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  • Title: In the Shadow of the Lamp
  • Author: Susanne Dunlap
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  • [PDF] In the Shadow of the Lamp | by Ú Susanne Dunlap - In the Shadow of the Lamp, In the Shadow of the Lamp It s and sixteen year old Molly would give anything to change her circumstances as a lowly servant in a posh London house So when she hears of an opportunity to join the nurses who will be travel
    Susanne Dunlap
    Susanne Dunlap is the author of six works of historical fiction Two are for adults Emilie s Voice and Liszt s Kiss, both published by Touchstone books of Simon Schuster Four are for young adults The Musician s Daughter, Anastasia s Secret, In the Shadow of the Lamp, and The Academie, published by Bloomsbury A graduate of Smith College with a PhD in Music History from Yale University, Susanne grew up in Buffalo, New York and has lived in London, Brooklyn and Northampton, MA She now lives in Northampton with her long time partner, Charles, has two grown daughters, three granddaughters, a grandson, a stepson and a stepdaughter, four step grandsons and one step granddaughter that s a total of four children and nine grandchildren In her spare time she cycles in the beautiful Pioneer Valley.


    I am embarrassingly under informed about the Crimean War Basically, all I knew about it before reading this book that it was the scene of Florence Nightingale s nursing innovations and that the Charge of the Light Brigade happened during the conflict oh, and I knew the British and the Russians were fighting but I had no clue who else During the war, Nightingale pioneered many modern nursing practices after seeing the awful living conditions to which wounded and sick soldiers were subjected In th [...]

    Anne Osterlund
    Molly has a gift for healing.But not for reading people When she loses her job as a maid in an upper class London home due to the deception of another servant she thought was a friend life suddenly has very few prospects.Florence Nightingale s call for nurses to serve in the Crimean War seems like fate And Molly knows this is her calling If only she wasn t too young And from the wrong side of London And lacking a ticket to get on the boat.All minor issues, really, if you re willing to become a s [...]

    Sixteen year old Molly Fraser doesn t know what to do when she is sacked from her job as parlour maid in when she is accused of committing a crime she did not do because London in 1864 isn t kind to young girls without work Ready to do anything to keep from working in the awful conditions of a factory, she grabs the opportunity of going to the Crimea as a nurse with Florence Nightingale when nurses are being recruited The only problem is, she is dismissed for being too young and inexperienced so [...]

    When sixteen year old Molly Fraser loses her job as a maid in 1854 London due to being falsely accused of stealing from her employers, she doesn t know what to do She will not be able to find another job as a maid without a reference, and she is desperate to avoid working in a factory Then she learns that Florence Nightingale in looking for nurses to care for the soldiers injured fighting in the Crimean War When she is rejected due to her lack of experience as a nurse, Molly decides that she wil [...]

    Margo Tanenbaum
    In the Shadow of the Lamp follows the adventures of 16 year Molly Fraser, as she joins the nurses traveling with Florence Nightingale to the far off Crimean war As the novel opens, Molly loses her job as a chambermaid in one of London s aristocratic mansions when she is unjustly accused of stealing With no letter of reference, there are few respectable options open to her for employment Although she is too young and inexperienced to gain employment as one of Miss Nightingale s corps of nurses, b [...]

    I was, at first, uncertain whether or not this would be a good story with the duel romance element thrown in for good measure In my experience, such details are only irksome and end up making the Reader hate everyone, and finally attaching themselves to That Guy because said Reader is fed up with everyone else.The romance isn t as annoying as I was anticipating, but it wasn t my favorite For once, however, I actually had nothing against the two men Molly Fraser finds herself mixed up with Will P [...]

    In 1854, there aren t a lot of respectable opportunities for young girls in London, so when parlormaid Molly hears that a Miss Nightingale is looking for nurses to join her in the Crimea to tend to the soldiers, she will do whatever it takes to join the group.Of course, Molly isn t actually a nurse, but she is naturally gentle, with a talent for helping the sick and there is so much to learn Miss Nightingale runs a seriously tight ship and somehow Molly keeps ending up under her disapproving eye [...]

    Abigail Yow
    Great book until towards the end.I m still unconvinced at the plausibility of the romance It felt as if Will was second choice Her personal doormat And hurray for her for realising that she loved him at the most unlikely of events I d rather she remained single for the rest of the book Heck, she did not even understand love to begin with and when she decided to visit Lucy Will s sister and mind you, it wasn t because she liked Willt ta da, there he was by the door with a walking cane in his hand [...]

    Brittany (Nice Girls Read Books)
    I was in need of a historical read, and In the Shadow of the Lamp certainly fulfilled those desires and reminded me why I love the genre so much I m a big fan of YA historicals based on real life events and figures and this one focuses on Florence Nightingale, someone I don t know too much about The book was quick paced and enjoyable, though I did have a few issues with it which prevented me from really adoring it.This is my second Susanne Dunlap novel the first being Anastasia s Secret, which I [...]

    For many a girl during 19th century England whose family is poor and can barely feed their family, an oppurtunity to enter the service is something they would seize with alacrity For sixteen year old Molly Fraser, its just one step in life Here we arrive to meet our energetic, lovable, and brilliant heroine a parlor maid at the Abington Smythes Molly, though finding her life dull, is happy enough with her position She gets decent wages and there s the handsome Will Parker, a footman, who has alw [...]

    Kristen My Bookish Fairy Tale
    Molly a young parlor maid in 1854 is dismissed from her duties at the house of the Abington Smythes where she had been working for since she was 15 A young girl with no education and no hopes of working as a parlor maid again, she overhears a news boy yelling out the days headlines about the war and how the lady Florence Nightingale was calling for 100 experienced nurses to travel with her to Turkey to take care of all the soldiers over there Molly did not have any knowledge or experience in nur [...]

