[PDF] Goodnight Lady | by ✓ Martina Cole

  • Title: Goodnight Lady
  • Author: Martina Cole
  • ISBN: 9780755374076
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Paperback

  • [PDF] Goodnight Lady | by ✓ Martina Cole - Goodnight Lady, Goodnight Lady In GOODNIGHT LADY by Sunday Times No bestseller Martina Cole women are strong resilient and vengeful When these ladies know what they want nothing gets in their way The undisputed queen of crime
    Martina Cole
    Martina Cole was born and brought up in Essex She is the bestselling author of fourteen novels set in London s gangland, and her most recent three paperbacks have gone straight to No 1 in the Sunday Times on first publication Total sales of Martina s novels stand at over eight million copies.


    Book Addict Shaun
    This was one hell of a read Unlike Martina s latest work her earlier books are epic reads often spanning many decades and containing many stories within one book A lot of authors today in this genre are named as The Next Martina Cole or As Good As Martina Cole and whilst they write good books, they are often very short and usually only contain one or two major stories, Martina s earlier work contains much Her stories are full of rich history, detailed characters and you have no trouble losing y [...]

    This book is a brilliant read if you like a heart warming story with some gritty violence as well I particularly like stories that span over a few years, you get to know the characters throughout their lives and you can understand their situations as you really feel that you know them The romance between the two main characters is something that we all hope to find in life and the strong family unit makes you appreciate your own family I have read 3 books by this author and this is the best on [...]

    This book took me into a fantasy world, had me wishing at times that I was Briony, at others I was crying with her The raw emotion that is displayed in this book is incredible and the writing style is easy to follow and somewhat lightAll in all a fantastic read that I would recommend.

    Tammi Ashbee
    Another great read from this lady

    oops.Was waiting for folks to come out of swimming Saw some books on a shelf in the holidaycamp s launderette The attendant said I could have any I liked So I picked up this Martina Cole seemed a bit full of sex with kids, but, nothing else2read so I read on It was a mistake Gave up after the gruesome details of a knifing where a bloke was holding onto his guts to stop them falling out, but the knifeman made another cut crossways across the first cut and he died whilst greedily gulping whiskyLot [...]

    Louise Mitchell
    really enjoyed this book maybe a bit long being my only criticism.

    sandra Hudson
    GreatAnother great book just love martina Coles books could not put down ready for the next book off hers to read

    Lisa Furey
    This a very different type of Martina Cole one of her early books and like Faces it spans decades.I much perter Cole s earlier works to some of her later books which have lost some of the spark.This is based around Briony Cavanagh at the turn of the twentieth century, when she is sold by her family to essentially keep a roof over there heads to a sick perverted rich man He uses an abuses Briony and then gets her pregnant when she is only 12 years old Briony isn t give a choice what to do with he [...]

    David Roberts
    I am reviewing the thriller Goodnight Lady by Martina Cole which is a very good novel which I bought from a car boot sale This book which is a pretty decent length at around 690 pages reads like a fictional biography of a prostitute who started out being abused by someone influential at an early age and went on to become a kind of partner in a brothel where she also worked There were many famous people using this brothel and they committed many misdemeaners that largely went unpunished because o [...]

    I like this author s books as they are nearly all set around the area of London where I lived as a child Her novels tend to be gritty, tough, graphically real but fast reads I know without a doubt that I will enjoy this till the last page.Back Cover Blurb The infamous Briony Cavanagh quite a beauty in her day, and powerful, too In the sixties, she ran a string of the most notorious brothels in the East End of London Patronised by peers and politicians even royalty, some said Only Briony knew wha [...]

    S. Lynham
    My first Martina Cole book and there will likely be many as time goes on They are big books 693 pages in this edition She seems to be the Taylor Caldwell or Barbara Taylor Bradford of this century, writing books about women who come from nowhere and who really are nothing who rise through the muck of the lower classes in England to become powerful women in their own right This one is Briony Cavanagh, who became the plaything of a man incapable of being with a mature woman like his wife , after [...]

    Struggled my way through the first 8 chapters of this but in the end enough was enough As far as I could detect nothing in the way of a plot was discernible The only thing that did happen was the paedophilia which occurs when Cavanaugh sells two of his daughters to what can best be described as dirty old man Thankful these acts are not described in any great detail but still left a nasty taste in the mouth This was my third Martina Cole and have only really enjoyed one of them, so I think I will [...]

    c1994 I was surprised at the level of sadness running through this book although some obvious parallels could be drawn with the Kray twins and the Profumo scandal I enjoyed the first part of the book better than the second probably cos the book was so heavy in weight Not my favourite genre at the moment but if you like a meaty generational saga this is recommended FWFTB corruption, violence, impoverished, business, manipulated FCN Briony Cavanagh, Henry Dumas, Tommy Lane, O Malley Twins, Bernade [...]

