✓ Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau î Guy Adams

  • Title: Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau
  • Author: Guy Adams
  • ISBN: 9780857689337
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback

  • ✓ Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau î Guy Adams - Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau, Sherlock Holmes The Army of Dr Moreau Following the trail of several corpses seemingly killed by wild animals Holmes and Watson stumble upon the experiments of Doctor Moreau Moreau through vivisection and crude genetic engineering is cr
    Guy Adams
    Guy Adams Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau book, this is one of the most wanted Guy Adams author readers around the world.


    I bought this book on spec with a voucher I got for Christmas I am so glad I did This has to be one of my favourite Sherlock Holmes books outside of the canon.The word romp is often over used in book descriptions, but it certainly describes The Army of Dr Moreau A wild, riotous romp through Victorian London, the chase led by Sherlock Holmes and a posse of characters from other novels.The premise of the book is that Dr Moreau was working for Mycroft s mysterious Department before and during the i [...]

    I skipped to the back of this book and read the notes section first In it, the author said that he could raise much the same points that H.G Wells raised in the original Island of Dr Moreau regarding man s inhumane treatment of animals in scientific experiments I remember immediately thinking, Man s inhumane Man s inhumane treatment of animals That s what you got out of The Island of Dr Moreau Inhumane treatment of animals I immediately concluded the author was not a very deep person.Sadly, as I [...]

    Jay Sprenkle
    Pros It did have some wonderful lines Only went and got myself bitten by a sharktopuss, didn t I I mean seriously, the bloody thing went for me like a cross between a Chinese dinner and my mother in law The author didn t hide facts A mystery where you don t get all the clues and the perpetrator is someone created out of whole cloth at the end is very unsatisfying.Cons The mystery was not very interesting.I didn t care much for any of the characters They were all childish and shallow.The author c [...]

    Milo (BOK)
    A great read Most Sherlock Holmes fans will find something that they like in Adams latest tale of the World s Greatest Detective The Founding FieldsI m going to admit that I wasn t really introduced to Sherlock Holmes as a character until Steven Moffat s brilliant modern day adaption of the series in BBC s Sherlock I d heard about him before, I mean who hadn t It was Sherlock that got me hooked to Conan Doyle s creation, and it was Sherlock that got me reading the individual stories, which anybo [...]

    This is one of the better Sherlock Holmes adaptations I have come across so far, while also perfectly capturing the haunting and distributing atmosphere of The Island of Doctor Moreau Guy Adams portrayed Sherlock very well as the genius, charismatic, cocky, somewhat heartless man he was in Conan Doyle s stories, without making him an asshole His interactions with his brother and Watson are spot on.This story is filled with amazing humour that made me chuckle than ones This mainly comes from the [...]

    This review is listed under Project Sherlock For information on this project, click here.Review posted on my blog thewriterslibrary Sigh Not a good book to end Project Sherlock on You just can t win them all I half expected this book to disappoint me Over the course of this endeavor, I ve come across books that really just flew off the edge of common sense and face planted in the world of the ridiculous I ve come across some select books that were absolute gems, but the key word here is select [...]

    Review brought to you by OBS reviewer AngieI have not read any of the original Sherlock Holmes books, and was really excited to read something that was an homage to this classic series I was not disappointed in the least.I have to admit that having seen the recent Sherlock Holmes movies with Robert Downey Jr I did imagine him in this role as I was reading It made it quite exciting and really helped to bring it to life in my imagination.What I enjoyed about this story was the crossover in another [...]

    Riju Ganguly
    Alan Moore had begun his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series using some of the greatest works of Victorian fiction as the source of the protagonists antagonists, but then had allowed things to drift into a surreal fugue state that is typical of his mind genius, but not exactly Guy Adams didn t attempt something THAT ambitious, but his pastiche is actually a highly enjoyable work that reminds one of the first couple of volumes of TLOEG The title says a lot, but the dialogues, the action pack [...]

    James Swenson
    A character named Sherlock Holmes, who shares the name, occupation, and nationality but not the personality of the famous detective, is menaced by human animal crossbreeds.These monsters are the product of a serum that, injected into a living creature, causes instant evolution in that creature.You don t have to be a Holmes purist to recognize idiocy when you see it.

