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  • Title: I'll Follow the Moon
  • Author: Stephanie Lisa Tara Lee Edward Födi
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • On a quiet, moonlit beach, a baby green sea turtle stirs from a dream of home Slowly, slowly, with a tap, click, crack, the baby turtle embarks upon a mysterious nighttime journey Gentle, tender verse and enchanting illustrations carry this tranquil tale from sand to sea.
    Stephanie Lisa Tara Lee Edward Födi
    Stephanie Lisa Tara founded a publishing company that empowers kids to care about the planet, themselves and each other Her creed is activism, inspiring the next generation to make the world a better place Adults love her books because they help explain stuff in gentle, giggly ways Kids love her books because they are super fun to read Who is Stephanie A San Francisco mom with a great big heart As a child she had bright red hair, a little too bright in fact Being different got Stephanie thinkingour differences are the celebration Whether scaly, feathered, furry, or human skinned we all call Earth home Lyrical prose that dances on our tongue, breathtaking watercolors that illume our imaginationsese are the hallmarks of Stephanie s workESERVE CONSERVE INSPIRE TEACH We ve only one planet to save Stephanie Lisa Tara Children s Books


    Five Stars: A charming little book with rhyming verse. This is a sweet little story that follows a newly hatched sea turtle as he endeavors to reach the sea and find his mama. It starts with the cracking of a small egg and the emergence of a baby turtle. Each step of his journey is covered as he bursts out of the egg and learns to make his way through the sticky sand to the water's edge. Each page has a short verse in rhyme and at the end of each and every page is the touching little rhyme:"I'm [...]

    Kathy Horsman
    I'll be honest, the second this book came in the mail and I opened it, I was already sold by the gorgeous cover with the most adorable baby turtle I have ever seen in my life. When I opened the book and read it? I was not dissapointed!The illustrations are absolutely beautiful in soft, beachy colors that take you right to the beach immediately. From the eggs to the new hatch-lings to finding the ocean for the first time, these tiny creatures come to live throughout the pages both literally and f [...]

    When I lived in Florida- I patrolled a section of Ponte Vedra Beach for Greenpeace looking for sea turtles! When we found the nests we would call in specially trained rangers. They would come and take the eggs to safe houses. The really cool thing was at high tides - after the babies hatched- we would gather and put them into the water to help them start their amazing journeys!!!! It was beyond COOL!This book did a beautiful job of tellig the story!

    The blog tour for this book (and her other children's books) is running through April 22nd, 2013. You can enter to win $500 in Gift Cards (DOUBLED if you review them!) and a Kindle Fire. Tour page is found here: candacesbookblog/2013/First thing I notice when reading any of Stephanie's books, is the verse. The story flows so well and is so fun to read. It's also easy for younger ones to memorize, and eventually read themselves, because of the repeated phrases and the easy flow to it all.The oth [...]

    i LOVED the picture of the baby turtle cuddling against the dirt! The text was just okay. The repeated couplet is kind of tidal. The font shtuff was regrettably kitschy.I read this to the cutest nephew EVAR while he relaxed in his new "nest" (bean-bag chair).

    This was one of the few more modern books that I could find on the free Kindle store just recently. Due to the cute and adorable baby turtle on the front and the title my attention was caught. And with the exception of one or two parts that aren't realistic this book was an adorable read that would be a great lullaby read for children. Basically there is a very small introduction about green sea turtles on the information page and then an explanation about how this book came to be. From there th [...]

    Amy_Read to My Heart's Content
    This is such an astounding little book! I love turtles of all shapes and sizes, but there is something truly magical about these baby sea turtles that made everything seem so perfect. I am a true fan of rhyme in stories, especially children's books, and I'll Follow the Moon is made more interesting with the precious saying that is repeated throughout its pages:"I'm coming, Mama, I'll see you soon I know just howI'll follow the moon" That saying just rolls right off your tongue like waves gently [...]

    This book took my breath away when I opened it. The water color pictures are just beautiful and the colors of blue and green against the tan sandy shores are perfect. It's such a tranquil book, just looking at it. And though it's about the birth of a sea turtle and his search for his mother, it's not frantic. The turtle is sure he'll find the way."I'm coming mama, I'll see you soon I know just how.I'll follow the moon." This phrase is repeated on each page and it again shows the bond between mot [...]

    Amy Fournier
    This book is so fun and educational! It's a wonderful book to read to or with your children. With rich illustrations, and beautiful writing it is a book that you can enjoy over and over again. My daughter can't get enough of it and I am so happy with how much she enjoys it. It has some repetitive lines that helps younger children to interact and read along which is also awesome for their confidence in learning to read. This book is about the journey of a turtle from when it first hatches, to fin [...]

