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  • Title: The Worst Princess
  • Author: Anna Kemp Sara Ogilivie
  • ISBN: 9781847388759
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Author Anna Kemp and illustrator Sara Ogilvie turn a traditional fairy tale on its royal head in this bright and funny rhythmic story that will have readers of all ages cheering along for The Worst Princess Princess Sue dreams of finding her Prince Charming But when that Prince proves to be a bit traditional than what she had hoped for, Princess Sue along with the hAuthor Anna Kemp and illustrator Sara Ogilvie turn a traditional fairy tale on its royal head in this bright and funny rhythmic story that will have readers of all ages cheering along for The Worst Princess Princess Sue dreams of finding her Prince Charming But when that Prince proves to be a bit traditional than what she had hoped for, Princess Sue along with the help of fiery dragon becomes determined to find a way to get the fairy tale ending that she always envisioned for herself For fans of Robert Munch s The Paperbag Princess
    Anna Kemp Sara Ogilivie
    Anna Kemp Sara Ogilivie Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Worst Princess book, this is one of the most wanted Anna Kemp Sara Ogilivie author readers around the world.


    Girl meets boy. Boy puts girl in dull castle and goes off on quests. Girl bored. Girl meets dragon. Girl dumps boy. Girl and dragon live happily ever after.

    If I tell you that the title page of The Worst Princess features a cartoon drawing of a princess in full regalia, hair plaited in medieval style and snaking down twice her length, little bird perched atop her crown, whilst Princess Sue herself sits on the floor lacing up her baseball boots, oblivious to the glimpse of her frilly knickers showing then you may have an idea of the tone of this book, first published in 2012. Princess Sue is a rebel. She's a bit lazy, a bit mouthy and very cheeky. S [...]

    Laura (Bookies & Cookies)
    For all the little children who DON'T want to be princesses and ride around on dragons instead AKA me.

    Another day, another cute feminist princess storybook for children.'The Worst Princess' isn't about a "worst" princess at all. Sue starts out waiting for a prince to come rescue her from her tower, as is her traditional role. She grows bored after a hundred years (!?), and she reads to pass the time, and lets her hair plaits grow. Then she is finally "rescued" by a prince only he puts her in another tower prison, where she isn't allowed to go explore and have adventures of her own. That's a man' [...]

    Jackie Blewett
    Wonderful. Would get 5 stars except for the use of the word stupid (castle) which involves countless questions from my 4 year old who has been taught at school not to use the word stupid. A shame because Mummy refers to inanimate objects as stupid all the time. And also gets told off for it.

    I try not to review my Children's books on here because I am usually doing the book challenge and it interferes with that. I am however well over my challenge for the year so figured why not. My daughter was given this book as a gift from her nursery teacher when she graduated just before she started school. I myself really liked this book. It was nice to have a book where the princess has her own mind and views on what she wants and isn't a princess that just wants to find the charming prince a [...]

    Princess Sue follows all the rules to make sure that she's rescued by her true-love prince. Once she's rescued, she's whisked away to her happily ever after and a quiet life in the castle. Bummed out that she won't get to explore and "do all kinds of fun stuff too," she teams up with a dragon to have her own adventure. Lovely illustrations, a great message about being yourself and finding your own happiness, this is a book that's sure to be a hit with parents looking for positive, independent pr [...]

    Sara Grochowski
    Princess Sue has waited forever for a prince to come rescue her from the boredom of her tower, but, when he finally arrives, she doesn't get the happy ending she's been expecting. Instead of the freedom and adventure she longs for, her prince puts her in a penthouse in another tower. After all, dragon-bashing and armor is strictly for boys only. But Sue won't give up her happily ever after so easily! When she spies a ferocious dragon she promptly invites him to tea and the two team up to show th [...]

    Irene McHugh
    This book is up there with The Paper Bag Princess. This princess has some chutzpah! After growing up isolated in a tower, she's less than thrilled with the twit of a prince who "rescues" her right off to another tower prison.She enlists the help of a charming dragon who enjoys his nasal spray. Together they live happily ever afterjust as it should be!

    A Princess who realizes she doesn't need a prince? A Princess who would rather ride around on a dragon and cause mischief than have long hair and flowy dresses? Sign me up for an outing with this spunky princess!

    Very cleverly written and funny. I wasn't a huge fan of the illustrations, but the story more than tipped the scales for the good.

    Jules (Never enough time to read)
    An absolute favourite in our house, we all love princess Sue.