    This is probably the best book I have ever read It s gritty and violent yet the story is very heart warming Some parts were hard to read especially in the beginning but after a few chapters I couldn t put it down I have read most of Martina Cole s books but this one most definitely the best The characters are so well written you feel like they could be members of your own family This book can make you laugh in some parts and cry in others I will not forget this book in a hurry A must read

    4.5 starsAs usual, Martina Cole delivered a book full of interesting characters and told a story that had everything I don t think that there has been a book of her that I didn t enjoy and this one didn t disappoint.It told the story of a girl and her family that despite their poor beginnings, rose to fame and prominence in London s East End and the problems they and their families encountered along the way If you like Martina s Cole, you ll like this.

    Goodnight Lady is an absolutely brilliant work of fiction It reads like the memoirs of a gangland woman and her extended family, spanning over seven decades and is brutal and frank about the ways of eastenders during that time I honestly couldn t put this book down and had a couple of really late nights because, I kept deciding I d just read the next chapter.en the next chapterd on and on until I became a nodding dog lol.

    I ve read two of Martina Cole s books, this was the third one I had to stop reading it because in all three of the books there was mention of some kind of child molestation Now, I can understand that she s using it in order to build her characters but there is no need to go into so much detail It s a shame because I think she is a good author but personally I can t read three books containing pedophilia

    Came across this book by chance in a bulk lot The blurb was intriguing and the book itself was addictive to read The characters, and the setting were just superbly written I could picture everything clearly and really lost myself in it Crime, secrets, family and dark desires If you are looking for a book that will sweep you up completely this would be it.

    I had read several reviews about this book prior to reading it and found the majority of reviews were saying how good the book was It wasn t amazing but it wasn t terrible Some early parts of the book were uncomfortable to read, then it improved a little and after a while I felt as though it could have been condensed somewhat and not dragged out for another few hundred pages.

    Joanne Rawson
    I really loved this book A compelling story takes you through the life of Briony Cavanagh At fifteen she buys her first brothel, by the sixties, she ran a string of the notorious brothels in the East End This powerful novel, of how Briony comes into contact with the darker side of life at the violent heart of London s gangland, will have you hooked right from the start.

    In the sixties the infamous Briony Cavanagh ran a string of notorious brothels in the East End of London Patronised by peers and politicians, only she knew what went on behind those velvet curtains, and Briony never opened her mouth unless she stood to benefit Enjoyed this book although i didn t get into straight way i still enjoyed it

    Was enjoying myself until the white heroine got her workers to LYNCH a black man who was going out with her sister I felt sick The amount of anti blackness all the characters were coming out with was disgusting They beat the man and broke all his fingers Was I supposed to sympathise with any of these characters after that I wanted to throw them all in the sea especially the heroine

    Katie Huscroft
    Another brilliant book from martina cole.The characters are described in depth which makes you feel like you know them The book is interesting all throughout and there is always something happening to keep you hooked.The cavanagh family are fantastic especially Briony Her relationship with Tommy is inspirational.Praise for Martina Cole again.

    This was a book I had borrowed from a friend I great story taken place in the East End of London A British Mafya story line of a younge lady who grows up to be very very powerful women Great nitty gritty east enders insight of back in the days.

    Louise Jennings
    I really enjoyed this book as in some ways it showed the difference between generations and how things that happened in brionys generation changed when coming into the twins generation It was a book I will definitely read again.

    June Jones
    O.M.G an amazing book, could not put it down, what a tough lady Briony was, what a life she lead, she did her best to look after her family, the only was she new, a bit bloody in parts, but the end I needed tissues

    Tessa Small
    Fascinating behind the scenes look at how some of the biggest crime heads pull themselves out from the gutter and the consequences of their decisions on the rest of their lives, as well as how far they would go to stay on top.

    Jossie Marie Solheim
    I loved this book Martina cole deals with difficult subjects and does not hold back Her characters draw you in and their stories keep you hooked and I really was hooked I couldn t put it down and was sad to see it end A must read in my opinion.

    For sure her unique style For sure the same powerful female characters I read 400 pages as a correct reader The book should have ended there Hence the rest of 450 were surfed through fast reading method Definitely not among her best.

    I couldn t put this book down start to finish, the story was absolutely captivating Martina Cole s telling of Briony Cavannagh, from impoverished child to feared and notorious madam, was one of my favourite stories in a while Totally gripping from the begining to the end.

    • [PDF] Goodnight Lady | by ✓ Martina Cole
      395 Martina Cole
    Goodnight Lady