    Well, I began the book with low expectations after reading Breath of God I knew the chances of me liking this book would be very slim, but I had nothing else to read, and it was free from the library I started off reading expecting it to be awful, but then I actually started enjoying it a little bit At least, I did not think it was as bad as The Breath of God I actually wanted to turn the pages I felt like Holmes and Watson were in character Then we hit the middle of the book, and it all went d [...]

    Sherlock Holmes is arguably one of the most, if not the most, popular fictional character ever created There is still an appetite for his adventures today, and new tales are generated every year featuring Mr Holmes and his chronicler, Dr John Watson Holmes has fought creatures from the Cthulhu Mythos and met Dracula, Jack the Ripper, and even Batman Apparently there is something about Holmes that in the right hands lends itself to hybridization Which leads us to The Army of Dr Moreau Guy Adams n [...]

    Lacey Thornton
    I loved this story and the journey Holmes and Watson find themselves on this time I felt that I couldn t read fast enough to keep up with the pace of the story I was completely drawn to the various characters, which was slightly confusing at parts It was easy for me to imagine the environment and this importance of them working quickly The truly hard part for me was the medical science fiction in the story Me being a nurse It was hard to imagine anyone being successful at any length with what wa [...]

    Monique Snyman
    When three bodies are found near the Thames, ripped and torn to shreds, London is shaken with fear and questions as to what could have done it Word on the street is that there s a shark in the Thames, but what would an Australian Black Tip shark be doing in London Immediately the question as to whether or not this is one of the infamous Dr Moreau s calling cards Sherlock and Watson is on the case, seeing as the Crown is in danger and Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock s older brother, have no other option [...]

    Maria Thermann
    Using H G Wells 1896 novel The Island of Dr Moreau as a basis for a horror adventure with a healthy dollop of tongue in cheek humour and plenty of referencing of some of his favourite books, TV shows and movies, Guy Adams weaves another amusing Sherlock Holmes mystery for us that has us staying up late and turning the pages I very much enjoyed most of this book, marvelling at the ease with which Adams cheekily plucks references from television and film, much loved classic novels and pulp fiction [...]

    Received from Titan Books through Book GeeksJust when Sherlock Holmes is convinced that there are no interesting cases for him to investigate, he and Dr Watson and visited by Holmes brother Mycroft Bodies have been turning up around London Bodies which show signs of having been attacked and murdered by ferocious creatures that don t belong in London Mycroft is sure that the creatures involved in the attacks are somehow related to the top secret and very controversial experiments with animals tha [...]

    Philip Jones
    This is the second novel by Mr Adams featuring Sherlock Holmes His earlier effort was Sherlock Holmes The Breath of God, in which Aleister Crowley and several supernatural investigators join Holmes in fending off evil This new book also takes its inspiration from the popular fiction of the late Nineteenth Century, this time from H G Wells s The Island of Dr Moreau It seems that someone is carrying on with the animal experiments of Dr Moreau into the beginning of the Twentieth Century At Mycroft [...]

    Victor Gentile
    Guy Adams in his book, Sherlock Holmes The Army of Doctor Moreau a Book in the Encounters of Sherlock Holmes series published by Titan Books brings us a new adventure featuring Sherlock Holmes.From the Back Cover Wild beasts abroadDead bodies are found on the streets of London with wounds that can only be explained as the work of ferocious creatures not native to the city.Sherlock Holmes is visited by his brother, Mycroft, who is only too aware that the bodies are the calling card of Dr Moreau, [...]

    Throughout literary history characters have emerged that continue to stand the test of time Characters such as Bram Stoker s Dracula , Mary Shelley s Frankenstein and Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes.Over the years several authors have written books and short stories starring the famous detective While most were good and some not so good in my opinion few were able to capture Doyle s particular writing style That is, for me at least, until Guy Adams came along.As of this writing, Adams has w [...]

    Kristin(MyBookishWays Reviews)
    You may also read my review here mybookishways 2012 09 Corpses are turning up in Rotherhithe, by all appearances the victims of animal attacks However, the attacks are not attacks any animal that should be roaming around London for example, a blacktip shark, common to the coasts of Australia , and one of the victim s hands and feet were chained, which, of course speaks of human involvement When Mycroft Holmes pays a visit to his brother Sherlock, and Dr Watson, with a request for help looking in [...]

