☆ Children of Paranoia Õ Trevor Shane

  • Title: Children of Paranoia
  • Author: Trevor Shane
  • ISBN: 9780525952374
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Hardcover

  • ☆ Children of Paranoia Õ Trevor Shane - Children of Paranoia, Children of Paranoia ALL WARS HAVE RULES Rule Number One No killing innocent bystanders Rule Number Two No killing anyone under the age of eighteen BREAK THE RULES BECOME THE TARGET Since the age of eighteen Joseph has
    Trevor Shane
    Trevor Shane is the author of the Children of Paranoia trilogy His books have been published in countries across the globe and the film rights to the Children of Paranoia trilogy have been optioned by CBS Films Trevor lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two sons.

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    Rule Number one No killing innocent bystanders The large majority of this world does not know that this war is raging on beneath their noses Those people are to be protected at all costs No collateral damage The penalty for killing an innocent bystander is death Rule number two No killing anyone under the age of eighteen no matter what side they re on Until you turn eighteen you re considered an innocent bystander The contenders are grouped in three groups The first are the soldiers they are at [...]

    Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    Imagine a typical day in your life You get up, get dressed, go to work or school You take your kids to the park, make dinner, visit friends, learn salsa dancing Now imagine that all around you, hidden beneath the ordinariness of life, is a War, an invisible War but a War nonetheless You have no idea, but all those unexplained deaths Assumed suicides Shootings, stabbings, car accidents they re not accidental, nor are they mindless They re certainly not unexplained, just not to you.There is a War [...]

    I am not even going to lie The title of the book hooked me before I even read the synopsis Then I read the synopsis and knew I had to get a copy for myself I am so glad I did.For me, while the book started off a bit slow, it still allowed me to dive into both the characters and the story Once the story gets going, it really gets going and before you know it you are kneed deep in suspense, drama, action and intrigue I think it s a real testament to Trevor Shane s ability as a writer to be able to [...]

    Suspense Magazine
    You read about death every day, see the reports on television Some are called accidents The murders seem senseless and go unsolved Did you know, however, there is a secret war going on all around you, every day It is being waged by two sides intent on killing the other Children of Paranoia introduces you to this war It will show you some of the participants, but the reason behind the killings are, well, as one character says, One side is good, one side is evil Twenty five year old Joe grew up wi [...]

    Joseph fights for the other side There is a war going on and you are either on one side or the other Neither side is really the good guys as they all kill It is kill or be killed There are some rules that both sides do have to obey Yes, even wars have rules If there were no rules there would be chaos and no one would win There are three important rules Rule 1 No killing innocent bystanders If you do, the punishment is death.Rule 2 No killing anyone under the age of eighteen This is because you a [...]

    Rule No 1 No killing innocent bystanders And so begins the set of rules that governs the War waged in the pages of Children of Paranoia by Trevor Shane Hardcover, 384 pages, Dutton Adult The book, a diary written by assassin and front line soldier Joseph, is the first in a trilogy slated for publication Sept 8.The book took a few chapters to get me really interested in it, but once I was, I finished it in two sittings It s fast paced and interesting, and the particulars of the War are mysterious [...]

    Children of Paranoia is one of those books that I normally wouldn t have picked up, simply because it is a bit outside of my normal reading genres After reading this book, I am so glad I did Trevor Shane weaves a tale that is both extraordinary and believable, keeping the reader turning pages in an effort to find out what happens next First, I have to say that I have my fingers and toes crossed that Trevor is currently or has already completed writing a sequel to this debut novel Seeing Maria co [...]

    It should be noted I read an arc but I m not sure the issues I had could be fixed with simple revisions I thought this would be an interesting read I like assassins and dystopians and don t mind some gore But it switched between past and present tense way too often I know it s supposed to be a journal, but really People s names are used way too frequently in conversation We know who s talking, no need to beat us with it, and it comes across as totally unnatural It felt a bit rambly and was way t [...]

    Blood Rose Books
    In Trevor Shane s debut novel, he takes the reader into a secret War that is occurring throughout the world one side good the other evil You are either born into the War or not, but if you are born into it you must follow the rules, if you break the rules, you become a target for both sides.Every War has it rules , break the rules and it doesn t matter which side you are on, you becomes a target for everyone At the age of 16 Joseph was told about the secret war that his family has been fighting [...]

