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  • Title: The Royal Treasure Measure
  • Author: Trudy Harris Ivica Stevanović
  • ISBN: 9780761368069
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover

  • King Balbazar s kingdom has made a mess of measuring Curtains are too long, robes are too short, and no one knows how to solve the problem People measure length with everything from candlesticks to sausages to spoons Finally, King Balbazar holds a contest Who will come up with the winning unit of measurement and what will it be
    Trudy Harris Ivica Stevanović
    Trudy Harris, RN, is the New York Times bestselling author of Glimpses of Heaven and More Glimpses of Heaven, a former hospice nurse, and former president of the Hospice Foundation for Caring Since retirement, Harris remains active in connecting the need


    Ms Threlkeld
    Good way to get kids thinking about measurement.

    Cute rhyming story about a kingdom where people use different objects to measurespoons, pickles, and whatever else is handy. But this doesn't work out so well. The queen's drapes are too long. Another man's door is too small. So the king decides to hold a challenge to create a standard form of measurement. The winner will get his daughter's hand in marriage and so she becomes the judge. When a young man sees her and falls in love even though she is dressed as a commoner, she knows he is the winn [...]

    A humorously elegant King Balbazar and his queen have realized they have a problem in their kingdom. The roofers, and the house builders and the tailors need to measure to do their jobs well and they don't have yardsticks yet. The drapes are measured to be ten spoons long and the doorways are fourteen sausages high.King Balbazar wants to retire and turn the kingdom over to his daughter the princess and her future husband. They create a riddle for the cleverest man to solve and as his prize he wi [...]

    Cute story in fairy tale fashion that tells the story of how the foot came to be the standard measure of distance. While the story is funny and isn't true, it's based on truth, as it was the practice in some countries to base the unit of measure upon the length of the king's foot. In those countries the standard would change with the change of monarchs to reflect the length of the new king's foot. Pretty interesting.This would be fun to use in a class on measurement. Read it, and ask the kids ho [...]

    A kingdom struggles with measurement using items as varied as sausages, candles, and goats to communicate size and distance. Fed up, the king holds a contest to determine the official unit of measurement and promises his daughter's hand in marriage as the prize. One young commoner uses his feet to find the treasure and wins! A "foot note" follows the story and explains the origin of standard measurement. The artwork is kind of strange, but I can see this story being useful in the classroom when [...]

    King Balbazar's kingdom has a measuring problem -- everyone uses different and arbitrary units of measurement. Spoons for measuring drapes, sausages for measuring doors. Finally, the king decides to hold a contest to establish a standard unit of measurement. He offers up his daughter's hand in marriage and, despite her initial reluctance, agrees to marry the winner of the contest. A cute rhyming story great for kids in 1st and 2nd grade. A quick and easy read aloud to use as part of a unit on me [...]

    Lyndsey Hurm
    This is a really cute and entertaining book! The illustrations are funny and cute! I would use this in my classroom to teach measurement The King in the story uses non-standard units to measure things throughout the castle. The Princess in this story also creates a riddle so you could also use this book to teach about riddles and have the students make some riddles up of their own and give to their classmates.

    When a royal family can no longer receive accurate measurements for their clothes, drapes, etc. They enlist the help of the kingdom to find the best form of measurement. This book was hilarious to read and fun for children learning to measure and count. I loved the creative and fresh idea that was given to finding the perfect tool for measuring things. I recommend reading this book to any child who enjoys humorous and fun stories about princesses and finding the right unit of measurement.

    Picture books for use in the math curriculum are few and far between. Trudy Harris, author and kindergarten teacher, recognized this lack and has written several math concept books. Her latest is a fictional account of how the foot was established as a unit of measurement. An author's note explains the little that is known regarding the development of that standard.

    Another good almost non-fiction picture bookif there is such a thing. Hopefully it will make children think about how measuring began. I liked this one alot. Plus the illustrations are good as well.

    Julie Esanu
    Great read-aloud to introduce measurement.

    Edward Sullivan
    King devises scheme to get his subjects to measure up.

    Joella www.cinjoella.com
    This story is a fictional story about how the "foot" came to be a standard of measurement.

    I kind of missed what was happening in the middle part, but didn't care enough to re-read it. Interesting info on the "foot" measurement.

    hilarious pictures and good introduction to standard measuring. little longish.

    • [PDF] Download Ý The Royal Treasure Measure | by ☆ Trudy Harris Ivica Stevanović
      332 Trudy Harris Ivica Stevanović
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