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  • Title: The Faerie Guardian, Part II
  • Author: RachelMorgan
  • ISBN: 9780987029027
  • Page: 210
  • Format: ebook

  • Free Download The Faerie Guardian, Part II - by RachelMorgan - The Faerie Guardian, Part II, The Faerie Guardian Part II NO LONGER AVAILABLE This novelette now forms Part II of the novel The Faerie Guardian Guardian trainee Violet Fairdale has officially been suspended for bringing a human into the fae realm No assignme
    Rachel Morgan spent a good deal of her childhood living in a fantasy land of her own making, crafting endless stories of make believe and occasionally writing some of them down After completing a degree in genetics and discovering she still wasn t grown up enough for a real job, she decided to return to those story worlds still spinning around her imagination These days she spends much of her time immersed in fantasy land once , writing fiction for young adults and those young at heart.Rachel lives in Cape Town with her husband and three miniature dachshunds She is the author of the bestselling Creepy Hollow series GIVEAWAYS BONUS CONTENT Subscribers are notified whenever I have a major giveaway going on They also receive new bonus content whenever it s available Sign up here smarturl RMnewsletter

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    In the second novella we pick right up where the first one left off Violet is on a one week suspension because she allowed a human to pass into the fae realm She continues to visit Nate against all the rules Being a Guardian is everything she has ever wanted and everything she has been working her entire life to become She doesn t want to risk it and must stop seeing Nate But she figures during her one week suspension she will at least keep her promise to help him find his mom, then of course sh [...]

    Nicola Vermaak
    There are few things as thought blanking, mind numbing and enticing as a first kiss and the addictive pursuit of a second, third and fourth kiss thereafter The challenge faced that of desperately wanting another kiss, but unsure how to initiate it Miss Morgan captures the delicious complications of first love perfectly Now add that this story unveils itself in the most colourful and alluring world of Creepy Hollow add the element of danger, the Underground and a secret held for many years.Oh my, [...]

    In this installment, we discover Violet s unique gift and indeed it comes in handy Timely too since Nate needs to find his mom and Violet s itching to work on an assignment The little detail that she s been suspended doesn t seem to phase her.e s tough like that Okay, maybe having the opportunity to stick around Nate longer might have been the clincher Whatever the motive, she s out on another adventure that would surely get her in deep doodoo.There was a lot of banter between Violet and Nate th [...]

    Rachel Morgan s LABYRINTH lives up to its title with mind blowing twists and turns at every corner.Although Violet Fairdale has been suspended for a week from her Guardian training, she still knows how to get into trouble She secretly keeps visiting Nate, a human, even though it s against the rules Plus, she has another reason to keep seeing him besides his kissable lips she wants to help him find his mother and the answers to his family s pastBYRINTH picks right up where GUARDIAN left off I lov [...]

    Well, it took me long enough but I finally read this, and I really enjoyed it Being already familiar with the world of Rachel Morgan s CREEPY HOLLOW, I guess it wasn t as surprising this time around to see all the subtly embedded aspects of that world, i.e the stylus, the amber mobile phone tablet, etc There were new ones introduced too, like the listening pod thingies or whatever they were called, and these all just make the world that much richer This novelette reads as smoothly as the first o [...]

    I love the covers man Well this one was mysterious as Vi got into trouble even after she got suspended LOL And now it seems that she also landed Nate in trouble And wahts the deal with Angelica and Vi s Parents Wowlooking forward for next oneSri.

    Blaire Hammond
    marking this off in place of a short story in this series that hasnt got a page

    Sheena-kay Graham
    Violet is back She has decided to not make Nate forget her and sees him in secret Suspended she decides to help Nate find his biological mother But things get very complicated From a disk with a strange griffin on it, to what it means Vi finds that Nate is than he seems and their relationship gets complicated as Vi considers if she can do what her heart finds impossible and her mind thinks is logical Leave Nate As they continue the search for Angelica, adventure and peril quickly pursues them [...]

    Spoilers if you haven t read the first book Seems like there have been some loose lips in the fae realm The kiss that was supposed to be kept secret has been blabbed about and Violet s cheeks are turning red She s visiting Nate on the sly, breaking all the rules of her Guardian training, but hey, if no one finds out about it, she s not hurting anyone Personally, I d love to have one of those little stylus she uses to draw on the wall and make a doorway to a different world How cool would that be [...]

    Creepy Hollow 2 Labyrinth by Rachel MorganSource Purchase4 5 starsOoh Creepy Hollow round two is just as good as round one The action in Labyrinth picks up right where Guardian left off none of those annoying time lapse things going on here Violet has officially decided she likes Nate and might have forgotten to erase his memory For Nate s part, he knows he likes Violet and is anxious to begin the search for his biological mother Both are certain that once they find Angelica Nate s bio mom all t [...]

