✓ The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons ☆ Russ Kick Seymour Chwast Valerie Schrag Gareth Hinds Peter Kuper Robert Crumb Roberta Gregory Rick Geary

  • Title: The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons
  • Author: Russ Kick Seymour Chwast Valerie Schrag Gareth Hinds Peter Kuper Robert Crumb Roberta Gregory Rick Geary
  • ISBN: 9781609803766
  • Page: 157
  • Format: Paperback

  • ✓ The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons ☆ Russ Kick Seymour Chwast Valerie Schrag Gareth Hinds Peter Kuper Robert Crumb Roberta Gregory Rick Geary - The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons, The Graphic Canon Vol From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons THE GRAPHIC CANON Seven Stories Press is a gorgeous one of a kind trilogy that brings classic literatures of the world together with legendary graphic artists and illustrators There are than illu
    Russ Kick Seymour Chwast Valerie Schrag Gareth Hinds Peter Kuper Robert Crumb Roberta Gregory Rick Geary
    Editor of the website The Memory Hole which publishes and archives hidden US government documents, including scientific studies and reports, civil rights related reports, intelligence and covert action reports.He is also editor at large for The Disinformation Company, where he has published several books including The Book of Lists and 50 Things You re Not Supposed to Know.

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    Okay, I ve been reading The Graphic Canon, looking for a reason for it to exist It contains abridgements or excerpts of tons of terrific stories, from Gilgamesh to Les Liaisons Dangereuses, in comic book format But who cares about abridgements or excerpts To whom are they useful I started, as promised, by comparing Valerie Shrag s adaptation of Aristophanes best known and dirtiest play Lysistrata 411 BC to Douglass Parker s translation I wastually sortof into it It s charming and effective Certa [...]

    Dov Zeller
    This book has its ups and downs but all in all it s a nice reminder of the depth and breadth of our literary histories, and also a beautiful compendium of styles and approaches to adaptation It s great to see the passion graphic artists have for their beloved prosy and or poetical works Some perks there are great prefaces to each adaptation contextualizing the text and its graphic adaptation Also, a lot of artists are not published in a main stream widely accessible format aside from these books [...]

    Murat G.
    Efsanevi grafik sanat lar ve ill strat rler ile D nya edebiyat n n ne kan eserleri bir arada tan t m yla g rd m bu seri bir edebiyat ve izgi roman sever olarak beni merakland rd.3 kitaptan olu an ve kronolojik bir seyri olan serinin1 ncisi G lgam Destan ndan Shakespeare e2 ncisi Kubilay Han dan Bronte Karde lere3 nc s ise Karanl n Y re i nden T kenmeyen N kte ye kadar olan edebiyat eserlerine dair illustrasyonlar , izimleri, izgi hikayeleri kaps yor.Her izgiden nce de ilgili eser ve eser sahibi [...]

    As with any compilation of stories, this is a mixed bag Some of the adaptations are well done, but many are pretty bad.

    As in every compilation book with multiple contributors, it s hard to rate the book as a whole There are some stories in here I d give five stars, some I d give one star But the real question when discussing this book is, Does this need to exist And the answer Kinda sorta Most of the really great adaptations in here are excerpts from larger works, such as Gareth Hinds adaptation of The Odyssey or Kevin Dixon s of The Epic of Gilgamesh, so in that sense The Graphic Canon is redundant But there ar [...]

    Christopher Rush
    Blerg Despite all the accolades Russ Kick and the collected artists adapters have apparently garnered, this isn t really that good of a collection It is quite evident from the beginning most of the people involved have no real affinity for the subject matter, certainly not in any way remotely resembling respect The biographies of the artists celebrate the fact most of them delight in creating underground and subversive material which is certainly fine for them Admittedly, a number of the classic [...]

    The Graphic Canon is a wonderful and inspired idea it collects the work of many graphic artists, much of it original, after asking them to reimagine a classic tale In this particular volume, stories span the Bible to the eighteenth century A plethora of art styles and interpretations are offered Whilst I will not be seeking out many of the individual artists featured here, and whilst my favourite entry was unsurprisingly by Isobel Greenberg, it is a wonderful book to own, and I will undoubtedly [...]