    I had a hard time getting into this book from the first brutal murder in the opening pages At first I thought maybe it was because it was from an assassin s point of view, but I ve read other books with that point of view Then it hit me It s urban dystopian this isn t life in the aftermath of a disaster, it s a disaster in the middle of everyday life If you follow our blog, you are probably aware that I am not a fan of dystopian novels The world can be an ugly enough place, I don t need to imagi [...]

    There is a secret war raging right under our noses Our narrator, Joseph, is a soldier in that war however you and I would call him an assassin At the heart of the novel is the power of propaganda That people will fight for something without really understanding the why of it Just that it must be done and to do otherwise is to live in perpetual fear.Curiosity is not a valued trait in a soldier What is important is the ability to follow orders without question With that in mind, it is easy to make [...]

    This is a dystopian novel, and an unusual one for me, since I hadn t read a novel where the hero was an assassin In the first chapter itself Joe kills a woman and the murder is described in quite a bit of detail And while I ve watched assassin films a la Jason Bourne and seen people kill each other on screen, reading about it is a whole new level of unsettling.Joe then, starts off as a very unlikely hero Still, the author manages to build Joe up as a sympathetic character, because he is beginnin [...]

    Allison Kraft
    I don t like to write bad reviews, so this is all I m going to say about why I didn t like this book as much as I expected.It s the first in a trilogy, so I get that the author can t wrap up every loose end in the first book But this one frustrated me because I got to the end and nothing at all had been explained I had no information about The War than I did on page 1, other than the rumors the soldiers heard, which didn t explain anything very well even if they were true I kept thinking by the [...]

    This book really does live up to its name in which all the characters are fighting, running from, or speaking about this unnamed War No one seems to know how it started, how long it s been going on, or who are the leaders everyone just knows that they will either kill or be killed.I enjoyed the first person and journaling feel of the text I think it was especially effective during some of the action scenes and the scenes filled with suspense because you can really get a feel of how paranoid the [...]

    The premise of the book was very original There were some aspects of the books premise that lacked structure and depth For example, information on the background and persuasion that took place for the main character to get to the point he is at at the beginning of the novel.On the other hand, the book is a page turner that I finished over a Saturday and Sunday I would recommend that a friend.

    une seule chose dire waouh Un livre auquel je ne m attendais pas Une histoire prenante, qui d range et qui nous fait nous poser de nombreuses questions Des rebondissements tout au long du livre, du suspens, une fin qui donne affreusement envie de d couvrir la suite.Un livre lire assur ment

    Robin Kempf
    This was interesting, and violent as one might expect when the narrator is a soldier assassin in an underground War I enjoyed it than I thought I would I looked at some of the other reviews and found that the things they didn t like were things I did like I liked the vagueness of the War, and how Joe was steadily questioning it I liked how the book didn t answer those questions I liked how the book was in journal form, written to Maria I liked how you didn t even know who Maria was for a while [...]

    This is one of those books that has a lot of wtf moments Too many wtf moments Also I would like to find the people who labelled this as YA and beat them with a dead fish Nothing annoys me than an author labelling something as YA even though its NA or adult because they know YA sells better I must admit the premise intrigued if not confused me yet the fact is,is that this book is a MESS With filthy romance,severe gore,bad writing and a dire ending a truly dreadful read.Stars Despite my dislike o [...]

    Alright, well I m finally writing a review Potential Spoilers.To be fair, I think good reads needs to set up a 1 10 rating system, that way I could give this a 4 10, which sounds a lot less harsh than 2 5 Let it be noted I have great respect for anyone that writes and publishes a book Sorry Maybe it had something to do with the first person narrative, which explains the way I felt over the Storm Front Dresden File book and Electric Church, or the fact its written as a journal This was the first [...]

    Dos a os despu s de haberlo comenzado y posteriormente abandonado, he terminado con Children of Paranoia y puedo decirles que es una de las historias m s exorbitantes que he le do en toda mi vida Quiero decir mucho y nada al mismo tiempo He quedado tan impresionado y he sentido tantas emociones con el trabajo Trevor Shane, que siento que esta historia es completamente m a, siento que soy ese Christopher a qui n va dirigido el libro y que si alguien m s lo lee se habr perdido esa intimidad entre [...]