    Books and Literature for Teens
    Once again Dunlap entices readers with her dramatic historical settings This time we travel to the war torn fields of Turkey with Florence Nightingale, the lady of the lamp Dunlap is one of my favorite historical fiction writers because I think teens who don t normally read this genre will enjoy her books Dunlap has a flair for the dramatic so expect an ending that will leave you hanging on the final page.With the setting by far the strongest part of In the Shadow of the Lamp, Dunlap allows read [...]

    In the Shadow of the Lamp by Susanne DunlapBloomsbury Books for Young Readers, 2011293 pagesYA Historical3.5 5 starsSource LibraryLight spoilers I didn t know much about the plot and the period of this book when I picked it up quite frankly I wasn t even sure were Crimea was until I just googled it now But an inside look at Florence Nightingale and her nurses during the Crimean War sounded super promising.And just like I thought, the historical setting and details were fantastic and fascinating [...]

    I did notice a few inconsistencies throughout this ARC such as female s changing from Mrs to Miss and Emma s soldier s name changing from Thomas to Robert in one scene However, all these mistakes will be corrected in the finished version of the book I m sure.This book was the perfect mix of war and romance The romance throughout the story contained Molly, Emma and their gentlemen The premise of the story is about a group of nurses being sent to Turkey to help the wounded men from the Crimea War [...]

    Below is an excerpt form my review To read my full, in depth review go to my blog here thebookpixie 2011 Beautiful and sometimes brutal, heart warming and often heart breaking, In the Shadow of the Lamp is a vividly painted work of historical fiction, deeply infused with raw emotion.In the Shadow of the Lamp is a rich, engrossing, and poignant addition to the historical fiction genre and easily my favorite of all the ones I ve read thus far Everything was so brilliantly executed and seamlessly p [...]

    Excellent I have never read about this subject before I loved the way Dunlap portrayed Nightingale I was so in the mood for a good historical story I could have done without the romance rolls eyes but overall fantastic I loved the other touches such as the healing with hands , the healer on the battlefield, and the reality of the wards.

    Melissa Moore
    Solid historical fiction based on the life of Florence Nightingale

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    Loren Johnson
    This was of a 3.5 star read but it was leaning towards 4 than 3 I really liked this book It was a nice and easy read that was filled with lots of interesting information about Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War something I m very interested in I love that Mary Seacole was also included in there albeit only for a moment or two There were sections that were a bit lacking and some of the important parts weren t stretched out as long as some parts I thought could afford to be a bit shorter B [...]

    It was totally time for a historical fiction and what a good one it was Susanne Dunlap always writes interesting historical fictions that make me feel like I m actually part of the story At one point in this one, I got seriously misty eyed.Molly was a parlormaid, fired for stealing her jealous roommate stole silver and put it under Molly s bed to get her fired Looking for another opportunity to make money for her family in poverty, Molly happens to overhear that Florence Nightingale is looking f [...]

    3.5 starsThis is the second time I ve read this book The first was years ago and I hadn t remembered much I believe I liked it a bit less this time, not because of the story but because of a few things I hadn t noticed before.I really enjoyed the story It was sweet and soul stirring The action and romance all combined in a tale that will hold you tight The characters will very realistically portrayed and I enjoyed each of their places in the story.The first reason I did not like the story was it [...]

    Amy Barker
    Molly Fraser wants to become than just a maidservant She hears of an opportunity to join Florence Nightingale s corps of nurses, but she is too young Molly sneaks aboard, forces her way into being accepted and trained, eager to do something spectacular She is forced to endure hard work and horrible working conditions However, proves to have a drive for excellence and making a difference.We see a coming of age and self discovery take place, as she decides between the love of two men She has won [...]

    Normally, I LOVE Susanne Dunlap s historical fiction books to the point where I read it all in one sitting While this one started off good, I felt like it fell short half way through It seemed rushed and not really complete I m not sure what happened here, but I greatly missed the wonderful writing I read in Anastasia s Secret Molly was a great main character at the beginning but then she became kind of tedious with the whole I don t know what to do act taking place constantly the second half of [...]

    MaryannC.Book Fiend
    This was a good read I enjoyed the story of Molly and her efforts to join Florence Nightingale s nurses in the Crimean War I kept wanting to find out what happened next A very satisfying read.

    LOVED this book

    Oh, book I was so on board with your premise and first half I was so on board with your main character I was even on board with your love triangle, because I m one of those awful people who actually likes love triangles, provided they re not written and or resolved idiotically Alas, certain developments soon caused me to look around in alarm and realise things were going downhill It began with an acceptable shuffle down a gentle slope and ended with a head long tumble off a cliff So where did it [...]

    Ann Marie
    It s not like i didn t like the book I did But somehow I didn t enjoy it Maybe it was just me, not the book I love historical fiction, and the book was good and researched well Something about it though, just didn t click with me This is just what I would call a mediocre book I flee that Susanne Dunlap has great books, just not interesting enough For me at least Good enough though to give her a third try.

    The end was so weird Wtf I didn t really fancy the doctor but all that talk about not settling for Will, who she said she felt nothing but platonic friendship for, then she decides he s the one for her

    i loved it it took me 4 day to finish it the ending was for me hmmmm i liked the doctor lol, i did not mind as i continued because the story was really good.

    Andy Plonka
    WWI in Turkey, a story of British medical personnel doing their part under the direction of Florence Nightingale.

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