn the most important thing is to edu [...]

    Seventh grader Lindy Sachs, who is home sick with mononucleosis, is bored, bored, bored until her dad gives her a hundred dollars and an online trading account. Lindy isn't great in math at school—in fact, she's just been demoted to the regular class from advanced math (woe!), and she's seeing a tutor on top of it all—but the hands-on application of math to the stock market makes sense, and something clicks…and she's shockingly good, it turns out, at the whole day-trader thing. Too good, i [...]

    I really did not like the way the author made day trading seem so fun and even when you get into trouble, you can get out of it. I know she was trying to explain day trading and stock market in a way that kids can understand but I thought it was not a responsible way to describe it, especially the father giving his daughter all his log in information and access to his trading account. I had already bought the book for my library because I loved Nerd Camp and Nerd Camp 2.0. I wish I had not purch [...]

    Renee Hall
    Day trading isn't your usual topic for this age range, but it makes for a captivating real-world adventure. There's a little bit of info-dumping on how stock markets and their regulations work, but it's not too distracting. My main complaint is that the middle-school friendship subplot doesn't quite gel with the day trading main plot as well as I would have liked, even though it's certainly realistic. A fun, quick read, and something different from the usual topics for this age range.

    I just thought this was cute! It does a great job of explaining the stock market without being heavily didactic (though I confess, I still don't really understand short selling), and it doesn't get bogged down in details. I especially loved the character of the dad. I will definitely seek out some of her other books.

    This book gave me so much anxiety I had to stay up really late to finish it. Not because it's so compelling and so amazing but because the main character was going to get in big big trouble. And I hate getting in trouble I could feel her pain. This book will find a niche audience I think, it's about an obscure topic for kids - stock trading - it's okay.

    I was skeptical that short selling could make a good book for intermediate readers, but I thought it really worked for this age group. I think students enjoy imaging what they might do themselves if they had the opportunity to buy and sell stocks themselves.

    Well developed and realistic-ish plot. I was genuinely afraid for Lindy and what would happen to her for investing so much of her parents' money. However, the parts about how the stock market works made my eyes glaze over just a bitn't know how many kids would stick with this one.

    Mr. Steve
    I'm sure not all kids will like this one but it does deal with the stock market in a way that makes it easier to understand. Also, the main character's problems are very easy to relate - making a mistake and trying to fix it before her parents find out.

    Mrs. Porter
    Very true to middle school story and a fun way to introduce kids to the stock market. Will put this novel in the hands of a 6th grader post-haste as they actually have a stock market unit in the Spring.

    Day trading, $100, and a 12-year old. Little Melinda studied every book on stock trading her grandmother sent her. But, she didn't read the boring parts. Find out what happens when you don't read everything!

    I enjoyed this book! I think it is really good but the stock market thing can get a little boring sometimes. Also sometimes I didn't know who was talking. But I really like the issues and especially all the friend drama that happens in the story.

    One Sentence Review: A remarkably fun concept of a kid bucking the system then immediately regretting it (and how cool is the Brewster's Millions book jacket, eh?).

    this book has a great message that is that just because you are really good at something dosen't mean that it will always work. this is a great story and i learned a lot from it.

    GPLD Youth Services RA

    Once I got to about half way with this book I couldn't put it down!

    I love Ellisa Wiseman's books. They are so engaging and interesting. The way she writes is soooo fluent that sometimes I can get goosebumps once in a while!

    Hoover Public Library Kids and Teens
    I always enjoy a Weissman book. And this one does such a good job of portraying the ups-and-downs of middle school friendships as well as the stock market.

    it was good, but the whole "stock biz" was confusing

    Elsa D.
    This was a very good book that taught me a lot about investing, while still making it fun to read. I would recommend The Short Seller!

    An unusual and refreshing premise that pays off. I appreciated a story about a girl interested in business and money, who comes to understand some real world implications of math.

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