    Cloie Kim
    In this book by Guy Adams, Sherlock Holmes faces against a evil scientist type, whose identity you don t know til the end I really liked this book, this series, simply because it is unique in its telling of its tales It follows the original format with a few tweaks, it doesn t follow just one person, it follows multiple main characters, and minor, switching back and forth between the two It s reason for not being in the original SACD stories, besides being a few centuries late is because that Wa [...]

    Having only read one other Holmes novel I have little basis for comparison, but I found this less exciting than The Stuff Of Nightmares, and certainly it lacks the intelligent mystery I would expect in a tale involving the world s most renowned consulting detective But the author Guy Adams admits in the afterword that it is just some pulp fun, with some satisfying nods to characters of other works.In the last part of the book, forty odd pages, the narrative switches to the other characters of th [...]

    When I first saw books from this series, which are written by a variety of authors, this was the one I was most interested in I mean, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Moreau Who wouldn t be interested But for various reasons, I ended up reading one by Lovegrove first The Stuff of Nightmares And while I enjoyed this one, I enjoyed Nightmares I felt that Lovegrove did a better job of re creating Dr Watson s voice I should qualify this by noting that it s been a LONG time since I actually read any of Doyle [...]

    Once again, this is a pastiche I tried very hard to finishIt s not even that the story was uninteresting or the characters badly written, it just didn t work for me I couldn t even get into the story, because it was so far away from the kind of Sherlock Holmes pastiches I like I mean, Guy Adams is a damn good writer, I m not going to deny that, but not once I believed in his story, or his characters It was so weird from the beginning, with this Dr Moreau and his work on humans animals, like seri [...]

    Again, I have to say that I love when two genres that I love bump together In Sherlock Holmes The Army of Dr Moreau, Guy Adams pits HG Wells s Dr Moreau against Arthur Conan Doyle s Sherlock Holmes A great combination.This was the perfect follow up to Sherlock Holmes The Breath of God.4 STARS

    This book was really good It was strange that half way through the author changed gear and had the story being told from several different characters view At the beginning the story was told through Watson s point of view This story s background has to do with the H.G Wells novel, The Island of Doctor Moreau The villain in this story had worked with Moreau and knew his fascination with vivisectioning human and animal parts He wants to create such an army so he can take over mankind and the world [...]

    This book rubbed me wrong in so many ways There was the fact that almost nobody reacted with horror to these creatures, to what had been done to them The fact that Mycroft had a hand in it, that not only didn t he put a stop to Moreau s experiments, he encouraged and funded them The absolute and total lack of concern on Holmes part when Watson was first kidnapped and then caught in an explosion I don t expect tearful love confessions, but something would ve been nice The erratically jumping POV [...]

    Coral Davies
    I am afraid I got less than 100 pages in and gave up I found this to be very flat Although the author made a great effort in trying to emulate the style of Arthur Conan Doyle, and attempted to create a believable Sherlock Holmes , by obsessing over this point he failed to address the multiple ideas and issues raised in the orginal sorry by H G Wells It was almost like he was interested in creating a horror story rather than the true amalgamation of these two books Simply not the book for me.

    I really enjoyed The Breath of God, so I was curious to read Sherlock Holmes adventures by Guy Adams The Army of Dr Moreau started out so strong the humor in the beginning was spot on and hilarious I had such a great time reading this book for about the first hundred pages but then the story just lost itself and there were fewer and fewer exciting moments The ending was satisfying enough, but, as sad as that makes me, I still cannot give this than2.5 stars.

    A very enjoyable mash up pastiche of Sherlock Holmes and other Conan Doyle, and Welles characters It was imaginative and fun if not as much to my taste as the previous book by Adams The Breath of God but that maybe that my bias runs to 19th early 20th century supernatural fiction rather than the mad science of the same period I recommend this for those who like their Holmes with a dash of the untraditional added Now if Adams would only tackle that damn giant rat of Sumatra, I think the world is [...]

    It wasn t terrible by any means Really, I think my complaints are those of a nit picky Sherlockian Holmes was a wee bit too accessible for my tastes Overall, I found the premise of the novel incredibly intriguing How could one not be lured by the promise of a mystery surrounding hybrid creatures The book was, overall a fun and exciting read If it were a movie it would easily fall into the vein of summer blockbuster thriller I encourage other Holmes fans to give it a try I promise you ll have a f [...]

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    Sherlock Holmes: The Army of Dr. Moreau