    A gentle, comforting storybook with the message that even though the world is a big (sometimes scary) place, and even though we are sometimes asked to do difficult things by ourselves, mom is out there, and she is comforting and safe, and that is a constant. The message is told through the story of turtles hatching on a beach, surfacing, and following the light of the moon to find the water. The book is illustrated by Lee Edward Fodi, and many of the pictures are not very interesting. Mostly the [...]

    I'll Follow the Moon is absolutely delightful. It focuses on the journey of baby turtles as they are growing in their eggs, hatch, and make their journey to the sea. The author has written the story in such a way that will capture your child's attention, as the baby turtles journey to find their mother. In addition to be a wonderful story, I'll Follow the Moon also teaches your child about nature. As an added bonus, Stephanie Lisa Tara has also provided learning activities in the back of the boo [...]

    A.E. Curzon
    The illustrations first drew me to this book – they are delightful! Although, with the exception of the line which is repeated on every page, I did find the rhyming a little hard to read since it didn't entirely flow. I have read some of the reviews which argue the point that this tale is far from factual in terms of the beginning of life as a turtle. Although I have to agree with this, it is worth bearing in mind that this will probably be read to very small children who won’t be too worrie [...]

    Jessica at Book Sake
    Reviewed by Jessica for Book Sake.Of all of Stephanie’s books this one had the most lyrical beauty of all. While there are two lines that are repeated on every page, it adds to the story in showing what the newly hatched turtle has it’s mind set on. The illustrations were simple and sweet all on their own. This is a story to get kids interested in learning more about nature!Book Received: For free from author in exchange for an honest review.

    I loved this book! The words and illustrations were equally impressive. The author wrote the book shortly after she had her baby girl and noticed turtle babies running for the ocean. I'll Follow the Moon is a great book to teach kids about sea turtles. It follows a group of turtle babies as they hatch and look for water. Then as they find water you watch them adjust to it and eventually the babies find their mom.

    Turtle-heart leap!This was a cute book. I got mine (kindle edition) from for free and read it off my browser. It gets a little brainwashing but I suppose that mimics the baby turtles' single-mindedness to return to their mother. If I had a collection of children's books, this one would definitely be part of it.

    So adorable! I picked this up for free for my Kindle. I had a few moments between shiny things and decided to read it. There isn't much of a story but the illustrations were sweet. I, especially, liked the smiling turtle baby coming out of its shell. Not very scientifically correct, but would do well as a bedtime read.

    This was a cute and touching story with great illustrations! I remember when I was a kid looking at pictures in these types of books for hours. This book is like the ones that hooked me. It has catchy word phrases, but the best part is the adorable pictures. I can see this being a child's favorite, especially if they like turtles.

    I live in Florida, but have not had the opportunity to watch sea turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean. I enjoyed the children's story, the repeated phrase and the soft pastel colored illustrations. I will read it to my 3 yr old great- niece when I see her in a couple of weeks, to get a child's reaction. The ending seemed abrupt to me, but overall a pleasant children's story.

    Shanda Kinkade
    This was a very sweet children's book. I loved the illustrations of the turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean. It was a nice read, in a very sing-songy way that was pleasing to the ears. I could definitely see younger children loving this book and quickly picking up on the catch phrase that is repeated throughout the book.

    Cute, rhythmic, and soothing. The beautiful illustrations enhanced this book. A wonderful tale about the caring nature of mothers. A definite great freebie find!Jinky is Reading

    The pictures are beautiful. There is a coloring page on the kindle version and links for related preschool activities. I thought the poetry was just ok but my four year old asked a lot of of questions about sea turtles so it does engage young children.

    The text repeats but I like that about this book- it gives it a nice comforting melody. This is one of our favorite bedtime stories right now and whenever I get to the I'll follow the moon line I have two little voices joining in with me. The artwork is fantastic.

    A comforting story that follows the path of a newly born sea turtle who is trying desperately to connect with its mother. The illustrations make the story come even more alive.

    Loved this bookUsed this in a unit plan about the moon. It love it so much. So cute and easy for kids.

    Al Andy

    Barry Simiana
    Have just started reading this a few nights to Pooger. He loves the pictures tho he's still a bit little to understand the text. It' a beautiful book. The new babies will love it too.

    Audrey Grant
    Too cute!! A lovely little book about baby turtles hatching.

    I read this to my grandson, he liked the turtles and the way they hatched from eggs. It was sweet how they swam to thier mothers.

    Mlpmom (Book Reviewer)
    *Review to come with Blog Tour in April!*

    I read this book off of my Kindle Fire and there is something magical reading about sea turtles.

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