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  • Title: Almost Final Curtain
  • Author: Tate Hallaway
  • ISBN: 9781101514276
  • Page: 161
  • Format: ebook

  • [PDF] Almost Final Curtain | by ☆ Tate Hallaway - Almost Final Curtain, Almost Final Curtain Craving the spotlight is in her blood Ever since high school student Anastasija Parker discovered she was vampire royalty her life has been sort of crazy The half vampire half witch just wants some n
    Tate Hallaway
    A Scorpio with a Leo Rising, Tate Hallaway is an amateur astrologer and practicing Witch Tate has been a fan of vampire fiction since she first read Poppy Z Brite in high school Her first short fiction acceptance was to a vampire zine called Nocturnal Ecstasy Vampire Coven Tate lives in Saint Paul, Minnesota with three black cats.This author also writes science fiction under the name Lyda Morehouse.


    Now that I ve actually read the book, I liked it and it was short and moved with a quick pace I m happy that there s Elias in this book I thought he and Ana had some good chemistry and it seemed that she reacted differently to him than to Nik who is still a tool I feel like Ana was only interested in Nik because he is hot and he represents that normalcy she used to have before she discovered she is a vampire I really didn t feel reading this book that she was into Nik that much because she alwa [...]

    I think it s of a 2.75 stars This second book of The Vampire Princess Of St Paul trilogy continues to provide sassy characters, humorous dialogues and light hearted situations and believable details of school life for us However, the love triangle is getting a bit too much I don t really understand why and how a 15 years old girl can maintain a romantic relationship with a thousand years old vampire knight, I really don t understand plus somehow the heroine earns herself yet another love intere [...]

    Kathy Martin
    This is the second book in the Vampire Princess of St Paul trilogy Ana is trying to find her own path and still be an ordinary high school kid She is having some issues with her trainee vampire slayer rock star boyfriend that places them on a break which is just fine with her BFF who is than eager to lend him a shoulder to cry on It is hard to be on a break though when he is working with the theater director to update the music for the Spring musical My Fair Lady Tryouts are coming and Ana is u [...]

    Rating 1.5 StarsGenre YA ParanormalAlmost Final Curtain by Tate Hallaway is the second book in the Vampire Princess of St Paul, Minnesota story I m not sure why, but I really disliked this story After thinking the concept was pretty interesting after reading the first book, I am actually quite bitter at the outcome of this release Normally, the first book of the series has it s faults and the second is better Not this time around.The only person I even cared one iota for was the vampire knight E [...]

    Almost Final Curtain was not as intriguing as the first book in the series It was like suddenly I didn t really care for these characters any It was a bit surprising.In Almost Final Curtain, Ana just seemed too dull to me And I didn t really enjoy watching her going out with Nikolai while being engaged to Elias due to the last book It is very obvious throughout this book that she likes Elias And she and Nikolai are having problems with their relationship due to Ana being between the vampires and [...]

    While I thought book 1 of this series was a fun witty read and I enjoyed the characters, book 2 felt completely opposite I found Ana very annoying and very immature throughout the book Storyline was OK I will probably still read book 3 just to see what happens.

    Don t think I ll be continuing with this series If I do, they ll be library pick ups Really wanted to like this book, but I m just not connecting with the characters.

    Mahlet abraha

    Donna Brown
    Picked it up and then made sure I finished it in the same day It has a nice explanation about witches and vampires that is different from most and nobody sparkled I do like it when the unrealistic is real.

    Deborah Bartosh
    Excellent follow up to the first book in the trilogy.

    Plot 4 StarsThis is one of the few novels I ve read that has included a vampire biting scene that was truly scary and definitely not sexual in any way That scene reinforced my love for this series because the vampires are evil and scary, and I love that As the title suggests, Shia is taken or kidnapped by some of the others in New York While kidnapping is normally a plot point that I find a bit boring, the author definitely made it interesting and necessary to the plot All in all, Shia s crazy a [...]