    Chapter by Chapter
    Taking place after the events that occurred in Guardian, Labyrinth definitely gave me than what I expected from the series of novellas Labyrinth follows Violet after her week long suspension from Guardian training and our feisty main character continues to break all the rules when she still visits Nate The human boy whom she let enter the faerie realm I will admit, that I wasn t sure what to find within the pages of the story After the way that Guardian delivered I was unsure how author Rachel [...]

    This is the second Creepy Hollow novelette and follows up directly on the events of the first Guardian While Labyrinth is a solid story on it s own it is much preferable to start with Guardian to properly follow everything This review contains no spoilers for Labyrinth but will by necessity have some for the previous book Seventeen year old Violet Fairdale is a fairy in training treading along some very fine lines after the events of Guardian Having inadvertently revealed the fairly realm to a h [...]

    This is the second little novelette in the Creepy Hollow series, which I read in quick succession after I finished the first one, Guardian They re so short, that reading the both of them together made it almost one full book That s my biggest problem with this series, is that the individual installments are too short to actually sate my reading appetite Just as I finally start falling into the reading groove, and get into the characters, the story would end I wanted details about where they wer [...]

    Labyrinth is the second story in the Creepy Hollow series by Rachel Morgan, these short stories will be published as ebooks on a monthly basis with the third story Traitor due to be released in May As this review is for the second story it may contain spoilers for the first instalment of the series.Labyrinth picks up the story a few days after the ending of Guardian, Violet has been suspended from her guardian training for bringing a human into the fae realm even though it wasn t her fault She s [...]

    Jill Swanson-Diaz
    Labyrinth was excellent This is now my favorite novelette I have read As with the first installment, this second part to the series does not disappoint.It brings action and mystery You get to delve a little into the history of the fae world and learn about the main characters Vi is on suspension from Guardian training Becoming a Guardian is her whole life and she is faced with a tough decision how far should she let her relationship with Nate go On the verge of cutting ties with him she becom [...]

    Now this second book takes place when Violet is being sent before the Council for disobeying their laws and a suitable punishment is to be determined She will lose her ranking and miss out on an assignment by being expelled from the Guild for a week So Violet is a bit miffed at her sentence but it can t be helped so with so much free time on her hands she decides to visit Nate Feeling drawn to him, she is again breaking Guardian rules but the reward of spending time with Nate seems to be worth i [...]

    In LABYRINTH, Violet has officially been suspended for bringing a human into the fae realm, but that doesn t stop her from spending time with Nate.But Nate many not be exactly what he seems, and the search for his mother lands them both in a labyrinth where no portal can be drawn to help them escape.This is a fun and fast paced series that I highly recommend.This review originally appeared on faeriewriter

    C.M. Brown
    Labyrinth, the second book in The Faerie Guardian series by Rachel Morgan continues the story of a young fae guardian named Violet, Vi for short, and her adventures when she defies the Guild laws to help Nate, a human boy, to find out the truth about his mother.This magical tale leads the two into unknown territory and trouble, as they follow a lead to find Nate s mother, who is not what she seems.Rachel has continued the magic of her first book in the series with this young adult fantasy as rea [...]

    Cally Jackson
    Vi s confident, sarcastic yet warm voice bursts onto the page and we get to know Nate the human a lot better as things in Creepy Hollow get a whole lot, err, creepier The title definitely suits the content of the story as I often didn t have a clue which direction the plot would go When the finale left me on a cliffhanger, I could have screamed, but only because I so desperately wished Book 3, Traitor, was already available I m now eagerly anticipating the news that Traitor has been released and [...]

    Jenny - Book Sojourner
    A great second novelette in this series Vi and Nate were seeking out Nate s mother and ending up in odd places, which was quite an adventure I like that some things you can guess but much of the time you re just going with the story, which was great Ryn is also an intriguing and suspicious character that I would like to see explored The ending left questions, leaving you wanting the next book, but in a good way.

    A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer
    Loved this one, too The imagery and world building is so natural and wonderful rainbow colored spiderwebs was one of my favorites in this one and the MC s voice is just perfect I just wish I could read these all at once in one novel I get so into the story and then, it just ends and I have to grab the next installation.

    Hmmm Griffins, serpents, half magic half humans, centaurs A maniacal halfling that killed his human father A maniacal halfling that wants to take over the world A halfling that when he was killed, separated pieces of his magic into different objects If my count is correct, we seem to be missing Ronald Weasley

    Between the two Guardian and Labyrinth I still prefer Guardian where we were first introduced to the characters I wouldn t say that I was entirely surprised about Nate s heritage but the ending another cliffhanger Yikes

    Again, interesting story Would love details about well, about everything to be honest But, since these are short stories, I m guessing we ll get the details later Anyway, the love story is still a bummer for me I guess I blinked and missed when it happened Still rushed to my taste.

    This series has been pretty good There is a number 3 in the series I will be reading the next one.


    There is so much that happens in these short books I like them though I like them a lot Very eager to read the next one.

    I really hate getting the storyline in parts I want to know

    Clare Robinson
    So exciting I couldn t put it down, it contributed to several very late nights

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