    Andreea Daia
    Full Disclosure This was an ARC copy, that was received through the GoodReads Advance program I am grateful for the chance to have read this novel, which I might not have purchased otherwise 7 24 11 I m on page 243 as I write this first part of my review, but I thought I would write a few comments down before I forget them So far the reading had been mostly fast paced and interesting There is a war that had been stealthily going on for the last few hundreds of years No one really knows what star [...]

    All wars have rules 1 No killing innocent bystanders.2 No killing anyone under the age of eighteen.3 Have a child before you are eighteen, the child must be turned over to the other sideEAK THE RULES YOU BECOME THE TARGET Children are indoctrinated at the age of 16 and begin their war training On their eighteenth birthday they become the hunters and the hunted in the war of us vs them The war has gone on for generations, fought all over the world, with two distinct sides good and evil The terms [...]

    Mit PARANOIA Der Hinterhalt h lt man ein ganz anderes Buch in den H nden, als all die vielen, die man bereits gelesen hat.So jedenfalls ging es mir w hrend der Lekt re dieses Thrillers Alleine die Idee ist so interessant wie neu, sodass ich von Anfang an super viel Interesse beim Lesen hatte Hinzu kam ein einfacher und gut verst ndlicher Schreibstil vom Autor, wodurch ich die Seiten nur so verschlang Die Grundidee des Thrillers, bzw der gesamten noch folgenden Trilogie, will ich gar nicht weiter [...]

    Louise / BetweenTheCovers MonsterMaX3 / Lou is Cullenized
    REVIEWED by Louise for Between the Covers blog I won t lie the blurb drew me in But I had a few reservations after reading some early reviews I m so glad I didn t let them deter me Children of Paranoia was non stop action, intrigue and emotion from the first page This book was such a surprising read for me in the space of 180 pages, Shane had me caring about a murderer and the girl he loves, hoping things work out for them, and tensing in anticipation of the next plot twist.Joseph is a soldier i [...]

    Between the Covers
    REVIEWED by Louise for Between the Covers blog I won t lie the blurb drew me in But I had a few reservations after reading some early reviews I m so glad I didn t let them deter me Children of Paranoia was non stop action, intrigue and emotion from the first page This book was such a surprising read for me in the space of 180 pages, Shane had me caring about a murderer and the girl he loves, hoping things work out for them, and tensing in anticipation of the next plot twist.Joseph is a soldier i [...]

    Children of Paranoia is a book that made me think thriller than dystopian The world is basically the same as it is now for the civilians clueless about the secret war going on around them If you are involved in the war you spend your time either assassinating the enemy, gathering Intel on the enemy, or hiding from the enemy It will have readers biting their nails and reaching for an antacid This is one of those high strung reads that barely leaves you a moment to breathe The first night reading [...]

    I was fortunate to receive a copy of this through Net Galley Children of Paranoia starts off with a stalking and a murder which in itself is not unusual I thought this murder would be the basis for the story I was wrong It was just the tip of a very large iceberg.Joe is the murderer above, actually trained assassin would be a better title Joe is a foot soldier in a war none of us know even exists There are 3 rules of engagement for this war 1 No killing of innocents An innocent would be you or I [...]

    This book is somewhat difficult for me to review There are so many things I absolutely loved about it, but some of it drove me crazy.First, the writing I really like Shane s writing and I sincerely hope he continues to write I look forward to reading his future work The pacing was just lovely Never a single minute when I was bored with this book Also, no real info dump, but the information was well presented for this alternative world The book is a bit heavy handed with the foreshadowing, which [...]

    Wow A sadly intense and thought provoking book that just left me asking, why Why are these people fighting this war Why are they expected to give up their humanity to do so Why do perfect strangers become friends and allies while life long friends and family hurt you Why can t people look past differences Why don t people question authority Why is love so powerful an emotion it can make you forget all you were taught to believe in It took me a couple of long chapters to get into this book, but [...]

    So this book is totally different from my usual genres That being said I really enjoyed it I actually commented on while I was reading it wondering what genre this book is and guess who commented back Trevor Shane He took the words right out of my mouth and called it a genre stew I love it I would label this book as dystopian, action packed, adventurous, suspenseful with a splash of romance The main character, Joe, is an assassin Yup, he definitely kills people for a living and he does it seamle [...]

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