    Book Review Diva
    Almost Final Curtain by Tate Hallaway Outstanding, Amazing, Superb is Almost Final Curtain by Tate Hallaway I could not put this book down, and I could not turn the pages fast enough I read the first book in this wonderful series, and just loved it The second book is even better The day that Anastasija Parker found out that she is a vampire princess was pretty crazy for her Vampires keep treating poor Anastasija like she is some fragile porcelain doll Anastasija always has vampires guarding her [...]

    Originally posted at Fragments of Life.The humor that I loved in Almost to Die for was toned down in Almost Final Curtain The story became darker as Ana faced the reality of her being a half witch, half vampire and her struggles with her lovelife She could no longer be with the witches after failing her initiation, aside from her mom and her bestfriend, Bea After refusing to join the vampires, Ana s dad didn t bother her any She felt that she was stuck in the middle, neither vampire nor witch bu [...]

    4.5 stars.I loved the sequel to Almost to Die For as much as the first book In Almost Final Curtain, Ana has to worry about dealing with her archenemy high school jock Matthew Thompson, getting a part in the rock opera that My Fair Lady has been turned into thanks to the songs being written and played by Nik s band, Ingress and trying to save the vampire race from the newly discovered talisman that was responsible for enslaving the vampires thousands of years ago and could either destroy them or [...]

    Wow I just looked at my review for the first book in this series and it is well, not that informative I have to be nice to myself, you know Anyway, Ana Parker is half witch and half vampire Not only are the witches and vampires warring against each other, but Ana has to battle the two sides of her heritage Additionally, both sides do not completely trust her, so there are a lot of things Ana has to discover herself Readers learned in Almost to Die For that the vampires used to be slaves to the w [...]

    Carrie Adair
    I dislike the overall tone, the way she narrates this novel It s annoying to have Ana talk like one of those girls whose always acting like OMG I have a date to prom And guess what I have two boyfriends, one I m supposed to marry maybe and one who s trained to kill me Life is sucky and awesome I get so tired of reading this stuff I also get tired of reading about twisted love triangles in young adult novels.Elias looks like the perfect match for her I wish he had some real flaw about him that wo [...]

    Princess Bookie
    My Thoughts We are back with Ana and her weird world Remember from Almost To Die For her mom s a witch and her dad s a vampire king She s also still dating Nik kind of and is still promised to Elias Ana still has deep feelings for Nik but I just didn t find him as charming in this novel At times, he kind of acted like a stuck up snob He knows he can get any girl he wants and he flat out admits it a few times He also must complete killing a vampire to win his dad s approval At times he insults An [...]

    Almost the Final Curtain is the second book in the St Paul Vampire Princess series I enjoyed the first book which introduced Ana as a half witch half vampire who walks between two warring factions of paranormal society In this story, Ana is identifying with her vampire side In this particular story, Vampires were brought over across the veil between worlds by witches who enslaved them with a talisman of sorts This special artifact was stolen and the spell was undone thus freeing the vampires Ho [...]

    Actual Rating 3.4Ever heard of an anticlimactic finish Because I feel that that s what this book was giving me From what I gathered from Ms Hallaway s last book is that she is better at writing minor details to things as well as building up anticipation for the climax, yet she has problems delivering the climax in itself, as well as the romance scenes.One chapter in this book was over 70 pages long Honestly, what does that say To me, it says that this author clearly wasn t thinking too well when [...]

    I love this series because I actually know all the places that Ana goes, so cool I have to admit that actually knowing most of the places Ana goes makes me love this series I also think it is intriguing that Ana is half witch and half vampire It seems really odd to me, but makes for a fun read Poor girl she is constantly being thrown around on both sides and she doesn t really fit anywhere I love finding out about each world and I love the mythology that Hallaway uses The theater stuff is fun t [...]

    warning If you do not think you can stand anything complicated than a love triangle, DO NOT READ THIS BOOKriously, isn t being torn between two boys enough do you REALLY have to throw in a third the polls are in and the answer is a resounding yese problem that arises when there are three guys is that makes it harder to pick teams fortunately, I have a ranking system so here s my Teams list 1 Elias, 2 Thompson, 3 Nikolai, obviously, Thompson becomes of a character in this book, as he and Ana bo [...]