    This was very good Love the idea when they take a work of literature a turn it into a comic book Most of the time they give you most of the work and you end up not reading it because you felt like you read it before With the Graphic Canon the thing I like most about this is that they only give you a sample of each work they have chosen Thus, it forces you to read the actual work if you like what you have just read If you read the introduction which most people probably skipped it tell you everyt [...]

    Der Herausgeber Russ Kick legt den ersten von drei B nden einer Anthologie vor, die die gro en Werke der Literatur als Graphic Novel adoptiert Es wurde mehrfach kritisiert und mu dem K ufer Leser nat rlich klar sein, dass er gr tenteils nur sehr kleine H ppchen der Originaltexte serviert bekommen kann, denn der vorliegende Band hat nur 502 Seiten, was nicht einmal ansatzweise f r die komplette Bearbeitung zum Beispiel der Faerie Queene reichen w rde Wer das Buch kauft, um sich in vergn glicher K [...]

    I was thrilled to have won this from and waited impatiently for it to arrive It was worth the wait I haven t been reading graphic novels for very long but it took a very short amount of time to realize that the limited space afforded to the author and artist oftentimes makes for a powerful story It is distilled down to its essentials and is all the stronger for it.A lot of these stories I was already familiar with and it was like seeing an old friend, there are changes but underneath they are s [...]

    So this was pretty cool Given to me by a friend for xmas because I like graphic novels and such, I was particularly looking forward to the ancient Greek adapted sections.The editor of the collection, Russ Kick, put little introductions to each work that not only gave you some background on the work that was being adapted, which was often insightful if brief, but also some background info on the adapter of the work He also has sections in the back, which are also brief, and expand on such things. [...]

    Miroku Nemeth
    I will just say that there are things unearthed in this volume that are gems and rare metals, and others, pure fool s gold Some of the art was excellent, some simply repulsive and truly an insult to the literature I found the overview of literature throughout the ages itself and the breadth of selections within the anthology very enjoyable.I also found this beautiful How prone we are to sin how sweet were madeThe pleasures our resistless hearts invade.Of all my crimes, the breach of all thy laws [...]

    Well that was.a thing I guess I have to concur with many other readers There doesn t seem to be a point to this The works collected here are extremely variable in quality the art for the Rumi section was particularly disappointing, being mostly tacky Photoshopping , and the fragmentary nature of it was just not satisfying If you want to present the graphic canon, do it Don t present half assed fragments of graphic versions of the canon There were a few standout works, but the majority either add [...]

    Metin Yılmaz
    Evet ger ekten g zel bir al ma ve evet ok b y k emek var ama bekledi im kadar n bulamad m Belki di er ciltlerde de i ir fikrim Belki de i ine ok alamad beni bilemiyorum B ylesi bir eser i in sanki biraz daha fazla zen ve dikkat olmal Her eyi koymak ya da her telden olsun demek yerine az ama z daha m iyi olurdu acaba Neyse san r m erken karar bu benimkisi Daha ilk cildi bitirdim Sonra yazd m yorumu de i tirmek zorunda kalmayay m

    Elizabeth A
    This is such a fun book dip in and out of, and while I had heard of, if not read, most of these classics, there were some that were completely new to me The thing to know before reading, is that this is a sampling of these classic stories abridged, or a chapter of two of each The graphics are simply wonderful, and while I did not love each and every one, there are many that are fantastic I ve added the next in the series to my TBR pile.

    Phil Overeem
    WOW I cannot wait for Volume 2 October and Volume 3 March 2013 A marvelous array of lit and graphic styles, and just the thing to motivate you to read the whole canon before you die It is graphic in ways than one, but it still would be a great stimulant for young minds striving to become citizens of the world.

    ay don t even ask why just go read it.

    Christian McKay
    Simply the most consistently top notch anthology I ve ever read Out of fifty stories, I only thought one was sub par If I could only hand someone one comic to read, this would be it.