    Claire Sullivan
    Summary: The Worst Princess, by Anna Kemp and Sarah Ogilvie, tells the story of Princess Sue. Princess Sue has waited around her whole life for a prince to come and rescue her. However, when a prince finally does come, she finds that he has stereotypical viewpoint of what Sue should do with her time. While Sue wants adventure, the prince simply wants to lock her in another castle and tells her to “smile a lot and twist your curls. Dragon-bashing is not for girls.” In the end, Princess Sue ac [...]

    Lola Et La Vie
    I was reading this feminist twist on classic fairytales to my daughter today and realised how much I love this book. It gives exactly the message that I want to impart on my five-year-old.At the start we meet Princess Sue, who is waiting in a tower for her prince. She knows how fairytales work! When he finally shows up Sue is glad to finally get out of the tower, but her joy is short lived when he puts her in another tower. When she sees a dragon approach, she takes destiny in her own hands.As a [...]

    Miss 3 and I like to explore different books at the library and try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new & favourite authors.The Worst Princess by Anna Kemp This is a great modern version of the traditional princess book that aims to turn some of the tropes on their heels. There's the Rapunzel type princess who could just climb the ladder out of her tower but chooses to wait for her prince. When he wants to marry [...]

    Princess Sue is just waiting for her true love to come rescue her from her loneliness of being a princess. She's done everything right and finally he comes! They charge off but where to? Yet another castle! The prince wants her to "smile a lot and twist your curls" because "dragon-bashing's not for girls." Sue realizes this is NOT what she had in mind and when a dragon comes to her tower she invites her in and they plan on getting out of there! When the prince comes back he is not greatly please [...]

    This is a really fun story about a very bored princess who, when finally freed from her tower by a prince, discovers that royal life is BORING. I love these kinds of fairy tale books that flip the stories on their heads and give the women more agency; this is a great book for young readers who can eventually pick up books like Ella Enchanted and Malinda Lo's Huntress. The art is wonderful, I love Kemp's colors and the way the bright red of the princess' hair is reflected in the dragon's scales i [...]

    Sherri Bemis
    I love a well-written rhyming book for children! And this one has AMAZING art to go with it! Definitely recommend for little gals!

    BL 3.10.5pts

    I love girl power books. This was a great one!

    A fresh, contemporary spin on princess fairy tales, reminiscent of Munsch's "Paper Bag Princess," except that this time the princess teams up with the dragon! Hilarity ensues

    Miss Ryoko

    Love it, dragons and princesses having adventures of their own is exactly what I want from my princess stories.


    Cool story about a kick-ass princess.

    Go girl :) Great illustrations

    Encruzilhadas Literárias
    Apesar da dupla Sara Ogilvie e Anna Kemp já ter alguns livros infantis editados pela Civilização Editora este foi o primeiro que tive o prazer de ler. Como os leitores se devem lembrar da minha crítica ao livro A Princesa Espertalhona, gosto bastante de contos de fadas e gosto de me surpreender e Uma Princesa do Pior acabou por se revelar o melhor de dois mundos.Com ilustrações lindíssimas e uma história fora do comum, foi com grande prazer que segui Maria na sua fantástica, embora pequ [...]

    Big Book Little Book
    Caroline for bigbooklittlebookI have a daughter. A dress wearing, pink loving, cover everything in glitter, girlie girl whose ambition she when she grows up is to be a princess. As a former tree climbing, den-building , tomboy (with the scars to prove it), I have to admit that at times her choices in bedtime literature are a little trying. Princesses, colourful fairies, ballet dancers and kittens have featured in all of her recent selections. So when I first laid eyes on The Worst Princess, I re [...]

    Timothy Tilbury
    “Once upon a time, in a tower near you, lived a sad princess; the Princess Sue. "Someday," she sighed, "my prince will come, but I wish he'd move his royal bum." But when Princess Sue's prince finally does arrive, he's not quite what she had in mind, and the happily ever after Sue has always waited for is frankly the most boring thing she’s ever done and he one true love is the biggest twit she’s ever met. Is she really going to have to cook and clean and be pretty for her husband for the [...]

    Eden Grey
    Princess Sue is simply the worst. She won't sit in the tower's penthouse suite, twirling her hair and enjoying frilly dresses. Instead she's rather invite dragons for tea and play tricks on knights. And who could blame her? Not all girls want to be a traditional princess. THE WORST PRINCESS is a funny and clever story about a girl who tosses the traditional fairy tale on its side and then pours tea all over it. Written in lyrical, rhyming prose, THE WORST PRINCESS is simply perfect for reading a [...]

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