    I did not like this one as much as the first one I think that Ana should be with Elias and I was beyond belief happy that there was of him in this story I do not and have not like Nik and I think he s a huge jerk Bea to put it simply is a jealous child and I cannot stand her Nik and Bea would be perfect for each other because they just do not think of how Ana feels during this whole situation Recently finding out she s not only a witch who failed initiation but also part vampire Nik being a hun [...]

    view spoiler What That s the ending What happened to the mom Why was she just there in a locked library How come she never left a note or something for her only daughter They have mobiles So surely she could have just texted right Then what s up with the father How come he s so quick to let go of her daughter Hummmm just seems out of character since he called of the previous hunt when his daughter wouldn t join their team hide spoiler Ok enough of my rant I was seriously intrigued by the previou [...]

    Nancy H
    Anastaisja is half vampire half witch but doesn t want to have to chose sides She just wants to act in her school play, hang out with her friend Bea a witch , and spend time with her two boyfriends But that is where the problem arises one of her boyfriends is a vampire that she is supposedly engaged to, and the other is a vampire hunter who is on the side of the witches However, Anastasija must chose sides when her parents, the head vampire and the head witch, on opposing sides decide to battle [...]

    After reading the book, I was really disappointed I guess I expected so much from this book I got all excited to read what would Ana do with Elias and Nik.I was glad that there had been a progress between Elias and Ana, and while this book, I am really thinking that Ana likes Elias But then, I think, she s just leading him on I mean, come on She totally loves Nik Though I like Elias better than Nik reallyall in all, it was a good read though really disappointing hopefully, the third book would t [...]

    A 3 and a half The overall plot of this book was pretty intriguing, but I felt maybe it could have been written in depth The solution seemed a little too easy, but it wasn t a deal breaker It took me a while to finish this book, by I m glad I did A quick read once I got into it Once interesting point in this book though are the relationships Some are confusing and way too complicated while others are realistic and spot on And how many guys has Ana got fawning all over her Four now Or maybe not, [...]

    Wow, I am still so amazed by this author s work I mean she is just dead on with it all I loved this book with everything in me This book is full of yes teenage stuff, but when you add all the magic, and vampires, well let s just say you get a real page turner I love Ana, and all of he chemistry with her love triangle I love both Nick, and Elias so much, that I don t know who I want Ana to end up with in the end This book had a major kickbut magical ending that I found amazing I have to say this [...]

    I really can t review this one properly so I ll keep it short It was nice I mean, I just read for the fun of it And honestly, this is a kind of book that you don t need to devote too much of your attention, no offense or whatsoever I like the first book, this one is ok for the lack of better description It was a vampire comedy turned to high school musical plot, like the sporty guy have a hidden singing talent that s Troy Bolton in the making, lol the comparison made me laugh well that s just me [...]

    Stina Madison
    I thought that some of the chapters were a little to long, and that made it a bit tough to read and stay in the story What I really like about this series in general is that it takes place in St.Paul Having grown up in the city, I can picture perfectly the setting of the story It was pretty funny picturing Elias, this noble and proud vampire knight, reading Hikaru no Go I was really impressed with Ana in this book She s finally coming to grips with who and what she is, and her power is amazing I [...]

    OK first I have to say that as for Nikolai, I didn t like him much in Almost to Die For I thought he was a little arrogant and all he wanted from Ana was to get in her pants And for Elias I thought he was sweet if a little old fashioned, well let s just say my opinion changed for both of them In Almost Final Curtain I found Nik to be a sensitive artist and Elias to be kind of strange LOL Also her dad is a butt head, not a little bit and not kind about it at all, just straight up evil and ruthles [...]

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