    When it comes to informed appreciation, visual sequential art is one of my weak spots I haven t invested a lot of time in really learning about these arts so that I can see than pretty pictures or striking imagery That said, some of the illustrations representations in his book were breathtaking not every story s adaptation was my cup of tea, style wise, but so many of them were just amazing I also really appreciated the breadth of cultures that were represented.

    A really creative way of giving a brief overview of some of the great classic works Very global in its content, with a variety of artistic styles and interpretations to keep the stories in this massive tome fresh Hoping I can find the other two volumes through the library, too

    They sure were bawdy, way way back in the day.

    The Graphic Canon Vol 1 ist eine graphische Anthologie, durch die man mal auf eine andere Art Einblick in die fr her Literatur bis Mary Shelley bekommt.

    David Townsend

    I found this while browsing the graphic novel section of my local bookstore and finished reading the entire book before I left Here is my review The Graphic Canon is a mixed bag Some of the stories, such as the Native American story about Coyote and the stars, Dante Alighieri s Inferno and the dialogue free Beowulf are wonderful Other stories are terrible.It must be noted that the stories are not complete Instead of a story, you get a chapter, part, paragraph, or sometimes even just a sentence i [...]

    Joe Rouse
    I was fortunate enough to meet Russ Kick, the editor curator of this amazing work, while he was in town for Books on the Banks He mentioned as he does deftly in the Introduction that we are living in the Golden Age of graphic novels, and this behemoth is true testament to that The popularity of graphic novels in both popular and academic cultures is not to be underestimated Kick s appreciation of this is forward thinking and prophetic, at the very least.The Graphic Canon, volumes 1 and 2, are li [...]

    I m one of those readers who had to ask the reference desk where to find the section of graphic books, soWe were reading and discussing the Epic of Gilgamesh and the library catalog had led me to this selection While I would rather the illustration had been of another selection from the story, I was delighted with the introduction, which took me to a respected translator whose name I had not yet encountered We had fun sharing the book the night of our discussion for most of that group, graphic n [...]

    Margo R
    I was expecting to really love this book Comics Literary anthologies All the things I love best in the world But instead I was thoroughly underwhelmed Some good stuff I loved most of the stories I d never heard before, like there were as with any anthology occasional gems, where the artist and the material worked very well together Rebecca Dart s brilliant version of Paradise Lost , for example, sent shivers down my spine.There were also a few stories that I had never heard of, like the Incan pl [...]

    Ray Zimmerman
    This book is simply a great read It provides pure enjoyment for those who love the classics and are not put off by seeing them rendered in a graphic novel format Readers familiar with comics and manga, will recognize the names of artists famous for their illustrations Literary devotees will recognize the titles and authors selected for inclusion.Volume one includes 500 pages of great literary selections beginning with The Epic of Gilgamesh and ending with writings from the Age of Enlightenment C [...]

    Admittedly, this was not a cover to cover read, but a pretty thorough dip into an extraordinary, comprehensive compilation of great works of literature I was pleased to see it is not confined to the typical Western collection so many of us were schooled in until the later decades of the 20th century I was impressed both with the commentary insightful and incisive, and the varied and visionary art that represented each work Some styles were not to my liking or what I would have chosen, but they s [...]

    The first volume of The Graphic Canon is immensely fun to read and very interesting It enables you to get a taste of famous literature without having to read massive texts in complicated English I now have a grasp on many plays, novels and poems and understand what they are about and why they are important I especially appreciated that it did not focus on the Western Canon, but rather chose literature from around the world, providing much cultural insight.Before each graphic visualization, Russ [...]

    • ✓ The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons ☆ Russ Kick Seymour Chwast Valerie Schrag Gareth Hinds Peter Kuper Robert Crumb Roberta Gregory Rick Geary
      157 Russ Kick Seymour Chwast Valerie Schrag Gareth Hinds Peter Kuper Robert Crumb Roberta Gregory Rick Geary
    The Graphic Canon, Vol. 1: From the Epic of Gilgamesh to Shakespeare to Dangerous Liaisons